‘Clueless’ discussion group upsets some

'Clueless' discussion group upsets some

'Clueless' discussion group upsets some

When Modello Media, Inc. CEO Victoria Ipri launched her eBook, “Social Media for the Clueless”, she was not expecting any controversy. The deal was meant to be simple — people who joined in her LinkedIn discussion group of the same name would receive a free copy of her eBook.

Miss Ipri, creator of the blog, TheConfidentCopywriter.com, remarked, “Some people expressed concerns that joining a LinkedIn discussion group named ‘Social Media for the Clueless’ would convey a lack of social media marketing skills to peers, colleagues and potential employers who might view the individual’s profile page.”

Ipri opened the issue for group discussion, which had swelled to nearly 500 members in just a few days. She discovered most members recognized and enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek title; however, some declined to join in.

Says Ipri, “I certainly was clueless! I had no idea this topic would be so controversial. To me, this debate underscores the importance of social media skills in today’s business world. Truthfully, the medium is so new, I don’t believe any of us should call ourselves ‘experts’. I hope we never lose our ability to have fun with social media marketing while learning deeper, more profitable marketing skills.”

Miss Ipri is soon to launch Modello Media, Inc, a firm that promises to bring “digital marketing magic” to organizations feeling a bit clueless about harnessing the power of social media to improve marketing and organizational initiatives.

For more information, contact Victoria Ipri at ModelloMedia@gmail.com or on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/VictoriaIpri

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Authored by: Richard Lee

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