CO Patients Fight Against State Regulations on Medical Marijuana

CO Patients Fight Against State Regulations on Medical Marijuana

By Staff

Amid concerns about new medical marijuana regulations in Colorado, an alliance of healthcare professionals, researchers and patient advocacy groups are joining forces to defend their access to cannabis as a medicine.

“Most patients turn to medical marijuana out of desperation when traditional medications have failed to relieve their suffering. When they find relief, they learn their fight is really just beginning because of the stigma they now face in their community” said Stacey Linn, a founding member of the IMPACT Alliance and Executive Director of the CannAbility Foundation – known for helping pass Jack’s Law, which ensures medically fragile children have access to medical marijuana at school.

The IMPACT Alliance members believe new regulations on medical marijuana by the Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) could restrict research and development on cannabis as medicine, and reduce outreach and education to patients.

“The Marijuana Enforcement Division met with government regulators and other stakeholders to determine the fate of patients, but did not talk to patient groups for input on how the rules would impact them,” said Bridget Seritt of Cannabis Patient Rights Coalition.

“We ask that the MED hold final adoption until the patient voice is represented in this discussion.”

The alliance claims that the “Department of Public Health’s Board of Medical Examiners (BME) has begun pulling the licenses of physicians who are recommending a patient try medical marijuana for severe medical conditions that require extended plant counts.”

Michele Ross, Ph.D. and cannabinoid medicine expert says, “They used no scientific evidence or research to support the decision to pull these physician’s licenses, nor have they offered guidance on what plant counts they believe are appropriate for each condition so physicians have guidance moving forward.”

In an announcement, the alliance noted that the Department of Health issued a statement last year restricting physicians from recommending cannabis to more than 30% of their patients or potentially face action against their license.

“How do you make a doctor choose which 3 out of 10 cancer patients deserve access to cannabis treatment?” questioned Dr. Ross. “What is the scientific basis for this decision?”

The IMPACT Alliance believes chronically ill people should have the right to grow their own medicine without having elected officials disrupt the doctor-patient relationship. They note that the dispensary model can be unaffordable for many ill patients, so growing plants provides access to needed medicine.

“We are here to be a resource to policy makers. We want to work together to protect our communities and patients,” said Ms. Linn. “We are asking for inclusion, reason and compassion in this discussion.”

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Authored by: Staff

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Tim Mason

All good comments. Many if not all of peoples questions and the state of pain treatment in America are answered in Dr. Nagel book. “Needless Suffering”. I am not being paid to promote this book nor do I receive a kickback.
Many are struggling for answers to Why, How, When.
Reading is fundamental.
Find out where to go, what to ask, what not to ask.
Knowledge is power.


You all are right in your opinions with a lot of truth to it. I’m sitting here with eight different medical conditions along with 7 or 8 major back problems. Yesterday, I was deeply contemplating an non-existence of “no pain” or existence of plethora of pain with an eye at the government and big pharma. You know guys, what I am about to say is NOT meant to criticize, but I have read hundreds if not thousands of comments, research, false accusations of the usage of narcotics (Due to P.R.O.P. and all of those groups.). . . and I wonder to myself “where” and “When” are these groups that favors us are going to “stand tall”? It’s amazing how so many people just make comments in anger or “they know something” and whatnot have the voting powers to stop all of this. But what is the key to do this??? You’ve all ALWAYS had it… every sine the beginning of man civilization.Of course sacrifices were made “BY THE PEOPLE for THE PEOPLE.” And that is to BAND together with “ALL” resources including physicians, elected official who are understanding and friends and family…. Just like when doing the “Presidential Elections.” Simple as that! REDIRECT the commenting and talking more towards the groups that supports us.. My last thought… they still sell alcohol, and it’s still ruining lives, but does that make us chronic pain patients less human???

Steve M

My family is planning on moving top Colorado for this program, including the constitutionally protected 99 plants to treat my cancer. Doctors can’t­ punished for recommending enough plants to make RSO and/or cure cancer.

Dan & Carol

Medical marijuana is not the answer for pain. It is very expensive and not covered by insurance. I have a medical marijuana license and the cost was $200. The price in NJ is $500 per ounce no edibles oils or cultivation allowed here. The legitimate millions of chronic pain suffering patients are being harmed ignored and discriminated against by the government. Marijuana is not the answer. There is a well accepted standard of care in treatment of pain to the effect that the dose of medications including opoids should be individualized to enable patients to function and participate in their own health care. Reluctance on the part of the Physicians to prescribe any or adequate amounts of essential medications results in needless pain and suffering. Our physicians should not be scrutinized and have harsh sanctions imposed upon them by the government. This huge failed war on opoids called “Turn the Tides ” is a TIDAL WAVE of a disaster. It is a disgraceful episode in the history of medicine that physicians allow themselves to join the mass hysteria which confuses the tremendous benefits of narcotics for a patient in pain. The Supreme Court has supported protection of personal autonomy and bodily integrity as a fundamental right under the constitution and ADA. The pure rhetoric that the government is spewing is causing harm to millions of legimate pain suffering patients. It is stated that “little Johnny ” was prescribed a bottle of percocet which further lead to heroin use! Who is to say that this is true? My son broke his are 25 years ago was prescribed a narcotic however never became addicted to heroin or any illicit drugs. The government is well aware of the harms they are inflicting on legitimate chronic pain suffering patients with no other alternatives or cures. The PMP has been implemented pill mills dismantled and overprescribing physicians have been banished. Heroin continues to surge as narcotic prescriptions continue to plummet. Health care costs are skyrocketing due to the fact that millions of chronic pain suffering patients are being made to utilize the emergency room and in-patient hospitalizations that could have been avoided by dealing with our pain at home. SSDI welfare unemployment areally all on the rise. Legitimate chronic pain suffering patients are subjected to very strict pain management contracts pill counts and urines. Cancer patients veterans surgical patients and the elderly are enduring needless pain and suffering imposed upon us by our very own government. This repeat of history as in Regans celebrated war on drugs accomplished nothing but a waste of billions of dollars and may have been Regans and that generations greatest failure ever as will be this “Turn the Tides ” rhetoric. While prescribing is way down the drugs are still being sold and millions are dying at an alarming rate. We have been violated and abandoned by the government. The US Surgeon General has sent millions of letters and pocket pamphlets to our physicians with suggested guidelines however we the… Read more »


Sounds like a reason to grow your own, or get someone to show you how! This intimidation of physicians is just an extension of the same system that has been removing physicians’ licenses for less than reasonable causes, for years. If they don’t perceive you as a “good little boy”(or girl) they will make sure you don’t see patients again! The physicians that care about people should be wanting to get the research, out there, to disprove or prove its value. It appears that most don’t care! They would rather play the “drug cop” game, all the while preserving the ethanol access, that the elitists choose as their personal poison!


Sounds to me that someone is in the pocket of big pharma, why else would they do this.


There’s a war on doctors that goes largely unreported. Medicine is and always will be an art but with today’s enormous burdensome regulations from both state and federal governments as well as Medicaid Medicare and private insurer restrictions, doctors have been forced to operate not on their experience or knowledge but solely on checklists or standards of care as well as liability no longer in patients best interests alone. The federal takeover of medicine and providers is here. The attack on providers and patients regarding marijuana and pain management issues are symptoms of a much greater problem.