COVID-19 – Chronic Pain – Are We Listening?

COVID-19 - Chronic Pain - Are We Listening?

As the COVID-19 public health emergency expands—dramatically in some parts of the country—the impact it’s having on all of us—particularly those with chronic illness—is beginning to sink in.

Fill your state in this graph and you will see how your state is faring as far as coronavirus cases are concerned. Let us share that these numbers will increase substantially the more tests that are conducted—a number that is still woefully small compared to the population of the country.

Reports on struggles to stop the spread of this virus have centered on the tri-state New York area, as well as major cities like Detroit and New Orleans. However, COVID-19 knows no boundaries, and its spread throughout rural America is gaining speed.

The number of cases reported have nearly tripled in nonmetropolitan counties. A major concern is that rural communities will be particularly disadvantaged by the pandemic because of what makes rural America unique.

Rural communities have disproportionate shares of residents who are older, disabled and have chronic health conditions. These areas also have fewer financial resources and a struggling health care infrastructure.

In the meantime, remember the issue of hospitals. In the latest Congressional funding, the nation’s hospitals are going to reap $75 billion dollars in funding.

So, what happens now?

Long-time public health expert and chronic pain advocate, Terri Lewis, Ph.D., called out hospital executives:

“Hospital executives who are building their portfolio on the back of public $ should have an obligation to assure coverage, meet representative public health objectives within their service area, and do so without deriving egregious, excessive benefit from these transactions,” she wrote.

For another activist—Arianna Grande—the issue is whether people are paying attention to the issues of chronic pain. She pointed out—with an appropriate intensity—the following. The questions are appropriate:

  • Maybe you outside the pain community do see these tweets.
  • Do you just scroll on by?

Here is what she posted on Twitter:

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Thomas Wayne Kidd, just to let you know. President Trump was elected to the White House, he wasn’t let in. Also former President Obama is the one started the alphabet agencies taking away our right to pain medication. Nothing happens overnight or in a year in this Country it takes time for them fools to go after the doctors and some of them were putting out thousands of prescriptions to people that didn’t need them. I like in bed hurting every day because of all the crazy stuff. I refuse to go to the PM because they treat people like drug addicts. You can’t hate one man because of another man’s laws.

Gail Honadle

Pt 2 I think what happens is the virus just attacks every type of tissue. I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ve been saying all along. When enough debris from cells that have been killed by the virus, especially the vascular endothelium, the tissue it has MOST access to, starts to circulate in the blood it activates the clotting sequence.

People don’t realize the “Biochemical pathways” are all connected but they are. There is no “sugar metabolism” pathway separate from the “Necleotide pathway” or the protein pathways. They are all connected. You don’t have a “Dodge Plant” and a “Ford Plant”, etc. in the same way the CLotting pathways are connected to the immune pathways to the Angiotensin vascular stability pathway.

So when you have out of control clotting the rest of the system is gonna be connected and involved. One big crash and burn. When you get too much of that going on to survive you die. Which is why I have also been saying all along the observations we were getting was not a “Mechanism of Disease” but a mechanism of death. Trying to invent drugs that will act on these stages of the disease is futile. Trying to justify use of a drug based on observations of a Petri dish and some fantasy about the meaning of Liposomal Iron is futile as well.

Debbie Heck

Thank you for the individual state information which then leads to the places for care if needed. That could be especially helpful for those without regular physicians who feel they need to be screened or at least seek advice.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

When will be be represented in the congress? Probably never! When will doctor and pain clinics stop being cowards? Who knows! I am so sickened by people across our nation who care nothing about our suffering! Trump was allowed into the White house and failed his first test by attaching the sick and dying in our country. He has failed nearly 100 million people in daily chronic pain and now judgment is here because of his uncaring wickedness. Wake up people, more and worse is on the way. The nation cannot continue to shell out 2 trillion dollars over and over. People are totally blind and refuse to see what’s happening..

Robert Alba

Here is a serious problem that is currently prevalent among PM doctors. Many are refusing to provide remote appointments/consultations via video and telephone communicatio (telemed). My own PDM staff had the stupidity to state that it was illegal. As soon as we went into an emergency status the DEA lifted restriction for providing this alternative so patients were not required to expose themselves to the possibility of infection be participating during inpatient visits. Neither myself not my insurance company could get this doctor to provide this alternative. And I had to go in person. It was bad enough that there were other patients in the waiting room but then they actually used an in mouth digital thermometer that was placed in everyone’s mouth and I highly doubt that just putting a sleeve over the tip would have prevented transference of any germs let alone COVID. The only precautions he and his staff too were to wear mask to protect themselves we were all handed the same clipboard with the questionnaire to fill out and the same pen. I can understand those that require injections but not patients only receiving medication refill. I attribute this behavior to 2 different factors. One laziness on the doctor’s part(they stated that they didn’t have a system in place to conduct telemed appointments yet I had one with another doctor two day later and it took all of 30 seconds to send the link, verify who I was and being the consultation. I believe the most compelling reason is the fear that these doctors still have of the DEA and not wantin to risk any possibility of scrutin. So just to CTA they are putting patients and their own staff in danger. I also have two cousins that couldn’t get telemed appointments either and one of them had to drive 800 miles each way to his appointmen. The state was contacted concerning this prior to the appointmen and their rep stated they could step in and force them to comply but doing so may have well cost me getting my ap

James McCay

I’m now a 19-year Chronic Intractable Pain patient since age 34 from (3) Severe Neuromuscular Diseases including Advanced Myasthenia Gravis- THE WORST! Two are Autoimmune diseases but HYPERACTIVE, so no new meds work AT ALL since 2009.
I read every daily post from NPR for well over a year & often commented.

Then Covid 19 comes along & I gave up, KNOWING full well WE’D all be on the backburner. Especially me with NO FAMILY or friends to help in Queens, NY 3-miles from the “Ground Zero” Covid 19 epicenter (Elmhurst Hospital). I’m GLAD I gave up because NO ONE cares about us anymore at all- EXCEPT US!

I “get it” more than most, as a 16-year former Medical Professional (underpaid, but never cared because I got to save lives!) before I was told to stop working by multiple Neurologists in late 2001. So I had to learn to live again from scratch that evolves every 5-7 years with Advanced Myasthenia Gravis.

I 100% RELIED upon Peapod delivery (that became AWFUL), then Amazon also for ALL my food deliveries for 10-years. Thanks to PERFECTLY HEALTHY (under age 60) people having food delivered like the NUKES are on their way- made TOTALLY PARANOID by our IDIOT NY Governor Cu-OH-NO going on TV and SCARING THE HELL out of EVERYONE with Covid 19 scares (never saying ONE WORD of HOPE), so Peapod & Amazon NO LONGER DELIVER FOOD to NYC (25-days now)! So how do I get food?

Meals On Wheels & Gods Love We Deliver refused me help (according to my home care doctor; DOCTORS ON CALL, who became awful) multiple times because “there isn’t enough money in the budget”.

I was OUT OF FOOD last Thursday, so I call 311 (NYC Helpline). Told them I have NO FOOD & all my illnesses. They said “someone will call you.” after (10) questions. NO ONE CALLED!
Today (SUNDAY) 10:51 AM a man who speaks NO ENGLISH in a taxi rang my bell like a MANIAC. It takes me 2-mins to get outside. It was (8) VERY SMALL, 3 Swedish Meatball “meals”! There’s MUCH better food in jail…

Melinda Endress

Would they use result 2016 Opioid Perscibing recommendations as a reason for death on death certificate? Victims of CDC and DEA overstepping jurisdiction as a cause of death? Just wondering because if we are ignoring co-morbid conditions to score the COVID columns and get paid more$$. Curious if we shouldn’t have a recount on cause of death for past 4 yrs??

Gail Honadle