COVID-19 – Chronic Pain Webinar Scheduled

COVID-19 - Chronic Pain Webinar Scheduled

In reading comments from our readers and talking with many folks in and around the chronic pain community since the onset of the COVID-19, the topic often turns to mental health.

In a chronic illness community where isolation is often an issue to begin with, it has intensified with the impact of COVID-19 and the social distancing that is being encouraged.

The U.S Pain Foundation surveyed the pain community recently and found—not surprisingly—that a majority of the respondents said they need help in handling the added stress and anxiety of COVID-19.

So the U.S. Pain Foundation is holding a Zoom Webinar on Monday May 4 (at 7pm EDT) with pain psychologist Shamin Ladhani who will discuss strategies for staying mentally well during a crisis-including the current pandemic. She will also explain some of the emotions we experience during times of crisis, and talk about how stress affects the immune system, which is especially relevant for those with chronic illness.

In addition—and importantly, Dr. Ladhani will then take some time to answer questions from the audience.

What are the questions you would like to ask?

You might be:

  • Noticing changes in sleeping and/or eating patterns
  • Having a hard time concentrating or sleeping
  • May be very worried about your own health or the health of your loved ones
  • Finding your pain is getting worse
  • Worried about your own mental health or noticing some changes
  • Using alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

To register for the webinar, go here.

As the number of cases diagnosed and the death toll continue to increase, this “new reality” that we are living in is going to continue for at least a while longer. Some people think this is the new normal—and we may not be going back to everything the way it was.

Check it out.

Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Thomas Wayne Kidd

That uncaring hateful French lady(?) Said let them eat cake and soon her head was in a basket. Klondny or whatever his name can come to the same end though probably not with his head in a basket. Not pushing violence but justice comes to the ungodly in the present and at the final judgment. I pray that someone in our sick government will actually stand up for the sick and dying among us. Lord Jesus come soon..

Thomas Wayne Kidd

My uncaring doctor reduced my Methadone by 5mg. He just flat out lied to me. He showed what he thinks about his patients by insisting on an in-person appointment. Wouldn’t surprise me if he just abandons me completely. Cowardice can be forgiven in the short term but it becomes sickening and finally evil as so-called doctors continue it. The DEA has relaxed their stranglehold but cowards will be cowards. Our lives mean zero to such people. In the time of need cowards are identified easily. Street pain medications are expensive and a man who will be 70 in two short years is growing weary of evil wicked so-called humans. Especially when Social Security is the only income. Our president has reaped what he sowed when he signed the order to attach decent Law-abiding citizens and hand over medical practice to the ungodly DEA. If he looses the election he asked for it. He failed the first test of his job when he signed that evil uncaring order, and justice has begun to take its course. Unfortunately we all are suffering because of his foolishness. One evil breeds another and this so-called Coronavirus is the result of causing such suffering and death while ignoring our pleas for help. Whether I live or die I am a child of God, aka Jesus Christ.

Alan Edwards

Cynthia, the protocol or rules will not allow your prescription pain medications in the hospital. If you get a rare compassionate nurses and doctors, then you will be allowed, especially if you have a cpap device. Non- opiate naive patients whose respiratory systems are not falsely accused by a doctor or hcw of being CNS depressed, will be able to take their needed painkillers. Less pain, faster healing and recovery. Unfortunately, no medrol allowed.

Kathy Olszewski

That’s in New York State and why are pregant women working in nursing homes during this time

Kathy Olszewski

You talk about isolation well hear in nepa we found out that a person working on oncology dept. at lourdes in my state was with daughter Inlaw whose pregant was working vestal musing home and has corna19 virus and went back to work at lourdes no quarrtine time and they know this!!!


I’d be interested to talk about what happens if you end up in hospital , as chronic pain patient who takes pain medication. A big fear I have is having to be hospitalized and not being able to get medication….I’m 73 and I’ve never been hospitalized. Do they respect what you take? Or do they try to reduce you or cut you off…? My worst nightmare would be dealing with a serious illness plus being cut down on pain med. anyone have experience with this?


It seems that all I have heard is “one size don’t fit all” as far as how…covid-19 should be handled state to state, BY THE PEOPLE.
This is EXACTLY how the pain management community related, from the start of the 2016 CDC “guideline” for opioid prescribing physicians but, had HHS, CDC, our legislators, ANYONE listened?
Of course not!
The “experts”, Friedan at the time and a few choice “other “experts” went behind closed doors
and came up with the “guideline” to place a maximum dosage of “morphine equivalent” that can be LAWFULLY prescribed by our prescribers, regardless of history of compliance and ensuing success with their documented dosages prior to the “guideline”.
Kolodny: their all “drug addicts”. “Let em eat cake” or suboxone as he would have it.
My opinion.