COVID-19 Reality for You and Me

COVID-19 Reality for You and Me

In this COVID-19 madness, that has become the New World Order at least for the foreseeable few weeks, and which feels like we’re all living out some surreal apocalyptic movie, there are still those who feel this is all a wild over-reaction to something no more worrisome than a cold.

I’m here to tell you that for me, COVID-19 is much, much, more worrisome than a simple cold. As an immunocompromised person, with several autoimmune disorders, I’m in that 20% high- risk-group that would find themselves in danger should they contract this illness. I’ve considered this deeply; from both an intellectual perspective and emotional one. I’ve accepted that if I were to get sick, I might not be able to beat it and that’s okay. I know you’re reading that right now thinking “What the actual fuck? What do you mean you wouldn’t fight? You would just give up?” No. That’s not what I mean. What I mean is that my body is not equipped to fight something like this and that it puts “Survival of the Fittest” into a whole different perspective for me and others like me. The kind of perspective that leaves a wife having to tell her husband, “Please understand darling, I may not get through this.”

Liza Zoelick

I am not a soldier, but I am a soldier’s wife. And I remember when he prepared me for deployment into a warzone; all the potential disaster entailed and how my mind exploded with worry about a life that could potentially include one without him. How all of our future dreams could be snuffed out, and at every turn where I saw him by side, he was gone in a puff of smoke. All of this was now in reverse, and I saw that haunted look in his eyes and it killed me. I’m not a soldier. I wasn’t trained to go into battle; I wasn’t trained to expect to die and I wasn’t trained to potentially have to say goodbye. Having to look in my husband’s eyes and tell him that I might not make it was the most difficult, most gut-wrenching thing I’ve ever had to do. But I certainly realized that day his job was much more difficult than I ever gave him credit for. I realized that no one can teach you to be ready to say goodbye.

If you don’t have to be worried about Covid-19, you should count yourself lucky. If all you have to be concerned with is washing your hands for 20 seconds while singing “Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, Never gonna say goodbye, Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you,” then life is good. If all you have to do is focus on your family, make sure they are safe and practising good hygiene, and if all those you love are not in a high-risk group, then life is cake. The maddening, hoarding or completely opposite, disregard and denial is truly perplexing for me, however, ultimately boils down to the same common denominator: a lack of empathy for human life other than your own. You could say this is self preservation, but how much toilet paper is truly required for self-preservation?

While I am very much a realist in regards in regards to this situation, I’m not a fatalist, despite my acknowledgment and even acceptance of possible death and I’m hopeful that I will neither contract COVID-19, and if I do, that I will recover. Having been through so many frightening surgeries, experienced so many difficult pregnancies and given birth to two, tiny preemies, and now, living with these autoimmune disorders and chronic pain, I’ve learned to accept life and death without prejudice. We’re here on this planet and it’s a one-way ticket. We get to enjoy so many beautiful experiences and I have. I’ve been so incredibly lucky. I have no regrets. I’ve lived on my terms and I’ve done things how I wanted and if I didn’t make it, it would suck but I wouldn’t be angry at the universe. I want to die on my terms too and with whatever time I had left, I want it to be with my family and I want it to be peacefully. But there’s still hope in my heart that all this will pass and that we will learn from it.

Learning from this is how I want to end this. We all may have our thoughts about COVID-19, but I think it’s very important to understand that there are a whole array of possible virus and germs (new and old) out there, lurking and waiting to find a host. As you have learned, it only takes one person to start a pandemic and it can spread very quickly. Once it has spread and once it has a foothold, things become very challenging to deal with. Not only does treating the disease become difficult to manage but you have economic repercussions and citizens who begin to feel that there is not enough being done to manage a critical situation. We the people, have to implore our government of the vital importance of Public Health and making sure it is properly funded and equally so, the CDC. We need to make sure that our Healthcare system is placed at the forefront of thought and no longer neglected so that people are able to get more than just adequate care. COVID-19 should be a huge wake-up call for the public, the healthcare system and science community. If people continue to deny the gravity of the situation, I truly believe this will happen again, and next time we may not be so lucky.

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Authored by: Liza Zoellick

Liza is a chronic pain warrior from Houston who has been chronicling her journey through chronic pain and illness on her blog: She is a frequent and valued contributor to the National Pain Report.

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Pamela Hoard

I, too, am in the highest risk group. I and my dog are alone through this. My daughter, age 39 got it and her doctor here in Madison WI would not test her. She had high fever 5 days, hacking cough, no runny nose. On day 7 she started to feel better slowly. She is my only child, so they are also quarantined away from me.the only exception for me is that on Monday I will leave and go pickup my online grocery order in the parking lot, loaded in by an attendant. Here they recommend that we then let them sit 4 hours to make sure any virus would not be spread. Then home again.
My best to all of us. We are well suited to go through this with grace. We do this every day, one day at a time, one hour at a time and one moment at a time.

@Maureen Thank you so much! Will do my best on the language. Promise.

Maureen M.

Liza, another great subject and article of yours. I’m CP as well as SLE therefore my health is high risk/compromised but I am laying low and praying for the best. I wish the best for you and family.
I just have to say…you may know by now that I am one of your biggest fans (I’ve positively commented to your posts for a few years now) … but I also wish you wouldn’t use foul language. For me, it will only deter me from reading more of your awesome posts.
Keep safe and keep strong warrior!

@ Margie…I cannot believe that all happened to you! Did the person have the Coronavirus or was just sick? is that what you contracted also?! if so, that is like a serious offense for that Chinese person to come to America and into your home while infected!
Now I see how this virus ridiculously spreads so darn fast!

Sharon Johnson-Bunn

As a believer, health care professional, 70 yo. immuno-compromised, chronic pain, heart, diabetes, and IVIG recipient, I am happy to join with a group who understands that some of us may not survive the current crisis….and that is OK. Because when you know Yeshua/Jesus in Hebrew you know God, and His plan…and it is OK. “It is well with my soul” and I pray with yours, because should you die tonight of COVID-19 or anything else, I would want you to know Him, our Savior, Redeemer, Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords!

What a mighty God we serve and I pray many Blessings heaped upon each and every one of you now, in the mighty name of Yeshua Hamashiach - Jesus the Christ. SHALOM!


I had a person who lives in Shanghai come & stay couple wks, not by my choice but spouse. My words were no but he said china person isnt sick. China person arrives very sick. I was terrified & 2nd wk I was very sick. My doctor made arrangements for me to go to infection hospital. I called hospital day before & they thought I was pranking them, so did health dep who said they only tested for STDs. My doctor made arrangements & wanted this person to come with me to be tested they refused even though it would be free to them. Later I found out they didn’t want to go bc they didn’t want to be sit in queratine or be sent home to sit in quarantine. I was furious this person was so selfish. I found out from hospital many people from China hide in homes just like mine not to go back. I can’t blame them for not wanting to go back but lie to those who work for them. I do blame for not being tested. So I agree that I am glad president returning those who cross our borders & believe now stricter regulations need to be put in place for workers or vacation. I blame the WHO for not putting restrictions in place sooner. Gov wants to take away opiates to prevent death but welcomes the plague in so many times thru history. So wipe out the good,bad,old, infant’s by plague but let’s not help those suffering cpp. Plus most our medicine ingredients come from china. The few china persons I seen out were wearing gloves/masks they kn its bad. I do not want open borders. This is my opinion & yes I am still glad I was born in the USA. Just like any other person are proud of where they come from. Person was in my house said they wanted to live in a free country & that’s why all foreigners want to live in U.S but doesn’t want our heritage as American citizens but just the freedom. I do not want a socialist country either.

William Runge

I tend to agree with Liza; as chronic pain sufferers and people with auto-immune diseases, we have to face the inevitability that something usually not fatal for the majority of the population could be deadly for us. We need to face this chilling reality and come to terms with our mortality. We have already been “set aside” by society and many in the medical community as “junkies, drug fiends, addicts, etc.” Everybody dies, just a fact of being human. We need to make our peace with ourselves and loved ones that we are probably going die before our spouses and other members of our circle of loved ones and friends. There are certainly much worse ways to die, believe I was a paramedic for ten years. Make peace with one’s self; spiritually, financially, and realistically. I look at it this way: the pain sucks more than any other experience I have ever had. The sooner I die, the sooner the pain ends! I find it very hard to experience the joy of life when severe pain negates everything I do. I do not espouse this outlook for everyone, rather I suggest it as a way to find peace in this war we fight everyday, dealing with our pain and fighting the forces that seem intent on keeping us down.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I was blocked from writing so I will finish here. I was completely satisfied to not return to my body. I realize that many will laugh at my experience but never the less I know what happened to me. I would recommend my Redeemer to all and I pray that everyone can endure these things that have come upon us will already enough on our plates. I have a little fear of pain should I be suddenly cut off my medication but at the same time I know who will give me strength to get through it. Most people have no clue about what is happening now. The legalized murder of more than 80 million unborn since 1973, the year my wife and I were married, plus the the other abominations that was made legal according to man’s law. Judgment is never even thought of by millions thinking we will be fine. But the harsh judgment that has begun will wake some from their self induced sleep, spiritually speaking. We here from the leader of our nation about America being great again, but I understand that America was truly great where the majority of people had faith. During the depression and the dust bowl America was great. People were forced to see clearly and join together to survive. As this virus gets worse and claims more lives my prayer is that something good comes from this, like not being divided as we are now. But my dear friends I don’t expect this to happen because of the grossness of our national sins. Seek the Living God and His Salvation while there is yet time. The day of Salvation will close, sooner than most people dare believe. The saddest part about all of this is all these things are written in a Book called by many “The Word of God” but it’s not read but even those who do read it and claim to live by it mostly have deceived themselves. A sincere search of That Book will bring truth and understanding. Good day everyone.

Dick fort

This covid-19 is no joke people take it extremely serious , I’m 32 and pretty healthy and if I’m taking it serious everyone else should also this isnt an overreaction in fact it’s under this is an extremely serious and deadly virus, yes the flu or a flu like n1h1 is also serious but this flu is a flu we haven’t seen and one that’s on steroids… It’s extremely serious and spreading fast and easily now, even if ur healthy u should respect others and others that have immune sepressed systems or older people… There a really good movie on Netflix that just have come out called pandemic it explains things alil better and how serious this is

Thomas Wayne Kidd

I am so sorry for your condition. But like millions today I notice one most important thing missing from lives. I have never been trained in the military of this world but I am a soldier and life is a battle from getting up in the morning till I lay down again. Jesus Christ the only hope of mankind is rejected out and out and ignored as His children attempt to tell others about Him and His Salvation. In all my daily battles I have found peace and contentment. All can obtain this wonderful thing if they choose to use the God given measure of faith. Through modern education people have allowed the God-less teachings to rob them of this great gift. I have watched as my mother, grandmother and others accepted the end of this life with great composure and bravery. Their strength came from a living faith in the Blessed Redeemer. Millions spend their whole life seeking a non-existent happiness is a physical world. Riches which fades away are near the top of the list. Happiness in this world is highly overrated, to say the least. The only true religion which is Christianity is so simple. It’s obtained and kept through obedience to a list of Ten Commandments, but simplicity is rejected for form and ritual. It grievous to my soul that so many people never seem to come the knowledge of the truth. “Ever learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” My wife and I have been married 47 years April 13th. We would have been a statistic if early in our relationship we would have rejected God and His way. We had our problems but had help solving them along the way. True peace and contentment is of the spirit not of the flesh. Life has from my birth been most important to me, so Important that after being born again I have a burning desire to tell others. In January of 1994 I got pneumonia in my right lung, first time ever and my heart stopped beating. I found myself in the ER looking back at my body laying on a bed. I have never had such fearless peace.

The only people qualified to give advice about an emerging epidemic that has rapidly become pandemic is a MEDICAL AUTHORITY, preferably a VIROLOGIST, an INFECTIOUS DISEASE SPECIALIST, an EPIDEMIOLOGIST and healthcare professionals who’ve, throughout our careers, cared for patients with infectious diseases.
It’s very nice to hear personal stories - and we’ve all been apprised that elders, immune-compromised, and other more-susceptible individuals are more vulnerable by public health authorities - but what’s needed are immediate actions by individuals:
1. Wash your hands with liquid soap (from a dispensable bottle) and water.
And dry your hands with paper towels (one-time use & discard prevents viral spread)
2. Wipe down surfaces with alcohol wipes…or tissues or cotton with alcohol
3. Stay home until this crisis abates.
4. Don’t hoard food & other supplies. These commodities are continuing to be available.
5. If you’ve been in contact (even only in the same room as) someone who you later
find out tests positive for the corona virus, be alert for any respiratory symptoms, fever
(Normal temp is 98.6 F Rectal. If you take your temp orally, add a degree because oral temps are off by a degree), other distressing symptoms. Call your doctor to decide whether to be tested. Rest. Drink lots of fluids. If you may be ill, avoid contact with elders and other susceptibles in your household and/or wash hands before and after such interactions Helen Borel,RN,BA,MFA,PhD


Realist, yes, this is the blow that has been dealt to so many immune compromised people, and there are many, many of us. Death will find each of us, ultimately, but I refuse to live my life in fear and retreat. I’m blessed to have a great Dr., who takes really good care of me, family and friends that love me, and I love them, as well. Take good care of yourselves, and each other. No guarantees, but finding the joy that God grants us in day to day lives.

Cathie Arceneaux

Why do you have to swear in this article??

Truly moving article, appreciate your courage, love and gratitude in the face of a dangerous reality.

Jeffrey Sampson

Part two. I couldn’t finish what I was saying it wouldn’t let me but this is important. Death turns out to actually be very easy and very loving and peaceful. Our families do find happiness again and life continues. What’s important for us is to build memories for us and our families that’s how we live on in their lives and hearts that’s what we must do to aid and love them that still doesn’t mean we ill people will die before one of them life dishes out death at its will not ours so we just never know whom is next and/or when. Yes this is a deadly virus that still doesn’t mean our numbers are next only God can make that choice when how, where and why. So don’t waste your life on fear from when or what will take you you may go out and get ran over by a bus, car or semi just because we have illnesses doesn’t mean that’s what will be used to take us home. I do want to stress a healthy fear is good living fearfully is not living life its being robbed of living life. If you have children teach them to live life and respect it and others while respecting your life and what is important to you! Our brain likes to get away from us reel it while continuing to to live. Pain is very hard to deal with I catch myself often begging God to just take me home then I remember how selfish I am being and THANK GOD for loving me and allowing me another day to live enjoy life and my family. I wish each and every one of you the very best life has to offer for all of us.
Life will March on without us which makes me remember the love of my life Barb died suddenly in my arms at 34 years old wow almost 30 yrs ago I clearly remember thinking why the world didn’t just stop for a minute and say fair well to such a awesome woman and human being she is i was so upset that’s when I learned life keeps going regardless of whom has passed. Memories are what’s important as I already said that truly is where everyone should remember everyday build themy put the devices down and live your.

Jeffrey Sampson

Lisa and of those that suffer from so many different ailments it’s just to enormous to name them all especially here.
I was greatly saddened to read her post, her fear of this virus and much other just jumps off the page and grabs your heart but that leaves me with many different thoughts opinions even my own diseases and beliefs.
I am also a vet of the US Army so that is first on my mind as a soldier our lives are always in danger whether on our home base, deployed or at war being in the military is dangerous by nature especially depending on our jobs or aka MOS if your in an office, pencil pusher or supply or a host of other jobs of course are much safer for those of us that choose fighting roles like myself just handling weapons, ammo etc raising the danger levels greatly! I have a very deep love and appreciation for my brothers in arms and their families the stress for wives, husbands, children and other family is tremendous. I went in the Army on my 17th birthday three days later in was on base being prepared for boot camp and never actually thought about how it affected my parents or six siblings.
Then life started after the Army. My first problem I fell three storied which broke my body badly. Now at 58yrs old one year ago and nine diseases later I was terminally diagnosed with an incurable lung disease, yesterday my lung doc called me telling me to warn me to stay home reminding me I only have 1.5% of my immune system left.I already keep plenty of Lysol spray and other germ killers and masks and gloves for my protection year around. I have the good fortune of having two full time caregivers that love me and are here for me 24×7. I love my family never say bye it’s so long see you soon life goes on without us on earth that is where our fear is most driven we are so attached we forget life marches on and happiness is found again. We need to get close to God read our bibles and just be thankful for life everyday until we are called home. Death isn’t scarry.


This is what happens when a unempathic criminal bully becomes president. And the dog doodoo in his administration are no better than him. They knew coronavirus was coming months ago. Much less wealthy countries did much better job of containment. We should have been ready for this.


Lisa, While most of us here are having the same exposure and chances with this virus I have to say I think it is premature to expect death.

I have read with dismay, ad nauseum, what state can top another state in “preparing for covid-19.” One state is calling out the National Guard. What? So they can deliver food and water? My plant group on FB even has a thread going. Even with strict orders “not anything but plants.”

To be sure. We have to be prepared. But this is not a third world country. No social medicine. No 28 week wait for an appointment.

I hope and pray we do not get as serious as some countries. That we do not have to quit treating 80 year olds. That we treat the most ill regardless of age.

Yes. We have to stay separate but we have tv, phones and computers to keep us in touch. I read an article/blog from a woman in Wuhan who was quarantined and she said good came of it. The community came together to help each other, their family got reconnected. Home cooking became good again. Game night became fun.

We need to be upbeat. In “a good place.” You have survived so much. I believe you will survive this too with precautions. Most of us will.


First get the forgiveness of JESUS and tell yourself whatever happens he will save you. His finnished work on the cross. Claim it and thank him for it. Man cannot hurt your soul. Yes, biological weapons are no fun but you have his promise and blessed hope. Go on from there. We all are sick and are weary of too little medicine. Peace to your heart. If we miss a script then our gain.

Amy Lewis

I am also at higher risk due to asthma, severe arthritis in my rib cage and an autoimmune disease.
My brother who lives with me has miraculously survived (a 20% 5 year survival rate) cancer. Doctors didn’t expect it. His battle isn’t over and he’s at high risk.
My husband is also at higher risk because of being over 60 and asthma.
We don’t know the number of our days so we are doing what we can to not get sick. I stopped seeing clients in person last week. We’re limiting outside contact. We’re cleaning high touch items more often. Making sure to eat healthy and get enough sleep.
Take care of yourself.


My immune system is very highly compromised, by EDS and be another rare one RP, Relapsing Polychondritis, if I even catch a common cold, end up coughing up blood, being on my nebulizer having all sorts of meds stuffed in me, my hubby works in construction, so he’s constantly dealing with strangers and often crowds..I get scared, but not afraid of death, but of leaving everyone to grieve..I pray for you the very safe and blessed, Yaa’eh’tee..DianMan’yari🌹