CRPS, CDC, Giving Tuesday

CRPS, CDC, Giving Tuesday

Free Webinar on CRPS

Wednesday night, April 22 people with CRPS and causalgia of the lower extremities have a chance to learn more about DRG Therapy as an option for managing pain. Jim Broatch of RSDSA along with Abbott Labs will host a free virtual discussion at 7 pm EDT and 6 pm PDT. You can view it on your computer and/or mobile phone.

To learn more about it, go here.

CDC Looking for Content

By the way, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is looking for public comments on chronic pain treatment. about the experiences of patients in pain. “It’s important that they hear from you,” said attorney and chronic pain advocate Kate Nicholson on Twitter.

She’s right.

The deadline for comment is June 16th. About three dozen folks have already commented.

We suggest you read those comments first and then add your voice. Please comment because it’s very important for the CDC and other government agencies to hear the chronic pain patient.

Here’s the link.

Giving Day Approaches

The COVID-19 public health emergency is hurting many non-profits and hurting them badly. While many of you are no doubt being hurt by the financial downtown, remember your non-profit pain advocacy groups.

May 5th is Giving Tuesday Now, a global day of giving and unity as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Chronic Pain

By the way, we at the National Pain Report ran a story this weekend about the impact of COVID-19 on chronic pain.

You can read it here.

We have been asking our readers how the COVID-19 public health emergency has impacted the treatment of their chronic pain. Leave you comments in our commentary section on that story.

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@jwbroatch (Jim Broatch)

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Visa oakley

This is off topic, but I really am becoming more frustrated than ever with not being able to get my medicine.
I know about their data base, and everything else that has been put in place for the last 2 years.
Now, all of a sudden the pharmacies in my area are telling me they won’t fill my out of county prescriptions.
What is someone to do?
Everything is at ” the pharmacist discretion.
Now, my wife and I go to the same doctor. This pharmacy filles her Rxs. She happens to be on disability with Medicaid.
I am self-employed and have some hobbies that are more physically demanding. Well now I am having an extremely hard time doing the work that has got to be done. And one of those is growing fruits, vegetables and providing eggs for my community.
Iv have called the corporate offices of the 2 pharmacies in my area to make a formal complaint.
Some how trying to have them do the right thing.
I was STILL told, it’s the pharmacist discretion.

Mad and pissed off about it!
In Florida

Tracie Lundy

Couldn’t find the webinar to safe my life. Soo disappointed I missed it.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

It’s bad enough they way we are being mistreated for our daily chronic pain but now my doctor thinks it’s funny as well. He lied to me and then laughed at me as well. There’s no use reporting these things we don’t matter! My wife has got her Medicare but it’s basically useless. She needs a pain doctor but can’t get anyone to treat her chronic pain. I will be 70 years old in 2 years she will be in 4 years. Looks like they are trying to kill us.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

My uncaring doctor took away my 5 mg Methadone he had added at my last in person appointment. Seems that this wickedness is only getting more evil and wicked. The 5 mg I was getting along with the two 10 mg a day was helping but now he has put me in more pain and suffering. Going to the streets is looking more like it’s my only way to get the relief I need. Does anyone really think telling the CDC what’s happening will actually help?