CRPS Film Featured in Florida Festival

CRPS Film Featured in Florida Festival

By Ed Coghlan

72 year old Constance Marley is the star of a film she would rather not be in.

The movie is “Trial by Fire”. It’s a film that is about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

The film is to be featured tonight (February 11) at the Hollywood, Florida film festival.

Complex regional pain syndrome, also known as CRPS is a rare, chronic (long-term) and progressive condition characterized by severe pain, inflammation and changes in the skin. Patients commonly describe the pain as a burning sensation, which affects one of the arms, legs, hands or feet.

Constance Marley’s son, Charles Mattocks is a well-known celebrity chef who has produced the film do two things:

  • Educate medical and patient communities about CRPS
  • Create a Social Movement.

Mattocks comes about his activism naturally. Seven years ago, he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. This celebrity chef, author and film maker made it his mission to give back others who need to understand how to battle their diabetes.

His number one tip?

“Eat and drink what God put in front of you, lean meat, lean fish, vegetables, fruit and water.”

So it makes sense that this sense of activism would result in something designed to help his mother and others who suffer from CRPS.

His mother was diagnosed with CRPS eight years. She mostly couldn’t and hasn’t found much relief, “ketamine didn’t work for her,” Mattocks said.

His mother’s journey, which started when she tripped and fell eight years ago, inspired the film.

“That and a real strong feeling of doing something for people,” said Mattocks.

The film has been getting good reaction and excellent press coverage.

“We think the movie can help created a social movement—to help engage tens of thousands of people really bring about change,” Mattocks told the National Pain Report. “The film can help make sure the world hears the CRPS patient.”

CRPS advocates really have two objectives when it comes to education.

  1. To let patients know that they aren’t alone
  2. To educate more doctors so the disease can be identified and diagnosed earlier. (CRPS patients normally have seen 4-to-5 doctors before a diagnosis is made.

The film cost about $50,000 to produce. A Go Fund Me project helped defray some of those expenses. But the expenses are continuing. It costs money to enter a film festival and to promote the film.

Mattocks has been working with a number of CRPS patient advocates including Partners in Pain.

He’s optimistic that it is making a difference.

“When I first got to know the CRPS community I heard the frustration-that someone needed to be their voice-be their spokesperson,” he said. “I saw it as an opportunity to help.”

Creating engagement and advocacy about the disease is desperately needed.

The efforts of the Tampa, Florida man is a giant step in the right direction.

For more information about Charles Mattocks, visit his website.

For more information about the film visit the website.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Mr. Coghlan, thank you for this article and all you do for the pain community. Many of us don’t have the physical ability to speak up and have a voice due to living in horrific pain 24/7, 365. We need your articles to keep us on top of issues, as well as to help us organize and speak up where we can! It had helps to bring us all together as a community! Thank you!

We need all the people you write about that help the pain community, as well as all those who you have write articles!

All these people, like Charles Mattocks, are needed to be a voice for us in the media!

Mr. Mattocks, thank you for all you are doing for bringing awareness to those suffering with CRPS with this film, Trial by Fire!

This film benefits all of us in chronic pain, even if you don’t have CRPS. Educating the public about chronic pain is the best way to help others understand this pandemic that is so maligned and misunderstood! We need to have all the voices we can get! We need to be heard!

The chronic pain community needs to stand up and take action with all things written in National Pain Report! It’s time we have our voices heard! There are many people trying to advocate for us! If you are not active please become active. Sign up to be an advocate for the US Pain Foundation.

This film, Trial by Fire is huge for chronic pain and we need to show our support for for it in order to help this movement to educate the general public!

If you don’t know who Charles Mattocks is, please go to his website and read about what he has done for diabetes all over the world! Never mind he’s a celebrity chef, and Bob Marley’s nephew,(yes that’s cool!) but more awesome is that he’s a son trying to find help for his mom who suffers with CRPS!

Please help spread the word by sharing this article about this film,, with all your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter!

I am so sorry to hear that your mother has been inflicted with complex regional pain syndrome. Your efforts in producing this film is by far one of the most gracious things that anyone has ever done for us. Best wishes tonight and I wish your mother a pain free as possible day tomorrow.

Christina Claycomb

Best of luck tonight Charles. Please remember that I’m with you in spirit…Take Care, my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your Mom on such a special evening. I so wish I was down south for this exciting adventure! ♡