DEA Announces Additional Regulatory Steps to Address Opioid Epidemic

DEA Announces Additional Regulatory Steps to Address Opioid Epidemic

The Drug Enforcement Administration has announced proposed regulations that it says will improve the agency’s ability to oversee the production of dangerous drugs at the height of the “national opioid crisis”.

The goal is to further limit excess quantities of medications that might be vulnerable to diversion for illicit distribution and use.

Here are the proposed regulations:

The proposal published in the Federal Register proposes changes to DEA’s quota regulations resulting from comprehensive legislation passed by Congress last year to address the nation’s deadliest drug epidemic in history, the Substance Use-Disorder Prevention that Promotes Opioid Recovery Treatment for Patients and Communities Act, or SUPPORT Act. The SUPPORT Act requires that appropriate quota reductions be made after estimating potential for diversion. This estimate is based on rates of overdose deaths and abuse, the overall public health impact related to specific controlled substances and may include other factors as appropriate.

While the comment period has only been open for a couple of days, already the opposition is being generated from persons one would assume are chronic pain patients.

Here’s what Christy Alford said:

“Why, why, why do you all keep taking meds from people? You are hurting the pain patients who need this medication. Start taking the drugs off the streets not from our doctor’s.”

Comments received so far:

The public comment period is open until December 23rd of this year.

Today’s proposal how DEA grants quotas to manufacturers for maintaining inventories. These proposed levels align with current manufacturing standards aimed at promoting quality and efficiency, while also ensuring that the country has enough quantities of Schedule II substances necessary for the medical, scientific, research and industrial needs of patients nationwide.

The proposal also introduces several new types of quotas that DEA would grant to certain DEA-registered manufacturers. These use-specific quotas include quantities of controlled substances for use in commercial sales, product development, packaging/repackaging and labeling/relabeling, or replacement for quantities destroyed. These use-specific quotas will greatly improve the timeliness of DEA’s responses to applications filed by manufacturers while simultaneously improving DEA’s ability to respond quickly to drug shortages.

This regulation builds on changes finalized in 2018 which gave a role to state attorneys general and certain federal partners – including the Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – in setting the aggregate production quotas for Schedule I and II controlled substances.

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You all should be leaving these comments where they will have some impact. The link is up above, where it says “comments so far” Just click on that to bring you to the government site.

Margret drumheiser

What does that tell you if this column about more cuts buy DEA generating multiple comments by the debilitating intractable chronic pain community and pain pts in general and our families. If course we are commenting WE ARE THE ONES ignored in the other side of this drug war!! 😡😡😭😭🇺🇸 WE are being denied or refused effective treatment to begin with because of use the DEA, DOJ GOVERNMENT, SENATORS, ATTORNEY GENERAL’S AND Legislators. Due our Dr having to make ethical decision. Due I effectively treat my pt and risk prosecution by the DEA, DOJ , loose my livelihood, my assets, my license and risk sitting in jail for life. Or do O refuse to treat with these effective meds or use doses so low ineffective or pt suffering still, loosing their quality of life explain at least uouf getting something. Even though ethically knowing I as a Dr am still allowing my pt to suffer and be torchered living a life of hell. That is what’s happening to me right now up until 2016 fof 10 of 15 years I’m doing with this and after all alternative TX and meds failed I went reluctantly on the methadone and prrcocet combination long acting and short acting which is what’s recommended for CRPS, NEUROPATHY 2jich is what I’m diagnosed with. Will never be pain free of cured. Goal of pain therapy is tolerable pain and widlitu of life. Like you and your families enjoy everyday. Like addicts have the personal choose to do also . Even if it’s a disease they still like me, for ng illnesses have the personal responsibility to get the help f O t their addiction. To when on these meds prior to becoming an addict had personal responsibility like we do to take these meds as the pharmaceutical companies intented they be used for. Their direction used for pain. Take as Dr prescribed till pain gone or tolerable no longer needed. They educate in packet that comes 3iyh every med the benefits and risks, side effects of drug, interaction with other things, not to share med or safe for later use, not to use

Margret drumheiser

Don’t punish pain rally. How about meeting with us in pa. Sitting down together with pain Dr specialist like Dr Dan Laird and Dr Kline both have between them over 60 years of pain therapy experience. Josh bloom chemical degree and Red Lawhern PhD and advocate for debilitating chronic intractable pain pts alliance for intractable and debilitating pain something like that my point is their all wiitd knowledgeable. Between them and many debilitating pain pts /pts on pain. I’m sure we could come up with new laws to protect us, Dr and our right to effective and humane pain treatment. Have use as DEA ever bee injures or shot while taking down suspects. How would you like to be left on the cold hard ground, bleeding out, feeling like your limb just got blown off and nobody is listening, nobody wants to help. How can you justify cutting these meds any further we are akrasdy feing the shortage now. . Animals also suffering and, torchered left to die in humanly without pain meds, exactly what’s happening to 100 million pain pts. Now 100mollion because now your your adding all those who have had or need surgeries, mskior surgeries (neck, back, knees, hips, abdominal, cracked open chest /open heart surgeries, brain surgeries, enter /radical flap surgeries due to cancer, plastic surgeries and add another 50 million trauma pts that’s just in one or 2 states now imagine all 50 states short and leaving pts inhumaiy suffering. Why is, that OK?? 😡😡🇺🇸 WHEN THESE MEDS HAVE BEEN USED FOR DECADES WITHOUT ANY EPIDEMIC. ?? 😡😡🇺🇸 also the more you take away the more pts forced to committ suicide or turn to the streets. No problem the drug cartels , dealers and gangs waiting to take your money. So more you do this. The demand up for their illicit fentanyl,herion ,meth , cocaine, fake pills whatever needed from china and Mexico drug cartels, the more they will supply. Vicious cycle. The more we suffer, we are collateral damage or govermental genocide. All those will be held account

Margret drumheiser

You are killing us. Use all need to take a course of educate yourself in pain. non of you have any knowledge or education in debilitating intractable chronic pain or pain in general. If not aware of our debilitating chronic illnesses please educate yourself befoteskimg such rash decisions. What if this was youre wife ,yoyr mother or father, actually your child!! . Yes children millions suffering and being torchered also left yo suffer with severe burns from traumatic incident or multiple fractures, brain injuries. Screaming out on pain. Tell them take Tylenol or be mindful of their pain. Inhumane!! ,, 😡😡😭 tul3mol manufactured for minor these injuries and what I have not minor injuries. My illness CRPS called suicide disease for a reason. Painful worse then cancer it’s progressive with no cure. How would you like to feel like your being burned alive 24/7 , and like having a thorn bush wrapped around your lower legs being pulled tighter and tighter. As your being stabbed with 1000 knives. I’m a disabled surgical and er nurse. I’ve seen first hand what effective pain control and ineffective or non treatment of pain can do. Pain goes from acute to chronic, to intractable. Pts don’t heal well, risk of blood clots from not wanting to move, walk ,and pnemonia . . Their is already a shortage in hospitals and in hospice pts can’t get med not available, in pharmacies. Yet addicts still getting addicted and overdosing they are diverting street drugs. Illicit fentanyl, herion laced with illicit fentanyl, and meth laced. Thankfully my niece got pregnant and great Dr saved her life. Got her into med assisted treatment program and finally counseling for her undiagnosed bipolar disorder and treatment for the trauma she endured she is 5 years clean on subutex but because of your cuts and suboxibe being forced on pain pts addicts having difficulty accessing their life saving meds. Shortages at pharmacies. She has to wait week or so how is that helping her addiction risk of mes

Margret drumheiser

I also want to know how do you sleep at night DEA DOJ, KOLODNY (PROP) OUR GOVERNMENT, SENATORS AND PRESIDENT TRUMP, LEGISLATOR. First of all to our government, senators, legislatiors DOJ use fail to remember use work for or are supposed to work for us. Their are 50 million or more debilitating intractable chronic pain pts also all those dealing with all types of pain that are voters!! We are tired of being ignored and silenced!!! 😡😡 tired of being judged, and stigmatized. Our lives and families matter too. I am a 50 year old white female
I’m a CRPS(RSD) PT, small nerve multi focal neuropathy, fibromyalgia, severe osteoarthritis, DJD, and bulging L4 TO L5 no operative per surgeons, had 6 total bilat hip surgeries 3 on each due yo starting back in 2009 I was forced to get injections over the maximum amount recommended. Just to receive the small amount of pain meds that he took me down to that were little effective but without I would be bed ridden. Ev4n though my Dr who left to go somewhere else had me on effective med and dose. He refuse to listen. So dud to forced use and refusal to listen. I developed a vascular necrosis from the over use of steroids (the bones died in my hips) I developed excruciating pain with inability to walk hardly at all everytime I stepped was like putting my leg into a lit, hot flamming fire as I felt like I was being held their and stabbed in and out with a 1000 sharp knives slowly in and out. I would scream and could hardly get up still he said nothing told me justy sciatica I’ve had which wasn’t true I pleasted withh him . Finally o had enough I left researched my Dr who has left found her 2 hours away. I left due, yo personal reasons and no I didn’t get any scripts till my other ran out then I saw Dr she immediately examined me,sent me for cat scan. Appt with surgeon and put me back on my effective meds and doses not even 2 weeks my pain now tolerable pain and qol. except hip test showed necrosis and surgery showed fx hip for yr.

Margret drumheiser

To the DEA, DOJ. THIS BY ANY MEANS WILL DO NOTHING TO COMBAT THE SO CALLED OPIOID CRISIS THIS WILL ONLY FUEL THE CRISIS. by forcing even more suffering and torchered debilitating intractable pain pts yo the streets serkinv relief. Where the dangers is a lot higher, extremely higher for risk of death by accidental overdoses. Due to especially the fake pills look like pain pills laced with illicit fentanyl and herion. Also you are aware that just as many addicts get high, addicted and overdose on meth and cocaine and Xanax none are opioids but again addict and kill just as many !! Also you are aware this, isn’t about no DAM PAIN PILL. This is about SUBSTANCE ABUSE /MENTAL HEALTH. YOU KNOW as well as I do cutting production of these live saving meds again to debilitating pain pts and those in pain those who need them will do nothing to combat the illegal drug crisis or an addicts need to use substances, to abuse them. Not to mention these are addicts because they have the hereditary gene. Not saying just because they do I will to. But due to addicts having this gene they will use whatever to make them feel great, euphoria the high they seek so they don’t have to feel emotion, they don’t have to cope while using these substances or deal with life. As your aware of maybe your not 90% of addicts don’t or never had a legitimate script or legitimate reason. They are overdosing on street drugs not Dr prescribed meds. They overdose the average addict with at least 4 or more substances in their system when they overdose including alcohol. Many with illicit fentanyl, herion and meth others with these drugs plus Xanax. Until we provide counseling, mental health treat many self medicate for traumatic incidents (such as rape, molestation, abuse ect) others dud to mental health issues bipolar a big one, depression, ect. I know my niece used to be herion addict for years we tried multiple rehabs, na meetings, attempted to get counseling for her but no consistency. Dr kept changin


Can you honestly say that all those deaths are cause by prescription opioids only? No there not most of them have heroin or meth or coke along with prescription opioids.. Can you tell me the number of deaths that where ONLY prescription opioids? Im sure its less then 2 to 5 percent of what your stating. Now how many suicides has there been from chronic pain patients since the DEA has came down and pain patients where reduced off or completely taken away of their pain medications? Im sure that number is higher then the deaths of only prescription opioids. So lets see who is the killer opioids or the DEA?

Mark Rehberg

I have a friend who has had trouble getting his opioid pain medication sometimes for MONTHS IN A ROW!!HE is disabled even after surgery. Imagine being in pain with responsibility to family and caring for himself laundry groceries all these things are a struggle even with his opioid pain medication. Now imagine how it must feel to be without your medication because some government agency decides a company is making to much of a certain product which in turn causes your life to come to an END as you’ve known it after years of being able to care for yourself and family this is a CRIME AGAINST THE ELDERLY AND DISABLED


They don’t watch my driving to the point where I can’t hardly go anywhere. They don’t audit everyone that pays taxes. They don’t check to see that I have been flying aircraft without a license… Do we have to be chased every time we prescribe or take a prescription pain pill? Most everyone, and in some ways everyone is self-policing in this whole world. What the “news” or a profiteer screams is a “problem” or “crisis” is most often no such thing.

The war on street drugs will never be won, but that is where your war is. Please continue to fight the good fight without dragging suffering chronic pain patients into all of this. We are not the problem. Addicts and chronic pain patients MUST be separated before anyone is truly helped. This would be a great start if you really want to begin to walk back the insane mistake made by the CDC guidelines that started this whole mess. Weather they want to take responsibility or not, the blood of all CPP suicides is on them. Knowing this, why in the world wouldn’t they admit their mistake and immediately retract and carefully (with the help of pain management physicians) In plain english make it right? This should have been done a long time ago before innocent families had to watch their loved ones suffer such inhumane torture. Some to the point of suicide. Never in my lifetime would I have ever believed that this great country would force such suffering on their own citizens. It physically sickens me. Please tell me that (WE) are better than this. Please tell me that all of this suffering and death wasn’t the agenda. There are innocent physicians in prison. This left whole practices full of abandoned CPPs. I can tell you from experience, it’s near impossible to find another physician to accept a new CPP who is on opioids. Your organization has terrorized them to the point that they are abandoning pain patients altogether. There are still wonderful caring physicians who would like to properly treat their patients and end their suffering but their hands are tied by YOU! This insanity must end. It only makes sense that the addiction specialists head the addiction plan and the pain management physicians and experts head the chronic pain plan. Please do whatever it takes to get it done right away. There are so many suffering and so close to giving up. I beg you to get it done so there’s not one more loved soul that couldn’t wait any longer.


Quotas are ridiculous when allowing any law enforcement agency the authority to limit a company or doctor from treating a chronic pain patient. A quota system has never worked in law enforcement. How many arrest or speeding tickets or profiling. Have been adjudicated and been found unconstitutional. Just another excuse to deny victims of pain the right to adequate treatment. Wake up and smell the roses DEA. You can’t legislate criminal activity to bolster your right to exist.


I’m tired of commenting, writing, emailing, calling, etc. These people don’t read them, respond or listen to any of us. I’m wore out from fighting back. I just can’t do it anymore. They’re going to do whatever they want no matter what. They just don’t care.

Rosalind Rivera


Rosalind Rivera

And the DEA contributes with impunity to hasten the suffering of pain patients. They now have more than ever an even better stronghold on how many chronic and intractable suicide pain patients the cause to commit suicide. No matter how or how many pain patients fight back it is quite obvious that it is a losing battle!

No rights in America

Too the Government and the DEA. While your at it would you please stop ignoring the worst drug in America that has harmed more people and causes the most deaths In America. ALCOHOL My disabilities have been cause by this drug even though I don’t do this drug. Being rear ended by DUIERS while minding my own business sitting still at stop lights or stop signs and the DUIERS causing me a nightmare while they never lose their license THANK YOU FOR NOTHING DEA AND AMERICA GOVERNMENT THESE REAR ENDINGS HAVE CAUSED They have caused me too have too have 5 broken necks leading too 6 cervical surgeries for broken necks partial paralyzation for 6 months Permanent nerve damage 3 hip surgeries bowl problems bladder problems 3 hand surgeries eye surgery a broken foot permanent arthritis knee surgery elbow surgery AND THERE IS MORE I WONT MENTION I THINK YOU GET THE PICTURE. THIS IS WHY I NEED PAIN MANAGMENT AND NOW YOUR DENYING ME CARE FOR ALL THIS DAMAGE THE DRUNKS HAVE CAUSED BECAUSE AMERICA DOSE NOT PROTECT THE INNOCENT I AM AT LEAST 2 of you DEA AGENTS NEIGHBORS I SEE YOU AT THE BLOCK PARTIES YOU DRINK AND IVE SEEN YOU DRIVE DRUNK YOU ARE A JOKE AND NEED TOO RELIZE WE ARE WATCHING YOU. Stop the drunks it is a privilege too drive not a given and you are not above the the law either. Also have see senators drive drunk What a joke you all are and have all made America with your double standards FROM A PERMANENTLY DISABLED BORN AMERICAN WHO LIVES IN THE WASHINGTON DC AREA AND IS PERMANENTLY PHYSICALLY DAMAGED BY YOUR POLICIES thanks for robbing me of what my life should have been if America With your crappy policies


I would like to say that the DEA has no idea how about what it’s doing. If this type of approach continues what are we to do with our lives. It is inconceivable that they would continue 2 make our lives worse and maybe eliminate us from the Surplus population. These people are seriously disconnected from the issue and I only have their jobs and their careers in mind. No more raids on marijuana facilities no more hard time arrest for people who deal in marijuana. They have to replace something with something else so that they do not lose their jobs and have something to do to receive a paycheck. Everything let me repeat everything comes down to money. The people in the DEA would rather ruin the lives of good hard-working Americans that need medication land to take their jobs and put it on the job chopping block. So it comes down to us or them simple as that. Shame on you DEA shame on you our lawmakers an enforcement division. Taking our lives and making them worse instead of your own. I know this sounds as though I am angry and maybe I am, but it does it ring well with me when I have enough trouble getting the medication that I need through the hurdles placed in front of me. First I have to get a doctor to prescribe to me, then I have to find a pharmacy that has my medication which is already hard enough as it is. And now they are going directly to the source a production of the medication which makes my quality of life normal at best. What will they do what nothing comes of this in results of overdoses. Certainly not close the border like our president wants to do. It’s a slippery slope and chronic pain patients we’ll be the ones that suffer. Not the employees of the DEA… You would never see a layoff or a restructuring of a DEA agent career before you Tag Away the job the purpose existence I’m someone Reliant on pain medications that you do not have a direct effect on a massive amount of opioid overdoses in this country. I’m fed up. What will I do, where will I go

No rights in America


Mary Ann Dunkel

Unconscionable overreach by a government agency! They need to get out of our physician’s office and stop interfering with our plans of treatment designed by our medical doctors who have actually graduated from medical school.


The ongoing epidemic that is encouraged by Gov is alcohol consumption. This kills and ruins lives much more than opiods.
Time for alcohol limits and at minimum take all alcohol commercials off TV as the cigarette commercials were.


Why are you interfering in patient care and you are NOT physicians? Is it easier to just hurt chronic pain patients then go after the REAL drug dealers? Quit hurting people so you can fuel this hysteria and lawsuits!!

Kathleen Ganley

I agree with Cindy Too’s post about waiting until we have more information before commenting on the DEA website. The post she wrote about the newsletter pertaining to the facts about which medications are causing opiate deaths, etc., is the type of comment that is needed on the DEA site - an informed, well written, and educated post. I think the comment should be concise and to the point, double checked for accurate grammar, sentence structure, and the like. It will not be effective if it is a rambling diatribe against the DEA, calling them idiots, etc. Unfortunately, IMO the reason(s) the DEA is doing this has nothing to do with caring about community and more to do with funding, greed, and/or power. Our comments need to confront them with the facts and the truth about this so-called crisis as they do not care to hear about our individual suffering.

I also want to say that the billboard idea someone suggested is a great idea, if only we could somehow organize all the advocacy groups, physician advocates, etc., and have one organization leading the charge where we could donate the money needed for these billboards as I know they are very expensive.

Cindy too

Reply to Cynthia’s post asking how to post a comment on DEA’s website —

Cynthia, near the top of the above NPR column about the new proposed regs, there’s a link, and when I clicked on it, it was super easy to see where and how to post your comment.

That above link is in blue and says - “Here are the proposed regulations:”

Raymond V

The DEA is a joke. They do no care about Americans who suffer from chronic pain. All they care about is trying to control people and taking away their rights. One day Americans will band together to take back what is theirs. Freedom. The DEA cannot be trusted. You can bet DEA members get whatever pain medication they desire.

Charleen Goudreault

Disgusting! Let’s research the suicide rate among chronic pain patients!!!!!!! You are forcing chronic pain patients to turn to street drug (The real killers) either from China or the Internet laced with fentanyl the real killers! There are countless people who have followed all the rules jump thru all the hoops tried all the required requirements and are refused medications that give us some kind of quality of LIFE! The insurance companies are getting richer with all the alternative procedures that for some just don’t work!
They need to separate the statistics of chronic pain patients death rate verses street drug overdoses. I can not live the rest of my life in bed!

dis may

Aging white females and people of low SES are the chief individuals suffering from chronic pain. I am one of them. I have no contact with a single soul that would make diversion possible. This is fairy land story of the drug epidemic. If older women are leaving their pain meds in medicine cabinets for other family members to help themselves then they should not be getting them or they should be handled by someone in the family competent to give them out as scheduled. But I do not believe it to be the case. This entails a level of competence that is profoundly impaired. Where is the evidence for that? I don’t believe this crap about older white women and people of low SES being the ones responsible to this nightmare. NOPE. I do not believe it. I believe lies are the currency used in thus debate. Speaking of lying, try reading Gladwell’s latest book on this subject. I am the opposite of Gladwell’s human subjects. I suspend belief, I do not default to truth. This argument today is comprised of DEA finger pointing rather than manning up and taking responsibility for doing their jobs.
Oh “boo hoo” guys. What is your problem being up to the task you are paid for such that you hide behind elderly women and the indigent? Seriously? And people buy this nonsense? It is absurd. It is a lie. I do not believe a word of it.
Rather, I believe this is the latest greatest way to get rid of unwanted people. Anyone hear of overpopulation?
Do NOT tell me people think human beings are nice? No no no no no. Who has any familiarity with the history of the behavior of human beings and thinks we are nice? We are the most cruel, murderous, group of primates on the planet, we absolutely lust after causing pain. We are ebullient when causing pain among helpless animals who do not live to harm others. No one should trust us for one nanosecond. Are there people out there who do not know this about us? Those people are the most dangerous among us.

Linda Horan

I am the facilitator of Door of Hope, an RSD/CRPS Support Group for Delaware and Tri-State Area, Door of Hope was the first support group in this area for this rare disease. The closest one to Delaware was over 100 miles away. I am so sick of the opinions of those who do not have Chronic Pain, have never experienced a pain so bad that you’d commit SUICIDE to end it - not caring about the never ending emotional pain you would cause your loved ones.


The pain of RSD/CRPS is one of the worst pains you can imagine and is ranked high on the McGill Pain Index. A pain so bad it’s called the “SUICIDE DISEASE” Why do you want to punish all Chronic Pain Sufferers, not just those with CRPS/RSD, those with Fibromyalga, Cancer and MS. Causing us to purchase illegal pain killers which are often combined with harmful and potentially deadly chemical substances.

TELL ME - WHY DO CRPS Sufferer from ALL OVER THE WORLD suffer from the same symptoms? Door of Hope’s Mission Statement states…. “RSD/CRPS pain is DIFFERENT but the SAME” TELL ME why do ALL CRPS sufferers exhibit the same kind of PAIN. Pain that is DEEP, ACHING, BURNING, CRIPPLING, NUMBING & STABBING, we all suffer with ALLODYNIA and HYPERALGESIA, WEAKNESS, PARALYSIS, ABNORMAL SWELLING, EXCESSIVE SWEATING? WHEN YOU STOP THE “OPIOIDS”, CRPS sufferers feel PAIN every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year, praying for a CURE or at the very least, better PAIN MANAGMENT. STOP the OPIOIDS, we have no quality of life and to some DEATH is the only way out! And you have the AUDACITY to say we are ADDICTS how DARE you.

Cindy too

Dr Helen Borel posted about a black armband campaign.
I can’t find anything on Google and I’m not on social media and so can’t contact her directly.
Is there a way to find more out about this and about her?
Maybe she could write a column for NPR?

Also, a few people have made comments that pain patients should be doing mailings soliciting money — like the Humane Society etc — and post billboards etc to make our cause known.

Well, all that takes a lot of organization and a LOT of money.

I certainly don’t have an answer. Most of us are mostly homebound and low energy and on fixed incomes.

I do know that no one knows about our problems except for us and those who we have personally informed. And even then, so many people don’t believe us or understand at all.

I also know that if I hadn’t been put on a forced taper last year and shown the 2016 CDC Guidelines as the reason, that I also wouldn’t know about this horror show, even though I’ve been disabled due to pain since a Oct 2008 surgery.

Until my forced taper, I’d felt that for the last decade I’d received what I needed and that the limits of Rx’s I was on was only b/c if I took more then my liver would be endangered by the acetaminophen part of my percocet. I believed that even though my pain was barely managed and I needed to be on disability and stop working entirely. I don’t believe that any more. I think if I’d been given some straight oxy in addition to the percocet that maybe I’d have had enough relief to not have my life ruined.

Again, I hope we can hear more from Dr Helen Borel and others like her to give us good hard info about the proposed regs before the DEA comment deadline of Dec 23 arrives.

Cindy too

To NPR -

It seems that many people have posted comments below that instead need to go to the DEA website.

I hope that you can write another column about this and emphasize that posting comments here about the proposed regs wont’ accomplish anything. and that people must post on the DEA website for which you provided a link to make it easy.

Also, I hope that more info about the proposed regs will be published here in the future.

Plus in general more columns about it to ensure as many people as possible know about the proposed regs and so hopefully will comment.

Laura Robertson

National Pain Report: I get the following error message every time I try to leave my email for follow-up comments:
“There was an error when subscribing. Please try again.”
Regarding the DEA production limits of 30%, at this point I can only believe that they are fully aware of the population they are harming and killing, and that this whole situation has a very dark purpose. The term “passive genocide” has been used in the past, it is apparently not passive but with full intent. We are no longer in the realm of conspiracy theories and deep into tragic fact.

Certainly the misdiagnosis of persons with Chronic Pain Conditions (CPC) as SUD, streaming us all into addictions treatment and forcing us to take medications containing naloxone is inflicting upon us a medication we don’t need to treat a condition we don’t have.
No doctor in their right mind would ever have done this to their patients in the past And yet, here we are. It is now standard, and even “best” practices.

We have absolutely no idea what regular dosing of naloxone will do to those of us who have multiple comorbidities, fragile immune systems, chronic, degenerative, and even terminal conditions, and are on multiple medications. We are the test market, and the harm, adverse events, permanent injuries, and even fatalities will only be known in history.

The force-tapering, refusal to treat, and complete medical abandonment is not just infringing upon, not just violating, it is complete and total obliteration of our Human Rights regarding access to health care.

What is being done to persons with CPC falls clearly under the ICC - International Criminal Court - definition of “Crimes Against Humanity”, Article 7, 1b), e), f), h), j), and k), and sections 1, 2, and 3.

These are dark days. Dark days indeed.

Laura Robertson - CPASS
Chronic Pain Support Services
Patient Advocate, Peer Counsellor
chronic pain @ bell . net (no spaces)

Denise Hedley

I honestly don’t know why any of this keeps shocking me, but it just does. I will be commenting in a little while - I need to think of exactly what to say because we are all suffering too much as it is - and now they want to make it worse? It feels like they are trying to kill us…

Thomas Wayne Kidd

It will do nothing to comment. I have given up. Goodbye.


Mass murdering World Of Neglect! You have no idea What It’s like to live with a terrorizing torturous illness you better pray u never do! Shame on our Country abnegation it’s becoming.. This is a broken record of neglect put apon the severely effected CPC. I don’t see how u can sleep or how you can live with yourself, knowing the Hell pain your causing on so many Americans.. Truth be told!!!


Could someone please post the link to leave a comment for DEA…I went to their comments page, but i don’t see a place to make a new post…..thank you

Once again, the clueless “Keystone Kops” of the DEA are talking about
“diversion,” when it’s known that what’s killing drug addicts are adulterated
fentanyl & fentanylized heroin (sometimes taken with ethanol and/or anxiolytics).
Vials of prescription opioids ARE NOT growing legs and tip-toeing out of pain pts’ medicine cabinets only to find themselves at autopsies of addicts. And
pain pts need their meds for pain, so they’re NOT SELLING them! DEA is cruelly
squeezing low the supply of medicinal opioids, torturing pain pts, imprisoning paincare physicians.
When will Congress disband the O..x..y..M..O..R..O..N..S of the DEA which should be looking at theirs and the DOJ’s (their parent agency’s) DIVERSION OF THE PUBLIC’s ATTENTION FROM THE FACT THE DEA IS NOT DOING ITS MANDATED JOB: 1) Interdict Illicits 2) Arrest Dealers 3) Remand Drug Addicts to Detox.
We’re starting a BLACK ARMBAND PAIN CAMPAIGN to mourn the sufferings & suicides of undertreated & untreated pain patients:
When millions wear these, journalists will have to start telling the truth all over America. Helen Borel,RN,PhD @Borelmedwriter

Stephen Powers

The DEA needs to stop all of every type of hard drugs coming across our southern border every day and it include prescription pills to plus people get on the dark web and can order any drug their is from China buy paying for it with Cyptro Currencey plus China’s criminal Triad ships every type of drug threw shipping containers, yeah China’s government has said their stopping it but not. China want’s to get as many Americans on drugs and turn as many as they can into junkies and China want’s to be the world economic super power and top military power and will do anything to destroy America. Why is America even trading with the biggest Hard Core Communist country in the world plus other free nations - greed, pure greed from the elite in America. My anthropology professor told our class in 1994 that greed would be America’s down fall and the super rich elite send their companies to China where their worker make 2 dollars an hour and work up to 79 hours a week, no freedom. Chronic pain patients do not OD with their meds but know after being cut back on meds due to our government people are killing themselves due to the brutal pain they live in now and turning to street drugs for their pain. Most people dying from drugs are mixing with alochol and the drug they take are illegal drugs. I have a friend who has to drive up to 40 minutes one way to get their pain meds plus they have been cut back more that half of what they have been on for years. Doctors are so scared of losing their licenses if they write out what a patient needs. The Highly Asinine guide lines - one size does not fit all, it like making all pro football player wearing same size uniforms - a skinny receiver uniform will not fit on a line man. Your making chronic pain patient suffer in pain 24/7 day and night. The government doing this to make the public think their tackling the drug problem in this country and all the billion spent they have not put a small dent in it. All of our government is dumb - idiot

Imagine living with a rare genetic bone disease that has no cure, that causes excruciating and debilitating pain. Then imagine the prescribed pain medication that effectively alleviated that pain for 26 years is abruptly stopped. Not only is the pain unbearable, but the resulting stress placed on the body prevents an individual from being able to exercise or participate in physical therapy, which is vital to preventing accumulation of Homogentisic Acid (HGA), a toxic acid that can contribute to chronic joint pain and inflammation, in someone with Ochronosis/Alkaptonuria. After being diagnosed with Alkaptonuria (AKU), also known as “Black Bone Disease” as it causes bones to turn black and brittle, I was placed on a very high dosage 180mg of morphine to prohibit my body from producing HGA levels that devour my bones, turning them black and stripping the cartilage and cushions from in between them- I am being HARMED by the state and No ONE will do anything to help me!! Due to my morphine dosage being reduced to half of the original dosage, the HGA accumulation has eaten two holes into my heart valves, resulting in a life-threatening heart condition.

There are MANY things we could be doing to be heard… but we are NOT. The best idea Ive read on one of these pain advocate sites, was to have all pain patients send a letter that was already written and ask local newspapers to publish it. How many surveys have I received from animal rights orgs., NO petitions that I am aware of, no one is setting dates for everyone to call DEA, CDC, etc. and jam their phone lines with the same message, NO bumper stickers...nothing to replace the lack of media, no one sending photographs/reasons/blame for suicide victims being sent to them. And the most well known advocates are not working together. I dont know about you, but I do not have a family member or friend who would write a letter or make a phone call on our behalf ….being a chronic pain person and 90% home bound I have few who even care.
We should be using ALL and EVERY form of being heard and seen. The surveys the Humane Society sent out regularly …Example: Did you know this or that about an animal issue.
Even if they were not getting a donation they also asked for, information was being spread!
Who sees what is written on these sites other then those of us who write here??????????

William M

If the government actually knew what the he’ll they were doing we would be even in a worse situation than we are now, they don’t know a dam thing about pain and what we endure as pain patients , I am a disabled veteran of 15 yrs in the US Army I am now retired disabled I’ve had 5 shoulder replacements on my left shoulder and 2 on my right don’t tell me I’m not in pain your not in my body so don’t even open your mouth to me our government , I don’t really want to take medications to take my pain away but I have no other choice , if I don’t take the pain meds I can’t move I would like to live my life for what the rest of it brings to me , but our government and the DEA thinks I repeat they think they know what pain patients are going through they absolutely don’t have a clue and they never will , you know I can’t help if the addicts out there have a problem and it’s not psyhical problem like myself , if the addicts are stupid enough to overdose on pain meds then by God let them do it , but your taking away from the pain patients that really need this medication to help them live an average life not even close to a normal life , the DEA takes there orders from our messed up government that doesn’t have a clue what the word pain means but they still sit in their lavish chairs and flap their lips for $250,000 a year and tell the DEA what to do , so until we get some disabled persons that know what pain actually is this situation will never change thanks everybody for listening .

J Harris

Why? why are you doing this to persons who live with several incurable diseases which cause excruciating pain and cannot function at all with a little help from a pain medication? Never abused but yet you make them suffer and have no life. Not be able to move, keep house, go out anywhere because there is no relief, only for a short time with a little help from a pain medication!
The problem is illegal street drugs, not ever the Chronic Pain Patients.
Seriously this is a genocide!
I hear people committing suicide from excruciating pain and their medications taken from them. Doctors being afraid to attempt to help their patients for fear of losing their licenses to practice their Oath to do no Harm.
No problem shutting down pill mills or taking drug addicts off the streets. That is what should be done. Not punishing very ill people. Why would you do this?
So why are you hurting people? Killing people.
Cancer patients, surgical patients, chronically ill patients. Why would any of you humans humans do this?
It’s inhumane on every level.
Why? Why are you causing deaths, misery, families torn to pieces because their loved ones cannot get their minute amounts of medications to help them have just a little bit of life, now taking their lives because they are not allowed any relief.
Again, being a Chronic Incurable Pain Patient should never be a death sentence as you have now set it up to be.
This has to stop.
Not all Chronic Pain Patients become drug addicts ever.
If any do, it’s rare. Becoming a Drug Addict is the choice those people made. Not the Chronic Pain Patients
Incurable Chronic Pain cannot be cured by diet, yoga which is impossible for these people, it cannot be talked away, nor massaged away. Acupuncture does not help. No insurance pays for those things at all. They are not cures and do nothing.
Who comes up with these ludicrous ideas?
Please stop killing us


I posted a comment on DEA website that this is wrong we do not deserve to suffer this is becoming a hate crime against people with chronic pain
My post is longer on DEA site or can not find it I did not say anything rude or not true so I will have to call them What is point public comments if they are not kept I even got email receipt but when I open link it is blank in comment section????

We can shame DEA by paying for bill boards that show childern to adults and a cancer patient in bed caption that say (DEA making us suffer in intactable pain are you next.) Make sure bill boards are in most high traffic areas. We still have the right freedom of speech.
People say they cant go to dont punish pain rally so give few dollars for bill boards to fight. It a longer term fight than a weekend standing. If the bill boards could be spread in every state that can make an impact. Chronic pain is no longer hidden. This will make people pass by it on a frequent basis. Our rights are being taken away inch by inch until there is none. I know it happened to me will you be next?

Putting the DEA in charge of anything related to medical care and my personal struggles with chronic pain is a grave mistake. They have no business having anything to do with health care and don’t give a [edit] about what we go through on a daily basis.

Jeanette French

You have done so much damage to pain patients and it will take years to undo this damage, doctors, pharmacists, and society now view pain patients as junkies and drug abusers. You have done little to reverse this mindset. You need to do something about this and now. Some states have no pain clinics and patients have no one to help them. Lives are still being lost because of this mindset which you put into play. So please v-change this now. Save the lives of responsible patients.

Jeanette French

I do not think that limiting the amount of medications a manufacturer can make is going to stop the drug problem and again you target the wrong people. Pain patients continue to be your target to make it look like you are doing something to stop the drug war. You know that the only way to stop it is to take the illegal drugs off the street and you also know that that will only be done by following Portugal and Canada’s lead on their policies. You continue to hurt the wrong people, and you are just not getting it. By limiting the supply of pain medications you are only hurting pain patients and those in acute pain setting as well, such as surgery and injuries. How many times will you not listen to the people who actually have pain. The only thing this does is again, hurt those people, and does nothing for overdoses and the drug war. To much money is being made off drugs, The US partners with the drug lords they allow to get the drugs. Deals are made and bribes are in place. As you know it is impossible to stop drugs from coming into this country, they will always find a way. Then and only then will you be able to take on the policies of Portugal and stop the drugs, stop the overdoses and stop the violence, cut the head off the snake and end all of this now. Prohibition has never worked and it wont work now. Safe injection sites, safe needle exchanges etc. Portugal policies have worked and their overdoses have plummeted and their drug users have remained in the same numbers. Some states are already putting these policies into effect on a small scale and are seeing results. There is to much money to be made off drugs to stop them from coming into this country, it is not going to happen, so please get your head out of the sand and put these policies into place and stop hurting the wrong people.


Pain doc that I’ve been seeing for a few years submitted a prescription for me, just like every month, only this time it took five days to fill it. Luckily I had plenty of medication, but what if I had taken it, as prescribed, and had thus run out and had to go two or three days without any medication? I’m opioid dependent (not addicted), so I feel for other pain patients who migh have to endure a few days without their medication. This is wrong. I have legitimate reasons to be on this medication, why is the DEA now practicing medicine?

Dick fort

Dude there are enough restrictions on the meds as it is, everyone that is overdosing ain’t from meds , it’s from deadly heroine laced with fentyl or straight fentyl or pills that look exactly the same why don’t they start deverating there attention to what really is killing people, there never before been more heroine on the streets before then now, I honestly think there trying to kill us pain paitents off I’m serious they would rather us go to the streets and buy illegal drugs , like I said before the govt doesn’t give a fuck about us we are a burden to them, and it’s pretty shity I really hope this doesn’t pass or maybe it really has already idk , but if they do this they are gunna make the problem sooooooo much worse they have no idea how much and how many people this is going to effect,


I am a chronic pain patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, heart disease and discs out of my back and neck With nerve compression… along with so many other problems My descent into hell started when I was diagnosed at 38 years old and now I’m almost 68! Back when the Opioid problems started I was receiving pain meds and I’ve never ever become addicted because as I faithfully took them the way my Dr., ordered! After this started my Dr., cut my dose down to more than half. When I was taking the dose that kept my pain under control I was able to get out once in a while and do things with my family but when I was forced to take less than half I haven’t been able to do hardly anything and the majority of time is spent in my recliner a.k.a my bed as I can’t lay in a regular bed and haven’t for 7.5 years as if I turn over the pain and it’s excruciating so that is why I sleep in my recliner!
The DEA and the CDC are trying to put addicts and chronic pain sufferers in the same bunch! The difference is an addict will get their fix anyway they can and if a chronic pain patient is stable and passes urine test to see if anything is in our systems every month the that patient hadn’t abused the drugs!
How many more chronic pain people are we going to lose to suicide because the only pain meds that even help are opioids…. then how many have to die before we can get some relief?? I’m not a drug addict or seeker nor do I abuse medicines that help me!
My wish is don’t punish us for drug addicts dying as they will do anything to get their fix because we are 2 different kinds of people. Don’t put us further into the hell we know as “Chronic, unrelenting Pain!
Something needs to be done but not at the pain patients risk!

Cindy too

To all - I just copied and pasted the below article from my STAT Morning Rounds free email newsletter. It’s a health newsletter that I really like.

The below article is about drugs that cause OD’s, as recently stated by the CDC.

Unfortunately, I can’t copy and paste the chart that was at the top of the article which lists all the drugs from the study. (The article only discusses some of the drugs.)

The chart does list vicadin and oxy etc as causes, but way down the list.

The main causes are illegal drugs that CPP’s don’t use. Except that fentanyl, which by far is the biggest cause, can be both illegal and legal.

I suggest that anyone interested try to google the STAT article to see the chart to get full info.

These statistics are a good point to add to our comments to DEA when we each are ready to comment.


” Fentanyl is the cause of 40% of U.S. drug overdose deaths -

Fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine were among the most common drugs behind U.S. overdose deaths in 2017, according to new CDC data that parsed regional differences. Here’s more:

Overall trends: Nationally, nearly 40% of all overdose deaths were due to fentanyl, followed by heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.

Regional differences: Heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl were among the top 10 most frequently involved drugs across all 10 HHS regions across the U.S. Methamphetamine was most frequently involved in four regions that include Texas and most states west of it.

Other trends: Deaths from heroin were highest in the two regions that encompass New England, New York, and the mid-Atlantic states. Unlike every other region, New England states did not see a high frequency of deaths from morphine.”

Cindy too

Reply to Max —

I’ve contacted my legislators.

Example - within the last year, I emailed Marco Rubio telling him I was a CPP and explaining that my concerns about access were the opposite of the so called opioid crisis. Got a form letter back that he shared my concerns about the opioid crisis.

So I sent another email with the same story, but adding that I was frustrated that I got a form letter that addressed an issue that was not my issue.

Got back the same form letter.

Then I called.

Spent a long time telling the young man who answered all about CPP’s. He said he had no idea and neither did Rubio, and he’d pass it on. Don’t know if I believe any or all of what he said.

I haven’t followed up, but I suppose I should at this point and see if now at least they”lll acknowledge that we exist.

For me, it takes much more energy to talk to someone than to write. Plus, I think more clearly when I write since I can see what I’m saying. So, I email a lot to everyone and don’t call very often.

But, maybe calling our federal and state legislators, medical boards, pharmacy boards, etc, is what’s needed for all of us to do. More emotional. More impact. And can’t be totally ignored by form letters.

And we need to counter the emotion they hear from families affected by OD’s.


I have submitted my comment. I agree that this is a chance for us to be heard. Although it may not appear to make a difference, every time patients living with pain can speak out to support our cause, not doing so is a lost opportunity. We can be assured that the anti-opioid side will make their case loud and clear, with more sad stories of 20-somethings who have overdosed. (I am not saying that overdoses are not sad, but they are NOT about us-often older individuals living with long-term, incurable pain.) If we do not or cannot make our own case, we will continue to be misclassified as “drug addicts” and struggle to obtain the medications we need to remain as functional and independent as we can.