DEA Working to Avoid U.S. Drug Shortages

DEA Working to Avoid U.S. Drug Shortages

By Staff.

Has the Drug Enforcement Administration begun to feel the heat from the providers and patients who are suffering from the lack of medication to treat chronic pain? They had announced last year they were going to cut the opioid supply by 20%.

The DEA issued a statement this week that indicated it is working with the FDA and others involved in the supply chain:

The statement said:

“In order to prevent any pharmaceutical drug shortage that negatively impacts patients, DEA is working closely with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, drug manufacturers, wholesale distributors and hospital associations to ensure that patients have access to necessary hospital-administered pain medications. These include certain injectable products that contain morphine, hydromorphone, meperidine, and fentanyl.

“In recent months, the largest U.S. manufacturer of these injectable products has slowed production at one of their manufacturing facilities in order to perform necessary and required upgrades. As a result, this company voluntarily surrendered a portion of their quota allotment and DEA reallocated these amounts to three DEA-registered manufacturers of FDA approved injectable products in accordance with DEA regulations. It is important to note that an increase in DEA procurement quotas to various manufacturers cannot alone prevent future shortages as DEA does not control the quantity or the speed by which manufacturers produce these or any of their products.

“DEA is communicating actively and directly with all entities impacted and is committed to making further adjustments to individual procurement quotas as necessary and will also consider other measures that may be necessary to address potential shortages for these products.”

Chronic pain impacts 100-million people a year.

Just as a reminder to the DEA, here’s how Web MD describes chronic pain:

The feeling of pain comes from a series of messages that zip through your nervous system. When you hurt yourself, the injury turns on pain sensors in that area. They send a message in the form of an electrical signal, which travels from nerve to nerve until it reaches your brain. Your brain processes the signal and sends out the message that you hurt.

Usually the signal stops when the cause of the pain is resolved - your body repairs the wound on your finger or your torn muscle. But with chronic pain, the nerve signals keep firing even after you’ve healed.

What’s your message to the DEA?

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Authored by: Staff

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Judy Fisher

8-26-18 I was just told by CVS they have been out of lortab for 2wks. This is just wrong. I have RSD-nerve disease and 3 fractured bones in my leg. I just had a extensive surgey and there is no pain med,. WHAT. Why don’t u crack down on the Heroin OD, the kids and ppl who do abuse their meds. I have not and many other chronic pain patients don’t either. I know some folks do. U are just pushing ppl to suicide or to buy off the street and ur guilty of that.This is truly sad. I’m too old to do that but if I could I would, now that’s sad it’s coming to that. I have a rx & can’t even get it filled. I was a RN for 30yrs I know the laws and would not break them but I don’t blame patients that r so desperate to get it any way they can. Plse is there a shortage or what is going on. I’m in so much pain I can’t walk. We all will be patients 1 day and so will you. Plse help ur patients not make them suffer more.


God help us people are killing themselves ….the suffering is too great..I have been turned down by 5 surgeons saying too much trauma to daughter is in bad pain too but she is only 17 i am afraid they will let her suffer…..This madness has to stop! If pain medication helps you walk drive and work give them to people…I do not know who is behind this evil torture…my children watching me cry in bed now….foolish when pain medication fixes all of that cheap!

Jana Jenkins

Chronic pain patients are being treated as criminals seeking drugs. They are being cast off from their doctors and pharmacies. Many human beings are killing themselves including our beloved veterans. Not all patients abuse their medications. I have three pain diseases and have never abused my medications. If you are counting the opioid deaths, don’t throw in heroin deaths with it. Start counting the suicide deaths due to under prescribing, or not prescribing, pain medicine.
The doctors are afraid to give prescriptions for pain, and the pharmacies are afraid to fill the prescriptions. Doctors are dropping pain patients and when they look for a new doctor they are accused of doctor shopping. Pain patients should have rights. The right to not be bed ridden. Doctors are to first do no harm, and the constitution is supposed to prevent cruel and unusual punishment. Those have been thrown out the window. Chronic pain patients are human beings that need their doctors, pharmacies, and government to help them. Not to turn them into criminals. This is so wrong in so many ways. Many people with painful diseases are now planning their suicides. I have a plan myself. I will not live in constant pain. Everyone is one accident away from pain. No one is immune from pain. Suicide kills more than the person, their family will suffer as well. Please do not punish pain patients anymore than they already are. Please consider all aspects of this huge problem. Remember we are human beings not statistics.


PROP is the culprit! Every other govt entity jumped on board. I hate to tell you all: this didn’t begin over-night! My dr was sanctioned in 2013 & I watched reputable pm clinics fall like dominos in my state then comes the “opioid crisis!” And so-called guidlines by CDC. Then many states followed. I’ve recently lost another pm dr. Ive been cut since 2013. I have MULTIPLE cp conditions & currently in work up for possible cancer.
My advocacy is on hold but doing what i can: we all need too. Kudos to ATIP & all who work tirelessly for our cause. This is truly a war on the defenseless & i too couldn’t believe the Syrian rhetoric behind the bombing when our crisis barely makes waves! What’s the underlying agenda-can’t help but ask? My heart & prayers go out to each & every one of you!


I have not seen, heard, or read that the DEA gives one … about people with lifetime pain OR patienrs that have had a surgery that may take a few days, a few weeks, or even possibly a few months to heal and God help us with permanent, lifetime, continuous pain that can only be treated for the symptoms. WHEN the DEA restores any confidence to me from organizational activities, there will be hope.

Karen Runninger

Let’s just call it what it is. The Governments version of “the purge”. Even Ben Carson made a comment about it awhile ago. I’m currently up late, in pain, knowing noone will help. Unfortuantly, I’m used to it. Not only being in chronic pain, I have Bipolar, panic disorder, and PTSD. My mistake was telling a medical professional that once. Now that it’s in my file, I have not been treated as a human since. I hang on just for my mom (88) but feel worthless most days.
Docs don’t even question why I’ve lost 160lbs without trying. I refuse to go to any er, I know how I’ll be treated.
I’ve said it before, deaths will rise. Sucides due to pain will go unreported. Drug dealers are already making fake oxycodone pills out of feteynal, and I’ve seen a death from that already.
Pain management won’t even take me as a patient. But I’m damn sure a pro athlete gets injured in a game, pain meds are waiting in the locker room.
Does anyone believe Senetor McCain will go without meds? Or any government official?
It hurts me to read your stories. We should all have the right to dignity. I know, when my mom goes, I’ll go right to my govenors office (Ducey, who signed one of these bills in AZ). And blow my brains out on the steps of the AZ capital. Maybe that will get reported. But probably only the “she was bipolar” part, and the world will go on.
I hope this makes sense. Pain is a stressor as you all know, and my hopelessness is sky high.
Back to my main point, they are getting rid of the weak, the suffering, that costs them too much money. It will save the entitlements to able body workers who use the system, and save the governmental pensions, and their life long health care. Its all about the money. All has been, always will be, and the punch line is..we pay every cent of it!
God help us all.


I know there’s millions abusing. Selling. Taking there meds wrong. I’m not one of them. My Dr has reduced all my meds and cut me off some because of all this [edit]. Been living in pain for 30 years and now guess I will not only go thru withdrawal but be in pain. The government needs to leave our pain Drs alone. This is so upsetting. I will have no quality of life. Please forward to whoever needs to see this
Thank you
Chawn Turner

Whoever F.S.T. is, I greatly applaud your comment!! It’s one of the best I’ve read so far. I truly wish the DEA could read your statement. God bless you for stating the facts the way they truly are!!


To the DEA, otherwise known as the group who apparently


The real criminals, the ones you’re sworn to being to justice, are out there smuggling godawful substances cut with other substances, cut with still other substances.

But, they are on the move, and slick about it. You cannot catch them because they aren’t standing still for you.

On the other hand, there’s us. The hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of Americans who are diagnosed chronic pain patients. We were being treated with the medicines we needed, at the dose and frequency needed. You then put us in the crosshairs, easy prey to foul up our lives and cause needless pain, anxiety, and worry sometimes leading to suicide. Yeah. Chronic pain is like that.

But, we were easy pickings. We’re standing still. You got us in our wheelchairs, in our beds, with our canes and walkers. Oh, how brave you were! Making criminals out of us, and our doctors.

So, you get the glory as you stand atop the mass of writhing, crying, badly wounded bodies as you grin for the cameras and get your pay, pats on the back, and bonuses.

While the drug smugglers are laughing at you, their businesses are growing exponentially, because they’re on the move.

We are not able to do anything but stand still. And you took our very lives.

Hope you’re really proud.


This is a dead end road. It’s going to get worse. Doctors have til July 1 to be in full compliance. After that just watch all the doctors/clinics shut down one after another. The DEA will look for any little infraction then BAM. and of course no doctor in their right mind would even consider going into pain management now. So a few years from now there won’t even be pain management as we know it. They’re coming our with these ridiculous “brain-based” treatments whatever that is. And other hokey treatments, when they know OPIODS are the only real treatment for intractable pain. It’s like Nazi Germany preying on the populace they considered less than whole. In ten years we will be statistics in a government experiment that failed. Like all the other times our government played doctor.

Patients nd doctors lease consider going to your state’s Pain Advocacy Page on Facebook to find it type your state along with Pain Advocacy Group, C-50 (example: Idaho Pain Advocacy Group, C-50). We are working to gather information to file a lawsuit and pass some sort of legislation for pain patients. It’s a huge endeavor so we need all the help we can get. All states are connected through this coalition. Also join the Don’t Punish Pain Rally Page. The two campaigns are intertwined. Also, if you have been dropped by your doctor, been forcibly tapered it had pain medications withdrawn please have your doctor put it in writing as to why this decision was made. Then submit a complaint to your state Medical Board and your state human rights association. They need these stories if neglect to be recognized, investigated and filed. We do have the Human Rights Watch investigating the U.S. for patient neglect and suffering. We are working hard to protect patients within their state AND federally. Please consider joining these groups. We need to be united and come together as 1 community. If we are all divided it will make the changes harder to get. I send you my blessings and love. I am a fellow chronic pain sufferer. Let’s do something about it together! 💗

I’ve been rereading this story and the comments that go along with it. I would like to say just a couple more things.
1ST: Jane Doe, I agree with you a 110%. Seems as though they’ve ALL ignorantly started something that they just can’t seem to fix in a proper manner and to make matters ten times worse they don’t even want to admit it either. 2ND: Danny, as you stated… just what in the world are they going to do for those of us that aren’t in the hospital???? I’d like to hear that question answered myself.
3RD: Mist, I’ve been keeping up with your story and my heart literally breaks for you. I know we all have it bad but when I’ve read some of the things you’ve been through, I just can’t comprehend the true evil in this world.
I will continue to pray with faith for each and every one of us. That God will indeed intervene in this hideous and horrible Injustice that our government has put us through. To think that they’re only excuse was that they’re trying to save lives??? Quite frankly they’re doing just the opposite, we know it and I believe if they’re half as smart as they claim to be they do too. I wish to God there was a way for the president and the “others” to know what hell on earth they’ve put all of us through. Especially the ones that have taken their lives because they came to the conclusion that spending 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days in bed, not being able to do anything for themselves was no life at all. Several of them had no one to take care of them either. What a tragic not to mention a very embarrassing shame for a country that calls itself the land of the free and the home of the brave…. All of us Chronic Pain Warriors have been forced to try and be brave but by a long shot are we free…..

Lynn d Gouveia

Well folk’s I’m one of the many affected by this shortage !!! I’d been scheduled for 3 weeks to receive a ketamine infusion as a last resort for my chronic pain , and the day I arrived at Drs office I’m told I’m not receiving my infusion , BUT I’M ON A YEAR WAITING LIST !!! Ya know I’m so over this BS in the media about the opioid crisis I’m literally in a state of destitude and hopelessness !!! I’m so ashamed of our govt agencies who have forgotten about us , the ones who desperately need these medications resulting in a life and death situation ! Even after I was unable to receive my ketamine infusion , I wound up in the ER ,and was told they also were on a shortage of dailaud !!!! I contemplate suicide everyday of my life ! I rationalize every aspect of my life to justify leaving my family bcuz I’m no good to them wracked in chronic pain ! It’s not fair to them taking care of me, putting their young lives on hold bcuz I’ve no quality of life! Do these agencies NOT GET IT ????!!! I’ve made peace w/the knowledge 1 day I will take my life from this indescribable pain,and it’s pitiful the DEA sleeps just fine with suicide deaths happening at small time high , BUT not from being an addict/abuser , but from pple like us who legitimately suffer every second of every minute of our lives! SHAME ON ALL OF THEM !!!!!

Tracy Bryan

People are suffering and dying from the regulations of the DEA as well as Congress that adopt the regulations as gospel. I too say a class action law suit will encourage these powerful people to be accountable for their actions.



John Doe

If Assad is a monster for killing his one people, then agressive DEA agents are bigger monsters for killing pain patients by denial of care. How many more goog citizens need to die, how many more good doctors ruined before enough is enough. These people need to be held accountable for crimes against humanity. I will give everything I have to a Law firm who will teach these men what justice is, justice for all the countless voices of fellow pain patients who’s lives have been snuffed out by these people

Kathleen Kaiser

Jane Doe, Jeff Sessions is the AG and he is so against drugs of any nature that he’s never going to go after the DEA.

Jane Doe

considering the DEA is RESPONSIBLE for the shortages since the DEA FORCED manufacturers to cut production by 33 % 2 years ago and now another 20% they are responsible for the deaths and suicides and hospital abuse of patients. As far as Im concerned a large law firm needs to go to work against them and the AG needs to prosecute the DEA officials for Murder 1: They planned it all out knowingly. Then the DEA needs to be stripped of ALL its powers and then disbanded. Id even throw in the CDC as well as PROP.


What’s my message to the DEA? You got this SO wrong. Stop the torture of pain patients. I hope the HRW shines a bright harsh light on this OPIOPHOBIC insanity.

The DEA is now practicing Genocide as they are willing to allow patients to die to suit their failed agenda

Janie Anderson

i totally and completely blame the federal gov’t for this crisis they r a day late and a dollar short in what they have to say, the total mess belongs too them they have used junk science and lies to create an agenda of pain misery and suffering by the chronic pain patients of this country, we have been blamed for the drug crisis, doctors have been terrorized, patients denied medication causing great pain and death, they have blood and misery on there hands and until they correct these issues i don’t care what the have to say as far as i am concerned they should all be fired and sent to prison

Jessica Skorupski

Please consider joining chronic pain patients treatment advocacy/action state groups under CP-50 coalition. In FB groups search “(your state spelled out) pain advocacy group”


Dear DEA I have arthritis in my shoulder down my spine my lower back my knees I have bulging discs in L4 L5 arthritis in my L3 L4 and I just found out there’s a problem with my rotator cup this is due to wear and tear from working I may need surgery I need to keep my job I’m only 52 and I’ve been a chronic pain sufferer since 2002 and yes I need pain medication to get through my day I need some relief you cannot live 24/7 in pain it wears and tears at your body your mind and your soul I have a responsible doctor I’m a responsible patient I go every 3 months and get tested I go through injections I have FMLA to keep my job please don’t take it out on us who need this to have a better quality of life I don’t like to have to use all my vacation time for treatment but this is the life I was dealt,i didn’t ask for all This I would give anything not to live my life with all this pain, and I deal with it the best I can please think of us who live in chronic pain and do not abused our medication thank you


I am continually amazed and disheartened to read that the DEA is in the medical practice business. The only thing I read (and experience) that is more disheartening, is how the “doctors” treating chronic pain have rolled over without a sound to the tactics practiced by the DEA and Headline Journalism.

Kris Aaron

Beginning back in the 1960s, as the war in Vietnam accelerated, I learned that the government is extremely reluctant to admit mistakes. They prevaricate, misdirect, answer the questions they wish had been asked, and do everything possible to avoid admitting error.
We’re seeing the same thing happening again with the “war” on opioid overdoses. Yes, the CDC is aware their Milligrams Morphine Equivalent (MMEQ) calculations are incorrect (
They do realize people are in terrible, unrelieved pain thanks to the approach they recommended. They understand that setting the attack agents at the DEA onto doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers has backfired badly (
In fact, they are so embarrassed that they are reluctant to release the names of their committee “advisors” who made the recommendations for opioid reduction! (
What they will NOT do is rescind the recommendations or restructure them to be less onerous for chronic pain patients. That’s “going too far” and coming too close to admitting their blunder.
The government will have to be FORCED to undo the horror and suffering they’ve caused innocent Americans who have become collateral damage in the misguided “War on Drugs” — because the war is over and it’s our country that has lost!


My pharmacy was out of my pain med last week. So was the next pharmacy. The third pharmacy had a three hour wait time. I also learned that if you go out of state for a holiday like Easter and take your prescription with you that in Washington state they have to call and verify with your Doctor that it is a legal script. Anything more then 20 miles from their location and is new. Never go close to 5:00 pm because they will not help you. Most doctor offices close at 5 pm. It was a very unpleasant experience.

Sharon Sackin

I’m one of the many women who battle daily with the debilitating effects of what is termed ‘Fibromyalgia.’ Whatever the label, I experience intense full body pain daily. I have tried countless ‘treatments’ over many years, some helpful, some not so helpful, but nonetheless I cannot function at a ‘normal’ level of activity without the pain medication I’ve relied on over the years. It’s Hydrocodone/acetaminophen 10-325 T taken as needed 1 tablet every 4 to 6 hours. Yes, of course, I’m dependent, ‘not addicted’ which connotes increasing the amount and frequency of using the prescription. I must always show my legal government issued photo ID upon receiving the prescription, and when presenting it to the pharmacy and again when picking it up.
If there’s an epidemic of ‘Codeine’ abuse through illegal prescriptions, or over-prescribing by physicians, or other nefarious means, it doesn’t create sound (political/medical) policy to deny those of us who do not misuse, overuse, or illegally share, or otherwise fall into the category of people who should not have access to ‘pain medications.’
There’s no doubt a method to use to curtail the opioid abuse without “dumping the baby out with the bathwater.” I would love to not have to use this medication, perhaps in the near future I will finally discover another pain management method that will allow me to function without using a narcotic. I’m 75, so I hope it’s soon!

Wendy R Burnett

Not mentioned in this article are those of us who must endure “Intractable pain”, severe pain that is constant. Chronic pain has respites, intractable does not. It is severe, 24/7. i have a spinal cord disease that is incurable and progressive. The only help is opiods that allow some function. The drastic reduction in opiods that is occurring secondary to the “guidelines” is tantamount to government sponsored torture for the intractable pain patient.


I am curious as to whether or not any DEA employee, especially in a decision making position have chronic pain issues. It’s easy to make decisions when it doesn’t include you. So I hope that the DEA will enter this discussion.

Absolm Flazed

Yes opioids are abused because some idiot in congress took the DEA out of the monitoring loop allowing profit mongers to do to us as the British did to the Chinese. Then the Chinese deliberately or not flooded drug dealers with Fentenal, which is the real mortality culprit.
Unfortunately, over zealous reactionaries have convinced themselves that there is no such thing as chronic pain, just addicted users. Go to my Pain Doc in a few days. Be interesting to see if I get the morphine that works very well or I’m put on something like Tropolol. That’s a slow death sentence. I’ll sleep. 22 hours a day and never eat again.

Fentenal, fentenal, fentenal!! Concentrate your war on that being illegally used and supplied and the mortality rate comes down. Then go after opioids illegally supplied and used. Rationally!


As with most blogs it doesn’t help me with my struggles, and I say this with nothing but love in my heart. I have contributed a lot of comments to this sight which also do not help me. Let me list my current afflictions and in no order of priority. I have broken my right hand 5 times, my left 2 times, I have broken my right wrist 4 times, my left once, carpal tunnel in my right wrist along with trigger fingers, tendinitis in my left arm, Raynauds syndrome which is a circulatory disorder, one of my toes turned black and I almost lost it, it causes great, burning pain in my feet, I had compression fractures in my neck caused by a fall from 50 feet, I also had compression fractures in my lower back, I fell off the second story of a house and landed on my back, onto the corner of a picnic table, I’ve had multiple broken fingers on my right hand, I have Morton’s neuromas, 3 on each foot, I get boney outcroppings on my hands and frontal neck which put pressure on nerves and tendons, I have had both knees replaced, the right one twice, in total I’ve had 18 surgeries on my legs to address quad tendon ruptures, along with removing my right knee cap, in 10 years I’ve had 7 surgeries on my legs and am having yet another surgery to remove a popliteus tendon and release a muscle May 30, I dislocated my right elbow, I broke my jaw, I have osteoarthritis in 90 % of my joints, I have degenerative disc disease, and because of all of my injuries and surgeries I have been diagnosed with CRPS, which is the worst pain reported on the McGill Pain Index, right above cancer pain. The reumatologist who diagnosed the CRPS was the 8th different type of doctor that I saw trying to figure out why my body hurts so terribly 24 hours a day, he also told me that the only relief I would get would come from pain medication and he suggested that I find a pain management doctor to treat me. So 9 years ago I found a pain management doctor and started treatment, he suggested a number of procedures for my lower back and over the past 9 years I’ve had 5 with no success. All along he was prescribing opioids until I finally reached the amount of meds that made my life great! Now it’s been cut to almost nothing. My life as I know it is over. Even if the DEA changes its guidelines, my pain doc isn’t going to reinstate the amount of pain meds that I used to take. No matter how you cut it we’re all screwed. I can’t live like this anymore.Medical marijuana isn’t covered by that’s out. I give up.


Procurement ?????? Hmmmmmmmm isn’t this something Nazi Germany did back in the day with Gold and Paintings and farmers wheat, corn, ect ??

Lori T.

My Message to The DEA,
As this war on the opioid medications boils on, please remember there are at least 100 million plus people who are chronic pain sufferers who are out there in the land of America, who are silently suffering with unthinkable physical pain. Please tread gentle with these kind souls who desperately need their pain medication. We all have spent much time, money and endured unending frustration in arriving at the diagnosis we are now stuck with. We all see our doctors as ordered. We go through bouts and rounds of drug testing, sleep studies, visits with multitudes of specialists and many surgical interventions. We collectively hold our breath every time a new announcement comes through the news about restricting the very medications we need just to function in our daily lives. These medications that we use to make our lives more tolerable are from the opiate drug class. So naturally we cringe as we hear about the very medications we depend on, being abused by others and many more die. But the real culprit in the opioid “crisis” is people that abuse both street and prescription drugs, sometimes together. And the heroin is not the usual heroin of past, it has a twist…it contains fentanyl, and sometimes elephant tranquilizers. When an abuser thinks he is getting the heroin of old, he/she may be getting the heroin with a twist. And this is what is creating a backlog of dead bodies in the morgue. This is what is causing heartbreak in the land of America. This new heroin is flowing over the borders from China, Mexico and Afganistan into our land of America. If the powers that be would focus their efforts there, this “crisis” would ease. If the powers that be would provide drug treatment to those souls who are hopelessly addicted, this “crisis” would ease. If the powers that be would provide job training, education, and jobs with living wages, this “crisis” would ease. Please don’t lump the chronic pain patients into the opioid controversy. We don’t abuse, divert or sell our prescription medications to anyone. Many of us go to great expense to buy medication safes to keep our medications from falling into the wrong hands. Anyways, could you the DEA, please leave the chronic pain suffers in peace as we are not the cause of this “crisis.”


There is so much pressure on the doctors that they are afraid to even prescribe medications to the chronic pain patients who need it since the CDC guidelines came out. The DEA needs to put the management of prescribing needed medications back in the hands of the doctors who know and understand the patient’s needs. Pain medications need to be made available to the patient who is in need not just to hospitalized patients. The government went too far on the opioid crisis. The chronic pain patients for the most part were managing their meds appropriately. They are now being accused of being addicts. It is criminal what the government has done.

Lisa Hess

Hospital injectable medication allocation! What about those who still need pain coverage when they leave the hospital? Or, what about those of us who are not hospitalized, but have to live day in and day out in Chronic Pain. I hope these manufacturers listen to their consciences and not these government agencies trying to stop production of the medications that allows us some pain relief that our brain sensors never turn off? Maybe if the manufacturers made a public fight on chronic patients’ behalf and state that their medications also are needed outside of the hospital setting, the government can work with that!


Here’s my problem with this report, quoted from the article (emphasis mine): “to ensure that patients have access to necessary HOSPITAL-ADMINISTERED pain medications”. The DEA isn’t doing anything for chronic pain patients as a whole. They’ve just gotten terrible PR because hospitals don’t have enough of the necessary meds for surgical anesthesia and post-surgical pain. This is only a CYA move by the DEA. They are still the pseudo-Nazis they’ve always been when it comes to CPPs, led by the bozo AG Sessions. No stripes changed here.


why is the DEA controlling opiates?


It looks like the DEA is going to do the same thing they did in Mexico here in America. It is near impossible to get pain meds in Mexico if you are in a low income class. Only the wealthy can get there hands on it for chronic pain. Now it is for a different reason here in the U.S. the DEA wants to control narcotics here because of pressure from Pharmaceutical Co. they are the ones in control, If opiates are removed from the market they can market more expensive pain meds that have more side effects and don’t work as well as opiates. Opiates have been on the market for centuries they dont have a patent on it any pharma. can make them. It is all about the money not the problem.


We need to keep applying pressure! More letters, more functions like the Rally on April 7th, more, phone calls, interviews, etc.. remember WE ARE THE VOTERS, WE ARE THE TAXPAYERS, AND WE 100 MILLION STRONG!!!


I was just in the hospital Twice. On day 1 of first visit- they were short of morphine but had necessary dilaudid. On day 2 after surgery they were short of dilaudid but had morphine. This is happening now.

Sarah Hull

I hope in saying this your coming to the understanding that chronic pain is real and can cause death if not treated. I have been tappered from opiate medications and watched my BP get out of control recently admitted to ER for chest pain. I’ve always used my medications as prescribed and it kept my pain between 4 and 6 when it starts to go above that it not only effects the mind it effects the body as well. Chronic Pain Patient’s deserve a quality of life. We are not addicts we are patient’s being treated by our Drs who are becoming increasingly scared they may loose their license if they help. In reading this I find hope that you will start going after the real issue at hand illicit fetynal and the drug dealers bringing it across the borders, not patient’s and their doctor’s.


So we all have to be in the hospital for pain meds ..LOL .. this is disgusting I believe the nurses working at the hospital after my surgery had made it so pain meds were not working in my drip I pressed fentanyl button 110 times and got zero relief.I told them I was playing with button cause it was not working at all.only 30mg of Fentanyl went into me in 10 hours I begged the MA to take drip off and give me pills I begged the nurses to kill me.I wanted to die .
neck surgery 3 levels and they put collar on upside down they tramuatized me for life.
a female nurse was in my room to remove drip and a males nurses came in and were like Oh she is done said to her and me. well I will take care of her and you can go do rounds guess what she is firm and told the male RN , I will be here 2 nurses have to dispose of the med
he was faking a smile but I saw his face almost a full bottle too.
I would not even think it but I know a woman who had same issue the drip didn’t work for her either.
Her story she is on pain management she was giving birth deformed back and emergency Csection they cut her open with ZERO pain meds in her !! 6 people had to hold her down while she screamed .they wouldn’t give her a shot too close to birth and they said you have a fentnal drip in.
Because Of the CDC guidelines Drug addicts are gonna get their fix PERIOD even at the expense of someone suffering does not matter.
I believe if they are gonna drug test the Pain Patients those who work in Medical field ,Pharmacy ,DEA,FDA,and CDC should all be drug tested monthly too !! any person who comes into contact with any opoid medication legal or illegal should be tested Just Sayin’


Although I am grateful to hear this, what will it take for the DEA to assure adequate quantities of pain medications for the millions of out patients with chronic pain?

Denise Bault

My message to the DEA is to quit getting between me and my doctor! It’s as simple as that.


Dear DEA, people are committing suicide. They’re not addicted. They are in pain, with no relief. You are causing doctors to torture patients out of fear. The CDC has imposed “guidelines” which are being taken as gospel. Your role has been to contribute to the hysteria that is ultimately costing patient lives.

You are causing doctors to violate their own oaths to “do no harm.”

Pain is real, pain affects lives in complex and devastating ways.

The DEA was never meant to militarily police the doctor-patient relationship. When the DEA forces doctors to give up their practice due to mere suspicion, frozen assets and hardships, then it is NOT carrying out justice. It is carrying out unjust persecution.

Skeptic in Houston

DEA to something to HELP chronic/intractable pain patients? I’ll believe it when I see it!

My message to the DEA:

Get with the CDC who realized they made a mistake. Get with all of these other organizations, those in government, and have a meeting with president Trump to right the wrongs of the billions of chronic pain patients who are needlessly suffering and dying. Dying because they’re taking their lives due to the fact they cannot continue to live with their chronic pain and no medication to control it. Get the illegal fentanyl and heroin off the streets. Please leave our life saving opioid medications available once again that are or might I say were prescribed by our doctors who gave many long hard years of their life studying to get their degrees to help us. You also might want to think about the day you may be experiencing “chronic” pain and by your own actions you will suffer also if something’s not done soon. What comes around most certainly goes around. That’s not just an old saying either.

Ms. Terri James
“Chronic pain” patient