Do we need to educate the professionals?

Do we need to educate the professionals?

By Steve Ariens.           

Some professionals claim to be “experts”; however, few are experts in the entire scope of their chosen field of study. Most likely they will end up being “specialists” in certain subsets of their profession. Either because they have become interested in one or more subsets, or that is where there is a need to provide services.

Has anyone noticed that there are seemingly endless array of personal injury attorneys appearing on TV, offering to sue someone because someone has gotten injured or died?

Most seem to focus on trucking/vehicles accidents, nursing home neglect, and other areas where there is some entity with a “deep pocket” to sue.

Steve Ariens

I have heard or read from countless chronic pain patients, about them contacting an attorney to sue over patient abuse/neglect/discrimination - and all have been turned down.

They are being turned down because in our legal system, the “value of life” of a person who is handicapped/disabled, elderly, unemployable, retired, is about the same as the value of the family pet… nearly ZERO. Likewise, if a law firm did take such a case, most states have a rather low cap on settlements… To a point where there is no financial upside for the law firm for winning the case.

But the “the times they are a changing”… An increasing number of various healthcare entities are seemingly taking it upon themselves to practice medicine. Some of those entities are insurance companies, PBM’s, large hospital corporations, chain pharmacies and other such entities.

They are creating edicts that their employed prescribers, pharmacists and others are to limit/restrict controlled medications - regardless of what the patient’s personal prescriber deems necessary.

Beside attempting practicing medicine without a license, they are discriminating against a protected class of people under the Americans with Disability Act, Civil Rights Act and numerous other legal issues.

What do these healthcare businesses have in common with the entities that these personal injury attorney normally sue?  DEEP POCKETS!!!

Now is the time for chronic pain patients to start contacting law firms and point out to them - EDUCATE THEM… all the patient abuse, neglect and discrimination that is going on at the hands of these corporate entities that are called “healthcare companies” - and individually these companies are harming hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of chronic pain patients.

With 20 to 30 million intractable chronic pain patients in our country, the total number of patients being affected is really not known. All we know is that whatever the number is today, it is GROWING.

OR… you can keeping contacting President Trump, members of Congress, signing petitions and creating hundreds of Facebook pages… and how has that been working for you?

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I am absolutely disgusted with everything that is happening. Where are the shows regarding chronic pain patients, and what we and our families go thru, the sufferring, humiliation, discrimination because of all this “opioid crisis” [edit].
people are smoking, dying everyday, drinking, dying everyday. Drunks driving drunk, innocent people losing there lives, smokers having others inhale and smell their smoke. We always hear its their choice, their bodies.
But addicts make exscuses to use, and blame others, their families are looking to blame others.
Its absolutely ridiculous.
Noone is thinking about the victim’s in this, the patients that are suffering so much, they are commiting suicide.
Does noone care what this is doing for chronic pain sufferers??
Has any of these people that are taking away much needed medication, ever been im so much pain they cannot function, cannot move, cry constantly hoping for some relief??
How would they feel if they had a cavity, a wisdom tooth that needed fixed, a root canal right away, and the dentist told them they had to just “live with the pain”
and the more they begged for help, the dentist told them, sorry, new guidelines because of addicts, cant give you novacaine, or any meds, will have to take care of it with nothing, like years ago.
would anyone think that was unfair? inhumane?
how about if people told you your bad tooth didnt hurt you that bad, and to just meditate the pain away, that major infection your getting cannot possibly hurt you tjat bad, if you concentrate, do something else, the pain will just “disappear”.
I am sick and tired of begging for my life, to be asked to be treated fairly, to want to live my life without being bedridden. I would love, love to be able to go to my Drs appts, and not hear my much needed medications, are yet to be cut again, because of addicts, and people who have absolutely no clue on what theu are talking about.
We are people too. We deserve to live.

Pharmacy Fight

Steve Ariens, thank you for your words and very realistic descriptions of a day in the life of a chronic pain patient. I am grateful to know I am not alone in this fight for justice and respect.
To Lee Payne, I have been in your shoes so many times with the pharmacy issue and truly feel your pain. My prayers are with you. If only these people could walk a day in our shoes to understand the battle every month we have to go through to simply find a little comfort and possible relief, im sure they wouldn’t have the same views after, but I would never wish pain on anyone, even for a day!
When it comes to picking up a refill from the pharmacy, I start to have panic attacks over the abusive nature of personal attacks I face every single time I go. This has been the biggest problem for me in this process since my injury in 2011 and my long-term pain management since.
I have switched pharmacy’s and yet the same experience. I go to this pharmacy for many reasons of convenience, and each time I think we are past whatever issues I need to solve for I am always wrong. But the idea to switch pharmacy’s and start this fight all over with a new pharmacy is exhausting.
Also, I feel like the pharmacist is running out of excuses and I am moving into a position of exposing the truth, which is he is clearly discriminating against me and he is starting to come unglued and making major mistakes in the process. Now, I am simply taking notes and tracking the events to have clear and precise documentation of the chain of events I am dealing with. After my experiences, I am journaling about what happens each time we have to meet, and I will be recording my conversations and experiences moving forward as to show proof to send to management, and any parties equally necessary to the case that need to see this behavior first hand.
So to any pharmacists who are reading this…… with the exception of our friend Steve of course…….
DOCUMENTATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PLACE TO START OTHERWISE IT’S OUR WORD AGAINST THEIRS. We are the “crazy addicts” in their mind, so without precise evidence we are somewhat powerless…. so lets start their my friends and get our rights back!!!!


You know this issue is growing, and it reminds me of the abuse between a narcissist and their victims. They wear them down by keeping them from sleep, rest, comfort, security. They push you to be under constant stress for years, eroding your moral, self worth and sanity. I know because it’s how I developed fibromyalgia. Years of fight or flight hormones causes your body to turn against you. But I can’t help but notice there is an epidemic of narcissistic abusers today, since they can’t get away with physical assault, and there is a huge correlation between our government and narcissism. I really wonder if it isn’t the antichrist spirit or whatever evil you prefer to call it. Think about it, our government pushes us to utter exhaustion. We are all overworked, underpaid, and our food supply is poisoned, our Dr.s have their hands tied and are punished if they treat us with anything that will give us rest or comfort. There is totalitarian propaganda going around calling this an opioid epidemic all the while our government is guarding poppy fields… Kratom a natural safe alternative is being criminalized, because how dare people feel relief! Yet this epidemic is pushing a treatment narrative to open up even more methadone clinics… scary. Our government is the ultimate narcissist. Wearing us out, stripping us of dignity, sanity, security or relief… it is the ultimate evil. We are under the regime of dictators already but everyone is too sick and tired to care. The ones who feel even halfway ok are living false worlds online, in iphones and are happy with fast food and fortnight. When will someone save us from our government the vampire, tick, leach, parasite sucking us dry??


What would happen if a lawyer named Smith (neighbor’s ankle biting dog) started taking names as a signup for a Class Action Lawsuit? Would that scare a few DC swamp creatures? I realize that a thousand or even ten thousands would not work but 15-20 million would. Face it… Lawyers see blood in the water and are narrowing in on lawsuits against Big Pharm. Got to admit that’s hitting at trilions not billions! Just might be time to learn to fight back and fight back HARD!


Steve Ariens, Pharmacist, article on National Pain Report was great! But, but, but … it was yet more talk!!!

Who is leading the charge of the millions of us in terrible pain, to go after the many non-experts, government “officials” and others who are now directing/interfering with our pain med care and discriminating against us, telling us … just meditate, we’ll reduce while trying another “type” of med, and “just smile.” There are so many “organizations” claiming to have the interests of pain patients. But, we need a focused, designated driver, advocate … not many who give good info, have petitions, etc. We need immediate direct help because we are screaming with pain … on fire with it while the many Nero’s are fiddling!!! Our pain is ever increasing with attempting to tolerate medical intolerance. Sometimes we millions can’t think clearly because of pain - not pills. This is why the NON-501(c)(3) advocator must be a focused, aggressive, strategic and political thinker with proven connections who can lead the charge on behalf of our best interests now!!! Advocator with this description only need apply!!!

Lee Payne

I stumbled onto your web site after being treated like a criminal by my new pharmacist, the last one being fired for doing the very same thing. I just don’t want to go through that again. I am 68 years old and recovering from a liver transplant and various injuries related to falls since. I fell shortly after the transplant and fractured 7 vertebrae, last summer fell off a curb and broke my shoulder in several places, 3 ribs in Oct. and have had 2 back surgeries. The transplant doctors have instructed that aspirin and ibuprofen would not be good for the liver. The result is that Hydromorphon in the least harmful drug to treat me with. I’ve been doing this for 6 years and have a good life, except each month when I go to the pharmacy.
I intend to shoe the pharmacy your information, maybe there is someone I can go to for help. Thanks, I will read more about your organization.

Rich Reifsnyder

Hello, Nana,This is the “NPR”,National Pain Report If I am reading the very top of page correctly not the “PNN,Pain News Network,maybe that is the reason you didn’t see your post,on wrong network.Iam sorry if I offended anyone with my little***** stars I print sometimes.Thursday,October 26,2017 President Trump called this Opiod Crisis an Epedemic and Health Emergency.I realize this started before Pres.Trump but he is now the head of every alphabet agency,even the one with all the fictitious OD Deaths caused by Heroin and Fentanyl not by responsible CPP,S being denied medication they been on for years.God Bless All our Brothers and Sisters no matter what Network we think we are on.


Rich Reifsnyder
It is not “the Trump Administration.” Check out the dates this started. It started at least an administration ago- probably more..

I wrote another reply that was not printed for some reason. On topic- no cusswords- I am about to quit participating. Thanks PNN.

Rich Reifsnyder

Hello,The Trump Administration could go down in history as causing the worst medical crisis in our nations history.The CDC ignored the advise of a Public Relations Firm over the Opiod Medication Guidelines in telling them the guidelines would likely cause Inhumane suffering and suicides from underprescribing and completely cut off of Opiod Medication.Now getting to this why couldn’t we Chronic Pain Patients and Veterans file a Class Action Lawsuit against Big Pharma For Neglect and Inhumane Suffering.Was it really Documented by them being cut off abruptly or being under prescribed could cause stress,high blood pressure,strokes,mental disorders and suicides.They should help out millions of us suffering before we lose more of our citizens.This is genicide pure and simple.I just can’t comprehend how this country can torture disabled chronic pain patients and wounded veterans in taking away their pain medication.But Heroin Addicts Are given new needles,a safe injection site and a Guardian standing by with Narcan.Prescription Opiod Medication Are the lowest ever and the OD Deaths Are Going way up.I am not a lawyer but I did not read anything on the printouts Of the Pain Meds you could have all these conditions.Really ******* pissed off and disgusted in this so called great country for its treatment of millions of our brothers and sisters.God Bless.Ps with the OD Deaths I mean from Heroin and Fentanyl.


I have just been dropped by my chronic pain doctor of 5 years Because I’m a Medicare patient. Not the first time I’ve been dropped like a rock  and had to fight for my life. Trying to find Medicare Advantage plans that I can afford Is almost like a needle in a haystack. I thought to go to the SMU Law Library here in Dallas to research any case precedent on personal injury cases that may begin my journey to either find, persuade, or be my own attorney and bringing lawsuits myself. I have been my own attorney before and won against a very large firm here in Dallas. I feel that this is a very strong directed Arrow at the heart of this matter. It gives me more confidence that there’s someone else thinking along these lines.This is how we will change things.. this is how we will win…this is the way to ring some bells.. the problem is I have a birth injury without medication I go to shock and die I’m not having much luck getting a doctor I hope that I can fight with you I know we will win I know that once doctors are held accountable it will be a trickle up process and the doctors will start screaming for help which will lead us to the next tier.. one by one level by level we will succeed anybody in Dallas want to help me meet me at the law library? Yes Target the doctors they are part of the problem writing scripts I won’t take and then putting the leftovers in their pocket… I have been trapped by the American Medical Mafia since 1998 at least back then they tested your blood to make sure that you weren’t going into organ failure now they’re only interested in urine specimens so that they protect themselves time’s up… anybody here in Dallas want to meet at SMU Law Library? It will be much easier if we had groups dedicated to this research.. when one falls ill aother one can pick up the slack. There’s other alternatives to opioids that have been denied us they stigmatizes by taking the opioids and then kick us in the teeth the entire time well how about acupuncture,acupressure, cold laser, Reiki, self-healing why is the best stuff financially unattainable for those of us without silver spoons?

Susan L.

Class-action lawsuits only enrich the attorneys, and they take a VERY long time if taken to trial.

This is a nightmare.

Carrie Garland

Someone has to be held accountable for the undue suffering, deaths and suicides. All this brought on by an overnight national change to the usual and customary care provided by physicians and hospitals for decades. This has resulted in the inhumane treatment of pain patients. All because of a mere “suggestion” that somehow transitioned to law with no new evidence -based science or new studies?
A protected class? Says who? What is it exactly we are protected from anyway?
If someone with the power to make such significant change caused this catastrophic mess, then they should be responsible for the adverse consequences from the decision. And be responsible as they should have had the foresight of possible outcomes of such change.
Inflicted suffering is inhumane and unethical! And this treatment of the chronically ill, disabled and terminal is a disgrace. As a healthcare worker for 30 years I never seen seen any medical person act like this.
I am sickened by the treatment I havee experienced myself as a patient. And the treatment of other pain patients.

Having CRPS, I belong to facebook groups and have lost some members to suicide or accidental OD’s. Many are forced to the street in unelenting pain and desperate for relief.
TRAGEDY, it does not discriminate, it can happen to anyone at anytime, it can destroy your life in a moment. And life as you knew it is gone. Unrelenting pain takes over your life , due to injury, disease or illness. When your diagnosed and pain is managed.with medication,hope returns. Now ,some quality of life and your will to live returns.

And then 1 day an “entity” without warning, no new evidence, medical training or a DEA number decides you can’t get your medication that gave you life back that had been taken away?And now,you are told your not getting anymore? We no longer
prescribe “opiates” and they don’t work for pain.?
Oh, and you need to enter a drug rehab for your Opiate use disorder.
This is nuts!
No secret its the heroin and Illicit fentanyl killing our people and leaving our children to grow up parentless. And that is a Major Health Crisis today! Addiction knows no boundries, its tragic how many we have lost. Those with Intractable Pain,the chronically ill, and those suffering with addiction have serious medical conditions that require care! Just not the same treatment!
Where is the heart of man today?
Someone step up to the plate!


Actually, the family pet fares better than we do. If your pet is as sick as we are and in unrelenting pain, if the owner chooses to ignore the plight of the pet, they can have the pet removed and the owner sued for animal cruelty. So you are very correct, there is no help nor respect for the human value.

When that happens, isn’t it usually the beginning of the end of that particular culture? The bigger they have become, the harder the fsll.

Donna L Zegalia

The whole opiod thing is a sham. What about personal responsibility? I’ve heard stories about how people got addicted because they tried something at a party, or they refilled a prescription when they really didn’t need it. Those of us in chronic pain need the meds and (really don’t want them). There should be research done as to how people got hooked and I think you would find that most are because they weren’t responsible. All they are doing cutting people off, is putting the people in pain in a much worse situation. I have heard of patients going to the doctor and being told there will be no more pain pills. You can’t go off pain pills cold turkey. Once again, the good and decent people get screwed while the street drugs keep getting sold to people who don’t need it.


Excellent article speaking the truth. A Class Action Lawsuit is what is needed. Letters to our Congress Representatives are doing no good. The recent article posted in June 1, “NIH Pain Task Completes Its Opening Session” recommending that they provide a final report in 364 days is outrageous. People are in pain and are suffering. They don’t have a year to wait for another set of guidelines. This “crackdown” on opioids is insane. A Class Action Suit is the way to go and get something done to bring about Change.


I applaud you!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Nothing has changed in the last year if anything access to medication and treatment is less available! How many more of us have to kill ourselves because of the pain, the hopelessness and tremendous anxiety! Costco, Wal-Mart, Walgreens & more! My mission tomorrow is to find an attorney who is willing to listen!! Thank You for the motivational piece!


I have been going to the same pain management doctor for 10 years, I’ve never failed a urine test, I’ve never run out of my medication early, basically I’ve never had any kind of a problem whatsoever. Now they are cutting my pain meds so drastically they almost do nothing. On top of all this, my insurance company sent us a letter and told us that we are only allowed to use one pharmacy, CVS. CVS is now able to deny me my remaining prescriptions if they think it’s too much medicine, not knowing ANYTHING about me or my conditions. I don’t know about you all but that is just absolutely INSANE! And like a lot of people my doctor never discussed his plan for tapering me off of the meds, the PA has told me that they’re going to reduce my meds until they reach the morphine equivalent, you can’t just cut people down willy nilly, there’s proper procedures to follow etc. I went through horrible withdrawals. They have literally ruined my life. If anyone starts a class action lawsuit I will be the first to sign up. These doctors are so afraid of losing their license because of the threatening letters the DEA sent to them. If you read the guidelines there’s a section that states there are exceptions to the guidelines, but nobody has ever mentioned it but me, and my words fell on deaf ears. This whole opioid epidemic BS is the worst, craziest, thing I’ve ever seen. The bad part is people’s lives are being ruined and we are absolutely powerless to fight for our rights. We have the right to satisfactory health care BY LAW! Good luck to everyone.


What I have always found curious, are the attidutides, “It can never happen to me!” Of all the people (including myself) who are dealing w/ Chronic Pain, we Never thought we would be here. These people (people w/o Chronic Pain) need to understand, our Pain is only part of what we face. The politics of Pain create such frustration and fear inside of us, which does not add to our Pain but multiplies our Pain. So, when they hold up our meds even for just a day things can begin to get dicey. As they have been taking our meds away, not replacing them, what is the end? Now looking at almost 20 yrs.,disabled 30 yrs w/ Pain. I have seen my treatments go from effective, to doable, now the focus is on numbers, not my Pain. How can we be expected to be OK, as we are being treated by the numbers? Much like some paint by the numbers.

What generally drives personal injury lawsuits is the pack mentality of the practitioners. Like piranhas that awaken to the smell of blood and go on feeding frenzies, lawyers attack in packs when an award is handed down in a case, and they learn of similar cases. What drives this pack behavior are 2 factors. First, there’s a financial risk of suing and losing. Second, many of the people being sued, are insured, and when insurers perceive a risk of losing money, they’re inclined to offer smaller sums of money to settle the claims. Nobody wants to be the first lawyer to take on a new kind of case. Everybody wants to be the next lawyer to sue out a similar case for money.

The roach-on-the-ceiling of the chronic pain crisis, is the 2012-2013 New England Compounding Center disaster, in which well over 10,000 people caught fungal meningitis and some got adhesive arachnoiditis, from epidural anesthesia meds that were shipped without first being properly sterilized. Congress had a rational response to the disaster rather soon, passing the Drug Supply Chain Security Act of 2014 (DSCSA). Under DSCSA, drug makers are required to track each package of prescribed medicine from factory to patient, and must maintain records so that if it is later discovered that dangerously-defective medicine has been shipped, patients or drugstores that receive the defective medicine can be warned to return it. Implementing DSCSA will require a lot of computerized tracking systems to be built, and Congress gave the industry until 2024 to comply.

Lawyers, meanwhile, sued New England Compounding out of business. Many of the over-10,000 victims, especially those who developed adhesive arachnoiditis and now have disabling intractable pain from it, require lifelong care that the now-bankrupt company no longer provides, because lawyers and patients sucked all the money out of it and it no longer exists. The doctors who injected those patients with the dangerously-defective medicine are still liable, and their malpractice insurers are now stuck with the cost of caring for every one of the over-10,000 patients who develops adhesive arachnoiditis.

Is it any wonder that Dr Andrew Kolodny, a board director of malpractice insurance firm PRI, is trying to shift blame onto pain patients and save his company money?

S. Dixon

As always Steve, right on point. Perhaps now is the time for me to check into attorneys again.

Angie H

Thank you. I will be contacting ADA in the next few days over this exact issue. My pharmacy cut me off with no warning and no real reason. I have been trying to find a pharmacy for almost a week to fill my prescriptions because of this.
Stress is not good for my disorder (CRPS/RSD), it can cause it to spread. Unfortunately due to the high stress of this I do believe mine has spread again. It was confined to the right side back/ribs/shoulder and arm to hand where it started. On Sat evening and Sunday I noticed more pain on my left shoulder blade. So thanks again to someone who cant listen I pay the price.

Carrie Mitchel

I have only been in pain management status for about 5 years. In that time I’ve gone from only needing to see my pcp every 3 months, to being denied all meds to driving 3 hrs to a glorified and expensive drug dealer with a pain management badge to being denied again to finding a wonderful dr in another state that was not only a very caring man but a diagnostician. My husband works in the oilfield so we travel a lot.. I was so upset when we had to leave there! After years of suffering from chronic back pain I finally had a diagnosis and a great treatment plan! Now I find myself jumping through hoops to get minimal help at best. I hope and pray that something is done to protect chronic pain sufferers! Just a little tidbit, since losing my opiod pain medication I have gained 30 bs( which is horrible for my condition) and become seriously depressed. What can we do??

Marie Mitchell

I strongly agree! A loved one of mine suffered nerve damage following surgery. She tried multiple treatments for over 10 years before getting relief from hydrocodone, prescribed by a physician certified in both neurology and pain medicine. This doctor has told her that he will continue to prescribe hydrocodone, but that she may not be able to fill these scripts. Now she lives in fear that opioid medications may no longer be available to her. This is an outrage.

Cathy Patteson

Excellent article!! Thank you for writing. I bet you’re not very popular at work!!cc

Kris Aaron

EXCELLENT article!!
The problem: Law firms large enough to take on a project like a class action suit on behalf of pain patients denied opiates are reluctant to venture into uncharted territory. The first firm that wins a multi-million dollar suit against an insurance company or big medical care provider will unleash a torrent of similar court cases, but until that day the “big boys” with adequate resources — and the courage — to go up against legal teams at places like nationally famous clinics and insurers are few and far between.
In the movie A Civil Action, John Travolta played a crusading lawyer fighting for residents of Love Canal who had been poisoned and killed by toxic waste dumping. That lawyer became famous and had a movie made about his story because he succeeded where other lawyers believed they’d fail.
With chronic pain, we’re not only up against doctors’ employers and insurance companies but also the government, which is backing up the employers and insurers with misleading (and often incorrect) statistics. As even Big Pharma is willing to kowtow to the DEA, it’s going to be massively difficult to find a crusading attorney capable of taking on the play-docs with guns and the FDA.
Our entire nation believes the outright nonsense and blatant lies about opiates that have been spread since the early 1930s, when Prohibition ended and Harry Anslinger realized he’d be out of a job and on the breadlines if he didn’t find a new “public enemy” to go to war against.
Anslinger chose to persecute drug users, and happily threw pain patients under the bus. Clever marketing made “drugs” synonymous with “racial minority”, a feared and hated subgroup in America since our founding. That mindset survives and thrives to this day — only “bad” people do drugs, goes the thinking, and “bad” people must be punished!
The fact that it’s nonsense and used as a distraction from the real problems our nation faces is being ignored. We are paying the highest price for this blindness. It will only stop when we elect rational, realistic candidates to public office and demand our country ends its ugly, futile “war on drugs” — which is truly a war on people.

carl s. dunn

Mr. Ariens! Finally someone has thought of the best method of fixing the “opioid crises”! When the companies and individuals who have taken it upon themselves to practice medicine without a license are sued to the hilt for endangering patients lives, we will actually see legislation come out to address the real issue at hand; government taking upon themselves actions that circumvent doctors edicts. However, if you aren’t aware of the rule of unintended consequences, that being, what legislation will do is what they always do—cover their asses. I sincerely hope that when and if patients AND Doctors both start suing en mass those who are trying to practice medicine without a license, that we will see a reaction that is beneficial to CCP’s. But, don’t forget the law of unintended consequences! What begins as a well intention-ed effort and mass movement to change the situation for the better or fix the problem of some authoritarian dictatorial government official or corporate entity who is acting without proper authority, can and will end poorly unless this is well thought out. Maybe by suing these folks will put money in the pockets of those aggrieved, as well as their attorneys, will we see a change in the legislature and better laws may result, but too often the will of the people has been diverted into bad laws or just simply thwarted. All in all, this may be the very best way to effect change in our seemingly corrupt system controlled by a few who think they know better than what the people truly need and want.

Audrey Lynn

Now to find a law firm that will take the case (or cases).

However, we will need a professional to educate some of the professionals. 😉


Thank you for writing about an issue that is all too common but never addressed. We all agree that we’ve been treated unfairly and asked the same question.

Public outcry for equality has not addressed this issue. Other rights seem to have taken the spotlight. Although all of our rights should be addressed, including those like the Me Too movement, others aren’t being taken seriously. Please don’t think I am discrediting the movement but rather using it as an example - it is an issue currently in the forefront of our media and social agenda. The lawsuit pathway may not work to re-educate businesses, legislators, and society but could an educating of our peers work?

There is such a stigma attached to chronic pain and illness that makes it difficult to talk about. Our rights to privacy on health matters make us hesitate opening up on the subject of opiates. Isolation and depression slow our ability to tell our stories. If so many people (millions) are suffering? Where do we send them, where do we go to be heard? There is a difference between hearing and listening.

Your question, do we need to educate the professionals, might be hindered by what they can do as dictated to them. I believe they know the efficacy of opioids but can’t do anything about it. I may suggest starting with peers and community sharing until it becomes “heard” and reformatted by law.

Cheri Furr

YES, we need to educate them!!! What right does CVS have to tell me I can only get five days’ worth of an opiod my neurologist has prescribed!!! They know nothing about me. I have used the same doctor and pharmacy for 17 years. I do not doctor shop. My insurance requires that I use CVS, or I would not go there. “Oh, you can get a refill after five days,” they say. Don’t they know that’s a little difficult for someone who’s disabled??? One has to go to their doctor in person to pick up the paper prescription in person, then go to the pharmacy and wait for it to be filled. DEFINITELY difficult for me, since I cannot drive. Living on disability does not allow one the luxury of taking a taxi or an Uber every five days to two different places. In my case, these are also in the opposite direction. If I haven’t overdosed in the past 17 years on this drug, I don’t think I will now! I am sick and tired of chronic pain patients being blamed for the opioid crisis! I wish they could be in my shoes for just one day.


Unfortunately the Government is the head of the snake. We have all lost sight of how this country is supposed to operate through the constitution which many lived were lost over. Blood poured over the soil to guarantee our rights would always be protected and the governing bodies would never turn into what it is today which started in the early 1900’s.

Many opioid users have turned to street heroin because they’ve been cut off by doctors who are threatened with jail, their license or both if they don’t cooperate.

Mainstream media who by the way is owned by a few. They help spread misinformation. Please do your research own research and prove me wrong, don’t go by what they tell you.

Addiction, just like what they convinced many about the evils of Marijuana is wrong. They even threaten you if Marijuana, Cannabidoil or Kratom (which is legal in almost every state) is found in your urine test and will cut you off indefinitely. Not long ago they tried to make Kratom illegal. This plant is part of the coffee family used for generations but because people have been using it to ween off opioids and pain relief their cash cows are being threatened. Again do your own research and find the truths before we lose all our rights Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Big pharma makes billions every year, big brother makes millions supporting them. There’s money in Pain management, addiction recovery programs and Insurance companies.

I can go on forever but most will not do their own due diligence and believe what the government tells them and in turn this country will cease to exist as it was intended so I will leave you with these questions.

Who is the biggest drug dealer in the world? Hint: don’t think cartels bit rather Poppy fields.

What is the reality of addiction? Hint: use Dr Carl Hart as a starting point then do research to prove him wrong.

Wake up America! Research countries who have made Medications/illegal drugs legal and why our over controlled society has the worst record for overdose deaths, crime and incarcerations in the world.

Stand up for your rights to a life filled with prosperity for all, good nutritious life giving food and pure clean water! It’s not too late, but don’t wait too long.

Lisa Hess

For months I’ve been saying that the Chronically Ill and Disabled patients who have been suffering through this nightmare of government that we need a lawyer to sue for our rights to be treated properly as per the Americans with Disabilities Act. I guess, I’m not the only patient who thinks that. BUT, the only type of attorney that would take on such a feat would have to be strong like F. Lee Bailey, now he was a real lawyer who took on some of the most famous cases. Could we not do a Class Action Suit against these companies and the government? These have been my thoughts, but where do we find this type of Lawyer who would believe this is a case to be won. I’ve been looking too, but have yet to find.

Becky Riley

Wow, that was quite an article and very true. It seems to me someone would jump at the chance to possibly start a class action lawsuit regarding this issue. It could definitely be big money involved.

I am shocked, depressed & angered by my new forced healthcare. In the past ten years I had always had my primary & orthopedic taking care of my healthcare with proper & trusted care. I have been forced into a pain clinic since last November for most of my healthcare with shoddy care. I had a childhood disease that left me handicapped, wearing a full leg brace & using a crutch to be able to walk.
With out these aids I would
buckle and fall most likely sup-sustaining an injury or fracture. I was shocked with horror after three months of seeing the pain clinic physician when she sarcastically asked me why I haven’t weaned myself out of my brace, that I had been instructed to do so after my last leg fracture. She has my complete medical history, knows I have right leg paralysis from childhood polio and have used the aid of braces & crutches since 18 months of age. I tried to reiterate my lifetime need for the devices but she acted like she knew my disability better then I. I was speechless and shocked, I can’t believe this woman is a healthcare professional. Of course I continue to use my medical devices and am being forced to tapper my one opioid. I feel sick to my stomach knowing that future healthcare is in the hands of shotty incompetent so-called professionals.


Thanks Steve, It really is that simple. Sad but true.


There have to be consequences for these companies that are not providing the meds that the doctor has ordered. I have one doctor. The PBM, insurance company and pharmacy should not be permitted to interfere with care.


Thank you Mr Ariens ,
I feel that we should all in Chronic pain suffering from sickness that causes pain should start a movement to claim our rights to get the medicine we need for quality of life . These people in our Government should not be dictating what our medical professionals are doing to treat patients . My Dr . Has been a Pain Management specialist for 38 years. He is the best at what he does and now he is being harassed by a Pharmacist who as you
know isn’t there at the Pharmacy to diagnose illness but is practicing
medicine without a license. Now I’m SOL my dr won’t treat me anymore because my Pharmacist told him I live 1 1/2 hours away and it’s a red flag.This same pharmacy has filled my meds from my pmd for the past year . Oh my god I moved to be near my sister .I go for my appointments nothing has changed .He’s been my Dr. For 12 years .I’m not able to have a doctor that knows me knows my severe back conditions but why ? Now What? I’m going to be in a wheel Chair and bedridden soon . I can at least with the pain medication plant and care for my flower garden and have some quality of life.I need to figure out how to slowly stop meds . So my horrible pain comes back because of my illness and now no dr to help ?
Class Action I’m in !

Lori T.

My sentiments exactly Steve! I have been on the bandwagon for all of us chronic pain patients to find such a willing law firm who will take our collective cases. I think we all would be interested. We would need to find a law firm that has national recognition and we would need some help from those folks who are not ill to help us with the legwork it would take. Many of us are so overwhelmed with our disease processes that it would be very difficult for many of us to do the legwork it would take to find such a firm. Any healthy volunteers out there willing to help?


I’m really glad you wrote this article! We have one head doctor that is a true pain management doctor and she’s the one that actually does injections epidurals but she doesn’t see the patience unless they’re having one of these procedures done. My pain management doctors are all Physicians assistants. They actually don’t know much about chronic pain all but a few seminars they attended and I’ve been dealing with this chronic pain since September of 2008. All they seem to want to do is take away the medications, injections, and all the Cycle Therapy physical therapy Aqua therapy and everything else they suggested I’ve tried. . And I’ve been saying for a long time since this is a major issue for chronic pain patients. Physicians assistants in most states are not allowed to practice pain management.

Back in February of 2017 the same pain clinic cut me off my 240 mg of morphine and my a 30 immediately release morphine cold turkey because I couldn’t possess a Tennessee driver’s license which I have two Residences. I showed proof of residence in the state of Tennessee which is what I needed to possess per the headquarters of this pain clinic. I ended up having severe chest pains, I failed the stress test, had to undergo a heart cath procedure all because of the immediate drop off medications. They offered no help whatsoever for detoxing. I did contact a few attorney’s and they said there was nothing they could do. This pain clinic did take me back towards the middle of April after they realized that it was a communication issue between them and their headquarters but by then my damage has been done. Also my mother threatened to sue them if anything happened to me due to their negligence. It caused so much unnecessary stress on my body along with extra money of the insurance company had to pay out and my copay. This is the only pain clinic that is available in my area without driving an hour and a half to two plus hours away. Now I don’t have any problems with the staff except one office gal who gives me grief at beginning of each year demanding I need a TN license or state ID card. I just tell her, every year you’re the only one who that harasses me about possessing the TN license or state ID card. I tell her quit harassing me, take it up with headquarters.


Well that was wake up call ok so the reason I am not officially on disability is because of long term.opioid treatment. Cant we sue the legislators ? Insurance companies definitely but legislators are elected to represent us all not seek headlines of how many pills they can stop people from.getting to magically stop heroin . It’s like attacking chicken pucks to try and stop cancer . They could easily stop the suffering by creating the national chronic pain patients protection act . This is all BS .have you heard of anyone doing anything to stop heroin?


But the “the times they are a changing”… Finally! The entities behind what’s being done to us will only begin to back off and find somebody else to pick on when we start suing the [edit] out of them. Thank you, Steve.