Doctors Argue For Better Pain Treatment

Doctors Argue For Better Pain Treatment

By Ed Coghlan.

There’s a growing momentum for returning to what many in the chronic pain community believe is a balance in the discussion on opioid prescribing.  And it’s coming from people trained to treat chronic pain patients.

University of Utah anesthesiologist Perry Fine has treated pain for the last three decades and worries that emphasis on opioid prescribing is hurt chronic pain patients.

In an op-ed published in the Salt Lake City Tribune, Dr. Fine warns that the war on drugs is leading to untreated pain.

In it he writes, “the heartbreak of drug abuse and addiction won’t be solved by preventing patients and their doctors from using and prescribing opioids appropriately and only when necessary as a component of interdisciplinary pain care. The interdisciplinary to serious unrelenting and life-altering pain as practiced in my academic facility and similar centers around the country, has been shown to be the most effective way to sustain improvements in health related and functional outcomes.  It is a lack of insurance coverage, insufficient professional education at all levels, and an astonishingly low level for pain research that has helped to drive inappropriate prescribing of opioids.”

Dr. Fine joins a growing chorus on pain specialists who are frustrated with the binary approach that the government has taken to the opioid crackdown. The people who have been fueling the considerable media and result public attention on the “evils of opioids” have simply given alternative strategies with how to treat pain.

In fact, often they don’t even talk about the treatment of pain-but simply the treatment of addiction.

Dr. Jay Joshi-a nationally known pain specialist in Chicago echoed these themes in a recent article he wrote for Quartz Media that the National Pain Report shared with its readers.

“This deeply misguided, if predictable, response threatens to deprive millions of Americans of relief from persistent, even debilitating pain. Instead of retreating from treating their pain altogether, we should focus on educating doctors on the multitude of safe, effective methods for treating pain in its various forms,” Dr. Joshi wrote.

Both Dr. Joshi and Dr. Fine pointed out more training is needed in the treatment of pain.

Joshi pointed out there are no residencies offered in pain management and estimates that 90% of the “pain specialists” in America have no formal, accredited fellowship training in pain management.

If we may be allowed an editorial note, the commentaries by Dr. Fine and by Dr. Joshi reinforce what we are hearing from dozens of pain physicians, advocates and patients that we speak with. The interdisciplinary treatment of pain must not be reduced to whether opioids are bad or good. The physical and mental health of millions of Americans and their loved ones depend on it.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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I am beginning to think that the suicides that are starting to happen will continue until there is no one left to complain. Where are the doctors that are willing to stand by the oath they took??? Where is the basic common decency? HELLO WE ARE SUFFERING!!! We are suffering to the point where we have nothing left. Doesn’t anyone care??? After being on OPIADS for 20 years for 12 spinal surgeries, 2 shoulder rebuilds, open heart surgery and a subdural hematoma. I am now supposed to take two aspirin and call it good??? WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME, PATIENCE AND ABILITY TO CONTINUE!! PRAY FOR US!!! THERE ARE MILLIONS OF ME!!! PLEASE HELP US!!!!! It is not a duplicate comment until somebody helps us. We are being forced into untenable situations. Don’t tell me you can print my comment because I have said it before. It’s needs to be said over and over. We are in DESPAIR.

Derek Z

Where are these good doctors still willing to fight the good fight and not backing down from the DEA and that still continues to prescribe and treat patients like myself that have severe physical ailments and that take the poorest patients that only have Medicare and med-iCal insurances ….I live off 1107.00 Ssdi benefits per a month now minus 300 to cover medications that don’t fit in their guidelines anymore that did for past 6 years but now as of the 1st my part D …won’t I’m trying to appeal however it’s very difficult when your so sick and bedridden and that’s even happening when being managed adequately with opioid medications before adding into the equation the current maltreatment and inadequate management of my constant severe intractable chronic pain ..,,please tell me and share with us where to find the good doctors that still are caring for their patients and practicing under the pressure and scrutiny of threats from the DEA …and that are willing to treat us those of us that suffer from crippling diseases. Where are they because I would travel to hell and back every month with my Ihss caretaker driving me to them ..even crossing county lines or to different states every month just to be treated humanely and have my pain managed adequately…I have all my records clearly documenting my health condition and various illnesses I’m afflicted with. Furthermore validated and verified by previous doctors in order to get approved by the federal government in order to have my long term Social security disability benefits provided to me.

Maureen Mollico

Dear Not Saying, my heart breaks for you. You are the new voice of many like you horribly suffering in our country due to increased pain from poor treatment, lack of support etc all due to this ridiculous ‘opioid epidemic’ which I choose to call an ‘addict epidemic’. I offer you love, care, support and prayers to keep trying hard to do your best, to hang in there one minute at a time and may my prayers bring you intervention for help, meds and all that you need to survive.
Keep strong Warrior… You are not alone. Sending big hearts to warm your heart, mind and body, Maureen Mollico

Doug Hilgers

Dear Not Enough : I so hope a comforting hello when
Feeling alone and hopeless:
I know little of You but Your sadness, anger and desperation sound very familiar to Me. If You can not obtain local CRISIS support , please contact Me for what we’ll intentioned support that I might provide on the short term: There is ALWAYS humane support out there ; Nothing, Nothing is beyond hope when the spirit is fed .
Warm Regards
Doug RN

Not saying.

These articles are great. But sadly not enough. I won’t go into my issues and how much pain I am FORCED to live with daily, and the fact I’ve lost my job, my home, my car and everything else because I cant work. I have to live on food banks which leaves me foodless more often than not. I have not eaten in three days and I am type 1 diabetic. The government is creating more a problem by not treating us. Look at me… I am now on disability because they refuse me pain management. I am now on Medicare. Food stamp, that do not give you enough to make it two weeks, much less one month. My rent is 725 a month and I only get 750 a month. I have reached the end of what I can take. I am going to exit this life, I have made up my mind.

Maybe that is what the government wants… to kill us all off. Well… They managed. I am done.

Linda Godowsky-Bilka

Hi Dr Lawhern, thank you for that Link again in your comment. I read it all and I hope as many who see This, decide to do the same. It sure will explain exactly where we’re at, and why; and how easy it could be to make change happen if something like This, is what the Group rallied around to to make OUR ‘ big statement.
For those who have been looking,
The reality of being able to look these folks in the eye and have them listen to us! Real people who are suffering real pain with real-world-circumstances to tell.

All of you who go, I wish you all the luck in the you all the world! My thoughts and prayers be you!


The is such a positive and uplifting article to read. My thanks to these doctors for standing up and speaking out.

For all who have been deserted or forcibly tapered down from their meds by their doctors, a suggestion. The FDA Opioid Policy Steering Committee is holding a workshop on January 30 in Silver Spring MD. They are considering even more draconian and scientifically unsupported regulations of opioid prescribing to add to the atrocity published as the CDC opioid guidelines in March 2016. To attend in person or speak before the Committee, you must apply by January 16th. The session will be broadcast online in real time.

I have already registered to speak, and prepared verbal remarks and several “leave behind” papers. I encourage others who are able to travel and who understand the injustice being worked against pain patients, to do likewise. It is time these idiots were told by many voices that they’ve got the entire narrative WRONG.

Details of the session and the measures they are considering are available at

Best Regards
Richard A “Red” Lawhern, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and Corresponding Secretary
Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain


I certainly hope 80% of “new patients” are seen by surgeons and Primary Care physicians … before having to go to a pain management doctor! Where do you get your belief that there is standardized training for all of these so-called pain specialists? I see a pain specialist who is part of a huge group in my state, yes, STATE, and he has ZERO training in such area. He is assigned his position because the Ortho Group simply needed/wanted one.

Because of this they are now able to advertise “Pain Specialist”, and he is listed as such now, within one of the greatest hospitals in the world! His name comes up all the time as “pain specialist ” within the Hospital.

Why do I know this? Because when my doctor sent me to him to manage my pain, I walked out of his exam room feeling like I did 30 years ago when I was raped by a stranger! That man didn’t know anything about anything.

The next BIG pain specialty Group I went to, they first drew my blood and had me pee in a cup, before I even finished my paperwork in the lobby! What the hell!

I then met with a doctor, and he said “well let’s take you off your pain meds and we’ll start from there”. That was that. 24 hours later or less, I see this big red line climbing up my arm from my wrist! Yup, they drew blood from my wrist. And now I had blood poisoning from them! Had to go back in, get checked out, get a prescription for the poisoning, and that’s the last time I ever went back there!

All this year.

Now what? Another so-called specialist, by the way- that requires me to see THERE new psychiatrist as part of seeing this doctor who knows nothing special.

A human being can only be so gullible you know!

We are not as dumb as you think we are, when you go to throwing words around as a statement of fact, trust me, we have all been around a block a thousand times that you obviously have yet to travel enough to know that you bring up foolish things we’ve heard over and over again


I wonder if the fact that almost all Pain Management Doctors were not born or educated here might have something to do with so many of them thinking the CDC Guidelines are also aimed at them.

Doctors in other countries do not receive the same level of training doctors in the U.S. do. They do have to pass,a test before practicing medicine here. But that is not the same a being educated and trained in the medical field in the U.S. Perhaps these doctors view the CDC Guidelines differently because they are not from here

I hate to say this but I think our ship has sailed and left us in pain on the docks trying to figure out how to commit suicide without making a mess.The media is starting to shift away from the opioid epidemic and on to other lies they need to promote.They have ran a beautiful misinformation campaign on the horrors of pain meds.We have heard the parents blaming their child’s heroin addiction on the Vicodin they took 7 years prior for wisdom tooth removal,instead of looking in the mirror,we now have an epidemic of states and cities sueing the drug companies for millions of dollars that I am sure if they win settlements the money will be redirected into the pockets of politicians.The rehab industry looks similar to the housing crisis to the same greedy investors,drug addicts are now the ppl to save at all cost,etc.etc.etc. The CDC guidelines are in concrete.My best advice is for ppl who have children to advise them to pursue a career in the DEA,because they have managed to insure their budget will continue to increase and all they have to do is bust some Grandparents and their doctors,I got to take my hat off to them,for sure.

Opioids is one of those meds that most people’s bodies tends to get use to. That means it takes more of these meds to have the same effect on your pain as they did in the beginning. The government knows this and that’s why they put a max high on them for any given day. They are basically messing with our heads, and bodies. Showing us that there is a treatment for pain then stopping us from using it the way the drug works so it no longer works. So they show us there is a better life with pain relief then take it away so some of those people go searching for their own pain relief in the form of illegal drugs where some end up over dosing. They have created this mess by trying to regulate an industry they know nothing about. So people like me, who don’t go after illegal drugs, a chronic pain sufferer continues to suffer. The government needs to back off and we need real pain management doctors.

Maureen Mollico

@StillFedUp You are absolutely correct! We, the very strong and responsible CP community, ‘do not’ believe that folks within us overdose, but that it is the irresponsible ‘user/abusers’ of opioids, that do.
We are a ‘responsible group’ who wouldn’t think of abusing our meds.
When you have the disease/syndrome/condition of Chronic Pain… your meds are life sustaining. Just as if you we were Diabetic or Cardiac patients.
We wouldn’t chance abusing nor losing them.
Nor do we have a need to abuse them. They do not make us high because our brain/pain works hand in hand with our meds.
We are prescribed them for pain relief and to give us some form of normalcy, within this very difficult life in PAIN that we live.
We believe that the abusers are a very separate group of whom mostly OD from Fentanyl, Heroin and/or other drugs mixed with them.
Not to say that addicts also abuse the meds we are generally prescribed, but if we pay close attention to the stories… you see that it is much greater than what we are prescribed.
The media has used the word ‘Opioid’ as if that means our mere pain relievers.
But the true abuse is of much stronger street drugs etc etc. used by folks who have much greater problems and issues.
Heroin, Fentanyl etc are OPIATES! NOT OPIOIDS. There is a difference.
THE MEDIA NEEDS TO GET THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT, turn their message in a different direction and stop causing this huge avalanche of negative and devastating effect on our lives.
While we have compassion, we do despise being grouped in with those folks who have the disease of addiction simply because we are prescribed ‘Opioids’ for pain relief.

Reading thru all these posts it still amazes that so many ppl, especially CPPs believe that a good number of ppl die from overdose of their pain meds.Its been my experience that most overdoses are not CPPs,but ppl who steal,buy or fake their pain in the docs office to get the pain meds,and that most deaths include many drugs in their system.I thinks this is evidence of how well the media has convinced the public that all this OPIOID EPIDEMIC is due to us taking meds for pain.This just goes to show you how well the media can shape public opinion and how easy ppl can be shaped to believe everything they hear.SHEEPPL! ARE YOU ONE???


You have hit the nail on the head. The pain management doctor that I go to is a anesthetist, all he ever wants to talk about his my back and the procedures fee offers. He won’t even recognize all of the rest of my problems. I have CRPS, which on the pain chart is at the top of the list, but all he wants to talk about is my back, nothing about my hands my feet my hips my shoulders my neck my toes all of the other things that I am going to a pain management doctor for. Maybe if he would have had some training in pain management he wouldn’t be so oblivious to all different kinds of pain. If you’re going to be an anesthesiologist you should have to take classes on pain management as well. Even if I do his back procedures and it helps my back feel better, the rest of my body is still in agonizing pain and he would want to lower my medication based on my back feeling better. So in my mind training is critical for pain management doctors.


I too disagree, my physicians, pain management as well as PvP, are well trained. There seems to be a ” stigma” to it all thanks to the media, st am, who have capitalized on the illegal use of opiods but have yet to interview and publish accounts of those who do not abuse their meds.

Doug Hilgers

Hello Chris-Not that it is to find a provider to administer it :Ketamine has FDA approval for both depression and pain management: None opioid and non-addictive : Abused under the street name “ special K “-It is approved under Meducare upon appeal- I live ina very rural area and providers are difficult to find ( for anything)
It was studied by the US Army
In 2008 and now the agent if choice in field trauma /. Pain/
If You google it, there is a Ketamine Advicacy site with more info-As a retired Nurse, used it over 20 years ago in Burn Care-worth pursueing Chris .

How do we Ban together and get everyone in Congress and Senate to help Fix this . I made 2 Hams for Christmas Dinner and by 7 pm I couldn’t even walk I was so misrible. They have cut my meds I’ve been on for 16 years by the same Dr and then different ones before that for a Few yers. But what they were giving me was working now they have to stop this will lead to something else I’m telling ya.. under ground.. vodka and I don’t even drink.. weed ?? Who knows.. I’m not dealing with the pain I did last night so I could give my family a nice Christmas Dinner


As a chronic pain sufferer, I can say there are bad patients out there who DO abuse their medications, but those of us who don’t are getting penalized for their crimes.  The Government needs to stop trying to legislate literally everything in this country.  And this may sound cold or harsh, but if these people are stupid enough to abuse their medications, let them.  You can’t help them by terrorizing all of us.

There are bad DOCTORS - such as Christopher Mocek in Little Rock Arkansas - that deliberately get patients addicted and then uses that to control them.  He stops being their doctor and becomes their dealer.  (Mocek triple books his appointments - that is nothing but pure greed.)  Doctors like this take advantage of patients, especially those with insurance, so as to to keep them dependent on him.

And there’s the insurance companies - they like to dictate treatment despite never laying eyes on the patient!  I had to fight for three months with my insurance company to approve a DOCTOR-ORDERED MRI.  Doctors actually SEE and EXAMINE the patient and THEY ALONE shouldn’t have their recommendations questioned by an insurance company. 

Due to my Narcissistic, abusive now-ex-husband abandoning me for another woman, I had to basically run for my life and I had to change doctors twice.  Each new doctor just HAD to mess around with my medication regimen, despite my former records stating I had been prescribed “x”, which was working for me!  This caused my mental issues to flare, causing trips to the ER.  Despite my pleas not to change my medication regimen, they puff out their chest and insist on doing their own thing which they feel is superior.  The patient gets messed up and aggravates the condition.  Doctors need to get off their high horse.

I had FINALLY found a medication regimen that was working, but because Government invades the lives of patients because a few make ALL of us look bad, they have made things impossible for the doctors to treat patients properly.  I live in pain EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE because of the fiasco Government has created with the opioid crisis HOAX. 

Jennifer Mitch

Unfortunately, I live in back of beyond. The nearest actual pain management clinic is 3 hours away. A drive I am not able to make due to C-PTSD. I must rely on my PCP for help. The kicker in all this is that I moved here because my last PCP said the desert would help. Not true as there are crazy changes in temperature. I’d love to do something holistic.


For so long I have been waiting for the truth to come out. I have been living with chronic pain in my lower back and right leg for the last 15 years. Drs. only want to laugh at me when I say how much pain I’m in and now I have lost my job and my families income. Thank you very much big government and doctors who could care less!!!

This is a genuine concern I have as I get older and have more concerns with increasing pain. Not treating pain is cruel. I know people are dying from overdosing on opioid medications.
Are we just going to put the burden on the death industries? Morticians, medical examiners and devastated surviving family members are who are left to deal with our growing problems. These are real issues. There is a compromise somehow. What are possible solutions.


I stopped taking ixycodone 35 mg 3 - 4 x day in 2009. I started to drink alcohol to knock down the pain and now I am 75 lbs overweight at 55 yrs old. Out of shape and out of options since NO doctors will prescribe them in my city.
I quit drinking daily but have little pain relief. If not for my son, I would take my life. Some days, weeks, months are neverending torture.

Pain in every joint can’t handle it any longer.

Early intervention of pain management would be greatly helpful also. I have had CRPS for two years and 8 months and I am just seeing a pain management doctor next month due to insurance reasons. I can’t help but wonder had I been able to have the injections to see if burying the nerve in my arm would lessen my current dibilitating condition. I was refused by the surgeon that was willing to do my surgery almost 2 years ago because I needed to be in pain management first. There are so many broken systems at this time and we are left to suffer. I currently take 50mg of tramadol one to two times a day. I definitely feel my human rights to seek stronger pain medication has been violated. Anticonvulsants are not the answer to pain.

This is true,persons needing pain medications are not the ones oding. So sad that ones truly needing them can’t get them .

When I was 19 years of age I had motorcycle wreck that resulted with a compound fracture of the fibula and fibula and my left leg wound up being an inch and a half shorter than my right leg between my heel and knee which caused my hips to be at an angle and I never wore corrective shoes,then at age 48, I fell 37 feet off of a house roof and broke and car Ked a bunch of vertebrae in my lower and middle back,as a result I was prescribed oxycodone 10mg six a day and didn’t anusey prescription then a couple of rich Hollywood pricks abuse them and the government decides “We the People” and our doctor’s can’t decide what is the best treatment for ourselves,when I first started on them they made me feel like Superman and I soon realized that I wasn’t that I was still messed up in my back so I started paying more attention to my activities bit the opioids never made me feel “high” if they did I wouldn’t want them being that I don’t like being high,I don’t drink and I don’t smoke marijuana but I have had doctor’s suggest that I try these because they are scared to do there job,and suggested that I try them knowing that those drugs would make me high and potentially let me harm myself further,actually hydrocodone and oxycodone aren’t killing anyone it’s the fentanyl and [edit] that people are mixing in with it that is killing people,there is a lot of folks that or in serious pain and will do anything to stop it and there are too many that are taking advantage of this fact,my doctor moved and my new doctor want help me as a result I have no kind of life can’t play with my grandchildren have relations with my wife I have became mean spirited and combative,grumpy and secretly pray the Lord would just let me die at just 57 years of age I think this is ridiculous,in conclusion yes there are idiots who abuse opioids but no matter what they do there is and always will be idiots that abuse drugs whether they be alcohol,marijauna,tobacco,opioids or something else and as long as there are drugs there will be people who abuse but I do believe that there or way more people that don’t abuse and truly need these medicines,i myself had a completely better quality of life with them than,than without them,thank you for givinge an avenue to vent my frustration

Addict Joe

Physicians do not create addicts. When patients use opioids to get high or sell for profit they are creating the addicts and overdoses and epidemics. With government making decisions about health-related pain they are taking the right of choice away from our constitutional right and god-given right to choose. When someone buys a gun and decides to shoot someone or themselves is not the seller of the gun it is the owner of the gun that makes that choice.

Carol Mateos

I agree a hundred percent. I am one of those suffering with severe chronic pain and because of people abusing that stuff people like me has to suffer. It’s simply just not fair.

Lora Gertsen

I moved to Ga 11-2016. My Az doctor knew of my OA, Fibromyalgia and Spinal Stenosis. He prescribed Hydrocodone 5-325 to help me through the day. Now in Ga my new PCP & Rheumatoid Arthritis won’t prescribe it due to the new Government law.
People like me who have severe pain need help.

Sarah E

I suffer chronic pain on a daily do to a birth defect. I have no ball joint in hip. I have DDH. Nothing else can be done. I’ve tried everything for relief. I known my body and what works and what doesn’t. The doctors will not listen. I suffer everyday. The doctors tell me to suck it up. I’m 54 and my hip is crumbling, arthritis, and a curved spine. I DO suck it up. I was born like this. Please Help doctors to get educated about chronic pain. Thank you.

Thank God. I have been unfairly cut off pain medicine because my Dr. Pressured by government to do so. I tried to tell him I have a right to be treated for my pain and found that my Dr wouldn’t even compromise on the subject. Thanks for understanding that it’s not fair to have a person’s pain go untreated. Keep up the good work.

After 6 car wrecks, 3 of which were me being rear ended, with 2 of those being on the freeway at high speeds resulting in severe whiplash. One of the wrecks was a high speed rollover accident, where I rolled 3 times at 85 mph. Then I broke my back in 2015, compound fracture of the L1. Two left knee surgeries and a surgery from severe diverticulitis resulting in the loss of 18″ of my colon. Arthritis in my neck, back, knee and hands. Also have planter fachitis in left foot. So obviously I live in a lot of pain. My medications relieve effectively half of my pain, which allows me to at least get out of bed once they’ve kicked in. I can’t imagine life without the relief they give. I have never doctor shopped, never ran out of meds early, never failed a urine test (which my pain clinic requires) or failed a random pill count. This is over the past 8 years that I have been going to my pain clinic. So the point is it can work and be effective, without everyone becoming an abuser or addict. I was worried at first and relayed this to my Dr., he put me at ease by telling me you may be dependent on the meds, but that doesn’t mean you’re addicted, if you were addicted you would be running out early and doctor shopping etc…

Bon Nyberg

Adequate pain management is long overdue! When someone has to watch a member of their family scream in pain because their “caregiver” gave them an ineffective antidepressant which created WORSE problems such as suicidal rants and in some cases suicide itself since the pain was poor-poohed and misdiagnosed, it is obvious that NO relief is being experienced. Entire families are affected by this downward spiral. To then see the affected person turn to alcohol for escape because their doctor does NOT provide proper care, thus causing another health issue, is downright criminal! Blame Pharma, blame doctors as well as pork barrel politicians who spread misinformation, but STOP the madness regarding this lack of respect for the people who truly suffer and look for answers. Make the people who are criticizing the medications that work be deprived and instead undergo the suffering they perpetuate. I think it is only fair that they walk a mile in the shoes of the people who wake to blinding pain,-the ones who are contemplating a permanent escape because they can no longer continue to suffer while their doctors turn a deaf ear. I lived with such a relative. He chose suicide. Irrational doctors took my brother from me. Thanks for piling on the suffering. All the people who create and dispense useless medications with suicide listed as a side-effect should attend the funerals and spend time with the distraught families left behind. Your bigoted unfeeling minds created this problem, FIX IT! Or, you could take Lyrica like my brother and find out for yourself that our bodies, which were created with built-in opioid receptors for a reason, are not helped by head-meds. They worsen the problem! “Break a leg,” as all actors say before a performance, take an aspirin and don’t call me in the morning!

Sachit Manocha

Another facet of this debate not addressed most of the time is the fact that the number one malprescribers of opioids are the surgeons and primary care providers. 80% of new patients I see have been given pain medication forever before they are sent to a pain doctor. Surgeons have a “protocol” of writing pain medicines for 3 months before they dump the patient on you. No one needs pain medication for more than a week post surgery unless there is a complication and if there is, that needs to be addressed. Never has there been any education done that explains anything about pain medication. And believe it or not even this is an unfortunate consequence of insurance pressures. Same day surgeries or early discharge, global periods, need by pcp’s to increase volumes to make up for declining reimbursements, insurance pressure to write “OxyContin “ as opposed to “ Butrans “. Well what do you expect? The end result is a patient dependent on medications, no education and dumped on a pain doctor who is portrayed as a “ drug dealer “. “ the pain clinic will take care of you. They have the license, we don’t “ is what they are told.

And, when I spend an hour and a half trying to educate the patient, the insurance sends a letter saying why do you always bill a level 5 visit on new patients. They threaten to penalize you unless you pay them a settlement dollar amount. Yes sir this has happened to me.

I have had chronic and acute severe pain for 40+ years and am now on a morphine pump! I’ve tried doing forms of pain treatment, including steroids, nerve stimulator, etc! It’s getting harder to get pain medication to help boost the morphine at times when pain is ecruciatinng! I hope that this issue will improve with more education and training, less media exploitation!
Thank you!

As a disabled nurse, and now a chronic intractable pain patient I am pleased to see this issue addressed. What our government is doing is punishing the legitimate patient for an addict’s behavior. I hear many heartbreaking stories sitting in the waiting room awaiting my appointments. I hear the frustration in my Doctor’s voice as he calculates mg’s allowed. Although it’seems an irrational thought I feel guilty for being the victim of an MVA. Yes, grateful to be alive, but again I am faced with a diminished quality of life. Resigned to a couch and seeking other modalities to manage my pain. Many of us feel criminal. It seems we are categorized with the addicts. Maybe there is hope on the horizon.

All this is going to Boil down to is people The Drs being pressured and forced to pain patients getting cut off there pain meds or down where they sent comfortable and where do u think that will lead too”It’s going to lead to a heroin epidemic”For sure 110%! It’s happening right this sec.a long term pain patient taking pain medication for over a year will go throu things that alot of people won’t understand.Besides there horrible pain”All it is is eaither the Government has there hands in the heroin money or they know they can’t stop it so they are blaming it on prescription drugs.Almost 99% of any opioid overdose is from a pain patient getting cut down or off there pain meds cause of there Dr being pressured or scared and then the patient has to resource from The streets and then Bang! You have the deadly combination of eaither somone doing both to stay comfortable or not having there meds and going to the heroin from being cut off! That’s it.that’s why u see it go from pain meds to heroin not because the want tooo like they are saying ohh..Pain meds get people adicted to heroin..NOT SOO”.You so called smart people need to get your heads out of your rears and wake up! You can’t fix somthing that’s not broke”

I would like to thank both doctors for having the courage to address the chronic pain issues that many patients suffer from. I agree that many people, including primary care providers, need further education about the effects of pain and the correlation between true pain and the disease of addiction. I broke both my tibial plateau last year and even my pain management doctor is afraid to prescribe anything that would help my chronic pain. To make it worse I’m having problems with the plates and screws in my legs and I have other pain problems as well. The new Ohio laws have​ me scared. Am I going to have to live with daily pain for the rest of my life using medications that are ineffective? I’m only 51!

Hi there I agree with this I have 5 partially herneated discs in my back have been referred to pain management have severe nerve damage in both legs and it hurts so bad to where I can barely walk some days I’m only 39 and I have legitimate mri’s and have had both knees operated on physical therapy and because if the way things have been going I have been basicly forgotten about because insurance is to expensive and the drs that rare good doing the pain management basically have there hands tied the bad ones are giving the good ones a bad name and can’t do there job effectively I would give anything to b taken care of but since everybody else out there has SCREWED it up for people like me…… I just get to suffer everyday and try to provide for my family in pain I wouldn’t wish on my enemies and I have no were to turn no were to go no help!?!? So my question is what does a person in pain do when they have numerous referrals to pain management but u can’t get help??? Any answers would greatly help and thank u


I would like to add that it would also help if insurance company were mandated to have better coverage for people that suffer with pain. I have fibromyalgia, no I haven’t taken opioid yet. I’ve asked my Dr what more I can do for my pain and was offered but choose not to because of the bad rap they are getting. From my insurance I get so many chiropractic care a year which after that I have to pay for. I get so many physical therapy sessions a year. And then they will help pay for prescription meds. But if you are lacking in supplements such as vitamin D or others that may play a part in elevated pain even if you have a prescription insurance doesn’t cover that. They don’t cover a TENS unit if you have a prescription for that any more. Instead of me listing everything that helps that they don’t cover for pain I will just sum this up. Insurance companies could help out a bit more since there is a large group of chronic pain suffers and all insurance are willing to help pay the cost for is meds. What do you think people will agree to take the pain away? The cheapest route out of pocket.

Kathy Smith

I went thu a Tornado April 27,2011, I was sucked up in Tornado,my Husband died,God let me live I had Injurious from head to feet,,both of my feet were the worse,,I’m Blessed to be able to walk to day!! I live with pain every day,I live in Jacksonville AL! Why can’t I get the medicines I need to help me?I’m told by DRs can’t write pain Meds these pills would help me get thu the day,,

Michael Flaherty

I was taking combination of oxycodone and oxycotin 180mg. I had mri’s and upper dorials. I was under care by my family doctor who monitor and tried other solutions. Now that the war is on against opiods, my family doctor was forced to send me to a pain clinic. The first words utter by the doctor (and I have a lack of respect) was they will not prescribe any more than 60mg a day. A doctor was to look after their patients and fight for them. I am down to 100mg. I am having a rough time but do able. When my meds are low my pain is constant. Changes my personality. I have always respected my medicine and took it as prescribe. My family doctor will attest that I don’t abuse it. I don’t get high it does what it purpose was for.
The cost now is crazy because I see the pain guy once a month at a cost. I was getting a 3 months supply before.
I hurt my back in Vietnam. I was a combat infantry soldier who received purple heart for leg wound. I am 69 years old.
Thanks to the VA I am try accupuncture, Tim’s meter, back brace. I still get the pain over the easiest task. Sweeping, standing etc.
I am available for more conversation.
Thank you for letting me vent.
As soon as you say you take oxycotin or oxycotin your looked at as a druggy.
I worked for Verizon for 34 years. 18 years as management


I am so sick of this false narrative about pain patients being addicts. We are sitting on the tsunami of opioid Addiction as honest pain patients are now rushing to Heroin for some relief, and dying. I was yanked, (literally) after taking Oxy for 20 years for pain From 9 back surgeries. I had voluntarily titrated myself down to only 2 40 mg pills a day to manage my pain. My doctor gave us 6 weeks to go off with no medical supervision. I had never gotten a prescription early or failed a urine test. I ended up in the ER three times for a dystolic BP over 200, vomiting and the ilk. It’s been 4 months, I don’t miss Oxy but I miss having a standard of living without any pain, a body completely out of balance with all types of symptoms. Doctors should have stood up to the DEA before now. I hope this ends up being the largest class action suit against the Doctors and the DEA because it was so mishandled it is beyond belief.

I had severe stenosis on both legs n no one helped me with pain I four facet joint nerve blocks that only lasted for a few weeks finally had back surgery n still in recovery mode quality of life means allot as we grow older they can’t stop treating people who genuinely needs pain controll to prevent suicide

Doug Hilgers

Seriouse concern as to why the mixed use drug and often abused Ketamine is so difficult to locate Providers who are enthusiatic and may provide the induction protocal for CRPD or other neurological disorders ( ie. Nueroma) : it is , after all approved , at leadt black box by the FDA : now in general field use by the USArmy ( plus a benzo) : is excedingly inexpensive BUT ??????
Help !!!!!

douglas pitchford

As a board certified and fellowship trained pain management physician, I agree that fear has caused primary care physicians and emergency room physicians to avoid prescibing opioids for pain control. I disagree that there is no formal training for pain management.

Wait till something drastic happens to those opposing the use of these and medical marajuana drugs. That alter the brain so a person can deal with the chronic pain due to the many surgeries that cause scar tissue and arthritis in the spine.
Who will show mercy to them when they are in dire need of pain relief.? Those opposing are extremely ignorant to what it is to live in such horrific chronic pain day in and day out.
Total ignorant of the reasons for needing pain relief.

I’m a chronic pain patient I broke my neck twice and the second time at work. I now have severe spinal stenosis badly and need surgery. Without my strong iouods and speaking with my pain doctor I’d be bedridden I’m 58 and I get around fairly well because of being on SSI which I appreciate I’m not sure I can afford this surgery. I started writing a book on chronic pain versus addiction. At one point prior to my severe paralyzing inquires I was taking illicit drugs. Now I take as prescribed. I agree doctos beed to be trained their are people who sell medications which eventually lead to abuse and addiction. They don’t suffer from chronic pain. I believe a big problem are these dates. It angers me very much because I’m unfortunately disabled and have worked with kids and PTSD and people with PTSD. I’ve gotten my degree and miss my work. Please understand if you have e chronic pain you really don’t teach euphoria just gain the a ability to live and function. If you don’t have e a serious ere injury you get high. I use to live e. There’s a large different outcome. I’m grateful for my pain doctor . I need my 6 7th surgery I list count for spinal stenosis badly which can lead to my biggest fear being parLyizied. My back and neck are several ere I stopped driving what if I hurt a mid I can’t turn my name. Opioids have changed my life for the better. Before you cut tbis help learn the facts. I have severe depression pain severe PTSD anxiety sleep disorder agoraphobia and a few .ore. Please think before acting. And to those who came believe in karma Happy holidays. Godspeed

yes I do have to call me Aunt you people out there that are abusing them that’s their problem pain chronic pain can be unbearable and makes life miserable and we are being ignored and judged by the idiots on the streets that is not fair most of us that have been on pain medication do not abuse that we follow the directions of the doctors so we can live life more normally not completely but more and better some of us can’t work some of us can’t get out of bed if it’s not for medication but we don’t abuse it but yet we are being ignored and judged by the idiots on the streets