Don’t Punish Pain Rallies Set for March 20

Don’t Punish Pain Rallies Set for March 20

The growing Don’t Punish Pain Rally movement has set March 20th for its next set of rallies across the country.

You can check here to see if your city or region is hosting one.

“We are seeing more and more volunteers around the country who are lending their voices to the rallies,” said Claudia Merandi who started the movement two years ago to protest the Centers for Disease Control 2016 Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain.

As more chronic pain patients are finding access to opioid therapy difficult, they are resorting to protests and advocacy for legislation at the state and federal level.

The March 20th rally in Raleigh, North Carolina may be especially interesting. Residents there are concerned that chronic pain patient advocate Dr. Thomas Kline, who is being investigated by North Carolina state officials for his prescribing practices, may not be available to them anymore.

If you don’t see your city, check their website for information about how to organize protests in your city. There is collateral material and other helpful aids if you want to get involved.

Merandi is also pushing pain patient friendly legislation in her home state of Rhode Island. She also is urging similar action in other states.

Merandi also was asking the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights to investigate what she claimed was discriminatory behavior against pain patients caused by the 2016 CDC Guideline.

She learned this week that the Office of Civil Rights has denied her claim and aren’t going to investigate it.

That won’t slow Merandi down.

“We have 13,000 followers on Facebook, there are over 40 rallies already scheduled later this month and we are going to keep the heat on a the state and local level in order to educate policy makers and the general public about the issues facing the chronic pain patient,” she said.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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A. J

Advocates, advice, help for physicians? <——In need of a for physician that is wrongfully being accused (federal criminally) in this so called “Opioid Crisis”. This is a physician that used their medical knowledge to treat patients, cared & wanted to provide the best possible treatment for their chronic pain patients in order to improve the patients quality of life. This is a licensed physician (Pain Specialist) that has all the credentials and meets all requirements to treat and prescribe as a Pain Specialist. They did not break any law, most importantly they did not break any criminal law. I know your probably thinking if they didn’t break any law how are they being charged, right? It absolutely blows my mind too. The lies, deception & misconduct being used to bring on charges is absolutely absurd. The physician is being federally charged because “they” did not like the way the physician prescribed. Based on the CDC MMEs guidelines even though these “guidelines” are supposed to be RECOMMENDATIONS (not requirements) for primary care physicians’s.
This is a physician that did not profit from prescriptions or adjust prices based on the number prescribed, did not ask for favors or sex in exchange for prescriptions, did not accept walk-ins, did not accept cash, did not have security guards or carry guns. There are none of the so called “red flag”. This physician DID perform drug test, physical exams, educate patients, offered other treatment options, reviewed x-rays/MRI’s, listened to the patients, followed guidelines for pain specialist, treated & prescribe based of their medical knowledge.
This is not a “War on drugs” this is a War on chronic pain patients and the physicians who treat them!

Melissa Quackenbush

We are tired of the sub standard care and constant shaming for requesting pain relief! Thank you 😊

Peggy Hillman

Thank you Ed, Claudia, and all who support CPPs and their providers. This rally is particularly important given what is happening with our dear advocate Dr. Kline and others who have dared to support us. I wish I lived closer so I could be there at the North Carolina rally. Instead, I will be at the state capitol in CA with my DPPR shirt on and ready to rally. Those who are capable, get out there and rally on March 20th. Those who are too ill to attend can still contribute by contacting their representatives and the media. We will prevail!

Miranda Thompson

Can’t find my husband a doc for the life of me. Doctor shopping is the only choice they have left me!!!! If these people had MD after their names i would comply but they dont!!! I will be joining the Pittsburgh rally!!!


16 Democrat senators came up with the drug bill then the attorney general approved it and the president signed it.
Their first order to the DEA was to stop the manufacture of all injectable medications. Then the second order was to limit the supply of tablet opioid medication. Why? Whatever the government does is usually about money. The drug companies can demand a higher price for the drugs after several months of inactivity. That would increase street value as well. The Buprenorphine program with spinal steroid injections is also very profitable. Of course, we were told it was to save American lives but we’ve seen the numbers and this “crisis” has been costing many more lives in the way of suicides and pain induced heart attacks and strokes. While the dying’s organs are being harvested and the roles of the costly ill are being eliminated, the ones who are still here are suffering in pain next in line. Our representatives are not speaking for us. They did this to us. The one liners they throw out at us are lip service. We are on our own. We are America’s ill and the only way we’ll be heard is together as one voice. America’s ill are going out in the streets across the nation to be heard and seen in protest of the current policies. Please join the effort by sharing, attending, or hosting a rally. Inform your local news and social media of our plight and the rally. Visit the website for more information, rally rsvp, and flyers. If we don’t help ourselves, who will?

Jonelle Elgaway

Dr. Thomas Kline and I will be joining the DPP Rally in Raleigh, NC.
Please show up and support Dr. Kline, the NC34 and all those that are struggling.
Let’s get noticed!
See you there!

With all the knowledge scientist that learned about the electrical system of the body such as anesthesiologist and neurologist have now been rendered almost useless to help people suffering. The scientist to make new drugs for pain rendered useless because instead of making a cheap solution as in a pill now biological (stem cells) or neuromodulation that come at a fortune that fail to relieve pain but increases the bank accounts of manufactuers ,doctors, hospitals, money given to research facilities from government. The drug rehap money given to rehap facilites has been a waste because hurting people in chronic pain has made some into underground drug users instead of working class people who still want to work but need help to control pain who are not drug users but people who take medicine just like any other medicine.this is hurting the economy as well bc chronic pain people cam no longer focus on their job bc the pain over rides their focus. We are not robots.

RoseMarie Mohn

Just recently had my MD office not give me a next appt and left everything up in air. Then went to pharmacy who knows me well with a legitimate prescription and initially was told they wouldn’t refill it. Had a couple of go arounds with the Pharmacist, smart responses from clerk. Described my cond’t and all the failed interventions and finally said I was an RN. At that point the Pharmacist agreed to fill my prescription. I know I can’t suddenly stop the meds I’m on. Not sure what will happen from this point forward.

Its very discriminating. Just like when African Americans were called ungly names,not allowed to drink from white person fountain or eat in same resturants, sit in the back of the bus. People in pain from whatever cause are denied access to adequate psin relief. They are treated or labeled as addicts weather they are delivering a difficult birth to end of life care. To being verbal mistreated harrassment from doctors or pharmacist to beimg dropped by either one to suffer withdrawel that the person has to find help on the web to treat the withdrawel or have massive heart attack and die. Than the death is cover up as massive heart attack by the morgue to protect the doctor who dropped the patient. It also protects cdc and up from any ramification. The people who opt out are just sucide. What happen to the lawyer looking for chronic pain persons to have law suite? Where is follow up story? How is this not discrination to let only sub group of people who suffer chronic or acute pain live or endure pain? We have been cut away from other class of people and treated differant. We are a one race of people in pain.

Brenda Pitts Bennett

Amen! We gotta fight for our rights thank u all for what u do. God will bless u

Cindy too

What about the ACLU to bring civil rights actions?

Maureen M.

God bless Claudia and all who are helping her mission! She is 110% correct in all of her endeavors and has been working endlessly and exhaustingly on our behalf for years!
What would we do without her?! She is making strides little by little and won’t back down.
While I won’t me making one of the rallies (wish I could!) I will be supporting from afar and putting out prayers for them all on the rally days to be seen and heard…loud and clear.
Keep strong Warriors and never give up the fight! We need to and…will be heard!


I have come to the conclusion, and unfortunately agree, with a spokeswoman (JFB) from the NC Medical Board via a conversation by telephone in early 2017 who “advised” me to “get used to it”, (forced tapering and maximum daily dosage) you are NOT getting your “opioid” medication back (in the prior to “guideline” efficient dosage). This while attempting to address the issue of pain management so I could continue to remain….employed. I am now unemployed after 23 years of successful, beneficial, documented, “in compliance” use of an adequate, efficient dosage of “opioid” medication. MEDICATION….NOT increased or any other medication added, after 7 years of the last 23 use of MEDICATION. I hope and wish a well outcome for Dr. Thomas Kline and ADMIRE his sincere dedication to help his patients that are in need of efficient, adequate “opioid” MEDICATION for pain management.


Whether intended or not, the 2016 CDC “guideline” for opioid prescribing physicians IS causing worsened pain suffering and degenerating health conditions because of the inability of PMP’s to manage pain caused by various health conditions. The proclaimed “intent” to limit and state a maximum, daily dosage, then Force “taper” all patients to a maximum dosage of opioid MEDICATION to one and all PMP’s “hoping” for the result of a lowered number of yearly overdoses, nationwide, is failing. Limitation of prescribed MEDICATION is NOT, slowing the overdose rate very much after the “guideline” continues to be enforced. Limitation of MEDICATION IS causing degenerating health conditions both physically and mentally It IS impeding the ability to function at a level well enough to be able to generate income, care for ones self in even a basic, manner such as ones personal hygiene, care for a spouse or loved one that may be a PMP, and to the extent that home safety may not be optimum such as keeping the home environment clean, travel areas within, free of obstruction, because of the inability to “function” in a somewhat normal manner because of unmanaged pain. In short, it appears that hardworking seniors, middles aged and even young people with pain management issues…have been “written off” as collateral damage in another “war on drugs”. SUBSTANCE ABUSE to me, is the problem. Not ALL PMP”s are “abusing”, “diverting” or otherwise “misusing” our MEDICATION. We are asked to “wait”….something “better” for pain management ….”is coming”. All this while illicit substance abuse continues, alcohol use is legal,as long as it is TAXED and one gets “wiped out” and stays “home”. MJ is rapidly becoming an “alternative” which I am sure MANY patients do NOT wish to use in any form. MJ may be fine to use for pain management but, how does one travel say to work without being “impaired”? I have used “opioids”, successfully, documented as beneficial for 23 years to continue “my life”.