Don’t Punish Pain Rally Attracting Nationwide Acceptance

Don’t Punish Pain Rally Attracting Nationwide Acceptance

By Ed Coghlan.

A true chronic pain patient protest has gained remarkable progress in the last month.

The “Don’t’ Punish Pain Rally” that was created by a Rhode Island woman will have events in 46 states on Tuesday September 18th. Her name is Claudia Merandi.

In case you are wondering, the states that have not scheduled rallies are North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Vermont.

“I would say, each state, has between 30 and 200 people protesting, depending on the venue. Some states have two to three venues,” said Merandi.

If you are wondering, “how did I miss this?”

You haven’t.

Said Merandi:

“I want people to know that it’s not too late to protest. They don’t have to go to their State’s capitol. I created this protest to be amenable to all. People are free to protest in front of a CVS, a State building, or whatever is convenient for them. If they visit the website, they can reach me, and I can help them, or another team member can assist, or they can find us on the national Facebook page. they have their own State Facebook page to organize within so there’s plenty of members on those pages to assist. That’s why I created a group page for each state. Sometimes it’s easier to organize within your own State on a separate page.”

Merandi believes that this effort, which started because she (as a chronic pain sufferer) thought the CDC guidelines were negatively impacting fellow patients, was worthy of protest.

Here’s a link to the Don’t Punish Pain Rally Facebook page.

“I guess the biggest complaint that we hear is there are still thousands that don’t know about the protest because we’re limited in how we can advertise due to being a volunteer- based organization,” she said.

In case you are wondering what happens after Tuesday’s rallies, Merandi believes it’s only the beginning.

“Post September 18th, I will focus on Canada and Australia, get them organized, and then put most of my energies into legislation,” said Merandi.

Click here to find a rally near you.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Nathan Robertson

I’m confused. Is this about using opioids for chronic pain management?

Carla Howard

Don’t Punish Pain Patient’s

Carla Howard

The Don’t Punish Pain Patient’s movement is amazing. They have literally saved my life.
If I had not found them and the support of all there, I would not be here today. I owe these people my life and they gave me a voice when all of my Doctors had abandoned me, after decades in Palliative Care for my Incurable Chronic Pain that began 38 years ago when I was in a near fatal car accident that broke me apart head to toe. Without palliative care my life would have been spent in a bed 24/7. Now, I am back to square 1, Thanks to our Government. It is horrible in TENNESSEE.
The leaders here have/are causing the needless suffering of far too many.

Thank you for the recommendation - we have added the link to the story.

Joy Robinson

I live in NC and would really like to try to attend my state’s rally. However I am not on any form of social media save for my infrequent visits to YouTube. How can I be informed of my state’s rally location? I did submit my email to your blog if that helps. I can give it again in this comment in case you or any other North Carolinians would care to contact me directly with the rally info.
Thank you for your efforts….


I agree there’s a big difference between the addict and the addiction to the chemical. I have had chronic pain for over 22 years. It killed me but….after 10 months in the hospital a Pain Pump, Morphine, was placed in me with a catheter attached to my spine and worked well for 13 years until it literally started coming out of my body. They removed it and put me on oral maintenance meds and it took me mths to find the right med. I couldn’t take morphine because it knocked me out and I wasn’t able to function on anything until oxmorphone ER. I could function! I have to fight with the ins co every year and have a emotional breakdown every time and the pharmacy where they carried it humiliated me by questioning everything about me. Why? I don’t use them for a high. I don’t like drugs and I have a healthy fear of them, as my Dr puts it. I’m saying this because I’m a recovering alcoholic and have been in recovery for 23 years. I know the difference believe me. My prayers are with all of you who suffer from chronic pain and I thank you all for fighting a very worthy cause. To me out government isn’t too smart or realistic about the Opiate Crisis unless they realize that we the pain sufferer, are the ones in CRISIS!


To the person who said they cant find Georgia they have a group on Facebook Georgia dont punish pain rally or go to and look at the locations there they are all listed should have listed this website on the article for people!

Lynda Hillebrenner

Congratulations! Claudia! What an amazing advocate. I sure hope the media is there to film & interview cpp’s. My site is either 5 hours away or 3 hours, not sure I can drive that far. But I’m going to do something locally. Having trouble getting permission to post flyers. I will continue to do my best.

Mona Mallory

They should protest the Dental Boards, too. I need extensive dental work, but because I have a pain med prescription, they do not allow me pain meds for dental work; no matter how extensive. The Dentist told me that Motrin works best, but I can’t take Motrin. Then the Dentist told me to take an extra pill. I don’t get extra pills, but didn’t take it up with the Dentist.

I’ve called around and most Dentists are very against opioids. I don’t know what I’m going to do to get my teeth fixed. I just spent the last couple of days, in extreme pain from a molar extraction. A few months ago, I had a molar extraction and bone graft; which was the same deal. The pain was excruciating and my body was going into shock, before I had to use my back pills, leaving me short at the end of the month.

I just don’t understand how the Dentists can justify doing this to their patients.

Bill Halper

How marvellous! Thank you so much for thinking of this fantastic idea! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if CNN, The New York Times and other news outlets would get a hold of this to show the country that we are real, we hurt constantly, that because of the CDC arbitrarily packaged us with drug addicts, our suicide rate has increased, the governmental goons from the DEA are after our doctor’s for prescribing opiates. It seems that this is the only avenue for us to have our voices heard!

Robin L Lindahl

You can reach 100’s of thousands of chronic pain patients via Care petitions. My writing skills are terrible but socially you can reach people by email (care2 being a great avenue) for those of us who are not accepted on Facebook to as people put it “complaining drug addicts” but start petitions and I have at least one hundred friends and aquaitances who in turn have another hundred each to get these messages out there and at the same time petitions that work given the opportunity and right backing to get to them into the necessary officials hands. There are many patients I know with mildly extreme to extreme chronic pain are not listening to my trying to get them involved in this site but a quick petition and the mention of the many with same issues will get them to this site where they have felt hopeless will give them hope and and the MUCH needed involvement. If there’s a Twitter and or Instagram account all about the pain and Drs hands tied please let me know so that we can grow to size no one can ignore. People whom I’d thought would never take the time or get mad at me for emailing extra crap for them to read have been signing and sharing petitions. So please consider this idea with care


I just heard on NPR that people from other countries who invest marijuana have been banned from entering this country!
As Canada moves to legalization, now it’s feared that Canadians investing in MJ will be added to the list.
Incredibly bizarre since in many states, even recreational MJ is legal, and Americans including former GOP House Speaker John Boehner invest in MJ.
Boehner has invested in FL, which now is only medical MJ, but really, if — when — it become legal recreationally, does anyone believe that he won’t invest? And I don’t know if he has other MJ investments.


One thing I dont’ understand — when I first started one of my opioids — a popular one among addicts I believe — it made me so incredibly nauseated that I threw up. My doctor wanted me on it and so I stuck it out until I adjusted, but it certainly made me wonder why anyone would voluntarily take this drug. Apparently my reaction is not uncommon. So, yes, most people who take these drugs need them for legitimate pain reasons and why we are under attack is something I will never understand.


I’d never heard of Don’t Punish Pain, so thank you for this article. I wish my pain would let me go a rally, but I can barely sit up straight or stand. My guess is that rally attendance will be limited simply due to the fact that the constituent members are in pain and limited in their activities.
I’m not on Facebook but did get on the Don’t Punish Pain website for info and sent them an email.

Lisa Hess

Is there anyway of finding out by city how many are attending in one’s city. I RSVP’D Yes, but I’ve got a very bad case of Bronchitis and double sinus infection for the past 3+ weeks (can’t get rid of it because of my compromised immune system of chronic illnesses). I’m going to try my best to make it, but I’m hoping we have a strong turnout in NJ so I won’t feel so guilty if I cannot go.

Tried to find events in GA but couldn’t. Facebook won’t let me join because when I followed their directions and clicked on the confirmation link they thought I was trying to open 2 accounts. With no way to get in touch with them I have no way to resolve the issue. Can we use Twitter to notify people of events.

after 30yrs of treatment for rsd my drs abandonrd me 2yrs later my blood ptesser went nuts I fad a massive stroke an it killed 3quarters of my heart I belive by not treating my pain did this I could not get a dr in mi. all told me I am a politicl night mare so a productov part of society can die so useless junkies live I do not understand I do not want to die at 62 because I got hurt sept.6 1988

Jessica Reible

Yes! Can’t wait to join the other CPP on Tuesday in Madison, WI! If you are not on Facebook, it doesn’t matter. Just show up!


I just got slammed in the floor by two security guards, rolled over, handcuffed, and snatched up like a rag doll at local ER because the doctor thought I was lying to him. I was in pain and had rash from my neck to my ankles. He said not only am I not treating ur pain, I’m not treating ur rash. I been dealing with this kind treatment for ten years. I forgot, forgive me for the brain fog, that I had received some pain meds in July. I got to crying and volunteered to leave. He called security on me and I screamed dont touch me, i dislocate easily. They grabbed me cause i was going out wrong door. The called police on me. Decided not to charge me and let me go then i end up involuntarily committed, picked up at home, back in handcuffs in another cop car, back to same hospital for 4 days, discharged and back in handcuffs again and taken to sheriff holding tank because after two days security decided to charge me with simple assault cause my shoulder brushed his, simple trespassing even though I volunteered to leave and simple disturbance of the peace for yelling cause I didnt want them grab me and dislocate me. WTH!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca Davis

I live in Bowling Green Ky and am planning on attending the protest in Frankfort. I also printed flyers and found out that Walgreens and Kroger do not allow signs of any kind. But I was lucky at the public library and Sheldons pharmacy as well as my church (the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bowling Green Ky). Thank you for organizing this event, Claudia. It isn’t going to be easy for me to make the drive, but I’m going to do it!!

Janelle abbott

True pain patients simply desire to live as normal of a life like anyone else. An addict is someone who searches out that high to escape life…not to live it and this is the difference. The cdc. Government believes we are all the same!!! Out there to chase a high!!!! And on top of this they are treating addicts with clinic to have the option of suboxone or methadone. More facilities and beds. Ive even heard about these houses where a heroin addict can go to and receive clean needles a bed nurses helping out in case they od. And from what i have heard some can get free heroin!!!! So if one nods out to the point of thdir breathing stops the nurse gives them narcan. They all aplaud another life saved. So my question is when these houses are closed, whose to say this addict will not simply go elsewhere shoot up again and od!!! The government is treating addicts whose only desire is to get high, nod out, escape life better than serious chronic pain patients!!! Theres something so wrong with this picture!!!! What is our country doing to us, simply because se have pain???


Congratulations Claudia. You have done an outstanding job of developing this and seeing it thru to fruition. Your hard work is certainly appreciated by all in the pain community.