Don’t Punish Pain Rally Movement Picking Up Steam

Don’t Punish Pain Rally Movement Picking Up Steam

By Ed Coghlan.

Momentum is picking up for the September 18 Don’t Punish Pain Rallies that are scheduled across the United States. At last count over 60 rallies are scheduled so far.

Claudia Merandi and a team of volunteers are driving the effort, which they hope will attract as many as three rallies per state.

Here’s the story on the Rallies.

In the commentary section on National Pain Report, many people responded wondering what they can do to get involved and drive awareness

Merandi told her Facebook audience to look on Facebook for their individual state page to see what is already happening in your state.

Here’s what she recommends.

“Well, I found my protest, what can I do next?”

Here’s what Merandi suggests on her Facebook page:

“Print out your flier. The template can be found on the website ( and distribute them anywhere and everywhere: pain management centers, doctors’ offices, grocery stores, coffee shops, state house bulletin boards.

“That’s why the state page is so important. That’s the place to support one another, make suggestions, and you can all take a different role. Teamwork is the dreamwork!!

“If you create a new protest on September 18, PLEASE, visit the website and click on “ADD RALLY” and you can enter your information. Remember, I can’t promote it if I don’t know about it.

“You can do this and I don’t want you to panic. You have all your tools: you have your state page, you have your flier, your press release, your letter to send to the senator/congress people. It just takes times. Don’t be discouraged if you see low numbers on your state pages. Those have only been up for two weeks.

“Let’s do this. It’s time to take back the power. Let’s support our providers, not attack them. Let’s support one another. Make a funny…don’t let this weigh you down. It will only make you sick. I got admitted in February because I got too stressed about this. It does become who you are if you allow it be. If that happens, step away from the devices and take a break. It will be there in the morning. Take care of your health.”

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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I’m so thankful we’re actually coming together to prevent more suffering and deaths! Thanks to all who are organizing. Please those suffering in pain or are caring for those in pain this sounds like a great opportunity to be seen and heard as people that require for life or quality there of. Let’s fight like never before


I was very happy to be a part of this group and after we were involved with Bruce Nathan who is running for governor of the state of Florida and made it very clear that he feels chronic pain is all in our heads of course everyone had their own opinions about him including Penny who runs the Stuart rally someone posted who is everyone voting for I commented I know who I’m not voting for Bruce Nathan he’s a lunatic apparently it’s become very petty between certain people in this group Penny had her own opinions about this man and apparently that was OK it’s one of those I can do what I want but you can’t the sad part is what this is really about is supporting each other I had a group of 10 coming to the Stuart rally since Spinny decided to take me off of the page in out of the group she has constant group supporters I think that’s something everyone needs to think about we need all the support we can get stop being so petty you’re hurting everyone else God bless and good luck with the rally

Bruce Stewart

Ok I’m going to see if I can make it up to Carson City from Las Vegas. The rally is going to be held at the Legislative Building. Maybe I should call the local tv stations in Reno/Carson City?


I am planning on going to the rally. I help out in any way I can. It may not be much but if each of us does one thing it’ll get done. Claudia is doing a great job getting everything organized and getting the right people together and getting the word out. She has given me hope many times when I was ready to give up. I’m praying and hopeful that the legislators listen and do the right thing. There are so many painful diseases out there that I never thought would ever be affected by this!

Paul Gileno

I am so excited to see this and to be a part of it. I am a person with pain and together we can make change and have them hear us.

Jessica Reible

This is so amazing & incredible that Claudia has organized this for all of us…

She has such courage in the face of EVIL…SO THAT WE can be heard & so that there is pain control!

YES! Please attend a rally, bring people & spread the word! We need more people to get big media coverage!

Let’s invite change, in the right direction, into our lives again.


If we didn’t have all the idiots in government that know nothing about pain we wouldn’t have to have rallies and fight for our right to get pain.relief. Find out who these idiots are and get them out of office.

Kathleen Kaiser

I tried to develop some interest and recruit some help from people and I only got offered help from two people. I know I will need more help than that. And since I have recently learned I fractured one of my vertebrae I really don’t know that I’m up to doing this as much as I want to. There isn’t one being organized for our state yet and I live in the largest city in our state so I really am disappointed that no one else is doing a rally.

One thing that would be helpful for those that are able to do the rally is for you to write a press release that they can use.

I am just one small person but plan on attending the September rally in Sacramento, CA & making my and other chronic pain patients known. I and many others have or are a contributing part of society and we will not be ignored. How dare our government treat us like drug seekers, dismiss our pain care needs and condemn us to a life of misery by tapering or abruptly stopping our pain medication. Not only is the government playing doctor by thinking they know best in regards to pain medication but they also forced many physicians to stop treating us thus forcing us into incompetent pain clinic healthcare settings or making it impossible to find a physician to care for our health needs. Again I am only one small person but I hope many will join me at the September rally, we must let the public & the government know that treating us in this matter is inhumane and detrimental to us.

after being abandoned by my drs my blood presser went throuth the roof over 300 stroke 3quarters of my heart gone after fighting rsd 30yrs I am gonna die at 61 an I honestly do not know why is asking to much for a explanatiun