Dr. Drew and Chronic Pain Sparks an Interesting Discussion

Dr. Drew and Chronic Pain Sparks an Interesting Discussion

A robust discussion on the state of chronic pain was held this week on a podcast hosted by Dr. Drew.

Claudia Merandi, the founder of the Don’t Punish Pain Rallies, Dr. Dan Laird who has been a powerful voice for the chronic pain patient and Dr. Vanila Singh who chaired the HHS Task Force that released the Interagency Pain Task Force Report were interviewed.

Merandi made the case that it’s a “dire situation” for pain patients—Laird talked about the serious access problems—which Dr. Drew challenged saying he isn’t seeing it in Southern California—and Dr. Singh, who was interviewed separately, warned that many doctors who feel stigmatized and often are afraid to speak out.

Laird emphasized that the chronic pain patients are saying “enough is enough” and believes that a significant patient’s right movement— “the largest in history,” he said—is developing.

We highly recommend that you watch the podcast—which runs a little more than an hour- and let us know what you think.

Laird congratulated the tireless work of chronic pain patients as having made dialogue with Dr. Drew possible.

As he tweeted, “I’m looking forward to making point that CPPs have lost critical access to care & are subjected to malicious bullying by certain anti-opioid crusaders. He made the point repeatedly.

Merandi has taken to Twitter and is contacting the Tamron Hall Show trying to get interested in doing a story like the podcast that Dr. Drew conducted.

Dr. Singh made the case there are 50 million people with chronic daily pain and 19.6 million with high impact #pain. “We need to treat folks with an individualized patient-centered approach, non-stigmatizing - #noonesizefitsall -need to understand that “pain” doesn’t describe the multitudes of painful conditions.

It was a good discussion and had something in it for everyone. It also points out the need for more of these types of interaction.

Kudos to Claudia Merandi, Dan Laird and Dr. Vanila Singh for giving the chronic pain patient point of view.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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How on Earth does Dr drew or anyone in America not know what’s going on?do these people live on mars

Linda Marie

I want to know why I should be forced into invasive and expensive procedures I cannot afford that work no better than the pain medications.?


Dr. Drew,

For those of us with chronic pain with acute episodes, Suboxone, and worse the long lasting shots, present a very difficult problem.

These drugs prevent the treatment of mind bending pain during acute episodes with opioids. The only drugs that works for my condition (chronic pancreatitis which is inoperable short of pancreatectomy) are opioids. This Suboxone fad falls flat on its face.

I nearly died in the ICU at Columbia / Presbyterian in NYC because I was forced onto Suboxone treatment as Columbia Pain Management / Anesthesia group decided to have a policy doing exactly what you promote, use Suboxone. It didn’t work well at all, I was incapacitated most days, and then I had another acute flare up. I went to the hospital and they couldn’t do much to help!. I was put into the ICU and given extremely dangerous levels of hydromorphone and I still howled in pain for 3 days straight. I was exhausted, had not slept at all, and actually wanted to die, then afib twice! Finally the Suboxone started to wear off and the pain started to recede and by day 5 I was at least able to sleep in fits.

All this, and the expense, because the doctors would not or were too afraid to continue PO Hydromorphone that had been working. I had poor pain control, then another acute flare up and no pain control at all.

Please stop pushing Suboxone as a first line treatment. If someone is at risk of acute flareups, you should not be prescribing it at all! And since at first practitioners won’t know or fully grasp the risk for acute episodes, it’s terribly cruel to put the patient in a situation where chance and Suboxone can put them in a situation where there is no way to help them.


Dr Drew has several biases interfering with his desire to be honest about this!
Begginning with: he is an addiction specialist who sells a product for “pain relief” all over TV.
He clearly is NOT knowledgeable about the many, many complex medical causes of high impact, constant PAIN….he should show CPPs some respect, rather than comment that we have some emotional trauma as the source of our suffering!
Please, stop with the suboxone, Dr. Drew. Stay in your lane…..treat addicts & leave pain management to someone who KNOWS…..please!

Stephanie Lobignat

I am a member of several pain patient groups, including Claudia Merandi’s Don’t Punish Pain Rally group.

Dr. Drew’s bored, disinterested attitude during this podcast was thinly veiled.

Dr. Drew’s practices as an addiction specialist and he is skewed in looking at pain medication as the primary cause of addiction. His entire livelihood is based on this view. He certainly doesn’t want to upset THAT apple cart.

Secondly, it is my understanding that the only reason he granted these interviews was that he was “caught” on an open mike, saying that the pain patients who are protesting are “borderline addicts”. His wife shamed him into calling Ms. Merandi and asking her to participate in the podcast. Ms. Merandi asked Dr. Laird and Ms. Singh to join her.

Drew Pinsky is a phoney and a liar. If only he had used his “celebrity” to help the millions of suffering chronic pain patients, instead of smirking, he could have done great good in this world.

Thanks Dr. Drew for giving us pain patients an outlet to get the “right/correct” word out. & Thank you Very much to Dr. Laird, Dr. Singh & Claudia. Its NOT prescription pain medicine thats causing this epidemic/crisis. Its the Illegal Street Drugs(heroin, illicit fentanyl, caracfentanyl, etc.) that’s the cause. STOP blaming safe & effective prescription pain medicine & stop cutting production, going after & harassing/arresting doctors & scaring other doctors, ultimately making pain patients suffer & pay even more then they already have, cutting/dropping their meds that have been safe & effective & helped them for many many years. Its just turning more & more to the cause(to illegal street drugs) or committing suicide. The govt heard the word opioid & immediately went after prescription pain meds so they could sue the manufacturers to get a lot of money. But they have it all wrong. Its NOT prescription pain meds.
I think Dr. Drew was trying to find an answer to help. But to suggest Suboxone which is used for addicts just isn’t right since then pain patients would be considered addicts & they’re NOT! Pain patients have used controlled prescription pain meds for a VERY long time with safe & effective results. They need to stop blaming this epidemic/crisis on prescription pain meds & leave the pain community alone! Leave doctors alone to prescribe pain meds that work best & help people in pain to have a better quality of life. People cant even get out of bed now from being in so much pain from being cut/dropped on their pain meds.
The numbers from overdoses/deaths haven’t gone down much, only a little in some places. But that’s NOT because the drop in pain meds, its because Narcan is given out like candy now. Narcar is used by addicts using illegal street drugs to bring them back when they overdose. But overdoses/deaths have even risen in other areas since dropping pain meds. Go figure!!!

Ann Sable

DR Drew, by now, I assume that you are (hopefully) getting the message that, ‘We the CCP’s are quite over it all with countless words, talking about it & empty/ & awaiting promises and that’ll never happen. WE are sick to death with never-ending questions that you nor any big-wigs are even going to take into account. Alcohol? No problem! Marijuana, useless pain tactics, CBD gummies/drops/topical rubs, vapes & all of the other “alternatives” that is pushed on all of us. This isn’t a one-size fits all shirt. Never was and never will be. SUBOXONE? NOPE! METHADONE, ACUPUNCTURE, MEDITATION & EXTENSIVE MENTAL HEALTH THERAPY SESSIONS? NOPE! Sounds like a ‘MAYO CLINIC OVERTAKE’, to which has truly taken over -especially where I live in Central Indiana. As for many of us in this area, knows that it is true. With their HUGE banners hanging in front of the hospitals here. You nor anyone else at the top aren’t listening; just talking is what you are doing. Read all of the comments below and on other topics as well. Same ‘ol, same ‘ol. Nothing is going to change as long as we have yours & all of the other voices speaking for us.
For we are speaking out &, by the above and many other topics before this, you aren’t listening. Never have, never will as long as people like you are running the show. I suppose that WE are just here to listen…? Hollywood? Get out of that and walk among US all. Open your ears & eyes; too much suffering is truly among you. Can’t see it from the big billboard, now can you? TSK-TSK to you & all of the puppets you sit with. As you just sit there spewing nonsense, we are out here suffering, under treated or not treated at all. Many of us are (gasp) dying, too. So keep up with these so-called empty words, false treatments & keep pushing such things that will knowingly kill us all - all the while you are doing this. Such a shame.


The act that a well-known celebrity doc was willing to discuss the subject of chronic pain MAY be a start. MAY be. . .


Good show, thanks Drs Laird, Drew, and Claudia !

And I agree with you’re comments Maureen on the critical nature of Southern California’s treatment of CPP’s. It’s bad here in San Diego! I’ve been out of work for the past 10 years due to chronic severe neck pain and other conditions. I was put on pain medicine to control the pain, and over the yrs my meds were incrementally increased. And I followed every rule to the letter. Then for no legitimate reason I was send to pain clinic and over 18 mth period I was weened off 80% of my dosage, leaving me in intractable pain and practically bedridden. I have little quality of life….

In my opinion the chronic pain community must do more to stop 🛑 this senseless cruelty! In the US our physicians take the Hippocratic oath to…. “ Refrain from causing HARM or HURT“. Well my doctor’s are doing both, harming and hurting me!


ALCOHOL (and all of its effects) is a more serious problem and causes more DEATHS in the United States than opioids ever have or ever will! Why aren’t the government agencies going after the alcohol industry? I think we all know the answer to that!! Money!
Imagine no bars, breweries, no liquor stores, no grocery stores selling alcohol? No farmers needed to grown hops or grain. What would everyone do on a Friday night? When boating, camping, sailing, dining out, Octoberfest’s, etc. What would New Year’s and the 4th of July be without alcohol? We couldn’t have that could we? What would people do? Recently the makers of OxyContin were targeted? Why not the alcohol industry?

Why is it that anyone 21 years or older can purchase the mind altering drug ,”ALCOHOL” without seeing a physician every 3 months, they can buy an UNLIMITED AMOUNT, they can buy it without a prescription, they can drink it whenever they want, they don’t have to be urine tested at a moments notice, they don’t have to prove to the store clerk they can’t touch their toes before they walk out with their 12-pack of beer, etc. People who drink alcohol can even “get buzzed” with their friends.
Yet true pain patients visit a doctor every 3 months in order to receive a narcotic pres, are subject to random pill counts and random urine screens, may not receive pres’s from their doctors if pill counts or urine screens are bad, they must take medication exactly as directed, they don’t even get a “high” from their opioids. They just get a little bit of relief and maybe a good day if they are lucky.
Am I saying to go after the alcohol industry? Here’s the way I look at it. I have never been a drinker and hope to never be. But I feel if they keep pushing opioids further and further away from us true chronic pain patients, many will (or already have) turn to alcohol to numb their physical pain.
Also, the govt needs to take a closer look at alcohol since they’re looking at opioids!

Mark Ibsen MD

Nice try.
It’s important to engage,
But sometimes you engage with those who have an agenda,
With those who engage in “Militant Ignorance “
One must not expect more than lip service.
We will get where we need to go despite the likes of Dr Drew, not because of.
No need to be a pushover,
Just keep speaking truth to Ignorance
Or whatever it is that has our culture and it’s people endorse cruelty and heartless indifference.


Of course Dr. Drew “just didn’t see it in Callie” he is in Hollywood where it is a different world as far as access to physicians and proper medication. He was on my NERVES pushing Suboxone!!!!!!
My youngest son lived in Kentucky in 2013-14 and COMPLETELY blamed Suboxone for his addiction…..Bam!! How do you explain that one Dr. Drew?? Luckily he has been clean for 4 years!
I will refuse to take it if ever offered. I saw my child spiral down a deep deep hole and so many do not survive. He was very lucky because suicide was threatened many times!!!
CPP and mtr of former addict.

Heidi Blake

Great job by Claudia Merandi, Dr. Dan Laird, and Dr. Vanila Singh! Everyone did a fantastic job, so happy to see the issues that CPP’s are facing brought into a broader audience!

I am glad that there is a few doctors who agree wth us that we shld not have to live in this much pain everyday. I am 65 yrs old & I have chronic lyme disease, MS, chrome’s, spleenology (misspelled), cirrhosis, kidney mass,, heart failure, etc. The lyme disease has eggs that keep going thru our blood dropping off in different organs once we become chronic wth it. I’ve lost my 21 yr old son & lifetime husband from this & me & my daughter have had heart attacks , etc from this stuff. Every day is a terrible struggle & the pain is equal to cancer pain yet getting our need for bigger doses of opiates is impossible now. It’s as if our country 580874 to put us back in the 1700’s. Its EVIL for our very own country to want us citizens to suffer this way. God help them for they will pay deeply from our God. God loves his children & doesn’t want us to suffer like this. God bless u all, brenda pitts bennett bbpittsbennett@gmail.com

I ask the surgeon before I have surgery what kind of pain treatment is given after surgery for pain treatment. He told me to my face that I would get 30 opiate pain pills for my labral tear repair in my hip. The state does allow that amount for surgery . I received only 15 That was supposed to last me two weeks. They lie to you in your face, you think okay I’ll be all right after surgery just to find out it was a lie. He lied to make the money. Him and his NP together made 20,000 dollars the hospital made 30 thousand not including with the anesthesiologist received. I knew a week after surgery something was wrong I was hurting too bad. Here I am 7 months later still hurting terribly bad & found out after having to wait to have an MRI that I have another tear in the same hip they did surgery in. I didn’t do anything so I don’t know how it’s possible. I knew & the physical therapist knew something was wrong. I could not do the exercises. They don’t give a [edit]. I’m terrified that I will need another surgery by this physician who doesn’t seem to care & lie to me in my face. There are only 2 orthopedic clinics here and neither one have really good reviews. saw a bad review 2 days ago that the woman’s hip that was put in by my surgeon had to be re fixed by another surgeon. I’m terrified. Also they removed several bad reviews that were on him. I haven’t figured out why they’ve been removed, had persons full names / certified patient. What will be given now after surgery? Many people complaining that their suffering after having surgery on reviews.

Daniel Laird,MD,JD’s and Claudia Merandi’s discussions with Drew Pinsky,MD were
very informative and persuasive, despite Dr. Pinsky’s superficial responses and lack
of the total picture about Suboxone (Dr. P was pushing this for pain pts). These advocates
for pain pts were incisive on the subject, and far too kind and considerate when dealing
with yet another propagandist who doesn’t really understand the difference between pain patients’ “dependence” on analgesic opioids and drug addicts’ addiction to getting “high”.

Dick fort

There’s more rrecotional drugs like heroine and fentyl around then ever before they have created the worst black market for opoids then ever before. Just look at the numbers since all this has went down the overdose rate hasn’t decreased one bit it’s increased so how can we say and the officials say this is working, restricting drugs and proabition has only made things worse, u wanna a model look at portguals model for drugs the war on drugs is the biggest waste of money in the history and instead of the smartest nation America finding and fixing a solution portgual does lol, u do it threw the schools threw education, and warnings, u teach people young u devote money into legit faciltys and access to help and certain meds or recovery….. This whole thing could been fine if they warned some of the docs to stop over prescibing to bring paitents that were getting ridiculous amounts and with the pmp and drug screenings and have gave it time to work, and if paitents are selling there meds and get caught then they should get in trouble straight up but to punish every paitents it’s crude as hell man…. Pretty sad when u had a treatment that worked and u didn’t have to get jabbed with needles or have back surgery taken away , I’m tired and there is nothing for me or any of us to do anymore nothing is gunna change or get fixed all the new doctors coming up are being taught not to give opoids at all, they literally think ur gunna turn I to an addict if u get ur wisdom teeth pulled and get ten five mg perks it’s a joke literally I’m done trying, were all just a number that the rich see as a leach leaching of the government that don’t contribute to shit and are completely worthless humans they could give two shits weither we live or die or suffer, you know why cause alot of us pain paitents are poor to begin with, u really think the rich have a problem getting treatment of meds lol hell no dr.drew don’t see it in his area cause he lives in the richest part of the stateinameri


I am sure the pain management folks did good work in representing patients, but “Dr. Drew” has carefully hidden this podcast on his website making it extremely difficult to find. I am sure this is just an “accident” or “coincidence” or one of those “electronic flukes” that happens with webservers. Since it is not easy to find, folks should do a search for “Dr. Drew podcast with Dr. Singh” and you’ll find it or you can just go to:


it is not included with the rest of the podcasts in this series and nobody should wonder why.

Dick fort

All this means nothing and is worthless u can talk all day nothing is gun a get done they don’t care the government sees us as worthless leaches and if u don’t think that then ur blind, that’s the straight facts, yes something needed to be done some docs were over prescibing but they were being pushed by the pharma companys and by greed not all some, there were alot of good doctors who got caught up in bullshit, all they had to do was link the systems pmp state to state so that paitents couldn’t go to five doctors a week and run manditory drug screenings if a doctor and paitent decided to go and try the opoid route of treatment, I’m tired of being jabed with fucking needles and shots one after another that don’t help that make the pain worse, or help for three days and I’m back in pain, yea the pills don’t fix the issue either but atleast I wasn’t in constant pain 247 wanting to kill myself and I could get some sleep. They have and are forcing paitents to go to the methadone clinic for pain treatment ur literally better off going there for help, and it’s unfair as hell cause then ur consider an addict, not only that but u have to get up every single day when ur already pretty much bed ridden to get one dose of meds. It’s pretty sad I was doing great prior had a steady dose never asked or needed an increase then I was forced to taper well actually I was tricked it was suppose to be one small one which turned into 80 percent of myeds taken. I have herniated disc in my cerival lumbar doctors won’t go near it cause of where it’s at, then my lumbar is really screwed up multiple herniated disc,bulging disc, degenative disc,and spinal stenosis along with some other stuff and words idk, can barely walk bed ridden since and I’m 31 yrs old prime of my life, and before was living q good normal life to a degree, I don’t drink I don’t smoke or do any other drugs, the government has mad things sooo much worse, since these guidelines more friends have died then ever before

Thomas Kidd

Our suffering hasn’t touched those who caused this. And we have become a pawn in their game of greed.

Thomas Kidd

This is nice but we continue to suffer and not relief for our daily pain seems to be coming. Many people are just giving up. The fact that people are committing suicide and people are dying in withdrawal has touched the people who caused this fake prescription drug crisis. Money and profits are their only concern. I will not give up but die in horrible pain if and when my time comes. It time to stop talking about doing stuff and actually do something. We are not getting any better. I am so fed up with this. Lord Jesus come soon.


“Dr. Drew” is a fraud. I am sure the pain management folks did good work in representing patients, but “Dr. Drew” has carefully hidden this podcast on his website making it extremely difficult to find. I am sure this is just an “accident” or “coincidence” or one of those “electronic flukes” that happens with webservers. Since it is not easy to find, folks should do a search for “Dr. Drew podcast with Dr. Singh” and you’ll find it or you can just go to:


it is not included with the rest of the podcasts in this series and nobody should wonder why.

So, now I see it attached up top. Meanwhile I found it on You Tube and just watched it.
I must say…Dr. Drew frustrated me to no end throughout it all. I felt bad for Claudia and Dr. Laird.
He consistently interrupted them and hardly let them speak. Dr. Drew can’t fool me… how could he not know what our community is going through?! How could he not know that not all of us are candidates for Suboxone. I’m sorry but could he possibly be that ignorant? How can he not know that we come from many many different illnesses causing pain?! He ought to make attempts to speak with us?..The Pros in chronic pain, and learn about what we are going through. But, I do not think he’s the least bit interested.
He attempted to do the same with Dr. Singh but she surely got her excellent points spoken out. She especially made it clear that we are not a ‘one size fits all’ group. We all have different chemistry and sensitivities for one.
She was excellent and I am grateful for all 3 for understanding our position and for acting on behalf of our community.
Hugs and prayers to them all.

sarah yerxa

Tracey the pain management I have fired the one person that thought and practiced the right for a pain patient to be treated with pain meds. The pain clinic is now (they said it’s their policy) if you don’t want or need a procedure they taper you off all of your pain meds. I’m not even at a 40 mme a day and I’m being tapered wth……… the doctors and patients are losing one way or another. Unfortunately I don’t see it getting any better any time soon. I hate that I have to say that. We really do need more shows and open meetings but yet we still get shutdown on those too. The fact there are so many people that don’t understand or don’t care scares me to all get out. It’s so hard that we the pain patients and some doctors are fighting for us. If we aren’t getting needed meds it makes hard to do anything. God help us all..

Patricia Bradley

This was wonderful. .however im starting to loose all hope for pain patients ever getting the right to medical help. The clincs and Dr’s have moved to treat us as mental patients and ignore the pain as depression . Until we force the senators to act nothing is going to change. No one is paying attention to the vague statements put out by the CDC and FDA. DEA has denied any part in the strick guidelines.


Dr. Drew mentioned several times that the govt is pushing doctors to prescribe suboxone/buprenorphine. Why is this? Who is making money from this? Certain high profile doctors at PROP are rumored to have a big stake….horrible.


I am shocked that dr. Drew is so Clueless about what is happening, has happened, to pain patients. Wow. That’s a testament to how effectively the media has controlled the narrative. He has a national forum, so I hope he gets informed and starts speaking out. Dan laird, also an attorney, is on top of it. And Claudia, she’s a saint. She has her finger on the very pulse….thank you Claudia! …folks need to start calling their politicians…you can block your called ID, leave anonymous messages, if you fear retribution, at all their offices..local, DC, etc. 30 states passed draconian laws based on CDC guidelines…they must be revised. They need to hear many voices calling. Dr. Singh says in the video that they had 10,000 pain patients make comments to task force., and that’s what got their attention. The squeaky wheel….

Missy Woodfin

I was amazed that Dr Drew was so clearly clueless that ANYTHING detrimental was happening to pain patients or doctors! He stated several times “where is this happening” and “this must be a regional thing cause it’s not happening in California! Maybe the rich & famous aren’t suffering the indignities that average Americans are! Anyone hear him ask Claudia and Dr Laird if they were treating the childhood trauma that causes chronic pain since they know this trauma is part of the problem??
I was flabbergasted by the question! Claudia got a disgusted look on her face shaking her head no, and she didn’t bother to address Dr Drew’s absurd question while Dr Laird acted like he didn’t hear the question!
Childhood trauma didn’t cause my pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis did!🙄

Angie Willis

He was bored and not interested in hearing the truth. That was obvious! He didn’t believe much of anything that was said, which is very sad. All he cares about is addiction and believes that all chronic pain patients are addicts and need to be treated with addiction medications, except the very elderly and late stage cancer patients!

Rosalind Rivera

Dr Drew is incorrect in saying that we that reside in Southern California are not facing the challenges that exist in locating the adequate and very necessary access to proper pain management care in Southern California. I am a chronicler c and intractable pain victim from r 25+ years. I have lived in Southern California for the last 9 years and bounced from one doctor to another until I did finally found one pain management doctor that would address my multiple infirmaries which result in my debilitating pain. Now this doctor has also been affected by the disgraceful statutes imposed on doctors who simply want to address patient standards of living and coping with pain. He too has apologetically reduced my pain medication dosages drastically not because the time or need is right but because he is being forced to do so under multiple threats of license suspension or revocation. My doctor is humane and professional. We discuss this issue often but as he tells me, his hands are tied.
Perhaps instead of going to our doctors appointments we should all go, even in our wheelchairs, to the offices of each and every person in the DEA, HHS, and every other institution controlling member, to request our care and to demand the pain medications that we so desperately need in order to merely function and to live and not merely exist!

Susan Domokos

I recently DM’d Dr Drew about my 7 year pain med awful journey…i have yet to have a response…..so far (365 days x 7 years) i have yet to have any kind of deep conversation with ANYONE WHO IS ANYONE…i live in a pain/pain med nightmare and i really need someone to go over all my medical records with me…365 days x 7 years of a failure to communicate and actually be heard…WHERE DO I GO FOR THIS? WHO DO I CALL? WHO IS GOING TO BE ON MY SIDE AND LOOK AT ALL THE MED RECORDS I HAVE…IT IS IN BLACK AND WHITE YET NOBODY CARES..PLEASE HELP SHOW ME THE WAY….I AM 56 AND MY LIFE IS [edit]..THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION

Gail Honadle

Dr Drew is very misinformed. Even the CDC has had to admit it Lied and over stated the number of OD’s. It’s ‘guidelines’ were Miss Used, Miss Applied. They were meant to mislead as they changed the language, there was a clear difference in prescription Pain Meds and Illicit Street drugs. And Pain has more than 1 meaning. Chronic is not the correct term for the decades of Pain the Subset of patients who suffer from Intractable Pain which last 24/7/365 for Decades. No relief except a Prescription Pain Pill.

Broke states who were extremely liberal with Street Opioid Users giving them clean needles, clean shoot up rooms, Addictive Suboxone or Methadone instead of the heroin or cocaine they were taking. Only Enabled them to keep getting the High they sought. We want Pain Relief many won’t achieve full relief but a 4/5 sure beats a level 10 that makes you bed or wheelchair bound, isolated in your home you can’t clean, or take care of your own hygiene. They saw a opportunity to Sue Pharma and Big Chain Pharmacies for tons of money. The Snake Oil salesmen came out in droves. OTC’s were recommended by doctors who know they are very dangerous to their patients with health issues. Heart, Kidney, and Liver. Tylenol has a 10 day limit, and is the only OTC that can be used post surgery with out GI or Bleeding issues.


Physical trauma is physical trauma period. Stigmatizing high risk patients as pain run by the emotional body when they have also had physical trauma is futile. Or diseases that cause pain. And importantly pain is now the trauma so pain patients live in constant trauma. Still I think that CBT is a supportive therapy because it is truly hard to live with pain. However you must tackle the culprit first, and that’s pain and the conditions that cause it.


Didn’t a season of Celebrity Rehab ended up with 3 celebrities dead? Jeff Conoway, Leif Garrett and Mindy McCready. (Although I believe Mindy shot herself due to depression, grief and guilt over the suicide of her boyfriend.)

Still, Dr. Drew doesn’t seem to have a great public “patient” record with regards to drugs & depression. So I am very doubtful that he has qualifying expertise in chronic pain patients with specific regard to pain without confusing the depression, guilt, anxiety and hopelessness that are the secondary conditions or results of chronic pain.

Perhaps he should stick to Teen Moms and leave diagnosing cures for chronic pain to the grownups. Just an opinion.

Myrtice Morgan

Dr. Drew’s ignorance and unwillingness to receive the truth that these 2 doctors and Claudia Mirandi were trying to get across was hard to watch. Not because they said anything wrong, but because Dr. Drew often looked down at his desk, turned beet red and continued to insist that he didn’t know anything about the current issues patients are having receiving their much needed pain medications. His agenda seemed to be to get the guests off track and flustered with his non stop talk about Suboxone. It did not work so well for him. These 3 wonderful advocates stated the facts and corrected when he tried to steer the topic away from the issue with chronic/intractable pain as well as acute and surgical patients not receiving adequate pain relief.
Drew’s answer was always If people are killing themselves or not getting opiates, why won’t their doctors write them a script for Suboxone, which is an opioid. He is a rehab Dr. after all.
The CPPs were out in strong numbers that night to show support for the situation that has gotten to be so bad that terminally I’ll patients are being denied pain medications that have been used and worked on pain for centuries.
Drew also said multiple times that chronic/intractable pain patients need psychological help because their pain comes from childhood trauma. This man is so undereducated and has a one track mindset that is rehab.
Chronic/intractable pain patients are not suffering with genetic disorders or botched back surgeries because they had some trauma in their childhood. The fact that he continued to say that along with us all needing to deal with our past issues and be put on Suboxone, just showed his serious lack of knowledge in the area of chronic illness.


Why is the voice track so off? It lags by several seconds.
I can’t watch it, I can only listen.


Dr. Drew, the capricious prevaricator whose input at the beginning of the CDC canard added fuel to the firestorm still finds it difficult not to intimate that 96% of opioid users suffer from underlying phycological problems.
I found it interesting that during the podcast he referred to “his” patients, while at the end we saw a disclaimer that he does not currently practice medicine.



I appreciate the effort that so many people have put into this fight. I need to ask, what is the end game here? Are we trying to get some our meds reinstated? Even IF the CDC changes their guidelines, do we really believe that the already paranoid doctors are going to raise our opiate prescriptions? At all? It’s never going to happen. I’ve been fighting right along with all of the advocates from day one. In the meantime we are suffering terribly. I’ll keep fighting for my rights to live a normal life but I’m not very confident that I’ll ever see a day where my pain level is only at a four all day, that was totally acceptable. Now eight seems to be more the daily norm. God bless you all.


Such a great show! This is important information that everyone needs to be made aware of. No one should have to live everyday in horrible pain, just trying to survive. I personally am again being told there’s nothing more my doctor can do for me. I’ve tried the few medications they prescribe, some more than once. My doctor of 11 years just schedules me every 6 months no matter how miserable I am and doesn’t want to treat fibromyalgia anymore. Let her know if my knee bothers me again.


This was a great show! Such important information that everyone needs to be made aware of. No one should have to live everyday in horrible pain, just trying to survive.

Maureen M.

Thanks Ed. Do you know how we can find the podcast? Just google ‘Dr. Drew podcast?’
This gives hope in knowing that Claudia, many volunteer patients, doctors and the like are not giving up and making some leadway on behalf our CP community.
Thank you Claudia for all of your tiring work!
I don’t now how Dr. Drew can say he isn’t seeing it in So. Cal.!
Granted, there is a whole different interest taking place in advanced states like CA, Colorado etc who tend to have a more compassionate, wholistic look at pain patients, with productive centers etc, compared to many other states but…
I have family and friends from LA to San Diego who have been greatly effected with med changes, ER care, finding caring docs etc due to the witch hunt.
Although, it is evident that some states have reacted worse than other states since the CDC published the misguided recommendations a few years ago.

Tracy Cabanting

Oh please Dr. Drew!! Are we surprised that the doctor responsible for “Celebrity Rehab” is the doctor stating he hasn’t noticed an issue? It would kill him to admit that CPP’s aren’t addicts and should be prescribed as needed. It would ruin his BRAND. Also, the majority of doctors are so biased and brainwashed by the long standing institution of medicine that they blindly follow whatever is thrown out there by the bureaucratic powers they ultimately serve. All medical professionals, especially doctors, should have BEDSIDE MANNER as a part of their necessary curriculum with a mandatory refresher course every 5 years so they don’t forget the HUMAN aspect of practicing medicine! Why is it so difficult for doctors to admit “Oops, maybe I might have been off the mark on that one!!”
In other news, Good Ol’Sue from my last article has been moved or fired for NOT FILLING PAIN MEDS!! Apparently, it was a constant, ongoing issue and people got mad and complained and she straight up sent some people into full tilt withdrawal and they ended up needing medical help because of it and yeah she is gone and my new pharmacist is really cool and I’ve already discussed the whole issue with her.
Maybe if people just did their jobs with balance, compassion, and intention……..ugh, is this while deal over yet??

stop this insane witch hunt. Get our doctors back! the pendulum is swinging back.