Nickelodeon buys TV rights to Winx Club

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The Winx Club TV rights have just been bought out by Nickelodeon, who have bought both the US and the pay-for-TV rights for Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom, Benelux, Australia and New Zealand.

Young girls, between the ages of six to eight, watch Winx Club all around the world. It is a fantasy and animated action show, and Nickeloden is looking to fill this gap domestically.

The story is about six fairies who are trained at three schools for modern witches, supernatural warriors, and fairies from all over the universe.

One of the star fairies is named Bloom and she is training from Earth, and she, along with her five other classmates work together to fight off their arch enemies.

With Nickelodeon calling the shots, there will now be a season five and six in the series. Nickelodeon will co-produce and develop the show. They will receive all shows made and two theatrical films.

Nickelodeon is number one in the world for marketing kids shows and other items. The founder of Rainbow S.p.A, Mr Iginio Straffi, says he is excited to be working with the network and hopes the fairies will be given more challenges to please US and British child audiences.

The Rainbow line has a strong consumer base and this could launch them into the next level for partners in other markets around the world.

Authored by: Cheri Youmans

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