Featured Pain Art: “Holy Scoliosis!”

Featured Pain Art: “Holy Scoliosis!”

"Holy Scoliosis!" acrylic on board 40 inches long x 30 inches wide

“Holy Scoliosis!”
acrylic on board
40 inches long x 30 inches wide

I have scoliosis, arthritis in my neck, and an extra vertebra in my upper back. I live in considerable amounts of pain, and can barely remember a time when I didn’t feel the burning, stinging sensation.

More recently I’ve developed chronic migraines and have been living with them for 16 months now.

I use my art as therapy and this painting was especially therapeutic. I could feel individual vertebrae burning as I painted, and when I finished the pain dispelled for a while.

This art is a courtesy of PainExhibit.org, an online educational, visual arts exhibit from artists with chronic pain who use art to express some facet of the pain experience.

The Pain Exhibit’s mission is to educate healthcare providers and the public about chronic pain through art, and to give voice to the many who suffer in silence.

Pain Exhibit recently launched its new Spanish language website at PainExhibit.org/es.

Authored by: Kristen McLaren

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It is truly excellent. I have paget’s bone disease in my spine and this painting talks to me. For me, I don’t know why, I get a soothing feeling on my burning vertebrae. I like the use of color and the stroke. Perfection! I wish I could see it up close. 40 x 30! Yea! that’s how big my pain is! This painting must be beautiful to see it on a big wall. Thank you Kristen for painting it and thank you guys for choosing it. I hope you don’t mind I will be making it my wallpaper so I can see it all the time.