Fibromyalgia Origins Found in Central Nervous System

Fibromyalgia Origins Found in Central Nervous System

brain imaging

Fibromyalgia is now considered to be a lifelong central nervous disorder, which causes chronic pain.

Daniel Clauw, M.D., professor of anesthesiology, University of Michigan presented findings from his research at the American Pain Society Annual Meeting, in Palm Springs.

“Fibromyalgia can be thought of both as a discreet disease and also as a final common pathway of pain centralization and chronification. Most people with this condition have lifelong histories of chronic pain throughout their bodies,” Dr. Clauw said.

And the pain can be more than physical.

“It takes away your dreams, your hopes, and your happy moments. It makes loved ones grimace when they see you.  It makes friends and family disappear. It isolates you into a tiny box until all that was you no longer remains,” Jenny Schwarz of East Helena, Montana told the National Pain Report.

Schwarz uses art - specifically painting to help manage her illness.

Debit CardHe states that people with fibromyalgia experience pain that comes more from the brain and spinal cord than the locations where their bodies feel the pain.  He believes fibromyalgia may be related to how the brain processes pain signals.

Dr. Clauw says physicians should consider a diagnosis of fibromyalgia for people with musculoskeletal pain that is unrelated to an injury.  He says treatments with opioids and other drugs do not always work because they do not affect the neurotransmitters in the brain.

“Because pain pathways throughout the body are amplified in fibromyalgia patients, pain can occur anywhere, so chronic headaches, visceral pain and sensory hyper-responsiveness are common in people with this painful condition,” said Clauw.

Darbi Beals Stolk suffers from fibromyalgia. The former registered nurse now coaches people with the disease. She told the National Pain Report that she thinks patients should pay attention to studies like Dr. Clauw’s.

“Educate yourself about your illness and the various studies regarding recovery published by doctors and health experts. Ultimately, recovery is an individual process and you are the only one who can decide what that process looks like, she said.”

Fibromyalgia is the second most common rheumatic disorder behind osteoarthritis and, though still widely misunderstood, is now considered to be a lifelong central nervous system disorder, which is responsible for amplified pain that shoots through the body in those who suffer from it.

“The condition can be hard to diagnose if one isn’t familiar with classic symptoms because there isn’t a single cause and no outward signs,” Dr. Clauw mentioned.

Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Ginger Bartlett

I had been managing chronic fatigue syndrome with its myriad of symptoms for the past 20 years by staying away from allopathic medicine and using natural therapies to keep me functioning with some quality of life. Unfortunately, work place bullying got the better of me and my CFS morphed into Fibromyalgia. Pushed into to seeing a GP it took a further 18 months of persistence to get a my debilitating condition diagnosed which then gave me the impetus to research more about Central Nervous System sensitisation Disorder and treatment plans. Allopathic medicine recommends taking anticonvulsive medication ( membrane stabilisers) to treat FM which is an anticholinergic agent. Anticholinergic agents affect nerve synapses that stimulate muscle contraction and release through out the whole body, most notably the digestive system ( from salivation in the mouth to defection from the anus) and explains why people who take allopathic medication experience constipation/diarrhoea , dry mouth or over salivation, bloating, water retention, reflux etc as common side affects. I then looked up what natural products contain anticholinergic agents and found that deadly nightshade plants ( potato, tomatoes, tobacco, chllii) contain high levels of the substance as do pesticides, nerve agents used in warfare and many prescription medications FM suffers are prescribed to relieve symptoms. . So I removed all deadly night shade foods from my diet. I have been off them for over six months now and my pain is all but gone and CFS has not returned. I feel happy and alert but I still have lower leg weakness which means I have a process of muscle rehabilitation to embark on. Such a simple remedy for a horrible condition… Just wished I had done this years ago. Also stay away from fermented and yeast based foods as they contain high levels of L-glutamate (MSG) which is neurotoxic on the CNS of FM sufferers and can stimulate epileptic like muscle contractions in the body resulting in pain.

As a youngster I experienced pains that others my age didn’t have. Each time I walked a long way, took figure skating lessons, tennis lessons, had a physical education class…I hurt. “Growing pains,” my mother diagnosed. But my pains not only persisted but intensified long after I stopped growing.

Unable to carry on with my job as a teacher, I was determined to get to the bottom of my “growing pains.” After numerous referrals I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I then devoted myself full time to getting well. More doctors, therapists and medications, I tied anything and everything I could find, both medical and alternative. Still more pains and then long term disability.

Unable to care for myself, barely able to move I was scared to death of this pain that never stopped and of the possibility of a dismal end in a nursing home.

Then my uncle introduced me to the beautiful wellness work that helped him, his family and so many others with all manner of illness and discord. They worked with me to help uncover and resolve all of the unresolved issues and stressors in my life that were making me so very ill. Thanks to them I have been in remission, both pain and prescription free for nearly 15 years. I continue to eat a healthy diet and walk whenever possible.

Today I am well beyond my wildest dreams and I am forever grateful to my physician who really listened to me and kept trying new medications and treatments. He referred me to many specialists and never suggested as some family, friends, colleagues, and doctors did that my horrid symptoms were all in my head, a woman thing and out-and-out malingering. He gave me the courage to keep trying until I finally found the help I so desperately needed.

Thank you for keeping us updated on the latest research that will hopefully result in help for all who continue to suffer with Fibromyalgia. Don’t let it “take away your dreams, your hopes and your happy moments.” Keep hope alive!


I wonder how many women that have fibromyalgia have had a hysterectomy or full hysterectomy and how many men have had a vasectomy? I have had a full hysterectomy and I am in torturous pain for the last five or more years. I have read that some think it is from hormones well you don’t produce hormones when you have had a hysterectomy not sure for the men but factual for women I wonder if this is why its so bad?

Judy Reynolds

I am a 73 year old woman who has had fibromyalgia my entire life as did my mother, therefore, I have to assume that my FM is gestational. I have managed to get through life by being my own doctor, not something I had planned on doing because I have other interests. I can not believe that as recently as last year, I sat across from a young doctor whose first statement to me was, “I don’t believe in fibromyalgia.” The old guys in medical school are still teaching the young ones wrong…so hard to believe. To hear that after so much suffering is incredibly painful and cruel. I was so startled that I didn’t get up and just walk out as I should have. I have written that young lady and told her how her lack of knowledge has affected me and will affect others. It is shameful!! I know final answers will not be found in my lifetime; all I can do is pray for the next generation. I am nearly done here.


Anyone beem tested for lyme or one of its co infections??
You did not have to remember being bitten by a tick or had a bullseye rash?

I’d like to comment on Joanne Fontenot’s post I don’t know which country you are in Joanne but unfortunately cannibus is still illegal in Australia but I know it has been used with great success on a little boy over here it caused great controversy at the time as the child had been given it in hospital by doctors to stop his seizures as he was basically just fitting constantly he had absolutely no quality of life he was sent home with medical cannibus oil and was improving greatly on it when out of the blue the police raided their home and took them in for questioning, the family was devastated and made look like druggies, end of story I think they have allowed this child to have it on doctors orders and passed it in certain states for use in certain circumstances and for certain cancer patients but again our group of illnesses have been swept under the rug.I am so frustrated with the attitude of so many people medical profession included, that look down on us as if we are people just looking for drugs, i have been robbed of any normal lifestyle, I care for my ninety five year old mother do everything for her I basically keep myself going just for her to keep her out of an aged care facility, I have changed my diet no sugar no gluten spend a fortune expensive supplements, I use my opioid medication To enable me to do the tasks involved in caring for someone else and to be able to keep my home in some sort of decent order, I am in constant pain I have tried all the medications for that have been prescribed for me for fibromyalgia Lyrica cymbalta had ketamine infusions lignocaine infusions all with horrific side affects there are others that I have tried and the only thing that helps are the muscle relaxants and endone which help me with the pain for an hour or so to get up and going the others may work for some I am also on an antidepressant at night to help me sleep Doxepin it helps but again has the horrible side affect of making me feel so tired the next day. There seriously needs to be trials done on the use of medicinal cannibus as it may help a whole group of people that cannot tolerate the other drugs.

I have only been diagnosed for five years but I feel I have been suffering this even perhaps as far back as my childhood and as I’ve aged it has got worse and worse with so many other symptoms developing. At times I am actually aware of my spine and the pain radiating out from it around my chest, down my legs and into my bowel and bladder, this may sound like a very weird description but I assure you it is very real very painful and the most disgusting feeling actually making me want to be sick. The people that say that opioid drugs do not work do not know what they are talking about as they are the only thing that gets me out of my bed in the morning them and a muscle relaxant plenty of water gluten free diet and all my supplements like probiotics and vitamin D and magnesium and a B complex.

Joanne Fontenot

No one has mentioned that cannibus has helped. The Rx drugs had terrible side effects for me. Cannibus has helped me. I really don’t know what I would do without it. We will see if this gets posted.

Dee Schultz

I was a RN for twenty two years. FM has destroyed my past and current life. All along I have believed that it is a neurological disorder. It affects every system in the body. I have no doubt about it and this article confirms it. Never understood why ppl with FM are referred to Rheumatologists. I have tried every non narcotic drug and they have not touched the severe unrelenting pain I experience constantly. These drugs also have had intolerable side effects for me. The only relief I get is from narcotic patches and pills. So sick of the judgement involved with taking them. Have lost friends and family due to the stigma of using narcotics daily. Due to all the drug seeking pain med addicts it is getting harder and harder to find doctors who will prescribe what I need. I get no high from my meds period. These new scheduled drug laws r making ppl who suffer from true pain lives very difficult.

Living this journey for over 14 years now, I have learned that all I can do is control my diet, exercise enough to alleviate and abate pain of lactic build up in the muscles, lose weight and keep looking for more solutions to the pain. Over medicating my body does more harm than good from side effects of the meds. Increasing supportive vitamins like Vitamin B are crucial to calming down the shooting and traveling referral pains.

Relaxation gained from Acupuncture and other methods are worth their weight in gold. Avoiding stress is also a huge factor. I do use a low dose morphine to take the edge off the pain to enable me to move more so I can exercise and get rid of the lactic acid build up that causes the horrible pain associated with this condition. One must become the leader in one’s medical care. Only you can improve how you feel.

We must try different things and share the things that work with other people. We are not alone in this journey. It is important to share and keep sharing so others can also feel hope and find relief from pain. Solutions range from the simple to the complex just like this condition. We did not get this way overnight and we will not get relief overnight. Seek to learn the layers of pain relief from this pain onion; FIBROMYALGIA, that is individually ours to solve.

This article caught my eye because my Acupuncturist said to me just yesterday that the only system we do not fully understand yet is the nervous system that includes the brain. In the three months I have known her she says it has been a pleasure to work with me because she says I am on the right track to become as healthy as I can as I wait for new developments to arise out of research.

I was once on over a dozen medications and now am down to three I take and hope to be off all of them very soon. I use a chiropractor who specializes in Functional Medicine. This has made all the difference because typical doctors do not have the time or the interest to work with Fibromyalgia patients.


Kathy Robertson

Connie Watson, what is it you’re taking? Wasn’t real clear in your comment.
Thanks. Kathy

Freda Lovell

I disagree that is just the central nervous system based that drugs directed at that are going to work. I do however agree that is brain-based, but it is our hypothalamus functions or hypothalamus disorder that causes Fibro. I think it is hormone based. The hypothalamus is a portion of the brain that contains a number of small nuclei with a variety of functions. One of the most important functions of the hypothalamus is to link the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland (hypophysis). This is the portion of the brain they to direct attention to is the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. Mark my words, I have had this illness since 1980 and all of my endocrine systems are failing. I even have adrenal insufficiency now, hypothyroidism, migraines, diabetes, degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, and more. I have limited my diet of all sugar, all processed foods, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, I exercise and stretch as much as possible. I take very few pharmaceutical drugs as possible as they just poison your system and give you serious side effects you don’t need and I feel better. Getting off sugar and drinking water and eating at least 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt in my diet along with potassium daily and taking Chelated Magnesium 200 mg. twice a day or once a day if you get the runs. Taking the magnesium has gotten rid of the IBS and helped with the muscles cramps a great deal. You MUST drink the fluid and take the salt also to help with the muscles cramps. You have to be religious with it too, every day. I also take Lipoic Acid 600 mg. to help with Neuropathy caused by diabetes. I am not a doctor, this is just friendly advice, please check with your doctor before you would take any of my suggestions. Once I started taking the magnesium, I was able to get off all of my GI meds that were not working. I have a nutcracker esophagus, which has been botoxed and my doctor was getting ready to do it again, but once on the magnesium my esophagus calmed down, don’t ask me why, it just did. I was so grateful. When I have a really bad attack it’s like having a heart attack and I have to be rushed to the ER to make sure I am not having a heart attack. It’s a PAIN both ways. I hope someone from Dr. Clauw’s research findings will read my comments and would please direct their research more to the hypothalamus and just how to we fix that! And, please let’s fix it and not throw drugs that don’t work at it! I for one and tired of making drug companies a lot of money that don’t work and make us FAT and give us serious side effects that we have to recover from along with the Fibro and other serious illness that we now have.… Read more »


I have trouble with fibromyalgia being a central nervous disorder,

New research has shown about 45% of us have the nerve damage of small fiber polyneuropathy. the test used to rule out other disorders that have been used for the last 20 years do not test for small fiber polyneuropathy, So if doctors use these test people with small fiber polyneuropathy will be mis DXed every time.

I have never believed fibro is one disorder.
And only believe less then 40% have true fibro.

My “fibro” was caused by Sarcoidosis, and the major body wide pain disorder seen with Sarcoidosis is small fiber polyneuropathy.

and in my case and many others with sarcoidosis fibro was DXed first and the sarcoidosis found later and no followup was ever done on the so called Fibromyalgia.

I have read countless articles on Fibromyalgia in an attempt to educate myself and find answers to my questions. I was diagnosed about ten years ago and have been in treatment since then although it took many years and several specialists to get me to that point. I’ve tried different meds, I walk, I do yoga and stay active. That said, all of this has only taken the edge off the pain and at times accelerates it; there is no way to predict what my body will decide to do. I have also found that the older I get, more new symptoms appear. Living this way is difficult enough but this is a disease that you can’t see, so often there’s a lot of doubt from people (family included) that you’re actually sick. I understand that this is lifelong. I guess my question to people out there is this: who is most qualified to treat fibro? Why is it, that in general, neurologists are not the go to specialist as this is a nervous system disorder? Also, are there any studies being done with individual fibromyalgia patients that search for the origin of this disease in them so that a trigger for this can be identified? Or is this just something we are born with?

Gail Tiede

For anyone interested in help, read the book called Explaining Pain by David Butler and Lorimer Moseley. It’s helping me along with people at RehabAuthority. Look them up online. They’re in 3 states 🙂

What happens if migraines go untreated for years because you thought it was fibromyalgia causing the pain in your head and neck? I have pain in my jaw, back of my head, arm numbness, sensitivity to light, sound, smells, not to mention the throbbing. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004 but knew at 29 something was really wrong. I’m 53.


I was diagnosed 10 yrs ago with fibro….. I do take hydrocodone and Cymbals and muscle relaxers and diazepam..It makes me furious when I have to get a new doc that tells me opiods don’t work… That is the only thing that helps…. I have 4 chipped teeth from grinding my teeth from the pain… I see a rhuematologist but maybe i should also see a neurologist too… Having fibro caused my marriage to fall apart too…. Which made my anxiety and fatigue and pain go thru the roof….. I am on disability and have a very little income…. It is a struggle to survive…i would give almost anything for a cure so i could get my life back… I have major depression too..

Teresa McGovern

I was “officially diagnosed about a year ago with Fibro. But I have had chronic headaches and light sensitivity since I was 14. I have noticed the mood swings that are affecting me every day. especially when the pain is really bad. I have the tiredness and am still learning how to manage my life with this disease. I wish the article would have gone into more detail as to what works to control the pain and nerve activity.

M.J. Humphrey

Of course, Stephen, the pain on the crown of my head comes from the “muscle” that resides there…….Most of my trigger points are on the points of bones…….

Billie Girl

^Sonny Z (May 18)
“Shooters” is a great description. It is like a lightening bolt shooting thru my body (legs mostly). I also have times it feels like a hot quarter or hot cup of coffee has been set on me. Sudden localized burning sensation. Dr has no explanation:/
My family tells me I have had “strange muscle pains” since I was a toddler, perhaps younger. I have always hurt but the FMS dx was not until the late 90’s when overwhelming fatigue joined the worsening pain.
This is a good article as far as it goes. I wish there had been exact study results and concurring studies cited.


I have been diagnosed for a year but suspect I’ve had fibromyalgua for about 20 years. I had similar experience to Ellen I burnt my fingers one time and put my fingers in cold water but the cold water caused more pain then the burn. I even find hold cold things causes a lot of pain.
I also have a lit of restless leg pain at night. My hands and feet are my worst pain though occasionally I get red hot pins and needles all over thankfully the med I’m on seem to help.


I’ve had fibro for over six years now. Feel like my life has been stolen. All my energy goes into family, work and managing fibro, which I do through yoga, meditation and antidepressants. I can’t even remember the old me anymore.

Vickie Tway

Please research beyond what Dr. Daniel Clauw has to say. True, he is against using any type of opiates to treat the pain that is a huge part of fibro, but don’t for one moment think he is anti-drug. Dr. Clauw is in favor of whatever dangerous and deadly drugs Big Pharma has in store for us. He isn’t interested in finding a cause and dealing with that. No, its all about treating symptoms. Those of us with fibro will NEVER get better taking what big pharma dishes out. These “fibro meds” require more and more meds to treat the dangerous side effects they cause. The end result (if there is one) is taking so many prescription drugs that there is no longer any way to untangle the whole mess and find out what is causing what! The only sure thing is that the more drugs we take the sicker we get. I have finally ditched traditional medicine and started getting well. The great thing is, we ALL have the power to get better. There is no magic potion, no miracle pill, no wonderful procedure that can make us well. What CAN give us our lives back is following an anti-inflammatory diet, juicing, taking necessary vitamins and supplements, and exercising in a way our bodies can tolerate (warm water pool exercise is easiest on our bodies), and re-teaching our bodies to get restorative sleep. Only through good quality sleep, can our bodies “work” on whatever is wrong. I have nothing to gain by sharing what I have seen work time and time again in giving people their quality of life back. Instead of researching Dr. Clauw and what other pro-big pharma researchers have to say, instead of researching the latest greatest medication (you know the ones…at the end of the 60 second commercial everyone is smiling and returning to that demanding job), spend your time researching food, vitamins and supplements. Research natural things that can help you get your life back. Only YOU have the power….NOT a doctor. And feel free to get in touch with me. I am happy to share how to work your way through this crazy fibromyalgia maze. No one knows more about fibromyalgia than a well informed patient. We should be helping each other get well.

goswellen arellano

This is all pure conjecture. There is no evidence that people with fibromyalgia have more pain than anyone else. The survey that is used to diagnose fibromyalgia does not look for differences or changes in the nerves, spine, brain, etc. It just asks if you have pain in the widespread pain zones that make up most of the body and if it keeps you up at night. The third section, other symptoms, has no right or wrong answers.


fibro is the bane of existence for too many people. After having it for 30 years and going through myriad symptoms some so painful I could not get out of bed. I finally found the answer in acupuncture. you do not have to believe in it , just if you have the opportunity to experience it DO IT.. I was pain free and symptom free in 4 weeks. That was going 3 times a week. I immediately felt the difference in all aspects of the symptoms. I amnow having problems with hashimotos along with the fibro so I am going to up my once a week maintenance to 2 times a week. I go to a Community Acupuncture clinic so it is affordable. look into it if you want a holistic approach to this staggering illness.

Judy Sseverson

##I wonder if impingement of your spinal cord could cause Fibromyalgia. Through an MRI it was found I have a arachnoid cyst on my spinal cord in the thoracic area of my back. My spinal cord is swollen and myelogram fluid can not get through in that area due to the blockage. Anyone else have an impingement of the spinal cord? Makes sense to me this could cause fibromyalgia symptoms.

Mary Freeman

hi Jennifer Dargan. I got dx with Fibromyalgia six months after a dx of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Because of tingling and numbness in fingers and hands my rheumatologist sent me to a neurologist. I have had several EMG’s and nerve conduction tests all with normal results. I did have the biopsy done as well a couple of years ago now. His explanation was small fiber neuropathy. Is this the same as degeneration? I am kind of confused after reading your story. Any clarification you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


hi I have fibromyalgia for 11 years. I suffer from my arm tremors, constant headaches, jaw, teeth, scalp, hands, feet, skin, eye,neck, and back pain. So severe I have days when I want to give up. I had to go off the medication as my ulcer pain is terrible. My lower spine is crumbing. And my thyroid has slowed a lot

Kate Johnson

I’ve had Fibromyalgia for 15 years. The pain varies from annoying to incapacitating. There was a period of about 2 years when I was completely bedridden. I moved to Oregon and then got a great doctor who sent me to pain management. They had me start on Wellbutrin, and also gave me fentanyl patches. The fentanyl did nothing except make me tired and itchy, but the Wellbutrin gave me enough energy to get out of bed. After that I went on cannabis, which has been by far the most effective medication at relieving the pain. I’d say between the Wellbutrin and cannabis, I get about a 30% pain reduction. Enough to let me have some kind of life.

I had Fibromyalgia for at least 17 yrs before it was diagnosed, and that was in 1995. I have suffered a failed marriage largely because doctors repeately told us there was nothing wrong even going so far as to tell my husband I was just lazy. When a doctor finally came up with the answer he couldn’t deal with it. Luckily I have a wonderfully supportive husband now and have found a few treatments that help, Vitamin B12 injections help, hormon replacement also however that is counter indicated, and, largely, determining that I might have Fibromyalgia but I would be darned if it was going to have me. Even today you will find doctors that will dicount the condition going so far as saying… ” you can’t have fibromyalgia, you have the wrong attitude. ” PS never went back to that……..

[…] Origins of Fibromyalgia. Not all in our brain […]

Kimberly Fox

this is a great article but Dr. Claus offers no help for fibromyalgia.


CBD (cannabinoids) and very low in THC in medical marijuana may help with fibromyalgia without getting ‘high’. My health was due to physical trauma to my spine, and nothing works either, now trying this as an option but is expensive. Charlotte’s Web is a well-known strain of marijuana is used in pediatric children and has very low THC and high CBD is used for real health conditions.

Jennifer Dargan

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 10 years ago and left untreated and unmedicated because of this thought. I tried multiple meducations and the side effects are too severe or I had allergic reactions to meds, i was easily given up on. I was also left in untreated agonizing physical pain. I was just referred to a new neuro who wanted to a skin punch biopsy so I did it. I have advanced small fiber nerve degeneration-small fiber burning polyneuropathy to include my eyeballs and my mouth. Medical Professionals need to find a better way to ensure people they are diagnosing with fibro actually have fibro and not small fuber nerve degeneration. All the mindfullness meditation and hot baths have dine nothing for me and have actually harmed me because I have been left medically untreated for 10 years and left to suffer in excruciating physical pain. I physically burn from head to toeand yhe pain is excruciating. I tell everyone now who has the label of fibro to get the skin punch biopsy for small fiber nerve degeneration and I do not have diabetes. Does anyone out there have any infirmation on this disease?

I have been diagnosed wih Fibro for 10 years, i was referred to a new neuro who saw something in me that was different so he did a skin punch biopsy and I have advanced small fiber nerve degeneration-small fiber burning polyneuropathy. I burn from head to toe inside and out to including my mouth and eyeballs, the pain is unreal. Because it was believed I had fibro i have been left untreated and unmedicated and my nerves are all dieing. Medical Professionals need to come up with a better criteria to ensure the diagnosis of fibro is accurate so what has happened to me does not happen to anyone you know where i can get any info on my cindition?

I too have fibromalgia, I know it had to do with inflammation for sure, that seems to trigger nerve endings. I stressful situation can bring on increased pain. I recently wad vibrant Ultra pain mess up to 6 or 8 a day. It is dulling tyne nerve pain and muscle pain. It is not a controllejd substance and it doesn’t make you feel high or any other side effects, after the first few days. It takes awhile to help at first, until it gets in your blood stream regularly. It’s not cure! BUT IT HELPS GIVE SOME OF YOUR LIFE ACTIVITIES BACK.It has something in it that voices signals to the brain.
I would like research on hepatitis c and the connection liver problems. I had hep c 30 years. Although only had noticeable symptoms for six years. Tyne stew millions of Americans that have HEP C many do not even know it! !! I completed the new drugs for HEP C which I received in a blood transfusion sown my first child. Sovaldi and olyssio. I have type 1. I was given a three month treatment. After 2 weeks I wad cued of HEP C!!!!! I truly believe theatre is a connection with liver problems and fibermalgia. It seems ads though any conic pain widespread is being catagorized so Fibro. Similar to Colic in a child. Peace we need more research dollars. They’re are so many suffering every day worn this pain
Connie Watson


I was with him until he recommended antidepressants. No idea if they work for some people, but I tried several types and brands because my doc insisted, and all they did was make me moody. Especially the one ‘approved’ Cymbalta. Worst 2 weeks of my life; I couldn’t tolerate it any more, couldn’t even get myself out of bed. Never again. Formulate a drug for fibromyalgia that works on the brain if that’s where the problem is-stop trying to give me drugs for depression.


great article!


I think this information is right on! Early in my battle with fibromyalgia, when it was thought to be a condition of connective tissues, I knew it was a disease of the nervous system. One time, my hand hurt so bad that I stuck it in a bucket of ice water, hoping to numb the hand so the pain would lessen. It didn’t work. It felt like my bones were on fire, and the icy water didn’t help one bit. That’s when I decided it was an inflammation of the nerves. Anti-anxiety meds help, and that, too, tells me it is a condition of the brain and neural system. I wonder what is the cause.

Marcie Sugden

Thank you for posting this study. While I do not believe that these findings are the only cause or source of Fibro pain. I do believe they are a step forward and they are helping to finally give legitimacy to a very misunderstood disorder/disease that a great deal of the medical community has shown a lack of belief in. To the point that I had a nurse tell me that Fibromyalgia was the lazy woman’s new fake complaint! I have been diagnosed with Fibro. since 2003, and yes it has been getting worse. Sometimes I wonder if I will still be able to walk in another five years, because the pain is so bad in my legs and feet.


Sounds kind of depressing. I have been reading about the brain’s plasticity, ability to form new pathways. Trying guided imagery and meditation, also moving around more, but it’s difficult when you are plagued with fatigue.

Cathy Champion

I have a mix of fibromyalgia and severe osteoarthritis. I found long ago that pain meds didn’t help. I’m at the point that I’m nearly unable to walk due to the back pain. Any suggestions?

I have been being treated for Fibromyalgia for about three years although my doctor has never used the F-word (Fibromyalgia, you guys) as a diagnosis. I find greatest relief from being physically active either playing golf or working out at the gym. That keeps my muscles active and is also a distraction from the pain. When I am not active such as sitting watching TV, reading or doing puzzles I feel the most discomfort; shooters is what I call them. So I am a little skeptical about some of the things I read about fibromyalgia; is it neurological pain, muscular pain, osteopathic pain, psychological pain? You tell me; could be all the above.

Beth Urmston

Fibromyalgia affects over 70 million people worldwide. For any real headway to be made, we, the patients, need to take responsibility for ensuring much more is done to raise awareness and also raise funds for the much needed research.

The Fibro Flare Magazine, is one awareness group, via Face Book. One pot for funds, it is currently too fragmented with little research money being available to any one charity to make a difference.

I suffered with fibromyagia for more years than I can remember. Finally I received my diagnosis. I tried everything I could find, both medical and holisitic. Nothing helped. I just kept getting worse. The pain was excruciating. No longer able to teach, look after my home, my dogs or myself, I was considering spending what I was convinced were my final days drugged out of my head in a nursing home.

It was then my uncle phoned to tell me about Joy of Healing. They had helped him, his family, acquaintances and friends with a wide variety of problems. The rest is history. Founders Andrew and Tamara Overlee helped me to identify and resolve the many unresolved issues and stressors in my life. Thanks to them I have been in remission, both pain and prescription free from Fibromyalgia for nearly 15 years.

I firmly believe that Fibromyalgia has both a physical and emotional component. A healthy diet and exercise geared to each of our individual needs are important, however, unresolved issues were also a key factor that made me so very ill.

Linda Vince

I had meningitis at 15….never really felt well after that despite being very keen on sports?

Sandra sinfield

I have suffered with this and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 20 years 3 years after a car accident..I have now been told that I also have a functional and dissociative neurological disorder which relate to the nervous system and the brain interestingly? but now more is known of fibromyalgia and complications that can arise because of it.

Carol Taylor

wondered why all the meds I have took do not work.

Janet Kelly

Thank you Ed Cohglan for your article.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 20 years ago however 6 years ago i was found to have B12 deficiency and more recently I was diagnosed with vitamins D deficiency. My life was impossible always in pain, but now I only have pain when I over do things. I think these vitamin deficiencies are often not diagnosed and far too many people are suffering as a result.

Often people are given pain relief and sent away, I really wish more people were given the help I was.

I have found help through the B12 web site

Jane Walters

Thank you for publishing these research finding, it gives me hope they may be able to find a treatment to make us suffers of fibro more comfortable and regain some quality of life