Fibromyalgia Resolutions for 2016?

Fibromyalgia Resolutions for 2016?

This year has gone by so fast.

I’ve turned around and it’s gone.

But hey.

I can’t believe how fast life has gone.

I look back at all the resolutions I’ve tried to keep. The operative word is “tried.” Looking back at it, I don’t think I even tried to keep them. I know it sounds good but it just doesn’t happen. I think I had it right when I said, “I’m the idea man. Follow up isn’t my strong suit.”

Rosemary Lee

Rosemary Lee

So what do I do?

I’m going to list the “resolutions” that I think everyone should adopt.

If you can’t tell the last sentence was dripping with sarcasm.

A few years ago I wrote that I resolved to be more accepting of me. I knew that I’d have bad days and good days but this is a chronic illness that has no cure. Ok….I get that. Time took care of part of that. Accepting of me? Has or will that ever happen? Probably not. I’m not very accepting when the voodoo pain hits. I’m not real accepting when the pain drags out for days on end. I’m not real accepting when I see commercials for the lousy drugs that haven’t done much for fibromyalgia pain but have side effects like weight gain. For me, that is a side effect that negates any benefit whatsoever. So am I accepting? Not when I look in a mirror….yeah, I really do miss my neck.

I know….that’s not a fibro thing. That’s an age thing.

Golden years my fanny………

The one that really makes me laugh is the resolution that I would check my attitude at the door when the pain gets overwhelming. Oh yeah…..that WILL NEVER happen. What was I thinking??? Attitude in the toilet is the only outlet I have when the pain doesn’t stop. If I didn’t have sarcasm I wouldn’t know what to do! Has anyone EVER been sweet and nice when pain is stabbing at your body like the little voodoo doll it’s named after? Me either.

Then I always resolve to be kinder to my body. You know…if you push you will pay. Well, I always push because I never know what the day will bring. If I didn’t push I wouldn’t do anything. So I guess I will have to learn to pay.

The one thing I can do is remember that it could be a whole lot worse. I know that doesn’t mean much to people who feel like they’re at the end of their rope. It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you’re really deep in that tunnel. I am not trying to minimize what chronic pain can do. It can bring a truly strong spirit down to their knees. What I’m trying to say is to hold on with both hands and know that it will get better. Pain does change you but we need to stay strong and fight those changes.

What I’ve realized is that I never really appreciated all the good days before Fibromyalgia became a constant in my life. Maybe that’s why I push on my good days. I do appreciate them and since they are few and far between I tend to make the most of them. It’s interesting that people think we have a low tolerance for pain. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I can tolerate pain and I tolerate it on a daily basis. The levels make all the difference but the pain is never truly gone. Most of the people I’ve talked to feel the same way. We’re not wimps. So it comes down to the difference between pain tolerance and pain thresholds. I have a very low pain threshold but my tolerance is very high. Pain tolerance is about the levels of pain that a person can take before breaking down physically or emotionally. Pain threshold is the point that the stimulus is perceived as pain.

So, am I making resolutions this year?


I never keep them anyway.

It’s too bad I can’t write Dear Abby.

Then there would be more advice….

I could ignore.

I wish for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year…

for you all.

Happy 2016!

Editor’s Note: Rosemary Lee is a writer who lives in Las Vegas and suffers from fibromyalgia. She writes for the National Pain Report. To see more of her work visit her blog (here).

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Authored by: Rosemary Lee

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I love what you said about pain tolerance and pain threshold. I was thinking that exact same thing awhile ago but I had no way to get that idea out to the public, that’s why I’m so glad you said it. Maybe people will start understanding that now, that in actuality people with a high pain threshold don’t really high pain tolerance because they don’t have to tolerate all that much pain. I’m so sick of family members acting superior saying ” I guess I must just have a high pain tolerance because I just don’t seem to feel that much pain. ” No you don’t have a high pain tolerance because you’re not tolerating any pain. The reason you don’t feel much pain is because you don’t have any. You don’t have any conditions that cause pain! Duh! And the worst is when they act all better than me when I have to resort to pain medication and they say, ” I don’t like to put any medication in my body I don’t even like to take asprin. Well then thank the Lord or whoever you thank that you don’t have to but would you say that to me if I was taking my heart or blood pressure medication instead. No, you wouldn’t because you’re just bias against pain meds cause of all the bad press and cause you think I should just be able to handle it. Even though you’ve never had to deal with pain like mine, you have no idea how bad it really is, and don’t know what you’d resort to if you did have it.

Anne Gervais

Yes sometimes family or friends just don’t understand. Some friends have it also and it becomes (mine is worse than yours) I just let it be. Everyone has it different. I would like to say to them that it is not a contest. We all suffer from it.


Thank you Rosemary so much for Your article. I feel as if we’re kinderd spirits. You made me laugh & nod, a lot. I’m looking forward to following you.

Toni Callander

Sorry didn’t acknowledge the follow up

Toni Callander

IF ONLY the people I LOVE THE Most in this world would understand this and ACT AS SUCH instead of just ignoring me I MIGHT BE ABLE to start healing slowly (never completely I know it’s here forever )
Yet with no hope or motivation to have a better life why would even try to put forth the energy when these very people are the ones who ARE DRAINING IT FROM ME DAILY?
Love Mom


Thank you. I shared this on Facebook. The isolation is the worst part for me most of the time.

Cheryl suppnick

My only resolution would be for all my friends and family ro read your wods. I could never exprss words like you have. Thanks. I’ m not alone in this realism.