Fighting the Chronic Pain on Many Fronts

Fighting the Chronic Pain on Many Fronts

It was nice to catch up with Claudia Merandi, the Rhode Island woman who launched the Don’t Punish Pain Rally group that has been growing in influence.

The idea is simple…take a day and plan local rallies around the country (and the world) that are designed to bring the media to cover the rallies and bring awareness to the issues facing the chronic pain community.

It’s been working—the rallies have been growing in influence. In fact, Merandi told us today that she’s added a chapter in the United Kingdom in addition to Canada and Australia who are already participating in the DPPR.

There’s another rally planned…on March 20th…and Merandi expects it to have activity in each state, although she wonders about the lack of activity in the “Dakotas”. There hasn’t been much activity in those two states, so if you live in Mandan, Bismarck, or Fargo in North Dakota or in Rapid City, Pierre or Brookings in South Dakota, you can get involved.

By the way, if you are in any of the other 48 states—and most of you are—make sure you participate if you can.

Start here—here’s the Facebook page that has attracted some 12,000+ folks—and see how you can participate.

(DPPR Facebook Page)

In addition, Merandi has been making progress to re-introduce legislation in her home state of Rhode Island. To remind you, a bill that would allow chronic intractable pain patients to be able to access opioid therapy and that pharmacists must fill the prescriptions is back in play.

Last year, the bill passed the Rhode Island House but died because the State Senate didn’t act in time.

“I’ve learned some things and met more people,” said Merandi. She expects that the House will pass the bill rather quickly which gives her and her colleagues more time to identify the best strategies to pass the bill and move it to the Governor for signature.

But as Merandi said, the real strategy if how do we get an answer at the federal level.

More on what she’s doing to ensure that strategy in a future report.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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