Over Regulation of Opiate-Based Analgesics is Not a Panacea for the So-Called “Prescribing” Epidemic

Over Regulation of Opiate-Based Analgesics is Not a Panacea for the So-Called “Prescribing” Epidemic

The US Congress never ceases to amaze me! Recently, the Senate HELP (Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions) Committee had a hearing entitled ‘Managing Pain during the Opioid Epidemic.’ In Chairman Lamar Alexander’s opening statement he conceded that in fact, there have been unintended consequences to their heavy-handed regulatory response. This evasive terminology is their way of saying “we screwed up.” In fact, five of the original authors of the 2016 CDC Guidelines for Opioid Prescribing have disavowed them, citing bias and irreparable harm. This thought was echoed by other witnesses at the HELP hearing with a directive to address or redress the contentious ‘mme daily limit,’ cherry-picked by Ballantyne, Franklin, and other CDC advisory committee members.

This response came in the way of a mountain of legislation called HR 6, which had been in the legislative pipeline since just before former President Obama left office. Also of note are CARA, CARA 2.0, VA Opioid Safety Initiative(s) which are well intentioned but simply went to far in prohibiting effective health care for the most ill, the disabled, the elderly, cancer patients and survivors, and our beloved Veterans who keep us safe in their oath to the Constitution of the USA and its people.

Congress failed to pass Palliative Health Care legislation despite wide bi-partisan support, according to the American Cancer Society in DC. The sad part is PCHETA legislation failed because much of Congress failed to differentiate between ‘Hospice Care’ and ‘Palliative Care.’ Perhaps legislators felt it would be political suicide to seek a middle ground after the stern response to the very problem they created and encouraged out of the gate. Prosecuting doctors and creating an environment of fear for physicians has done nothing to keep class 1 narcotics from flowing like the Niagra Falls (link story: Huge Fentanyl Bust). Expanding chronic pain through palliative care is a solution for many of the gaps that currently exist in the state of pain management, but must now be re-introduced which has yet to occur.

The epidemiology suggests regulatory and legislative actions have failed to stop mortality rates while persecuting physicians in Harry Anslinger 2.0 style. In the late 90’s we saw JHACO, Pharma, and the US Government push an aggressive and broad pain revolution that resulted in HUGE profits for all. With that increase, we saw a parallel increase in overdose deaths. When prescribing rates began to fall, something very interesting happened. Mortality increased despite a steady reduction in prescribing which indicates a failure of regulatory and administrative law policy. Physicians are being punished for adhering to ‘do no harm’ and are denied their judgement and training through PDMP ‘outlier’ targeting. This is a dangerous path to go down and ultimately harms us, or will harm us in the future. Congress knows it must act quickly with bi-cameral and bi-partisan veto proof legislation to rid us of street drugs that kill us and allow safe and effective FDA approved medicines that help us.

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We are getting EXACTLY what they want us to get: screwed.
First they get us hooked and then, they take it away and mess us up more.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

Dear friends, be assured that those who have caused all this unnecessary suffering will be rewarded for what they have done. “Behold, the righteous shall be recompensed in the earth, Much more the wicked and the sinner. But wait, most people don’t believe in God and His word, or their brand of Christianity is so far removed from the Scripture record that they might as well not believe in anything. We are living in the days of the sleeping saints, spoken of by Jesus in His parable of the 10 virgins of Matthew 25;1-13). As the tribulation Jesus spoke of has begun on a remnant will be salvaged and that through much suffering at the hands of Antichrist and those employed by he/she or man’s system. I am not leaning towards an actual tattoo in people’s foreheads or hands, it is a metaphor for man’s reasoning and intellect and what mankind does with the wonderful hands given them by the Creator. Believe what you want but I will continue to follow Jesus Christ, my Redeemer and search His word. God only blesses obedience to His Commandments. “If you love ME, keep MY Commandments.” (John 14:15). Even after keeping His Commandments we will still suffer that we might be like Him, THE HOLY ONE.

Thomas Wayne Kidd

Thank you for your commentary. This was done deliberately by those in power to gain more control over people’s lives. Legislation to stop illegal drugs will not work! Morality cannot be legislated it’s a historical fact. I would draw your attention to Probation and what happened in that most foolish attempt. But people today evidently know nothing of our history or just refuse to acknowledge it. Our nation is on it’s death bed and will cease to be much sooner than people dare think or believe. The teachings of right and wrong by the words of Jesus Christ have been rejected outright and we are now REAPING THAT WHICH WE HAVE SOWN. Foolishness and wickedness have taken over our schools of higher learning (?) and God’s judgment will continue until we are not a nation. But I understand that what I write here will be ignored and nothing much will come of the warning of impending doom of this world. Trusting in man’s government has never worked and will not work now. I have suffered more since 2016 than in all of the 30+ years I have had chronic pain. I will trust in my Redeemer and die like a man who awaits his Redemption. I will as long as I have breath, encourage others to seek Jesus Christ and His Salvation. The end of all things human is much, much nearer than millions and millions dare to acknowledge. Lord Jesus come soon is my prayer.

rick sanborn

I’m so glad we’re finally starting to slow down the dangerous prescribing of opiate pain medication. We are one of the only countries that abuse it, and its created many addicts and also convinced people that they are in pain when in fact they’re just addicted to the pills.

Get outside, get off the meds..


Because of what THEY are doing to all of us and humans still to come is causing people to get creative.
One can only suffer needlessly so much, until we are forced to find a way to ease the pain ourselves, or untill we snap.
I can not live like this much longer. I have grown very sad, feel like depression is getting closer, as hard as I fight it off, it’s poking at me.
Humans evolve. We are being forced to find ways to ease our pain.
As everyone knows, there are people who are not going about it the right way. Or are not educated enough on what and how to go about it.
Pushing people against a brick wall or putting us in cages is now blowing up in every way possible.
Alcoholics kill and die in far greater numbers, but I guess you can’t stop the drinking. What would the Gov’t do? I say they will make their poison of choice, the way they do in prison….. Oh! Wait, they can afford to obtain, have, and keep what ever they want.

Pharmacy Staff knows

I wish that there was better education to the public about all pain meds. Especially since Fentanyl has gotten such a stigma around it now. Fentanyl patches used properly are not what most people think. They are safe if you are opioid tolerant and if not you have no business using them. The reason people die from the illegal Fentanyl use is because of a few things 1)only opioid tolerant patients should be prescribed this med 2) the dose is unknown once mixed with heroin because obviously these are not pharmacy personnel dispensing a medication by dose 3) the fentanyl has been removed from a patch form (which in patch form is slowly time released over a 72 hour period ) and once removed it becomes an IMMEDIATE DOSE of whatever amount they put into whatever was sold to that person and no telling how much they are taking. It could be a 3 day supply all in one dose and that is why it of course would cause over dose death.
I feel badly for anyone who is addicted to heroin and wanted no part of Fentanyl to begin with and patients who could no longer legally recieve their pain meds ,feeling forced to go to the extreme to obtain illegally some form of their fentanyl for pain relief, but I do not believe it is fair that everyone else pay the price. In pharmacy about 10 years ago we saw prescribers who we strongly suspected of over writing narcotics , and we were forced to fill them even though we called the state board of pharmacy who advised to follow the law that if the prescribers were validly licensed but may contact DEA . Which we did , DEA told us we know that doctor and he is being watched.
?what? So we had to continue filling those scripts to comply with the law of not turning away a valid script ,especially if we had the medication in stock.
It really just took them too long to do what they needed to do. I really think there was no reason they could not bust that doctor immediately, they had the proof. I’d love to tell Dateline this and more.


They stop giving chronic pain patients the pain medicine they need so they turn to street drugs to help their pain and wind up overdosing because what they got was laced with fentinal. Stopping pain patients medication is just making the death rate from overdose go higher and higher.

Fed Up

I [edit] hate Congress, and wish intractable pain on each and every Representative & Senator. Maybe THEN will something get done.


For most of us the crisis wave of Dr. Witch hunting and forced tapers has brought irreparable harm.and for some having their quality of life supporting meds dropped altogether. Do no harm is a joke , as the DEA. Wreaks havoc across the now non professional medical comunity. We have remedial pain management and A shaking in their boots CDC afraid to completely radify the Morphine equivalent ratio and abolish the Gestapo DEA tactics , admit the war on drugs a waste of tax revenue. Patients with absolutely no criminal back ground forced to tempt fate with the bath tub gin heroin , desparate for crippling pain relief . Now as suicide rates soar from untreated pain patients, and overdoses climb higher from the real opioid problem illeagal fentanyl. Now IAsk you , Those of you who are instramental in causing the new real epademic , medical malpractice against Americans with disability’s, CDC,DEA,HHC, and micromanaging governments with self benefiting asparations ,how do you sleep ? Not rolled into a ball of pain? Turning and twisting , praying for any relief, anything,, I could only wish you could feel the horrid pain we suffer .

Barbara Snow

My question is why can’t we bring a law suit against the government who did this to us? I read an article the other day about how much the lawyer’s at PROP are paying their expert witness, who are suing big pharma’s to testify. $750 per hr. This man is making millions. We don’t need to pay our witnesses. We want our right’s restored. Family’s who’s member’s have died because of this should be compensated. Doctor’s who have been harmed, should have their rights restored. Any ideas?

Cyndi Sieving

How long will it take now for something to be done? I was labeled an opioid addict by a new Nurse who’d taken over after my Dr moved. Now that follows me everywhere I go. She hadn’t even met me when she wrote that in my medical records! Now I’ve got an ulcer, serious problems with my bowels and possible gallbladder issues and high blood pressure! All from taking too much Tylenol and ibuprofen! I’m told I must cut back on the OTC’s now too! I’ve got Neuropathy, really bad pinch nerves in both my sciatica and sacroiliac, compressed disks and bursitis in both my hips. 9 months ago I was an active, healthy person who responsibly took opioids. Now I’m inactive, gaining weight and facing all the above health issues! I always had great BP even on the low side! There’s not one Dr or specialist I’ve seen that will help me now! I’ve got my medical history to back me up but, no one gets past that first statement that says I’m an addict! I don’t even drink! What are ppl with CRP like me supposed to do now? I’ll bet that, if anyone of the legislators were to end up in severe pain, they’d be begging for relief and asking for pain meds! No one cares until it happens to them!

Wildlife agencies can tell when & what animals are going extinct. Right down to fish in the ocean. The CDC created this overdose of prescription opiates. People who receive prescription opiates are on controlled substance medication database & there was a list of people that used to be on the controlled substance database but the CDC cannot figure out why people are committing suicides from being on the list & not being on the list anymore. They know prescribing rates have dropped. undertreatment & treatment is killing people. These policies started taking place in 2010 & have got aggressively worse & so has the suicide rates. But our government agencies can keep up with all kinds of animals but not the human beings to what is the cause the suicide rates going up & exactly who is it that is dying. All they have to do is look at who’s on the list who used to be on the list to figure out that their pain issues was more than they could bear. Also want to note this 4th July, I was at a marina party & there were 3 NP there. one had a shirt on it said will work for beer & they all 3 were pretty drunk & their spouses & yet they took 2 different boats out with them being drunk. These are the medical people that are taking care of us that do one thing in private & another at the office.
Last yr at out door concert a surgeon was so drunk that he was talkin to me thinking I was someone else. He wanted to talk to the person next to me. He was so wasted he didn’t even know who he was talking to. I hope he didn’t drive home. Point is they medicate with alcohol even if there’s no health issue for pain. But its legel as long not DUI but NP were DUI. Alcohol is not a problem right?


“…legislation to rid us of street drugs that kill us…”
Prohibition of any mind-altering substance has never worked, anywhere, any time -just look at Prohibition of alcohol in the US & how little it affected drinking & how many died from “unintended consequences” from it…only partly from deadly home-brewed alcohol. There is no such thing as legislation that will “rid us of street drugs.” The only sane or intelligent thing to do is to follow the clear example of Portugal. After they stopped trying to make all ‘street drugs’ go away & started making them legal & safe, both deaths & overall usage declined drastically, & stayed down. Even people who’d been unable to get off heroin for years from the “just say no/ban all drugs” approaches succeeded in getting off & staying off heroin once it became safely available & no longer an illegal & horribly stigmatizing substance & they could go openly for help.

But I fear this Puritanical, massively stupid country will never go for the one intelligent, sane, & effective solution, & will continue to unnecessarily murder both illegal drug users as well as innocent chronic pain patients forever. I just wish to God I had enough money to move to a sane country.

David W Cole

I’m personally not going to hold my breath waiting for Congress to do anyting. The only work a half a year, then they don’t do [edit] while they’re there.


Anyone notice that, as they dropped regulating the corporations killing us/ the Earth with their chemicals. WE, the People are now the heavily regulated…to death of society.
And it isn’t just the painkillers or prescribers, it’s everything.
We’ve allowed this on by not voting against those who would take away our liberty…ever since 911 gave the gov an excuse to violate our Constitutional rights, esp to privacy in our persons. papers and effects.

This pogrom against pain patients is an attack on the very fiber of our medical care.
Pain relief is one of the ONLY things docs can do for a lot of patients in chronic conditions.
It’s not surprise they are targeting the medical community. That’s where the $$$ is. We now live in a police state.
Happy Independence Day!!! I guess it’s just for the rich and despoilers of our planet.

Now that I’ve been blacklisted by my ( really bad) doctor and am being forced to go to pain management which will not work now anymore than it did 30 years ago, I really don’t know how I can survive.
No one is listening, there’s no help anywhere. I’ve tried and no one listens nor cares.

Maybe I’ll go to the pain clinic on the off chance someone will keep prescribing. but, it they don’t, I give up


I believe congress critters are licking their chops to sue “Big Pharma”.

They sued Big Tobacco for millions and millions and millions and nobody knows where that money went. I personally tried to follow it and draconian doesn’t even start it. I finally found where one state was using the money - amidst a lot of self congratulations and self backslapping - to help welfare children without dental insurance. Not kidding.


I’m glad they felt like they were helping Dr’s with “the unintended guidelines” and now my neurological of 14 years doesn’t even prescribe me a single precipitation after being wrongfully force tapered from the patch then my breakthrough oxycodone wasn’t working at all as my primary pain med due to tolerance. I patiently waited for my next appointment while I withdrew myself from the remaining medicine that was ineffective and ask the Dr if he could switch it and why and it didn’t matter what or how much just different but he declined and sent me back home to my bed without anything but the standing offer for the medicine that was not working alone at that point. One year ago today I weaned from all opioids and haven’t touched one because I was forced to and have been needing some kind of help ever since. I’m alive but not really any more I’m just more or less existing and I’m just kinda waiting for something better than this while stuck in my chair or bed most of the time doing so with my quality of life absolutely stripped from me and the psychological trauma I endure from this on a all day basis is undescribable. They say if you don’t like your life CHANGE IT well ok but I did do this in 2005 when I reached out for a little help and was successful until March 2018 only to take one of the hardest hits of my life a hit that very well could be it for me by the people I trusted and reached out to for help and following all the rules I was given hell I even followed these rules right off of every medication I was receiving down to 0 at home alone by my self with no additional help offered, why because I had to I had to do my part in making my Dr’s MME numbers and percentages improve for fear of the DEA coming after him for treating a legacy pain patient with multiple herniated discs lumbar and cervical, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, neuropathy, onset carpal tunnel, to name a few I’m so sorry for everyone experiencing what I am and for the loss of lives

Happy Independence Day

All of the pain, suffering, and death is intentional. For years the government has been reporting the exorbitant cost of caring for America’s ill, elderly, and veterans saying these cost are having a huge negative impact on the national economy. The excuse of a drug consuming epidemic has made possible a solution for this situation. As the writer points out, there is no official move by the government to stop the inflow of illegal narcotics, in fact it’s been the opposite by increased efforts to keep our borders open and foreign drug traffickers from prosecution. The latest government sanctioned program offering treatment to pain patients in the form of Buprenorphine plus spinal injections are the same for addicts which gives the addicts their high and pain patients no relief while enrolled doctors, pharma, government share the big dollars these treatments cost. The doctors not getting with the program will continue have DEA interference.

Charles Poirier

Don’t expect Congress to be bipartisan and don’t expect them to act quickly they are absolutely a disgrace to the American people who elected them to do a job which they have not done. consequently Trump is going to have to get it done for the American people . We need to physicians to be able to go back and prescribed the way things were because obviously prescribing is not the problem illegal drugs are. I am so sick of our Congress if it were up to me I’d fire every one of them and replace them obviously not with Democrats.

P Gillis

The damage is done! Once the doctors rethink they have already taken u off or lowered them too low… they wont go back! 15 years and 3 surgeries. Numerous p.t.,, deep injections, many needles! Medications, nausea, pain, everything that has been done all these years! Always took exactly as prescribed.. always told the doctor wouldn’t take them away.. now I’m in terrible pain coming back. Cymbalta they gave me in the past…makes me nauseated n never worked!
I beg to differ..I know my body!! They do work! Its given me back my life to at least enjoy my family. my travels, life itself!!
I’m not wanting to die! Go down a hole I cant climb out of!
I want to Live!
What this has done to me, my family, friends!
What now? The damage is done!
I do twice a week..chiro, acupuncture. Have medicine chest full of expensive rubs, gels, creams. Have 2 t.e.n.s.units also.
Herbs, vitamins etc…
I begged to not have this taken away! But cant argue or would be dropped n then who could I see? Where would I go? Not even given a chance!
What now? I need to be here for my grand kids, kids, husband of 39 years!
I just Want to live my life and be able to move, walk, live!
For God sake! What now? The damage is done! I dont believe there is a fix! Just a slow decline for me!
Thank you CDC. Lawmakers! Whom ever out there that’s hurting me and my loving family who 100% behind me..( my husband rarely takes an aspirin)
I hope this stops n helps some people out there!

Thomas Wayne Kidd

How many people must die and suffer before help comes. I understand why people are commiting suicide. This is absolutely wicked and evil. Lord Jesus come soon!


I suffer CRPS and have been undertreated for years. The suffering is too much to bare at times. This opioid epidemic has nothing to do with innocent patients that have been cursed with incurable and debilitating pain. Renee


Dr. Heck et al,

I wrote, emailed, and called Senator Alexander’s office too. Wouldn’t you know I received the same response as you?

I began this pushback thinking we could make a difference. That our voices would not only be heard; major walkbacks would occur from it. And the losses all of us chronic pain patients have suffered would somehow magically be restored i.e. “We were wrong, here’s your medication back. Here’s your LIFE back.”

I’m so naïve, sometimes I scare myself. No, nothing is getting better. “Best practices” always means a magic show with trained dogs jumping through hoops of fire. I’m really done this time.


“Physicians are being punished for adhering to ‘do no harm’ and are denied their judgement and training through PDMP ‘outlier’ targeting. This is a dangerous path to go down and ultimately harms us, or will harm us in the future.”
When I read that I thought “Oh it’s harmed us big time and it’s getting worse!

Mr. Sanford, you are absolutely correct! CDC, FDA, whomever, stated in the 90’s that pain was not being addressed and the fifth vital sign came in with the happy to sad faces.I was a patient in Johns Hopkins hospital, and the pain team and I discussed this many times and how important it was to have your pain controlled in order to heal! They now want to put the blame on the pharmaceutical companies,and our Dr’s. It is so hypocritical that it burns me up!
Something need to be done asap!

Thank you for this article.

Thank you to all our veterans! God bless each and every one of you!


When the government fears the people there is liberty, when the people fear the government there is tryany. All Americans should stand up for those who want opioids. Yes, I said WANT. The health risk is mine. Lets outlaw beer and tobacco. Hey you chubby Americans! What if the government fined you for every pound of extra body fat? Let’s sterilize all of the mentally ill. WAKE UP people, they work for you! Personally I don’t care who uses drugs if they don’t hurt me. How many decisions does the government have to make for you? If drugs weren’t so illegal they might cost the same as a pound of coffee and no one would kill for it. Dopers will be Dopers no matter what it costs.2

Douglas Hill

I am almost 70 years old and hurt constantly. I was thinking about the pro abortion slogan so often bandied around that says, ” it’s my body, and my choice.” That slogan also seems to be settled law, meaning that women can choose to end the life of their unborn child. Why then, can’t those of us over the age of 65 choose to not be in constant pain? So what if we choose to pursue a life of happiness and take medication for chronic pain. I don’t get it that American’s can choose to kill, but cannot choose to not be in pain?


My son’s story goes to the point of the environment of fear created by the government for physicians. He suffers with Chrons disease & colitis, and became addicted to oxytocin. Then like many others, he started using heroin because of the cost of the pills. So, for the past ten years, he has been going to a methadone clinic. People need to know that these clinics are inhumane, they treat people like cattle, standing in line in the heat of summer & the cold in the winter. Many of the people are chronically ill like my son, and worse, cancer, aids and then there’s the elderly. These clinics are not conveniently located either! Luckily, my son has a car, some people must take a bus. To get to the point. My son had an appointment with a pain management doctor, so that he could be under the care of a real doctor. And have the methadone to take twice a day so that he wasn’t in pain all night, and then having to go stand in line at the clinic. The doctor saw my son, got his pharmacy information. Then while setting up his next office visit, the doctor came up behind him , and said maybe you should just stay at the clinic. There’s such a stigma associated with methadone clinics, my son was devastated from the doctors decision, and I was heart broken again. I know in Canada and other countries your pcp can prescribe methadone. And as we all know that the government needs to let the physicians, do their job & do no harm.

Denise Morris

Thank you for this insightful and well-researched piece. I hope it gets read far and wide.
There is much to disseminate in the way of correct information to combat the disinformation campaign that has been underway for numerous years. Give doctors back their profession!
Give patients back their inalienable right to live in the dignity of not suffering in excruciating pain!

Hayden Hamby Jr.

VERY well worded by Mr. Sanford. It just goes to show how “well intent” (for the masses) even by a “guideline” can miss the objective so badly and have disastrous, unexpected results. Even after admission by the “experts” that authored the 2016 CDC ‘guideline” employed by dot/gov….. NOW see, that the “guideline” has caused “irreparable”, consequential results, it takes a monumental effort from those of us to get a reversal or amendment to a screw up (the guideline). Millions of people, who now can barely function at any normalcy are now forced to undertake an attempt to correct it through our legislators. Time IS of the essence when lives are on the line with the now “pain management crisis”.
Today, GOD BLESS those that placed their lives on the line (and still do) many of which gave their lives long ago so that we could live a better, free, self governed life. I hope and pray the we NEVER forget what it took , and takes……..to live free.

Very well written and stated Mr. Sanford! I often wonder if the families of those who (within our CP community) have committed suicide, due to poor treatment changes, write letters to the gov’t offices about it, just as the families of the addicts who have overdosed and caused this wave of horror for our community did??
Thank you for your advocacy on our behalf.


They’re now saying women become addicted to painkillers after a C-section…so giving them tylenol & ibuprofen works better.
How many people do you know who became addicted to pain pills from ANY surgery? WITHOUT having prior addictions?
The rate is less than 2% in the general population.
It’s actually Drs & nurses who have the highest rate of drug addiction of any Profession, what are they doing about THAT?
This whole thing is to cover up illegal “fentanyl” isn’t fentanyl at all…when tested it was a combo of opioids & amphetamines…that’s why people are dying. Heroin w/added amphetamines….where does heroin come from, pray tell? Why are soldiers in Afghanistan guarding poppy fields? Research THAT.
Where did heroin come from in Vietnam?
Does anyone know WHY we still have troops in Afghanistan?


They aren’t misinformed or ignorant. It’s Depopulation for sustainability. They never hid this. 1993 Rio G8 Countries signed the “Sustainability”. It’s on Wikipedia & look up the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT.
There’s too many people. CPP’s & addicts are 1st to go. They wrote it in black & white. Seems far fetched? I could write a book on how the gov has created & benefited every stage of this mess.
Who would read it?
I can’t believe anyone thinks the Gov cares about Vets, they were the 1st cut off! With the highest suicide rate re:these draconian laws!! People will do do anything to maintain belief in their gov, no matter what that gov does to them.

Walter Strickland

Pardon my skeptical side, but after all of the problems caused for our GOOD Doctors ,the Veterans and CP Patients suffering because of the rediculous Guidelines Suggestions.


There are too many people. There are too many people who aren’t producing.
Look at the suicide rate among Vets?
CDC has no power to shut down Drs & pharmacies for prescribing & filling “too much”… with no clear guidelines on what that is.
This started in 1993.
And sorry, no changes will be made. The gov knows what it’s doing, & has every step of the way. Is the FDA not gov? They approved Purdue’s oxy pushing in the 90’s, knew EXACTLY what they were doing, & let them off with a slap on the wrist…barely.
Why care about opioid prescribing NOW? Gov created any prescribing related issues, long since addressed.

Walter Strickland

Happy July 4th to all !!! Do you think this will really mean anything, or are they just dangling carrots at us ? Thank you for your hard work and valuable time you spend on this to help keep us all informed !


Since I was a teenager in the 60’s I have been listening to police scanners. I can also hear Paramedic and EMS Rescue squads talking to hospitals. I hear 3 -4 Overdoses a day. They are revived with Narcan. But, I have not heard any of them being taken to the hospital! They sign the Against Medical Advice form and probably go right back to doing What got them there in the first place. But us, the pain patients, can only suffer with our pain that is, more often than not, worse because they have been cut back drastically or completely cut off.

Cheri Bailey

OMG Pat yourself on the back FDA for your brand new bold bright excuse me “black” box packaging! People are committing suicide and dying because a bunch of bureaucrats got It WRONG AGAIN!!! we have been receiving 36 page SUPER LARGE PRINT data with our meds everytime we pick up our scripts….we know the risks, and the rewards. Now would someone at all of these damn alphabet agencies DO something to get chronic pain patients back to bei ng as whole as possible, the ability to get out of bed everyday and be a meaning ful person for our families. And have some function and sanity returned!!! We are suffering! And you guys are worried about making the labels more readable. We [edit] know ya morons…talk about the elephant in the damn room!!!!

Terri James

On May 30th I received a response from a letter that I wrote to Senator Alexander. The man did nothing but talk in circles. He stated this was started when Obama was in office, he told me how much money they had spent on the project and oddly enough one of the things this would accomplish would be stopping illegal drugs at the border. Also that they had done this to “help” our doctors, among a very long list of others. I was also given a lecture as to how opioids kill more people than “gunshots and car accidents put together.” Of course he wrote nothing back in response to our veterans and millions of chronic pain patients who are needlessly suffering, many even taking their lives.
I was thanked for my letter and told my info would be used in Washington as well as Tennessee. Anyone in politics would have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not know what they’ve done. Seems to me the man was trying to say that someone needed to clean this mess up, he just didn’t know who and that he certainly wasn’t the candidate to do so!
Now on a very different note, I would like to thank each and every single one of our veterans this Fourth of July day that have fought or are still fighting for a country that we all thought was worth saving…

Debi Bohannan

Thank you. It is extremely difficult for most of us in the CPP community to stay abreast of what’s happening, if anything, at the legislative level. Often our elected officials - those paid to keep informed and to act in our interest - are as ignorant as ourselves. .


Wake up people, they have got it all wrong. The politicians that is. They were so quick to judgement and punishment and thiught they could sue big pharma. All about the mighty dollar for them. I just hope they have to live and walk in the shoes of a chronic pain sufferer. Not the years of anguish most suffer but just enough to realize what [edit] they were when pairing p poor legislation. Speak out, yell, scream, cuss and get the word out. There happy 4th of July 2019.

Debbie Nickels Heck, MD

So WHAT do we do? Have pain patients fill the gallery every day and drop pieces of paper onto their heads, hoping some will read notes explaining the TRUTH about the 93% who use pain meds properly & only 7% even desire a euphoric effect whether is from stealing a legit Rx, tainted fentanyl patches, mixing products OR let us not forget, DRINKING ALCOHOL! Will a daily tickertape parade be read by enough on both sides of the House to get the message across? Nothing else has. Daily mini-messages perhaps need to be sent to Trump & Pence to assure they are properly educated. THAT’S been my greatest concern: their lack of proper education on the subject. I KNOW they care about veterans getting proper care as well as all members of the country in pain BUT I don’t think they are properly educated OR I REALLY don’t believe they’d have made the mistakes in suggesting the legislation they have. They’re not unintelligent people. Misinformation MUST be at the root of their suggesting the WRONG ANSWERS.