Florida dog owners walk to fight canine cancer

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Coconut Creek, Florida will hold its first annual K9 Cancer Walk on December 5th, so if you are a dog owner, be sure to go there and show your support.

The Morris Animal Foundation will be hosting the event, which will be at the Tradewinds Park.

There is early registration until November 21st, with ticket prices $30 for adults and $15 for kids aged 10-17. After November 21st, prices will be $35.

Registration on the day of the walk starts at 9:30 am. All registered walkers will receive a T-shirt that reads 2010 K9 Cancer Walk, plus a special bandanna for their pet dog.

The dog walk will start at 10:30 and vets and other dog health experts who will advise animal owners on dog’s wellness, cancer prevention, cancer research and treatment. It also offers the chance to voice your opinion about your dog’s health.

Coinciding with the walk is a virtual walk for dog lovers and supporters that can’t be at the event.  It is called the Sit and Stay Program. Your dog and you can watch the event from the comforts of your couch.
The goal is to raise $15,000 for cancer research that will prevent, treat and, hopefully, one day cure cancer in dogs.

Eukanuba will be the sponsor for man’s best friend, the dog.You do not have to have a dog to take part in the walk. You can walk for a friend who has lost a pet or to raise money and awareness that dogs get sick just like humans.

Cancer is the number-one killer of dogs who are over two years old. It is now estimated that over 50% of dogs will get cancer in their lifetime.

Authored by: Cheri Youmans

Cheri Youmans writes for us. We wish her well.