Football and Fibromyalgia Do Mix

Football and Fibromyalgia Do Mix

Imagine an 11-year old being diagnosed with fibromyalgia - it hardly seems fair. And yet that’s what happened to 16-year old Destinee Easley.

We met Destinee indirectly through her brother, New England Patriot defensive lineman Dominque Easley who is working hard to bring his sister’s and her disease’s situation to the public. Here’s our story from a month ago.

We bring it to your attention for a couple of reasons.

  1. He’s holding a football camp on July 25 in Medford, Massachusetts and will donate proceeds to the cause of fibromyalgia. Here’s more on that in case you live in New England.
  1. The readers of the National Pain Report really like what he is doing. The reader response was overwhelmingly positive.

Myra Nelson summed up the feelings of many of our readers when she wrote:

“This gives me and my mother and my support groups on Facebook a glimpse of hope! Please keep the awareness going! It’s a hard life to live. Let alone being so young. So much goes along with Fibromyalgia. Depression, anxiety, loneliness are three that I know she understands

Beverly Kinnard Bing was only recently diagnosed but thinks she has had the disease for more than 20 years.

Thank you so very much Dominique, for bringing more awareness to this painful, chronic, and invisible disease. I’ve been diagnosed three years ago, but I believe I’ve had it since 1992. I struggle daily with this disease. I pretend I’m doing fine when I’m around people, and when I’m alone I cry. I try not to tell anyone only because I don’t want to hear the comments like ‘It’s all in your head’ ‘You need to push through it’ ‘You’re a hypochondriac’ etc. it’s a blessing that Destinee have your support. Thanks for all you’re doing to bring awareness to this disease.”

Amber Flowers knows full well how a loved one’s support can help in the battle against fibromyalgia:

“Dominique I first want to let you know how sorry I am that your sister is a part of our Fibromyalgia family. No one should have to go through
all their life, especially at such a young age. You’re an AWESOME Brother Dominique! I know Destinee Loves and appreciates your support because I have a supportive brother too.”

Two of our regular contributors were among the two dozen comments the story received on our website.

Gracie Gean Bagosy Young gave Easley a shout out and said it’s an example to follow.

“Thank you for speaking out on behalf of your sister!!! While the world should be listening to ALL of us that are suffering through chronic pain, sometimes it takes a big name to step up and gain some attention for our community. And that is exactly what we are….a community! We stick together! We are all on this journey together! We genuinely appreciate your help in bringing light to this”

And Terri Lewis, Ph.D reminded all of us that chronic pain is not something that just adults suffer and that in fact children and teens like Destinee are too often neglected.

“Hooray for Dominque Easley. Children and teens with chronic pain are the most under represented and underserved population ever. They are the most likely to be misdiagnosed, improperly treated, and victimized by their characteristics of race, age, and gender. School is an ordeal and pediatric care is almost nonexistent. How can we help this guy?”

The defensive lineman wants to see a cure for fibromyalgia, so he is donating the money from his football camp to research. He also wants to raise funds, so he can help other women who cannot afford fibromyalgia treatments.

Good for you, Dominque. We are rooting for you. 

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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keya laws

I applaud you for being supportive of your Lil sister because that helps a lot knowing that your family is there for you. I was diagnosed at the age of 17 and was told I wouldn’t live too see 18, so imagine how that made me feel. I’m proud to say I just turned 41and still fighting it til this day. Everyday is a journey, every minute is a struggle, seeing the next day is a blessing. Tell her not too give up, as I am a survivor and so is she. Stay strong baby girl.