GenFo Releases 2018 Guide for Fibromyalgia Sufferers to Get Medical Cannabis Cards

GenFo Releases 2018 Guide for Fibromyalgia Sufferers to Get Medical Cannabis Cards

By Staff.

GenFo has announced the release of its 2018 Ultimate State-by-State Guide to Getting Medical Marijuana Approval for Fibromyalgia guide, which provides detailed information on how fibromyalgia can apply for medical marijuana cards.

Citing data from a National Pain Foundation survey (which was conducted by National Pain Report), Genfo noted that 62% of fibromyalgia sufferers reported cannabis as “very effective” in treating their symptoms.

Although cannabis remains illegal on a federal level in the United States, many states have legalized cannabis for valid medical purposes. With the recommendation of a local physician, a qualified patient (through a qualifying condition or qualifying symptom) can obtain a medical marijuana card or authorization to visit dispensaries and purchase medical marijuana products.

As of March 2018, four states (and a fifth pending) list Fibromyalgia as a qualified condition. An additional 23 states who don’t list Fibromyalgia as a qualifying condition specifically, list chronic pain as a qualifying symptom that may very well align with Fibromyalgia.

“The growing number of states that qualify fibromyalgia or its symptoms for the medical use of Cannabis is great news for patients”, says Neer Ziskind, CEO of GeneFo, a singular platform of free fibromyalgia resources and clinical trial matching,

“The process of getting a card approval is not smooth in most states, and requires gathering information and documents, clinical certifications, and administrative forms, Ziskind continued. “To assist patients and caregivers that don’t always have the time or energy, we put together a comprehensive state-by-state guide, updated to March 2018, with

  • relevant information on patient rights,
  • application checklist,
  • FAQ’s,
  • crucial links and forms to download,
  • important tips on how you should prepare for your doctor’s visit,
  • and lists of MMJ doctor near you.

“In States where Fibromyalgia is not considered a qualifying condition, the guide also reviews best practices on basing your application on qualifying symptoms such as pain. We trust that this free resource will help more Fibromyalgia patients secure an additional therapeutic avenue and improve their daily living.”

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Authored by: Staff

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At fault in the Washington state problem Renee mentions, is an obscure Federal statute that authorizes so-called “nutraceuticals” to be sold. Cannabis sap contains a mixture of several hundred active substances. One of the substances, THC, is psychoactive. A US Postal Regulation allows products made from cannabis sap to be mailed anywhere in the US, as long as the THC is taken out.

Since synthetic THC can be prescribed in every state, it should be simple for a doctor to prescribe some amount of synthetic THC, and for a patient to supplement that by buying THC-free cannabis sap through the mail, and get precisely the same effects as if they had bought state-legal medical cannabis in Colorado.

The problem with doing that, is the makers of the cannabis sap products don’t have the money to put those products through FDA clinical trials and show how they affect fibromyalgia. Without the clinical trials data, all they can do is publish guesswork. The cannabis sap processors sell a number of different tinctures, oils, ointments, and salves, but the user has no means of comparing these products to see which is most effective for fibromyalgia, other than to try them all. Each of these cannabis “nutraceuticals” says a bunch of unhelpful things about how carefully it was made, but that information is useless to a person trying to treat a disease.

Insurance companies are taking unfair advantage of this situation, to label pain patients as crazy people who are imagining that they have pain. That’s easy to do, because without an honest sharing of scientific information about these various cannabis products and their role in pain treatment, some outsider who never examined or treated a patient and merely listens to what the patient says, cannot distinguish a crazy person telling a made-up story to gain attention, from a truthful person describing their personal experience at suffering a disease and trying to treat it. All pain patients are suffering because insurance companies are taking advantage of this lack of data, to squeeze us out of getting necessary care, which cuts their costs and raises their profits.


As I am living in a nonlegal state, I will continue to suffer


I live in Washington State where pot is legalized BUT you can’t have both pot and pain medications, so you have to pick which one will work for you. I can’t tolerate the THC in pot so that is out for me and CBD Oil doesn’t do anything for me. My friends who do use pot told me that it doesn’t take your pain away but it helps for stress and sleeping. I hope that helps anyone out there thinking about pot, sorry I can spell marij…….

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Oklahoma, get out & vote this summer!! Let’s be the first state to let your Dr decide, instead of a list of conditions!

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Denise Bault

Thanks for the information. I’ve known for a long time that cannabis helps fibromyalgia patients. It’s a shame we don’t have ready access to a plant that relieves out pain!!!

Patricia May

This is very encouraging news. YEAH for common sense. My massage therapist, who has been so instrumental in improving my pain, has gotten into educating himself and his clients about medical marijuana. I’m lucky enough to live in California. Between massage (deep tissue and neuromuscular) and physical therapy my Fibromyalgia pain improved by a huge percentage. My fatigue and stamina are still very much an issue. Taking 400 mg of Magnesium at bedtime, along with 10 mg of Melatonin, Ambien 6.5 ER, and 10 mg of Amitriptyline and I finally sleep.c

Unfortunately in addition to Fibromyalgia my pain is severe back problems (spinal stenosis and now vertebrae slippage. They want to now do a fusion surgery). and osteoarthritis in my back, hips (ouch), and neck. So I’m on the newly reduced CDC opiate pain med dosage. I BADLY WANT TO TRY MEDICAL MARIJUANA!
Those of us with pain contracts get random drug tested like we are addicts for alcohol and marijuana, and I guess whatever other drugs are out there. So if I wanted to try something like Charlottes Web drops I’d lose access to my opiates.

I think this is called stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Keep fighting for legitimizing Fibromyalgia and natural cures!


I have watchd my wife of 39 years suffer…..with fibromyalgea for 11 of those years. It took more than two years for her to be diagnosed. During those two years, she could no longer work, was barely able to function around our home, and mostly became socially invisible. GOOD news for patients with fibromyalgea, more, proof positive that cannabis products DO help with the symptoms of fibromyalgea. Pain relief unless… live in a state that “forbids” cannabis use like NC.

We love where we live. My wife and I were born, met, married, and raised two children here. We like living here. We can’t just move to a cannabis “legal” state. Our children still live close by. Our friends, or the people we used to associate with live here. I wish it were possible to simply sell out and move to the state of our choice that has legal cannabis use but, it is not possible.

Like many other patients so reduced in pain management medication, specifically the evil opioid medication, we are stuck facing everday in worsened pain. My wife has…..documentation of beneficial use of opioid medication in an effective, tailored to her, dosage that did relieve pain symptoms of her disease but, she now, is able to do very little anymore. At 26 years old, she was almost a perfect physical specimen of a female even after giving me two sons. She became a champion bodybuilder. She has never smoked anything. She has never used alcohol or ANY type illicit drugs including any type bodybuilding aid such as steroids.

She does not wish for anyone to feel”sorry” for her now or ever has for any reason. It does hurt me to daily see a person I know and love suffer so bad now. We know that there IS relief for her continuous pain but, “ignorant” people unfortunately granted authority such as Jeff really don’t know what kind of literal unneccessary pain he is causing millions of patients. It is real simple to read and educate yourself about most any subject……..including cannabis.

If cannabis does in fact help with pain management and the majority of people wish it to be legalized then, our “leaders” should listen but, they do not. Even if it were legalized in NC, if you don’t wish to use it or you are unwilling to educate yourself about the effects of cannabis, you don’t have to use it. Cannbis has been around for long time. Jeff, apparently is “ignorant” of the pain relief cannabis can provide or, he is simply chooses to be a total a$$ concerning people in unbearable pain.