Governor Christie – Pain Patients Are Still Waiting

Governor Christie - Pain Patients Are Still Waiting

By Ed Coghlan.

In late October, the National Pain Report published an open letter to Governor Chris Christie by C.A. “Andi” Robertson of Cypress, Texas. It was a reasoned and passionate request to listen to the needs of the chronic pain patient as he and his committee addressed what it called “the opioid epidemic.”

Here’s part of what she wrote.

“Sir, I beg of you to open your door and listen to us as if what we believe will get so very worse for us happens, there will be many, many more deaths than what you are trying to prevent from this “opioid epidemic”.  All we ask is to be heard.”

I am just an ordinary citizen, college educated, hard working, once successful in business, life and marriage, yet because of this stigma placed upon me and so many others, have lost nearly everything… the “everything” will be when without a workable alternative to my physical issues and the loss of the very medications keeping me functional, ALL will be lost.”

Click here to read her entire letter.

She was trying to start a conversation - what she received in return was a canned response from Christie that did not address her concerns as a chronic pain patient but kept talking about the “epidemic”.

Andi Robertson

She fired off two more emails to Christie.

“I was pretty angry,” she said this week. “I still am because as the government discusses the opioid issue they are not including the pain patients in the conversation.”

Her letters, which still haven’t been answered, includes the following paragraph that resonates with what we’ve been hearing from hundreds of patients.

“The difference in those who misuse or abuse prescription medications ARE NOT chronically ill or injured!  The chronically ill or injured person DOES NOT get a “high” nor “crave” opioids!!  Yes, our bodies are dependent/addicted and ultimately build a tolerance and then may need adjustments to the dose.  BUT, I can tell you from my own experience, my body’s tolerance does not change very quickly… I sometimes can go years before needing an increased dose or change in the type of medication.  Because we chronic pain patients DO NOT want to take these medicines, at this point in time, there is NO ALTERNATIVE!!  In addition to what is available to us, many of us STILL NEED THE AID OF OPIOID MEDICATIONS!!  If you would only invite patients, our physicians, family members, etc., we can explain what we need today and in the future.  Just, please, give us a chance!!”

As she mentioned in our phone conversation, “I’m waiting for Governor Christie or someone in the government to tell us what the alternative for those of us in pain.”

On that issue, Andi Robertson speaks for the entire pain community.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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I would like him to come and see how i live what really going on,i’m dieing from being treated with an opioid medicine that doesn’t work for my severe great chronic pain i’m not even able to live life as a disabled person,2 month’s ago i broke my teeth was gritting them the pain unbareable,not an hour goes by i have to fight off killing myself,it would end my pain for good been like this since 2003,in 2015 they gave me 30mg’s of oxycontin 3 times aday for about an yr but the opioid crisis’s came and they lowered it again.




The only thing I would have said differently is I would not & never say “dependent/addicted” because we are not addicted. Dependent is completely different then addicted & it only further continues the thought that we are addicts when we are not. Just because a dependent person has withdrawals from suddenly stopping opioids doesn’t make it the same as being an addicted person experiencing withdrawals because they suddenly stop using. Other medications that are not opioids will cause withdrawal symptoms also when you suddenly stop other kinds of medications but it deosn’t make you addicted.



Penny R. Rosen, M.A.,MLS

Unfortunately, Christie is my Governor, at least until Jan.1st.
But, as far as he’s concerned and the “opiod experts” are
concerned, it really means nothing. They have NO clue
regarding the endless pain we have. After 24 yrs. and a
myriad of needless surgies, experimental and otherwise, I
have come to the conclusion that we MUST make some noise! A few weeks ago, CBS Sunday Morning with Jane
Pauley, did a segment on CRPS. It was the first time I’ve
ever heard it mentioned in the media. Kudos to CBS. Someone must have made some noise…we need to make some more…and loudly!

I sent a similar letter to our senator in Colorado, Cory Gardner. I got the same canned letter. I then wrote another letter saying that my first letter I’m sure was not even read. I was also very upset. I write all the time and get many canned responses but I don’t stop writing. The more people that write, the more they will have to hear. Don’t stop writing!

Scott michaels

We need thousands of letters to go to this SUBHUMAN grasping for his last possible job in politics. If he only truly knew ther are 100 million of us, his desire for a job would swing his attitude. That’s his personality.
WE MUST get the DEA list it must become a mailing list for us. If just over the last year well have the name of those truly suffering. These are JUSTIFIABLE patients. Since pill mills are gone as are the so called bad drs
WE too will be able to form a defence. We should also be able to get sponsorship from manufacturers and distributors as well. They now have a legitimate dog in this fight. We can either give up and add to the 20k suicides, stay bedridden until we die, co ntinue to get fired from jobs because we must call in sick and remain on disability because some of us can actually go back to work if we had the opioid pain relievers that gave us that freedom or fight back. Right now allwecould do is write letters and comments on tis and other boards that just go nowhere.

Rose cutler

I felt my pain was so much to handle and unbearable that if I had an option to give my dog a shot to put her to sleep for any discomfort Which I feel good in knowing it availbe to her but at the time I would have gladly taken the shot I was in so much pain , From nerve damage c5s1 them due to my backs instability I feel and broke my back instead of raising my med they gave me a less dose on top of it I get frozen shoulder and tore rotator cuff .im scared I will be taken off what little meds my pain drs give me.. this is cruel what they have done to me.



I can understand your reluctance to believe our country could be involved in trafficking illegal drugs in it’s own country, but the evidence is irrefutable.

Now with Politico breaking the total story of President Obama’s concessions to Iran to bring about a Nuclear agreement;


From a recent Newsweek article -

Allowing a terrorist group to traffic and launder $1 Billion a year does not afford me confidence that Uncle Sam is capable of anything.


Hence - the birth of Andrew Kolodny

John Wisniewsky

IGNORANCE is the most expensive commodity in the world. Now, I just reviewed the subject of opioid deaths. Multiple web articles identify the OPIOID FENTANYL … NOT OXYCONTIN OR VICODIN. or traditional pain medications as the culprits. Now, the articles claim that this fentanyl is sourced illegally, with China identified as a major source.

So, our government declares a WAR on all opioid products, irrespective of the ramifications. This is outrageous. This is pure stupidity - absolute ignorance. If illegal fentanyl is the main opioid culprit — PUNISH CHINA. Put across the board 50% tariffs on all Chinese goods until the Chinese government takes responsibility for their country’s illegal practices. Do NOT punish legitimate users with severe, chronic pain conditions. Do NOT place such extreme controls on physicians that they no longer CAN or WILL treat patients with chronic pain.

Indeed, as an American economist named Carey often claimed that “truth is stranger than fiction.” Yet, American policy prefers a fictional basis upon which it builds an ineffective set of laws that ignores reality; NO LAWS will control fentanyl deaths; and the current trend of curtailing opioid use denies legitimate needs while ignoring the fact that government CANNOT CONTROL the use of an illegally sourced drug that is RARELY IF EVER used on an everyday basis for pain management. This is unbelievable!


I don’t know if your in pain or not, but fake news is fake news. We are not in Afghanistan to protect poppies. The DEA presence is rather large and they use troops to help burn, defoliate arrest and take down anyone they catch growing Opium there. Besides, it’s almost free publicity for them.
Mexico, Colombia, Peru or any Country that has high mountains and a poor population is ideal for growing the poppies that are needed for our street addicts and kiddie chippers to kill themselves with.
I sometimes get a feeling that China is in the game to get back at the West for turning China into a largely addicted population before they rose up in the Boxer Rebellion. Old painful memories die hard.

Dr.Darrell George,That is a excellent idea to screen our politicians for opioid use.Dont know why I never thought of it,because it just might work because both parties might see it as a way of getting dirt on each other.I can hear the speech now.”We as your elected officials are doing everything possible to stop this epidemic,blah,blah ,blah.Besides don’t they work for us? We should be able to make sure our elected officials are not exceeding the CDC guidelines.They will claim this will violate their HIPA protections,but ours are trashed everyday and if they have nothing to hide they should not object.I have a feeling this might work if only the right politician gets it going I am sure it will gain traction.Politicians are always looking for a way to discredit each other.Besides it’s a simple case of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.We don’t want our politicians “high” on opioids do we???lol.We might also find these guys are taking all kinds of controlled RX meds and probably some illegal drugs as well.


The Steve Scalise “incident” made national television coverage.It was truly a very radical attempt at getting “heard”.. I am SURE that he received a sufficient amount of ANY and ALL medication…..that was deemed medically necessary. If not one of the :elect:, we just don’t seem to matter. Pain generating health conditions. issues can and will continue to arise as long as there is surgery, disease, accidents, and people. FA Chris Christie, I am sure, is “following orders”. I think, possibly a way to strike a nerve among the “elect” would be to materialize a list of our representatives regardless of “position” in dot/gov that have pain issues or family with pain generating issues. Contact these officials, regardless of party, we would have common grounds. It is very apparent that the patients in our country are wasting “their”(the elect) time.Perhaps, contact to these officials could raise awareness among the entire body of lawmakers. I can not believe that the vast majority of the “pill mills” have been recognized and closed….by now. No doubt, money IS the true persecuting agend.. I went from being able to purchase my 30 day supply of an inexpensive medication that unfortunatley now exceeds 90 mme for about $55,00, out of pocket. to one oral tablet per day that is over $500,00 per month. The “guideline” for opioid prescfibing physicians is no doubt BS citing an* “epidemic” of opioid abusers, “the prescibed patients”. My provider IS actually taking personal statements from patients, as to the hardship medication, the lack of, is causing and he is fighting the fight as well as can be without licensesure jeopardy.The “real” statisics of drug abuse / opioid medication use and the reality of both, is coming to light.Can’t stop contact with the lawmakers because it looks like that is the only way to end the aisnine persecution of people, patients that have done no wrong.


We also need to ask why our U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan, tasked with protecting the poppy crops. While our government- Republicans AND Democrats- is viciously ensuring opiates are not being prescribed for chronic (and, increasingly, acute) pain, where ARE the hundreds of tons of opium going annually, made from the poppy fields our soldiers are being required to protect? Christie’s not answering because he’s part of the problem. They all are. We, as citizens and taxpayers deserve answers, but we’re never going to get any. The truth is out there. Google it. We are on our own.


I, too, emailed Gov. Christie. Twice. The first email got a trite, hold-the-line response. The second got no answer at all. I believe this is because they have no defense for the harm they are perpetrating on a vulnerable segment of the population. They base their agenda on manipulated statistics and obfuscation, and enforce them with the power we the voters have given them. It’s wrong.

Barbara W

Great letter! To normal & kind. The bottom line is the human rights civil rights constitutional rights etc are violated to the inth degree . Ot is Nazi germany propaganda the Opid machine. We need to blast this on the media constantly, picket & call the media take all this to the supreme court. But the attorneys need to see there is enough noise that they will win & take our case.We will have to have all our meds reinstated so to speak. The GD druggies should be locked up away from normal society or just lift prohibition thru out the world. This is all about the collusion corruption & money. Every single agency of our government is dirty!!

Barry Templeton

I have had chronic pain for 7 years and to hear the one sided comments and false information coming out from the government and the NOT so know it all’s upsets me to no end. The Congress needs the truth from Doctors who actually treat and have experience in chronic pain problems.

Leslie Meadows

I have a suggestion! Why don’t we write to Melania Trump she was the one that had the round table on this matter. I don’t know if any of you had tried to contact her but she might have a little bit softer heart and maybe just maybe be able to help us chronic pain patients at this point!

Penny R. Rosen

Thank you for writing this. I have suffered for 24 years with similar situations and, because I left my “pain” doc, in another state where opioid prescriptions are allowed, I no longer have availability to them. I live in N.J. I also am trying to function with the severe pain by taking copious amounts of
acetaminaphine. Steroid epidurals are no longer an option. This leaves me between a rock and a hard place, not knowing what to do not where to

Rex Bull

Mail this to him and all the media so as they get their facts straight

Statistics easily obtained on internet from reliable sources:
Opiate overdose deaths (all types opiates, primarily heroin, other street drug overdoses)
“kill 40 Americans every day”. 40/day x 365 = 14,600 per year. “Opioid Epidemic!!!”

Annual deaths:
Chronic pain patients on opiates, correctly prescribed and taken: a dozen
Rate of true, chemical/psychological addiction to opiates: 1 in 5,000 [0.02%, 2/100ths %]
Americans with pain, chronic or not, who die from Tylenol™: 15,000
Americans with pain, chronic or not, who die from NSAID’s : 30,000 [non-steroidal anti-infammatory drugs]
Americans with pain, chronic or not, who died from Vioxx™: 60,000/5 years, 15,000/year. See note below.
[Vioxx also caused additional non-fatal heart attacks and strokes; no numbers available.
People with pain, chronic or no, taking NSAID’s resulting in altered liver enzymes: 500,000
Americans killed in VietNam 56,000 over 6 years. Vietnamese: 2 million+.
Americans killed in Battle of Gettysburg: 60,000 in a few hours, thousands more afterwards from wounds, amputations, etc.
Americans killed annually from tobacco: 511,000 (note: this is a legal, taxed drug)
Americans killed annually from alcohol: 88,000 (note: this is a legal, taxed drug)

It is clear that, statistically and numerically, opiate medication correctly used and monitored for pain is safe, much safer and more effective than non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAID) of all types, including aspirin and tylenol.

Additional note on Vioxx™: The manufacturer, Merck Inc., knew the true risk profile of this “antipain” NSAID (causing GI bleeding, heart attacks, strokes) but concealed that information and marketed it anyway for 5 years before it was forced off the market due to the accumulation of deaths (60,000) and non-fatal MI’s and CVA’s. When taken to court they were fined half of their profits but none of the company executives (who had concealed the drug’s risks) went to prison. Result: Merck was allowed to keep the drug development costs and half their profits, several millions of dollars. Where is the disincentive?

Big Tobacco settlement: finally settled with the Justice Department after 20 years of struggle. Part of the settlement was the requirement that tobacco companies MUST initiate an advertising campaign which admitted their past lies and instead revealed the true consequences of nicotine addiction.
Primary among these: the DAILY death rate 1,400 Americans from all-cause (lung, bladder, and other cancer, heart disease, emphysema, teeth rotting, others) related to tobacco smoking or chewing. “1,400 daily deaths is greater than all other death causes (alcohol, drugs, car crashes, murders, AIDS, suicide COMBINED.”

1,400 Americans PER DAY! How does that compare with the “opiate epidemic” claim of 40 per day? The 40 per day are overdoses, most of which involve street drugs or stolen pharmaceuticals, smuggled Chinese Heroin and Fentanyl plus Columbian cocaine, NOT from doctor-written prescriptions.


As I have posted elsewhere:

Every chronic pain patient needs to be VERY concerned about HR 4482, the Meadows-Renacci “Opioid Abuse Deterrence, Research, and Recovery Act of 2017” .

Contact your US Representatives, especially members of the Energy & Commerce Committee and Judiciary Committee .

Alot of doctors in Pa r just closing because whats the sense.They can’t treat there patients.And know we will have another problem down the road.Pain patients r going to Methadone clinics so they will be hooked on that .

I, like million others, are in the same boat as Ms. Robertson. Unlike the majority of pain patients, I fall on both sides if the fence. I am a dentist that, before loosing my practice to CRPS, I wrote opiate prescriptions for patients I pain. Now I am the patient. I agree with and am in a similar situation as Ms. Robertson. However, I feel it necessary to make one very important correction to what she said. In one part she wrote,
“Yes, our bodies are dependent/addicted and ultimately build a tolerance and then may need adjustments to the dose.”
Most chronic pain patients DO NOT become addicted. Dependent, yes; addicted ,no and that is a very important difference. Any medical text book or website will instruct,
“Addiction—or compulsive drug use despite harmful consequences—is characterized by an inability to stop using a drug; failure to meet work, social, or family obligations; and, sometimes (depending on the drug), tolerance and withdrawal. Physical dependence can occur without addiction; this is the common experience of most chronic pain patients who are able to take their opioid medication as prescribed for pain but don’t develop the uncontrollable compulsion and loss of control. A desire to avoid withdrawal is not addiction.” Like most pain patients, Ms. Robertson and I DO NOT get high. If only the politicians that have begun to practice medicine would take time to learn about the area of medicine they are trying to control. And the so called “doctors” that are cutting patients medications and doing more harm should take the time to read the Hippocratic Oath they swore when graduating Medical School. “Primum non nocere,” “First, do no harm”

I agree with all of you, I have degenerative disc disease down my whole spine.I have been seeing a pain dr for 10 yrs and I have also been the victim of this epidemic. I see alot more suicides than less from pain patients. The drug dealers will be the winners with their friends in the government.

I seen what Andi.R.wrote and shes right .Alot of people with pain issues are getting put in the same category as drug addicts.I live in Pa and forget getting anything but ultrams.Unless u have cancer.I have had at least 8 operations with plates put in my neck and Surgery on my shoulder for nerves trapped.Plus I have Diebetis .Which is bad so no pain meds

This is an American outrage,Us Chronic pain sufferers are the ones getting hurt by this more than any.Who’s idea was this anyway. Will we br forced to buy off the streets, Brcause they are still very available to street users… watch suicide rates increase.


I really had hoped that we’d have had one representative in our corner and maybe be our voice.. sen Steve Scalise after his being shot and injured so badly . His injuries are the sort that leave one in chronic pain .
The very fact he is still on board with the commission and does not speak up for us tells me there is a double standard here as well. I have no doubt now he can obtain whatever pain medications he needs so he could care less about us.
If his doctors denied him pain relief during and after his incident it would be a whole different story. Senator McCain must have been getting pain medication all his time battling brain cancer. Where is his voice? Until our politicians who are pain sufferers speak up we will get nowhere.
cut Scalise and McCain off their meds and then we’d have a voice

Nothing will come of writing these letters.If they were to reply with a favorable response they would be committing political suicide,hence Trump’s choice for this task.Christie can take the heat.He can do this because he is used to doing things that are just plain wrong.Also,off subject.Do you ppl really think anyone in power will suffer with pain because of the CDC guidelines???NO! The guidelines are truly guidelines for the privilege.Thats why the are not officially law.We couldn’t have politicians breaking the law.I mean just look at the house and Senate and tell me all those old fogies don’t take RX opioids!They are not fooling me,hell I’ve seen them popping opioids on cspan all the have a very big H.D. T.V.

Barry don’t get a case put on you for slapping your doc.It will only be used against you and be branded a pill addict with violent tendencies.Better yet prepare a pre written statement for the spineless bastard.He sounds like he has been threatened by the DEA already, lowering the dosage to 65mmg instead of the 90mmg that was Suggested.I can hear your doc now in conversation with the DEA,hell I’ll lower it to 65mmgs,hell I’ll tell them to take a long walk on a short pier if it will keep you guys off my back.But,if ya really need opioid medications you might just want go with the flow.OR NOT.Let us know how it turns out my friend

I’m grateful for the Nat’l Pain Report & Mr. Coughlin for the ceaseless work on behalf of Chronic Pain Patients, & for all who bring their voices to this platform. Until recently, all was going ok with my medication, I was about to schedule much needed surgery for my very unstable neck, spinal cord narrowing w bone poking into it, also at lumbar, but the neck issue could leave me paralyzed or (preferably) dead if I fall or get bumped while driving. I’m now unable to pursue any plans & will not go through any surgery without meds; I’ve heard too many horror stories of failed spine surgeries. My diagnosis is complex, not good, & I’ve relied on opioid pain mgmt for many years now to have some quality of life. I am permanently disabled, SSDI. Now (MerryChristmas) my meds have been withheld by pharmacist who, btw, is not a qualified MD, as far as I know. I find regular pharmacies useless for scheduled meds here in Florida. The mail order pharmacy I’ve used for years now (same prescriptions) suddenly withheld my medicines from me vs my doctor’s orders. Even my blood pressure medicine has not been filled! Gee, I guess the pharmacist knows better than my doctor now? No. But there’s not one thing I can do. I’m stuck in bed again after years of the only option which enables me to have a basic life, keeping my house clean, getting supplies at store, taking care of my dog & cats. I do not ask for much. Looks to me like the government wants to practice medicine without licence. Same for pharmacists who think they know more than my good doctors. I’ve been evaluated by many over the past 27 years since the car wreck which broke almost all my bones, crushed my feet, legs, arm, back & neck. I beat depression years ago with faith in God almighty. Now, again I wish I would have not survived- no quality of life, no help as at almost 58, no one here to Won’t be able to do much from bed, which is where I’m stuck without needed medicine. Gov’t does not care. Look at all the illicit drugs 0bama allowed into USA over his 8 years. That’s the problem, not legit pain patients. I guess they want us all to disappear or die because that’s what their War on Opioid Medicines & Pain Patients will achieve. Addicts will.always find a way to get high just like alcoholics. Zero comparison to legit patients with years of records & behavioral scrutiny to prove their legitimacy. And too bad for those newly injured, they too will find acupuncture or other non insurance covered alt-therapies won’t be enough to manage their pain. There is no alternative to opioid meds presently. Barbaric & cruel punishment for we who’ve already beaten the odds to live our basic lives. Do we not have any civil rights in this country? Shame on the ones who’ve been… Read more »

Alice Carroll

I believe the fact that opioids help CP patients function and lead more normal lives flies in the face of the propaganda that the government pushes. You know, the use once and you will be addicted, the lie of needing constantly escalating dosages for pain relief and the lie that opioids don’t reduce pain, but actually cause more pain. Those of us long-time users know this is untrue because we are living proof that these drugs do work and help us.

What is truly bothering me is where is legal representation for chronic pain patients? How can the medical industry abandon patients and reduce dosages so that these medications no longer provide relief, leaving people to suffer and in some cases to take their own lives? Where do we turn for help? Do any of the national pain non-profits have lawyers that will fight for us? Lawyers are lining up to sue Big Pharma when people who abuse these medications die. But where is help for those of us in intractable pain through no fault of our own who are pulled off of years of opioid treatment who are also dying? I guess addicts are more important than people living in pain. Why not sue the CDC for the erroneous 2016 Guidelines based on poor data which was stated by their own peer review? We need help!

Carol Hammond

I wrote to Governor Christy too. The reply was “CANNED” and only talked about addicts! It was easy to see that Christy and his minions could care less. It might be a good idea to resend that letter a few times. When doing that, each time place a note at the top saying “this letter was not read” (canned responce)!

Politicians have little concern for the needs of legitimate chronic pain patients. They have their own agendas and serve the higher bidder. Organizations that deal with opioid addicts who are sent to “treatment” centers are now huge money makers due to government funding to address this opioid “epidemic.” Doctors that get this windfall of money are not there to help patients or addicts get off the opioids, they are in it for the money only. Look at their terrible success rates; usually they won’t even post them, and if they do, you can’t confirm them because the government is not auditing or inspecting their services. I have seen Methadone clinics have patients fail over and over again. Our local Roseburg drug and alcohol treatment center has a pathetic success rate of less than 20%, yet they keep getting funding and the courts keep sending the addicts back over and over again, knowing that they are repeat offenders. Chronic pain patients need to unite and get lobbyists or lawyers involved. Addicts have more “rights” than you do. Addicts get free access to needles, and in some places, even supervised access to their illegal drugs so that they don’t overdose. What do you get? You get cut off and allowed to suffer needlessly for the addicts’ mistakes and illegal purchases. None of the prescribing limits will decrease illegal sales. It doesn’t hurt the addict, it hurts the legal patient seeing a medical provider regularly for proper monitoring. It’s time to see who’s getting paid off in Congress. Follow the money. And while we’re at it, two more things need to be done for the government and others to be responsible for their actions. Every member of government, at the federal, state, county, and city level, needs to be screened for opioid use and have prescription drug monitoring searches completed to verify that they themselves are not prescribed such drugs. Then every member of government and every professional organization member or corporation official that advocates against opioid use needs to go on a list, along with all of their family members, that states: “In order to be held accountable for their acts, since they practiced no tolerance, then they reap what they preach. They, and their family members, can never have opioids prescribed for any long-term condition (longer than 30 days), now or ever again.” Until they personally live with the suffering themselves, or see their loved ones suffering, they will never fully understand the depths of chronic pain and how it affects your lives every day and every hour.


What I wish we the chronic pain suffers could do is to organize a bus trip or several busses to Washington DC so we could show up in large numbers, then maybe someone would listen to us and or do something about the war on Chronic pain patients. If you are like myself on a fixed income and could not make a trip alone, because of financially and some physically, taking a bus could be a Lot less expensive.

I do not have the knowledge on how to put something like this together. I know if we could show up in large numbers somebody would eventually listen to us. Get it in the media and show our fellow citizens what is being done to us and who is doing it. Something has to give and it shouldn’t be a fellow chronic pain suffers life.
If anyone knows how to organize something like this please do.

Kathy Spiers

Get Christie out of my doctor appointments!! I AM NOT A DRUG ADDICT, I AM A CHRONIC PAIN PATIENT!! Without opioids I would have to live in a nursing home because without them I can’t SIMPLY take care of myself by showering. I’d rather be dead than living in a nursing home knowing I could live independently SIMPLY by taking pain medications. I AM NOT A DRUG ADDICT, I AM A CHRONIC PAIN PATIENT!


This again is a heartbreaking story. This “epidemic” as they call it is the government’s intrusion of its citizens. It has become a nightmare to chronic pain patients. Politicians like Governor Christie do not have to be frightened of themselves or their loved ones suffering with pain because of their positions in life and their financial comforts. Assured they will not suffer pain.

Why do we not hear from these Politicians the other side of being concerned for these pain sufferers. Why do the not say they fear legitimate sufferers will be unfairly impacted. Where is their compassion?

Fewer Physicians will prescribe these medications to their patients who suffer because of fear they will lose their licenses.

I believe the true epidemic will be legitimate patients suffering will turn to illegal drugs. There will be a rise in suicides of those sufferers and that is an unbearable sadness all of will have to carry for the rest of our lives

As a senior citizen now it saddens me so much that this is what is happening in the country that I felt blessed to live in.

Thank you Ali for sharing your story. God Bless you.


If the “chronic”pain patient populous in America were a very small group of patients or requesting anyhing short of life,,,,,,,, itself, I could undestand why, dot/gov non physicians like Christie could turn a blind eye a deaf ear. Let’s admit it though, even if dot/gov fat cats KNOW that people are being harmed and death may be imminent through “policy”…….. if the money is right, they still don’t care. Who will stand up and represent those that have elected them to represent ALL people.How many veterans will have to communicate with our “leaders” before heard? How many patients wil lose their ability to make an income before heard? How much more bullshi, I mean bureaucracy must the patient with proven, documented, lifetime pain endure before the “special”, the elect, the apptointed says….somethings wrong. What about future patients.? Do the elect and appointed REALLY believe that lifetime pain can be irradicated or endured by simply addresing all patients as drug “addicts” without admitting the very real unneccessary harm , un managed pain, monetary loss, the inability to now function at a very minimum level to accomplish everday deeds, even death of lifetime patients with pain IS occurring? Admit that people, with incurable, lifetime pain, need to be sufficienly, approprIately treated with “some” means of an effective pain management treatment EVEN if that means rescinding the guideline “policy: for prescribing physicians. Has the reduction of available opioid prescriptions written and dispensed actually helped with drug overdose, in any amount? I have written, e-mailed and called my state medical board, all my Washington rpresentatives, HHS, CDC, and any reply that Imay get, if I get a reply, is that the matter has been settled, without acknowledging that failing health, socual reclusion, psychologic dispair, far worsened succdessful pain management, job insecutity and loss, and finally death because of the inability to manage lifetime pain is…..resulting in suicide just doesn’t seem to be enough fallout and. horrible results with do/gov managed health care issues in the pain management sector. Can “you “say dot/gov agenda above the wellness and even death of its’ people? I can.For those of us, the patients and providers that full well know that un managed pain is nothing but disabling and worse. the entire “policy” at stated curbing drug overdose and that dot/gov declares an “opiod crisis”, while absolutely REFUSING to acknowledge that harm and worse is occurring, is simply ……UN AMERICAN.


I got the same letter from Christie. The uncaring bunch in WASHINGTON on the commission must have a rubber stamp for us so called pill seakers. I myself just would like to have my life back from suffering from spinal cord damage.

I thank you for all you do. It is people like you who keep hope alive in people like me. Soldier on, AND THANK YOU!


I wrote to Christi twice as well, and never received any response to my concerns for chronic pain patients.


Unless people like Christie have a family member,close friend,or he himself
has chronic pain,the issue will never be addressed.It’s all about politics,politicians
don’t care about the very young,old,or sick,they don’t vote a lot of the time.

Steven Smith

For whatever reason pain patients seem to be singled out and less deserving t h a n other sick people. Would we take away insulin from a diabetic? Would we take away chemotherapy and radiation from a cancer patient? Can anyone help us before we perish.?

Lisa Marotta

I’ve been on pain meds for 9 yrs and they gave me back my life without them I’d have no life except bed !my back is so bad I saw two different surgeons that said there’s nothing they can do for me except medications and now their cutting me back on those!! I’m sorry but taking my medication off me they mays well shot me in the head!! Please don’t let this happen I wanna be able to hug my grandchildren!! 😥

Christie does not care about us cronic pain suffers all he cares about is still making as much money as he can. I’m making a appointment to talk with my pain doc and let him know I am now paying him to place me in to much pain and emotional pain it will not be a nice talk he started a one size fit all approach to all pain people in his office to give 65mg a day now how in the hell can he do that not everyone is in the same amount of PAIN and it will most likely be my last I just hope I do not get to upset and slap him