Grow fish and vegetables with a Fishy Farm (VIDEO)

Grow fish and vegetables with a Fishy Farm (VIDEO)

Grow your own fish and vegetables with your own Fishy Farm

Fishy Farm yesterday revealed a new outdoor series of polyculture (aquaponic) equipment that lets people grow plenty of all-natural food in their backyards and the only thing required is feeding the fish.

There’s no bending, no weeding, no fertilizing, no composting and almost no work. The innovative system combines horticulture, aquaculture and vermiculture to create a perfectly balanced ecosystem, capable of producing delicious all natural herbs, vegetables, and fish for healthy family meals.

The patent-pending Fishy Farm system looks great too. There are no cheap plastic containers or problematic liners, because Fishy Farm’s patent-pending manufacturing process bonds a specialized FDA-approved coating to create a waterproof seal between the eco-system and materials. The result is an automated gardening system that matches any decor, is weather-proof, modular and expandable.

What’s more, it is sure to be the talking point at your next family get-together or barbeque.

More people are buying local produce and realizing the health benefits of eating chemical-free and pesticide-free foods. Fishy Farm takes this one step further – you can’t get more local than food grown at home!

Fishy Farm’s patent pending Continuous Ebb & Flow (CEF) architecture creates a perfect balance in the system. It measures and controls the nutrient-rich water while increasing the dissolved oxygen available to the plants and fish, and eliminates the problems with timer based systems.

Eco and budget-conscious families can now grow their favorite flowers; cultivate all-natural herbs including basil, oregano and parsley; and enjoy peppers, squash, tomatoes or other vegetables right from the backyard. Enjoy home-grown rainbow trout, catfish, tilapia, perch, or just enjoy watching koi frolic happily while they provide all the fertilizer needed for your plants.

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