Have Pain? Take a Tylenol

Have Pain? Take a Tylenol

I am now convinced that this country is losing not only its collective mind but its compassion as well.

My sister Ally always had a rough time finding her happy place. She finally discovered it when she met Charlie. She was pretty fresh from a divorce and even tried running scared to another state. Charlie followed her, dropped to one knee and proposed. It has been an incredible romance since then. They are truly meant for each other.

Back in October, Charlie began to experience some significant discomfort whenever he ate anything. Swallowing anything became a huge challenge. He was referred to an ENT who couldn’t find anything wrong. Charlie saw him for over six months with no relief.

He was with the wrong kind of doctor. They were not looking at his whole esophagus. He should have been referred to a GI specialist.

Easter Sunday of this year changed their lives completely. Shortly after dinner, Charlie became violently ill. He began vomiting blood. He was experiencing a whole new type of pain. They had to call an ambulance.

X-rays showed that at the bottom of his esophagus was a tumor. It was starting to obstruct his ability to swallow. It was the size of a softball.

The tumor was biopsied and Oncology brought in. It was inoperable. It was stage 3 cancer.

The Big C.


The evil disease that has claimed so many loved ones. The disease that causes one to waste away before the eyes of the ones who love them. That horrifying disease is very, very painful.

Since that day, Ally and Charlie have been on the usual Cancer treatment path. There have been two rounds of chemotherapy. There have been scans and tests too numerous to count. Between the chemo and the tumor, Charlie can’t eat solid food. He has lost 65 pounds since this nightmare began.

The cancer is literally taking Charlie away right in front of Ally’s eyes. She is beginning to realize he won’t survive this.

On the last day of the last round of Chemo, they discovered that his cancer has metastasized into his lungs and liver. It is spreading rapidly. It is highly aggressive. Chemo has now been discontinued.

The cancer is now Stage 4 and it seems that new tumors appear daily. The newest ones are on the wall of his chest. They are getting closer and closer to his heart.

His pain awakens him screaming from his sleep. He can barely catch his breath it is so bad. It is the kind of pain that those of us who suffer from chronic pain can’t even imagine — not even in our worst nightmares. It is the kind of pain that changes you and leaves you hopeless.

Due to the doctor’s overwhelming fear of being arrested due to the fake opioid crisis, Charlie is only being given Tylenol for his pain.

For Terminal Cancer.


OTC Acetaminophen.

As Charlie gets weaker, literally by the day, Ally has gone to his doctors and begged them for something stronger for him. Charlie can no longer stand up without assistance.

This past week, they finally gave him a feeding tube which turned into a nightmare as well. It is a nasogastric tube so it was inserted through his nose, down his throat, and into his stomach. On the first attempt, the tube was stopped by the tumor obstructing his esophagus. Doctors had to remove it and try again. The second attempt got the tube placed right, but Charlie was overwhelmed with pain.

They didn’t bother to sedate or anesthetize him in any way for the procedure itself.

They offered him Tylenol again.

More Tylenol even as the doctor’s witnessed him screaming in pain.

Ally does not understand the lack of treatment. She doesn’t know how he can tolerate the pain he’s is already in, and it just keeps getting worse.

Charlie is quickly losing strength. His battle is leaving him weakened.

Cancer is an evil being.

What Ever Happened to Doctor’s Vow to First Do No Harm?

When doctors graduate from Medical School, they take the Hippocratic Oath of which one of the most important components is to “first do no harm.” What is meant in medical terms is that they promise not to do anything to further harm the patient. It also means that they promise not to allow their patients to suffer.

Those of us in the chronic pain community have long questioned this anti-opioid approach. Since when did the crisis extend to stage 4 Cancer? The pain grows every day. They aren’t an addiction concern – they won’t be alive long enough to become addicted.

This is the point where palliative care is the most important thing. Keeping them as close to comfortable as possible. Making sure that they don’t suffer more than necessary. These patients are in the process of dying a slow and agonizing death. They deserve to die with dignity.

Tylenol isn’t very dignified when it comes to cancer. As a pain treatment, it should not even be in anyone’s vocabulary at this point.

This is the time when the patient deserves to be kept as comfortable as possible without interference from governmental red tape.

This leads me to my next question.

Does Compassion Even Exist in The Medical Community Any More?

Yes, there is a fear of being arrested and losing your medical license. But you have to wonder whether they have drunken the opiate crisis Kool-Aid to the point of losing their compassion or do they honestly believe that Tylenol is just as good as Morphine?

I have watched friends and family members suffer through cancer before. I have watched as they lose their battles. I have watched while they went from the point of home care to hospice. One thing stands out: they were all kept as comfortable as possible through medication.

They were not left screaming in pain.

I refuse to believe that when people decide to become doctors that it is all about the science or all about the mighty dollar. Certainly, they have to have some level of compassion inside them that will make them want to help people. I always thought that they truly cared.

When the Opioid Crisis first came to light, I don’t think that any of us could have imagined this to extend out to oncologists and patients literally dying from Stage 4 Cancer.

Yet here is where we find ourselves.

The age of Pain.

What is this world coming to?

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Authored by: Denise Hedley

Denise Hedley was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2009. Her condition has worsened, and was diagnosed with bilateral RSD in January, 2019. She also suffers from Osteoarthritis, 2 herniated discs, and Systemic Lupus Erythematosis.

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Alan Edwards

Denise, I was given Tylenol for post surgical pain twice and suffered Chronic Pain exceeding that experienced by a lung cancer patient and one stage 4 friend who offered high dose Oxycodone to ease my decades of suffering. Hydrcodone allows me to briefly write.
I pray Charlie has been given morphine if he is still with us. A story like yours appeared in Readers Digest years ago when I was already nearly disabled by pain and being pushed from doctor’s offices.
The doctors and hospital should be sued for training they must have received from Kolodny and the tv show “HOUSE”.

Accountability for their torture of Charlie will be meted out by God.

This mass insanity is happening in every English-speaking country with the possible exception of South Africa. My doctors poo-pooed my agony ( did not believe me at age 7 or 56) Like others, I am contemplating leaving the USA for humane treatment in another country.

Wish you and yours no pain. This story needs to be on 60 minutes.

Thomas Kidd

These uncaring [edit] are near their own judgment. Behold, the righteous shall be recompensed in the earth, much more the wicked and the sinner. (Proverbs 11:31). Anyone who can withhold pain medication from people in such pain, are wicked and the grossest of sinners. If they die in agony they are but receiving their just reward.


I don’t understand.

After scrolling down and reading Denice’s additional comments, she says they want “privacy” over galvanizing maybe hundreds or thousands of supporters who might get him out of this hellish pain? Who could write letters and make calls?


I do not understand.


My Lord above - cruelty beyond measure. I wish you could post an address where we could send him some pain pills. I would part with some of mine for him. Worth more than gold but his need is greater.

Since that is not possible, maybe you could post on Facebook and let us all write letters and call and scream at those miserable dogs - nicely of course. You’ve got to get a lot of people behind you.

In my prayers!


This INFURIATES me!! But, the sad reality is this: Most medical special interest groups have money behind them, either from political groups, or from families that have a loved one that had the disease/illness/injury.

Unfortunately, most chronic pain patient families don’t have that kind of money. It’s been slowly spent trying to keep them somewhat healthy, with less pain.

While I would never wish my daily pain on anyone, I’m afraid that it’s going to take some high profile person in the same soup as us, for it to get any better. I’m not holding my breath though, because we all know: if they truly are high profile, they wouldn’t be forced to play by the same rules anyway!!

I remember how outraged people were when the Taliban put videos online of US citizens and journalists being tortured. Our country responded with force. Yet, our nation its allowing torture to happen every day…. under the banner of “health care”!!

Our country should be ashamed. We are “supposed” to be a super power, and one of the most civilized countries on earth. Instead, we have become an uncaring, pathetic excuse for humanity.

May God have pity on our souls!

Christopher E Zvolanek

Tylenol doesn’t work in response of pain. Opioids works better treat the pain to manage the pain, compassion and quality of life.






This is dead wrong. Organize a march and we’ll all go. I’m sick of this. Post surgery I was given very little pain relief. I rolled back and forth screaming - so I know the pain that poor man is dealing with. I emailed the CDC a nasty message and considered killing myself.

Friends - we have to do more. We and our families should be flooding Washington before it gets worse.

Are you ready?

Julia Heath

I pray for peace and strength for this family. I pray for an immediate solution to completely take care of all the pain possible. I pray that eyes be open to exactly what is happening, and that the lawmakers hearts will be broken to the very core. Against even their will.


For those talking about the Hippocratic oath, I don’t think med schools have required that for a while…it shows.

This is basically what happened to my mother when she was dying of leukemia. They wouldn’t even give her regular tylenol, but children’s liquid tylenol. Even after she was unable to swallow anything. she died in monstrous agony after nearly a month of tortured Hell.
This was in ’97, during the first hysteria about oxycontin. No one learned anything then. no one will learn anything now. all I can say is, if i get a terminal cancer diagnosis, I’m going to take myself out fast. On the steps of the fricking Capital. On video, with a clear note as to who’s to blame for this, & prayers that every hysteric fanatic moron gets equally agonizing terminal cancer.

Lisa Hess

Hello Denise. I replied on this thread once already; however, I just feel the need to say one more thing. What will also hurt the local/state medical doctors is if your family submits to your story to local newspapers even possibly try national newspapers. Your written story is very powerful and should be sent to the editors of newspapers. I know that every Sunday our local newspaper always reports stories like yours. I’ve written to them, but I’m just a chronic pain patient, however, for Charlie any quality of life he could have had since the beginning has been taken away from him. I truly believe his story is worth the attention of this country!

Adam H

Go to methadone clinic..I hated to resort to it but beats slow misery and the suicide I was very near committing by jumping off skyway bridge.

For those who ask for proof…I have promised that I would honor my sister and her husband’s request for privacy. The thing is, that Charlie’s is not the only story out there. He isn’t the only one.

Ally has read every comment here. She truly appreciates the support. When all this is over, she might come forward but for now, they truly want their identities kept private.

I have asked her to get a lawyer, file a complaint, etc., because this oncologist should not be able to get away with this inhumane treatment. You’re right - something needs to be done, but Charlie is just too sick - they want the story told, but they really don’t want the attention.

Chris Ward

Dr.Parker is a good doctor in Texas!


“Believe nothing that is unreasonable, but reject nothing as unreasonable without proper examination”. Reasonable people will not believe that story. They are not “shamed” by saying so. Long medical narratives with romantic love stories will not get your prescription filled.

Christie Shuman

In all my life I never thought our government would have control of my body!

Deni H

To those who have expressed support, my family and I thank you profoundly. It is a rough time for all of us. We aren’t ready for any of this and this has happened very quickly…far too quickly.

For those with questions. This is taking place in Utah. We are being told that he does not yet qualify for hospice care. We are, however, looking into changing his doctors. Ally has a conference with the care team this week.

Utah is not a legal state so Marijuana is out of the question, although it just might help him if we can somehow get it for him. Some family members do live in a legal state so you never know. In the meantime, he suffers. He suffers in a way that most of us cannot even imagine, and if you’re reading articles on this site, then you have a good idea what chronic pain is…and how much it sucks.

For those who doubt - don’t. This story is absolutely true. Not one word of it is false or exaggerated in any way. It would serve no purpose. And by the way, shame on you…however, at the same time, it is doubters like yourselves that only serve to make every aspect of this ‘crisis’ far less than it is. It is these doubters who make it harder on those of us who suffer.

This needs to be known though, and it needs to be known on a national level. I highly doubt that the powers that be could imagine that this has gone this far.

Or maybe they’re some of the doubters?

C smith

Awful, just awful. Isn’t torture illegal?

william lancaster

(THEY) just want us to die! I live in oregon where its easy to get assisted death but no pain meds!


If compassionate Physicians feelmTeA personally threatened by our government “tying their hands” and are in fear of losing their medical license, I have a great idea.

Why not stage a nationwide 1 day strike to protest governmental interference and financial intimidation by overreaching measures by institutional acronyms, i.e., DEA, FDA, etc. I am quite sure the chronic pain community would forego or reschedule their office visit to see the collective health care providers stand up against the tyranny of the government whose purpose is to support the constitution and protect the welfare of it’s citizens.

The story of Charlie and Ally should effect every single person in this once great nation regardless if they are personally involved with chronic pain. This is not just about us, but about all and is foretelling about the direction our nation is heading.

Doctors in India just staged a strike over safety concerns when 3 junior doctors were attacked by the family of a patient that died. I AM IN NO WAY ADVOCATING FOR VIOLENCE IN ANY FASHION WHATSOEVER, but civil disobedience could go a long way to stop Robber Barons like Dr. Kolodny who Profit over suffering of others.


william lancaster

My heart goes out to you.


Actually, I unsubscribed but my phone doesn’t know it yet. I will hit “post” and see what happens. I am certain that there are real sufferers here and I wish them the best. I have had real problems the same as everyone else but some of these accounts are impossible and they take credibility from everyone else.


Unbelievable! Literally.
I would respectfully ask for some proof. Do not take this personal!
We are all brothers and sisters here, we know all about the hysterical opoiphobia trend.
But this is so bizarre and out there, it’s only appropiate to look at this case in paticular, in order that the credibility of all is maintained.
Again, I’m not making light of the issue and it’s not a personal matter.
Respectfully requesting.
You will end up with the help that you need.

Dear Denise, This has to be one of the saddest pain stories I’ve read about in awhile. Also, You wrote it so well.
My heart breaks for Ally and Charlie.
I’d be hunting for other doctors, although I know that is probably difficult to do with all that is going on. But, Charlie’s lack of proper pain care is ludicrous and extremely negligent. Shame shame shame on those doctors! I hope they are kept up all night with emotional pain!
I’m wondering what state this is in?
I live in Florida and my sister here just had back surgery and was given hydrocodone post op and for when she was sent home. My nephew had a kidney stone and received 10 hydrocodone to take home for when he passes the next stone.
I’m a CP person and although it was decreased 3 yrs ago I still get an opioid for pain. I have a friend in Colorado who still gets ‘extremely’ proper medication for her pain. Therefore I cannot imagine Charlie’s pain and no one medicating him!
I hope someone with a heart intervenes.
God bless him! I will be keeping them in my prayers. Maureen M.


Dems Medicare for All this started in 2014 when I had my level 3 neck fusion to save in Medical spending they want to off the Terminally ill Cancer my relative a vet with stage 3 brain cancer was refused pain care Tomah VA and used a shot-gun ,because a man OD’d on meds from VA now Everyone suffers the Gov used the vets as the first casualities the test subjects.Human Rights watch whatever happened to the investigation of inhumane treatment by our GOV and medical system . guess enough voters are not mad enough yet. Judicial Watch has gotten several emails from Gov abuse of power .Please people flood them with letters emails

Susan McAlarney

I have been a registered nurse for over 33 years. Most of us are compassionate, doctors and nurses alike. For those who are not, teaching compassion is hard to do. When I taught nursing I tried to teach my students that their hand maybe the last human touch a person will have on this earth so do so with kindness.
The FDA has tied our hands preventing a lot from being able to provide the pain relief they know their patients need. Your loved one needs a good hospice doctor and a good hospice nurse who knows how to work within the system to provide your loved one with pain relief. When someone is faced with a doctor or nurse who has no compassion they must find another doctor and request a different nurse.
I realize from my own experience recently of caring for someone I loved with cancer, dragging your loved one from doctor office to doctors office is exhausting, not only for them that for you.
I promise you that once you leave that doctor and his office, you will be happy you did so. Start with step one which is contacting a hospice provider. That doesn’t mean you think your loved one is going to die within weeks it only means that you want them to be comfortable from now until the end. If it’s too soon for hospice services, palliative care options will be suggested.
The chronic pain sufferers, of which I am one, are in a world of hurt also. We don’t like our patients to be in pain. We want to help you but once again the FDA is tied our hands. The really sad fact is that withdrawing pain medications from chronic pain patients has not lowered the number of Opioid overdoses and death. That was no surprise to me. The FDA needs to learn the difference between drug seeking and seeking pain relief.
I’m truly sorry for what is happening to the cancer patients and hospice patients. In my opinion it should be considered malpractice.
Please take care of yourself as well of your loved one. They need you to be strong and healthy.

My daughter did take Tylenol for her abscess tooth her pain was at level 7-8. She took too many and I was told by the doctor that she damaged her liver and might need a liver transplant. She was in the hospital 4 days from this at one time she had 4 IVS going at once to try to reverse the effects of the Tylenol. Thank God the medication worked and her liver is ok but when people take too much Tylenol the liver is damaged. I am a CRPS patient and to just take tylenol for my pain I would be needing a liver transplant. We pain patients dont take opiods to get high we take them to take the edge off of the pain we have to let us have some kind of life then just lying in bed day in and day out. For God sake have a little compassion for us. We dont want this pain we never asked for it but we have it now if we have tried eveything else and it doesnt work what are we to do?

L j

I live in the state of Idaho. So conservative, nobody can see what is beyond our border. And they don’t want to allow anyone not even government to run this State. In saying that, yes I have tried to move. I deal with a rare deseases there is no cure for, it creates pain and numerous issues. I will say I have not been treated by any Doctor that cares or has compassion. If there was one around they have left this State. I have been humiliated, ashamed, treated as I didn’t exist by so so many medical people. They have torn my heart out of me. Im am treated by not being treated. I am refused treatment and procedures are preformed very rough and end up hurting me. I have two Doctors now, I’m hoping I can continue getting some of the medication they prescribe. I have tried on my own to titrate down and off this meds. I don’t want them because the Doctor will one day say no more. When I try to get off them the issue I had prior to taking them returns.
Folks it does not matter what chronic desease you have Doctor’s show no compassion. They don’t have the ability nor the feeling s of empathy to treat this kind of pt. they want someone who has a broken bone they can set and never see again. Chronic illness pt. s in their minds are whinners, fakers, it’s all in their mind. Not only myself but I have witnessed people being completely destroyed by this proffesion. If you don’t have the money or good insurance you are like a leaper. Vice versa they destroy the person s body by doing unecessary procedure s. I have no faith in the medical system. I have chosen to no longer play the Doctor game. I have comes to terms with suffering and not going for any medical care. I have chosen to allow my body to die. A very tough choice for me. But I will not undergo any more of their humiliation, their abuse, their words that tear you apart. I have chosen to live my life that is left with respect for self, compassion for others. What happens naturally will happen.


As a person that has Chronic pain, a rare brain disorder, a rare form of epilpsy, MS, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, RLS, chronic migraines and a few other issues I lost my script of Norco abruptly stopped in ONE appointment. Granted it was a small script but after having the same script for a couple of years I did build up tolerance but never asked for more or for a change to Percocet. I was directed by my neurophysic go to pain management where they laughed me out of the office and did absolutely NOTHING for me. During the middle of my care into learning how to cope with my new life with the diagnosis of my brain disorder my neurophysic left and he promised me that the new one taking over my care would continue my care plan. Not only was I lied to about the new neurophysic continue my care plan I was abruptly stopped without the new neurophysic meeting me to know my story he decided to say ‘it wasn’t his job to’ he stopped me and I went thru month(S) of withdrawals. I was miserable anyone know what those feel like would understand that feeling. To this very second writing this I am very scared to getting the C word and it runs in my family I am terrified that I won’t get the pain meds I need to make me comfrotable. Scary thoughts of getting older or even hurt and not getting what I need. It’s a scary scary world we will in. God bless your heart and I will pray for everyone. I hope you see this but
Denise Hedley there’s a lawyer that might be able to help you Steven P. New out of Kansas City *


I mean, what the hell do we pay them for???

Lisa Hess

For anyone who doesn’t believe this story you should be in Charlie’s room right next to Kolodny! I’ve read so many stories just like Charlie’s and it truly disgusts me to even read the comments from those who do not believe this story!

My mother passed away from Leukemia in March 1963. I was 20 months old. When she found out she had the disease, she only had 3 months to live. Four weeks ago my father passed away from a fatal heart attack. He came up to NJ to be with me for my birthday, but we never had the opportunity to celebrate as he died that morning. They kept his heart beating with meds just so I could spend some time with him. I’m just grateful he didn’t suffer like my mother did.

When I was 6 years old my grandmother made me listen to a recording she made while she stayed by my mother’s side during the last two weeks of her life. All she kept repeating every day was how much pain my mother was in and how she was constantly yelling at the nurses to get her more pain medication. She suffered horribly those last two weeks. That was 52 years ago, and I can remember every word that my was on those recordings. That was 1963 and now it is 2019; 56 years later and that fight for pain relief for cancer patients hasn’t changed by the oncologists and doctors in hospitals.

I’m a chronic pain patient. My meds have been cut 2/3. I cannot get Diazepam I’d been taking for the last four years to control muscle spasms so I won’t be woken every time I move and I have terrible anxiety. This past March, I could no longer be prescribed Diazapam by my PM Dr. I asked my GP if she could prescribe it for me. It’s ridiculous what I have to do to get this medication. My PM has to write a letter giving permission for that prescription. My GP then has to take the letter to her Director for approval. I haven’t gotten it yet. I haven’t slept in over two weeks when my stretched prescription finally ran out. We all suffer and no one should ever harm us more.


This is nothing short of “Genocide”! Our military has rules of engagement that preclude torture of combatants, but this seems to elude our present day medical community. In this current day environment, how in good conscience can a doctor worry more about their medical licenses when they see this scale of human suffering? “I was ordered not to” will not float if there was a war crimes tribunal.

Rebecca Gelineau

This is absolutely horrendous! I am truly sorry Charlie is surffering, and his loves ones are forced to watch! His family will have nightmares. I’m so sorry and sickened by this!
I Have cancer only stage1, And on chemo treatment #12 and no pain control.
I send you my prayers today-❤️


There’s never been any compassion except among a few Drs.
But I was eating & literally choked up & started crying.
THIS I cannot wrap my mind around, there’s no worry of ADDICTION, WHICH THEY CLAIM IS THE PROBLEM (it isn’t).
Charlie needs new Drs ASAP.
The WHO (World Health Organization) the International Narcotics Board, etc say ” PAIN RELIEF IS A HUMAN RIGHT”.
BTW, the International Narcotics Board is like the International DEA.
There’s a Dr. somewhere that will give this man narcotics instead of making him suffer needlessly.
Call the local TV station, the Newspaper, find a friend of a friend who has contacts…..get this story out & make these Drs feel ashamed!
Has anyone ASKED the Drs why he isn’t receiving any narcotic meds?
I think the Drs are taking all the narcotic pain meds, they have the highest rate of drug abuse of any profession.
I’d never let them get away with that. Perhaps Ally is too grief stricken, but SOMEONE can find this man a Dr. While pursuing NEWS COVERAGE for Charlie, & the NEXT CHARLIE!!
People need to understand what this fake crisis has done, no human can make sense of this.
The DEA no longer allows narcotic pain meds for those dying in extreme pain?
People would be outraged if they knew!!! And perhaps get a glimpse of what’s going on in this crazy country. Prayers sent❤❤✌✌

I can tell you, as an RN and Nurse Practitioner for 40 years, a pain patient, and a mother who lost her beautiful 25 year-old daughter to the opioid crisis, what is going on in this country with pain patients is reprehensible and heart-breaking, and a terrible waste of our resources as we pursue the wrong culprits. What we as a society are collectively doing is punishing the easiest person available to assuage our anger over the opioid crisis - the ill, vulnerable pain patient. We cannot punish the true criminal in this crime, so we are seeking relief by punishing the one we can catch. While illegal drugs continue to flood our porous borders, creating a catastrophe of epic proportions, we have found a way to fool ourselves into thinking we have the true criminal here and that he has been strung up, hanged, and put to death, while the real criminal runs free. It may make us feel better in the short-term, but we are still left with the true culprit on the loose and taking more lives. Why our leaders do not see this, or are foolish enough to think that we do not see this, is beyond me. Why one of the most powerful organizations in the country, the American Medical Association, sat back and let this happen to us as well as the members whom they supposedly support, who are also misplaced targets, is beyond me as well. Using our resources to hunt down and eliminate the wrong culprit is an incredible waste. We indeed have lost our collective minds, and compassion, as the author states. What we must do is make every attempt to right the wrong by contacting our elected officials and speaking out in any way possible, as on this forum. God Bless us in this mission as it seems a phenomenal task at this point. No one wants the perpetrators of the opioid crisis brought to justice as much as myself, a mother who lost her child to drug addiction, but we are getting nowhere fast by pursuing the wrong man, and leaving tears and tragedy in our wake as our fellow men suffer.

Anon MD

I have heard of two similar cases that led to successful board complaints and lawsuits with resultant referral to pain management but I realize you have no time for that. For those who doubt the story, it’s true. I’m a physician, so is my husband. We’ve seen it all including my mother’s inadequate pain control when she died of cancer. Also my father, who was given nothing for post-op pain after an amputation. I listened to him scream. They then told me he could have something if he asked for it, but he had severe dementia and was too confused to do so, which they knew. I was told he had phantom pain immediately after surgery. He got occasional morphine and sedatives when he went into hospice in the hospital and then hospice at an assisted living, but I had to keep begging and prompting despite his having bedsores, a non healing stump, and an infected dead leg. No wonder he was agitated all the time and hitting people. I prayed for his death. My husband and I have severely painful conditions and can’t depend on adequate care. Either providers are scared, they believe the nonsense, or all of the above plus a few other options I won’t mention. If we can’t find adequate care for ourselves and our family, who could? It’s time to get the news team into your husband’s room to film this. It’s time for all of us to expose this. I know they aren’t interested either, though.

Cynthia Cormany

I am so sorry this happened to you. I had my gallbladder removed but afterwards I was still in pain. Many tests were taken and finally I was sent to a gastroenterologist and he did an endoscopy. Just like what happened to your family I had a tumor blocking the entrance to my stomach. It was right where the esophagus ends and the stomach starts. I had surgery right away but they had to cut the top half of my stomach off because the tumor was on the inside and outside of the stomach. They nicked the muscle near the entrance of my stomach and had to surgically tighten it. I still can only eat small meals at a time and now there is a hernia on the surgical area. But I was lucky and they found the tumor before it’s too late. It’s very important that if you are in pain to insist that they figure out what is wrong before it’s too late.

Again I am so sorry that they were not able or I should say didn’t send him to the right doctor to get the help in time that was needed.


No there is no compassion left in this country. In this DEA raid anytime DRS. think only protect thy license at all costs. Hospitals now tell the pain patients that are terminal you don’t want to get addicted. We are heading to a situation where no one NO ONE will have pain relief and when everyday people start getting nothing but Tylenol when they need more or their child is in pain but only gets Tylenol they will finally realize what they have done.
What about hospice or palliative care? It is cruelty leaving him in this pain. Sadly this country has lost its compassion and mind as you stated

Debra Aellig

Yes, this country has lost it’s mind, and compassion! This story is another tragic example of how government overreach and the DEA has too much power! We must demand a Congressional hearing to tell the DEA to stand down and away from our MDs! And the AMA needs to collect their “balls” and fight for the rights to treat their patients with the fantastic and useful too called OPIOID! Legally prescribed Opioids are not the bad guy. The DEA failed to warn the collective country of the ILLEGAL deadly type Fentantyl that pours into this country since 2016 to today. Where were the Public Service Announcements from the DEA, the government entities, the FDA, the CDC, the DOJ???? They are all complicit in this poor man’s suffering unnecessarily! Shame on the DEA!

Lisa K. Jones

My mouth is open in complete SHOCK! [edit]!!!!

Debra L Hamerdinger

Please have his doctor order hospice. Since he is terminal and advanced they will offer him comfort Care including the appropriate meds to ease his pain.

Becky Jo Thompson

Hospice care should be able to give him the pain management he needs. It’s what was able to help my grandmother. Fucking aasholes…I hope one day they get to suffer pain and are offered a baby aspirin. Or half a one.

I’m so sorry for Charlie. Cannot imagine his pain. May God take him quickly. I would be calling a lawyer. So unacceptable! In 3 days my brother will be having a GI /colon scope all same day bc he’s been throwing up blood as well. I’m so afraid that it is The Big C. State he lives in offers marijuana, I doubt if that crap even wrks. I live in TN where they have some of the strictest regulations bc they say it’s been one of the states hardest hit of the so-called opiate crisis. 2 days ago I emailed Senator Marsha Blackburn. their response was they read each & every one of these & thank you for reaching out to us. I was polite but said that they’re backing intractable pain people into a corner which causes people to live a low-level functioning life that they cannot participate to be active w/ their families & sometimes bedridden & forced to even take their own lives. That the non treatment & the under treatment of pain has a huge downward spiral on people’s lives to the point that they go from maintaining a job being on opiates to being on disability. How does this help the economy or the person’s life? Forcing people to street drugs to alleviate their pain bc they can no longer or under treated to get the medical care they need. More was written but let’s see if she replies. Charlie’s doctor better hopes that he has enough money so if Karma bites him in the ass that maybe he can pay his way out of misery.


My heart breaks for your family. We are at the mercy of uninformed politicians in almost every aspect of our lives. May God help us!

Dave Gordon

I’m in the same boat, stage 4 melanoma with metastasized liver, lung, stomach etc. Pain meds cut in half and now have to give monthly urine screens. Pretty undignified to have to limp through palative care holding a cup of pee. No rights and no relief.

Im so sorry I believe it is time for the drs to get together and stop all this. There is a most obvious conflict of intrest here. Either your dr protects you and addresses your pain….or they protect their licenses. If you cannot humanely treat your patients pain…..get out. Time to stand up for your patients drs….past time.

Deborah M. Baron

I am crying reading this seething with anger that any doctor would put anyone through this torture!
We have got to make it stop!!!! If you dra are afraid, remember their will be God to put you in hell.

Dennis Shivers

It’s beyond anything that can be justified.I feel so bad for this poor man I was in tears reading this.I know the pain I’m going through and can’t deal with. I just can’t imagine this man suffering with the disease and on top the horrendous pain that I could only imagine. He is a better man than me.I would for sure end my life..And I would make sure a lawsuit is filed against these corporate bozo’s and make sure a wrongful death was filed along with inhumane suffering. I pray this man doesn’t have to suffer much longer


You should take this to the media. They have drank the Kool-Aid too but as we hope there are still some compassionate doctors left somewhere, we also have the same hope of finding honest journalists. The DEA must now rank as one of the cruelest government entities on the planet. If the doctors’ fears of being arrested are in any way genuine, which if only because doctors appear to be suprising selfish they likely are, then they and everyone else are scared of one thing: the DEA. The CDC and HHS are just supporting actors in the crisis, while the DEA plays cowboys and indians fighting yet another failed war on drugs that counts among its collateral damage innocent chronic pain patients and now apparently stage 4 cancer patients. We cannot give up. Our hearts go out to your sister and brother-in-law. Perhaps you can find someone to help you share the inhumanity of this treatment with the loudest voice possible.


Yet i can cross the street in my upper middle class neighborhood and buy heroin for 20 bucks…. this country needs to burn to the ground period