Having a boy or girl - Yes! You can choose what you conceive!

Having a boy or girl - Yes! You can choose what you conceive!

Have you ever heard the term that someone has the “million dollar family?” What they are referring to is that that family has a child of each gender. This is how others have referred to my family, as I have a daughter and son.

I think that many parents would agree that they feel like they have won the lottery simply by having a healthy baby, even if it is not the gender they thought they were having. Before birth control methods were widely used, parents had a good chance of having a boy or girl many times over as they often had so many children. But today, the family size has grown much smaller, so we are not guaranteed to have the gender of child that is desired.

It’s no wonder then that prospective parents are looking for a way of increasing their chances of having a boy or girl! We only get a few chances, and we want to make sure that we maximize our attempts!

Fortunately, today’s science has made it easier to understand how girl and boy babies are conceived and how you can use that science to your advantage when choosing your baby’s gender.

Have you ever wondered what create a boy or girl baby? It is the man’s sperm that decides this! If the man’s X sperm meets up with the egg (X), a baby girl results. But if a man’s Y sperm meets up with the egg (X) first, then you get pregnant with a baby boy.

Scientists have found that X and Y differ in their motility, (that’s the speed at which the little sperms swim). Therefore timing your conception is an important factor to consider. You have to know when the woman is ovulating so that you can both figure out when it is the bedst time to have sexual intercourse.

Science has also found that certain foods are better at creating boys, while others are better at creating girls. This is because foods affect your body’s chemistry and pH.

Another important, but often overlooked, thing that you need to do is limit stress in order that your body functions at its maximum level. Also be sure not to use cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol.

In conclusion, you can greatly increase your chances of having a boy or girl baby by following some specific guidelines. There are several other specific techniques that you will want to follow to make your dreams come true!

Find out how you can choose the gender of your baby! Learn all the details by checking out the “How to Conceive website” . There you can discover the methods used by thousands of other couples to conceive the gender of their choice.

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