Headache Migraine Survey Available

Headache Migraine Survey Available

Here’s another opportunity for the voice of the chronic pain patient to be heard.

The Coalition for Headache and Migraine Patients (CHAMP) and its partner organizations including U.S. Pain Foundation is conducting a survey to better understand the experiences people with headache diseases have had with their health care providers, treatments, and insurance providers. Your responses will help advance research and improve access to appropriate care and therapies for migraine and other headache diseases as we focus on conversations with health care professionals, insurers, state and federal lawmakers, and other agencies that fund and conduct research.

This survey is open to people in the United States or U.S. territories, who are 18 years old or older, and have experienced at least one headache in the past year not due to hangover or illness (such as cold or flu). Completing this survey is expected to take 15-20 minutes.

To take the survey, click here for instructions and the survey.

  • Everyone is eligible for entry in a drawing for one of twenty $25 Amazon gift cards. If you do not consent to take the survey or do not meet eligibility criteria, you will be sent to an entry form where you can provide your email address for one [1] entry in the drawing.
  • A partially completed survey is eligible for two [2] entries in the drawing. Instructions for entry are included in the email sent with the link to complete your survey later.
  • Those who complete the survey earn a total of five [5] entries. If you save and return to the survey later (via an email link) or complete the survey in one sitting, instructions for entry are provided upon completion.

This survey is intended to be anonymous. Please do not share any personally identifying information (e.g., your name, email, or phone number in this survey). Your survey responses will be maintained on the password-protected computers of CHAMP research staff and partners. Any reports using these data will be made in aggregate and used for research and advocacy purposes only. Your separate contact information will be maintained by CHAMP only if you express interest in joining our mailing list (optional).

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Derek W Palm

Hi,I’ve had constant headaches, meaning from getting up till way after bed,mine are nerve damage headaches, 3 in total(left,middle,right side), since a car accident in 1986,but since 2007,they got way worse, told their Occipital Nerves damage, I’m in constant pain, (I’m talking almost Viral Meningitis headaches), had meningitis 7 times,I’m now 58,since 2017,kaiser dr,has taken away 95% of meds,and wont address my pain, I sit or lay all day with ice packs, neck collar, its been horrific way to live, all 4 pairs of Occipital Nerves are permanently damaged, so my brain feels bruised inside, any neck movement sends them up to level 9,(Viral Meningitis headaches are 10), I fight this every day, have 2 pairs of electric Stimulation implants 2 above eyes,2 at base of neck,nobody should ever have to live like this, I fight this pain everyday, and constantly think of ending it all, no help from medical or any pain meds, all but stopped from guidelines, have no life or wish to live like this, its just horrible, cant think, or drive, its a constant fight to just live from minute to minute, has anyone ever just had them all cut, even though 60% of head will be numb for life, aswell head drop, can happen, or Nerves just continue to fire, neck is so tender, totally changed my life and ruins all relationships etc.
Anyone else have ON ???.
Derek W Palm