Hi-tech treasure hunters find another sunken wreck in the Philippines

Hi-tech treasure hunters find another sunken wreck in the Philippines.

A high-tech marine salvage and exploration company, Oceanic Research and Recovery Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ORRV), has announced that its team members have located yet another shipwreck in the Philippines.

ORRV has already discovered 2 shipwrecks along one of the routes Spanish shipping followed between Manila and Acapulco. There were always several distinct routes shipping would follow in the Philippines. This latest discovery is along the trade route taken by ships sailing between Manila and Indonesia.

Preliminary investigations have discovered a large ballast mound on the flat sea bottom. The mound is around 80 feet long and several feet high. The characteristics of the wreck site make it difficult to identify the nationality of the wreck until excavation begins, but the site appears to be undisturbed.

“The years of planning and research are paying off,” said Scott Heimdal, CEO of ORRV. “Most companies expend huge amounts of capital just looking for a shipwreck; we’re already up to 3 great targets that are ready for excavation.”

“As operations proceed,” continued Mr. Heimdal, “we’ll continue to look for good wrecks along all of the major trade routes. We’ve already located wrecks along the routes plied by the Spanish and other European ships; we also want to expand our investigations to the routes between the Philippines and other Asian countries and the Northern route that focused on trade with Japan.”

ORRV has recently reached an agreement for $2,000,000 in funding for Philippine operations. The company is currently working with its financiers and field team to coordinate the various legal, logistical and operational requirements that will allow the company to begin the next phase of operations.

Organizations wishing to learn more about how they can participate in one or more ORRV projects may contact the company by sending an email to inquiries@orrvweb.com.

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Image by Wessex Archaeology via Flickr.

Authored by: Sean McInnes

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