How to study abroad without breaking the bank

How to study abroad without breaking the bank

How to study abroad without breaking the bank.

There is a new European website online with information in its database on 16 Billion Euros ($21.99 billion USD) worth of scholarship funds. has compiled searchable, structured information on scholarships and grants for studying in Europe and will help students to fund their overseas studies.

How else could a student hear about a scholarship to study law in Berlin, or a grant to go to the University of Edinburgh? And where else would a Brazilian management student go to find out about a special scholarship to study in France?

Many students are not aware of their opportunities or do not know where to look. The website provides them with an answer. helps students find the scholarships or grants they need for studying in Europe. Students can find funds to finance their study abroad with a search tailored to their personal background and interests.

The recently launched web site was funded by the European Commission and has a database which contains more than 800 scholarships already.

The technology and concept are based on the popular study choice website where more than one million students find and compare Master’s courses across Europe every month.

Just like MastersPortal, the new scholarship website gives transparency to the large variety of European study opportunities. There is an estimated EUR 15.6 billion ($21.44 billion USD)of scholarship funds available in Europe every year, yet financial constraints still prevent many would-be students from studying abroad.

So now helps to bridge that gap.

The website is developed by the European study choice platform StudyPortals. The comprehensive international overview is a result of the cooperation with many national institutes. Scholarships from several databases are united into the single European resource, helping students around the world in fulfilling their study ambitions.

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Authored by: Richard Lee

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