I Fought the Law and the Law Won

I Fought the Law and the Law Won

By Staff

Editor’s note: National Pain Report recently ran a story in which we supported the U.S. Pain Foundation in asking people to take action against proposed changes in a 30-page “Opioid Misuse Strategy 2016” proposal by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), intended to “curb opioid misuse and abuse.”

The following letter was submitted to us, and we thought we would reprint it, as we’re sure that the frustration and feeling of futility is all too familiar to many of our readers.

The sender requested that we protect their privacy as it is paramount in protecting them, their doctor, and their Pharmacist.

Dear Sirs:

I want to tell you that I fought the legislation, working with my District Assemblywoman, against the 5 day prescribing of opioids for acute pain to 7 days. That failed.

Then I also tried to put a face on chronic pain patients by telling my story in detail and was even offered to speak on the NJ State Assembly floor. Already at that date, The New Jersey State Senate passed the bill by a vote of 33-0.

I wasted my time fighting a losing battle. I wrote an extensive detailed letter telling my story with my condition. My name and my Dr.’s name were kept private. Really great letter but the same day (with complete democratic support) the bill passed the NJ state Assembly and went to Gov. Christy’s Desk, who signed it. It has 90 days to take effect, and won’t (according to my source at the State House Reporter I’m talking to) for months - with a lot of revisions and tweaking needed.

Don’t ask for my help fighting a losing battle, standing up for chronic pain patients, AS THEY HAVE DECLARED WAR ON ALL OF US!

I tried and failed. New Jersey will have the strongest anti pain patient laws in the books in the entire country, when in place.

Why aren’t there more powerful people standing up to people like Gov. Christy, who push back hard against the total ignorance and war on people living in chronic pain?

You need to push the drug war back into the streets. Drugs pouring into NJ, and the fact that while Christy was out running for President, the heroin pouring into our state went unabated - and now Trump may make Gov. Christy the new Drug Czar for the ENTIRE COUNTRY!!

Do you have any idea what you’re fighting against???

The DEA, IGNORANCE, Big MONEY BACKERS WHO ARE LOOKING FOR SCAPEGOATES ( like chronic pain patients) to BLAME THEIR ADULT CHILDREN’S DEATH ON!! …and they have all picked us.

So when you come up with a really strong group of powerful connected people who can fight the DEA, fight big money backers who have chosen to target innocent pain management patients to FIX ALL THEIR PROBLEMS…Well, guess what the outcome is? Losing our doctors, losing our medications, losing our poor quality of life - as we all know that pain meds help with pain but NOTHING MAKES IT GOES AWAY.

This is not just NJ, it’s every state and every patient whether acute pain or chronic pain. The insurance companies are lying to their own subscribers in the Prior Auth Dept, ignoring, transferring to dead lines, long appeals that go no where, on & on….

So please tell me how your petition plans on changing and fighting the whole war on drugs against people like me who are under contract, monitoring, monthly doctor visits, and begging the pharmacy to fill my valid and properly dated prescriptions from my Pain Management Dr.

Yours truly,


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Authored by: Geoff Sims

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Has any headway been made on this issue? Is anything changing, is anything being done to help??? December all long term patience with Chronic Pain, who are on the Oregon Health Plan will lose their pain medication. They are being offered a handful of Chiropractic visits and “possibly” other treatments but here we are less then 6 months until the deadline and we are being given NO real alternatives. Meanwhile I have friends and relatives who trek to a Methadone clinic 6 days a week who are NOT being cut off their addictive medications because they are drug addicts. This does not make sense! Most of these people are young enough to get off these drugs and continue on with their lives but people who NEED the medication just to function and make it through the day are being forced off because somewhere along the line some junkies or kids trying out drugs died. This is not our fault. We should not be lumped in with drug addicts, they do not lump in those dying of cancer with drug addicts do they? Hell no! Our use of pain medications is real. Since I received the news that they were cutting me off my pain medication I have horded pills and cut myself down even more then the Doctors. I am not in withdrawals because I have lowered my doses properly but I can not see my life in 6 months when I am suppose to be OFF all pain medications when I am in such pain right now that I can barely make it through the day now I am in such pain. I honestly believe the depression and pain will likely cause a lot of new junkies on the street or a lot of suicides come the end of 2017 as so many of us will have no alternative but to become junkies, buying pain meds from the corner dealer to treat our own pain because some bureaucrat who never suffered a day in their life decided we don’t need pain meds because they don’t work or those who can not find or afford street drugs will eventually be forced to take their own lives to get the relief they so desperately need. It sickens me to think how little the government cares about the public, let alone those who suffer from chronic pain.


I hope someone does SOMETHING soon to help chronic pain sufferers on Medicaid. We should not ALL be punished because a few abuse the medication. Some of us have been fighting chronic pain for years. I was diagnosed with Fibromyaliga in 1994 but refused pain medications and did everything possible to reduce my pain without medication. I had an “unsuccessful” low back surgery in February 2000 and was told to “go home, your done working” by the surgeon at my 6 week check up. I have had knee surgery, shattered my tail bone (which aches unbearably, all day everyday), I have Inter-cranial Hypertension which causes Chronic headaches and vision loss, caused by a neck and shoulder injury. I was on Darvon for years, and could take less when I was not in much pain. The drug companies weren’t making enough money off of Darvon and took it off the market, of course they claimed it was for the public’s safety, but that was bull! I am allergic to many medications or simply can not suffer through the side effects. Lyrica was a God send, I was out of pain and it was not so strong I could not function but after about a week I broke out in huge blisters on my wrists and ankles. That was the end of being pain free. Before and after that I have been on Morphine. Several months ago my insurance company suddenly decided they would no longer pay for the long acting Morphine, which I had no side effects from. I was moved strictly to the short acting Morphine, which makes me itch all over, 24/7. Even with the allergy medications they prescribed to help with the itching I simply can not sleep and I swear it was driving me mad! I started purchasing the long-term morphine myself. Now they tell me my insurance company is cutting ALL Medicaid patients with chronic pain off of all Opioid pain medication and they will soon begin to work me off of the medication completely. By December I am suppose to be off the pain meds I will no longer be able to see the “pain management specialist” I have been seeing for the past 6 or 8 years. I have stock piled pain medication, as I know many have. I am down to the bare minimum I can take without wanting to kill myself or somebody else. The insurance company says AFTER I am off the pain medication they will allow me to see a Chiropractor up to 4 times and possibly physical therapy, so basically they are offering NO alternative treatments for Chronic pain. I honestly believe they are just hoping we all kill ourselves and save them a tiny bit of money. Cheap bastards, it took me 14 YEARS before I finally saw an Endocrinologist for my thyroid condition. With the HMO’s no doctor wanted to give up any money and actually treat patients so I suffered for years while they “monitored” my… Read more »

Name Withheld

I wrote the letter published outlining my fight with Gov. Christy and the New Jersey Legiskature back in Dec 2016, and was compketely ignored by every State Senator, and Assemblymen along with being ignored by my Federal Senators and Congressmen, including Corey Booker, which was very disappointing. The rush to placate Gov. Chris Christy’s insanity was disgusting and even though New Jersey has one of the highest level of Heroin Adduction, often laced with Fentanyl, is destroying our State. But, instead if not touching Pain Mgmt Patients, as they said they would, they lied. The State and the Federal Gov’t, (without re-evaluating the terrible unintended negative consequences,) along with The Insurance Companies, plowed through and the result is what we are dealing with now! I am disgusted to hear on the news just today the filing of a New Lawsuit filed against the drug companies, seeking restitution for the “cost of the treating the massive amounts of addicts produced by their drugs”. First, My understanding in all the research and reading I’ve done, it strongly proves that Chronic Pain Patients and their contracted managed care account for a very very small percentage of the addiction crisis facing the Country. Most pain patients are the most compliant and strictly monitored patients in the medication use community. The blanket acceptance of the CDC’s stats and then the Insurance Companies using the flawed interpretation And data as a “enforced guideline” to force Stable Pain Patients off their medications, attack their Medically Compliant Pain Managenent Patients, is a horrible failure by the Medical Community at large to do an independent assessment if the CDC’s data. The CDC has failed Pain Patients not only in New Jersey but in every State in the Country. When I go to fill my medication, I know a fight is coming. But, no matter how bad I feel or how beaten down I am by my Healthcare Company, I must continue to fight. Have I considered hiring an Attorney? Yes I have. The basis of my argument is such: I pay every month very expensive premiums for my Health Insurance. I have the right to receive medical care as prescribed by my Doctor and I have done nothing to violate any laws or contracts I signed with my Pain Management Doctor. I have never failed a urine screening, I have actually on my own volition, lowered my dose of pain meds to half of what I wax taking. I have addressed their garbage denials ( ref Fail First or Step Therapy), which states like New York has just passed new legislation severely limiting its use), questioning the purpose of making Patients use drugs other than what their doctors have prescribed to limit access to the actual medications doctors have prescribed. The bottom line is, I need my medication. My quality of life will be destroyed without my medication and I will not back down until I end up in a Court of law. I am a human being who… Read more »


I like the idea of us pain patients banding together, but I don’t know if we could get enough of us to DC to have an impact. Who wants to travel with severe pain?

I am thinking a You Tube Channel and/or a website were we could join forces in a virtual way, a visual way, and a way that people who are in severe suffering would still be able to participate.

I’m thiking we could call it something like the Invisible Pain Patient.

Any thoughts?

Jean Price

Pharmacists Steve…I heartily agree!! Yet all of the many pain groups don’t seem interested in forming a coalition and working together…and raising funds! So how do we do this?! Unless we can form a united front…for numbers and clout and financial backing, we are just floundering…with scattered raised voices and letters and petitions that end up where!? I’m not at all sure most government people know we even exist! And the public has little idea about what’s happening either!

Most of our larger, established groups seemed to be largely geared to reach out to US…preaching to the choir, mainly!! Or they are solely for information and news like this one! We do need to put our money where our mouth is!! And present a united front with a power base! Yet HOW to do this is a whole other thing to figure out!! Lots of ideas and very little capacity to put them into actions!! Sad, yet we’re talking about a group of people who has difficulty with the simplest activities of daily living!! And very few healthy, able bodied supporters to work with us!

I’m beginning to think picketing the CDC and DEA offices or doing old fashioned “sit ins” there and at doctor’s offices might get us some publicity…or more likely just notoriety!! Yet, the cost in pain would be staggering, let alone the individual finances needed!! Since we also PAY with ADDED pain for any of our efforts…unless there are a whole lot of realistic results we can truly expect from an activity….it’s difficult to organize any on a large scale! And even then, the attrition from those who might have to cancel due to pain is substantial! So we’re left with lots of easy to recognize drawbacks….and loads of great intentions…yet really darn few WORKABLE solutions, I’m afraid! Organized prayer might just work as well! And at least we all could physically do this! No kidding!!

Tim Mason

It would be nice to a large group of chronic pain patients to get together and somehow fly us all to Washington DC in a C-130. We could be driven in busses to the front of the White House or Capital and give the a “visual” of the suffering that is taking place and the harm that is being done because we have become a society where doctors are at risk for doing their jobs of maintaining some resemblance of comfort for aging, people in pain.
We are not abusers. This whole anti-opiate fiasco has gotten out of hand. A famine of medication has been set in order and substantiated with fake news, skewed statistics, and absolute rotten English. To drive this thought home even the CDC linked two works addiction and dependence like this in a sentence “We need to overcome “dependence and addiction” and abuse in society.
Very sickening.

Rick Kelly

Major issue. Those of us n intractable pain CANNOT defend ourselves. No hype. No exaggeration…real, awful.

I built a million $ company, now I can’t even remember my mess from the limbic system.

I have iq to help but only functioning at 5%. No lie.

RSD/CRPS full body w strong autoimmune probs. I’m plucked.

Sheryl Donnell

Again, follow the money. It has nothing to do with opioids. It as everything to do with big business selling futures in Addiction to Opiates Treatments several years ago. Google Bain and several other companies. The CDC itself said their numbers included suicides, and benzidiazapam deaths and deaths not attributable to opioids but people taking opioids but died in car accidents. We are being sold to the top 1%.

Tim Mason

The answers to many questions people have is in Dr. Nagel’s book “Needless Suffering”. “How Society Fails those with Chronic Pain”
We are now a society that does not take risks. In his book he talks about how Insurance came about in the 20’s as a non-profit organization to the modern day ACA.
Everything you’ve read about “greed”, “profits”. “the bottom line”, etc it is all in his book.
Most importantly the element of “risk” is in there too.
None of the insurances companies want to risk their profit margins and doctors do not want to risk their professions.
I have read the CDC guidelines several times and there is room for opioid treatment in todays chronic pain management. However, certain doctors are not willing to pay to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s and do all that is required just give up on pain management. TO RISKY RIGHT NOW.
I am fortunate to have a pm doctor that gives people what they need.
There are good doctors and places to go you just have to look for them.
The CDC, DEA have created an atmosphere of fear in which some people cannot work.

Barbara W

Lots of great ideas . The main thing is I habe been looking for just 1 pain patient & 1 doctor who will sta d up & say he gave less pain meds to that patient because of the DEA threatened him or is afraid due to the DEA. Now the CDC is following the same path which must be dicumented right? The Civil rights attorney said that the 1 pain patient starts the suit is joined in as a class action by all others who wabt to Sue. This firm has turned over the Constitution of the United states if need be,but this that has been going on plus the threatening & locking up of our doctors is already shredding the constitution of our Civil rights!!. My doctors r scared of the DEA & cant even brrath that proposal to them,so whom out their has the Doctor who will do it. This will be for the entire US. The truth is I have followed this DEA thing all the way back to 2001. Andrew Kolodney responsible for a great deal of damage a DEA doctor it is all about the profits from being on the take from the black market money. The Law enforcement community already ratted them out. Law Enforment Against Prohibition will speak at all kinds of venues explaining the real truth & representing the protection of pain patients,where politicians & the DEA do not belong involved in our medical treatment ever,only the experts. Another thing all O D s involve Alchohol muscle relaxants valium etc etc never plain Opiods. Plus the DEA r responsible for the Cartels absorbiant drug prices & allr new Heroin addicts. So write on this site if u have a doctor to come forth & I will give u all the attorney. They dont charge till they win they told me,but I am definitly willing to give money like that other pain patient said!!!

Adrienne Dare

Now that so many states are decriminalizing marijuana the The DEA needs to justify it’s obcene budget. No government agency ever wants to cut its budget, so now we have this witch hunt against the truly sick and suffering among us. I now understand why people in pain start buying heroin.

Tim Mason

to Pharmacist Steve,
If there was a ever a single voiced group for pain patients doing what you describe it would be like NOCERC. The group that defends males damaged at birth by botched circumcisions.
Of course they go in and sue physicians for malpractice but we would need a coalition to sue DEA and or CDC for malfeasance or some legal term for what is taking place.
The only way to effectively be successful at this is to cost members of charged entity their jobs.
A charge against the DEA for causing undue hardship, pain and suicide as a direct result of their actions.
I alone would gladly donate money for this cause and stand to wit such processes in Atlanta Georgia.
Would you Steve take charge of such a challenge?
We live in a society that does not take risks. Now we see professionals not risking their salaries for standing up for what is right.
I have yet to be affected by any CDC guidelines changes and I don’t doubt the horror stories I read.
A stand must be made for those that suffer unjustly.
Where do we begin brother?

I recently relocated to NJ, in Oct. of 2015, geez, if I’d known… I regret my move so much in so many ways. This is just icing on the cake. This place is extremely disorganized. It’s a travesty of justice, making us suffer even more than we already do.


Pharmacist Steve - I agree that is how it should be done, but I think that people are confused on the individual level. I know that I am.
How can the folks that read the National Pain Report and the folks that subscribe to the US Pain Foundation, etc., etc. get their acts together? Do we ask the leadership of the individual organizations to reach out and work with each other?

I am looking for ideas to advance our cause on a national level.

Thank you


Mr. Rose,
First, thank you for your service. My husband was in the Army during Desert Shield, and was surrounded by Marine escort. You brought him home safe to me. I will always be grateful.

Second, thank you for reminding us of history, and that few things worth having are obtained easily.

God Bless & Semper Fi!


Politicians do not represent me. I have no hope for them. There are few that I’ll support for re-election. One local politician has been compassionate and open-minded. He realizes there is an epidemic but I *think* he truly understands that the problem is with heroin. Too bad they’re all lumped together as “opiods.”

They can’t fix the problem if they cast such a wide net. I believe it’s a rally for votes and not a genuine attempt to address the HEROIN epidemic.

I’m amazingly angry and yet the irony is that my energy level is abysmal.

Even using the CDC’s latest numbers on opioid deaths, (33,000) their so-called epidemic does not make the top 5 of preventable deaths…
1. CDC – Tobacco is responsible for over 700,000 deaths annually. Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. Smokeless tobacco is responsible for approximately 100,000 to 150, 000 deaths.
2. CDC - Excessive alcohol use led to approximately 88,000 deaths.
3. Journal of Patient Safety - Preventable medical errors in hospitals 210,000 to 448,000
4. Journal of the American Medical Association - Being overweight/obesity 111,909
5. National Safety Council - “38,300 people were killed in car accidents.”

Dear Anonymous, Yes I understand your frustration. Boy do I understand your frustration!!! This is the greatest weapon those mentioned in your letter have against us; sit back do nothing and wait for us to die. We CANNOT GIVE UP!!! These policies are nothing short of GENOCIDE on a massive scale. BUT there is HOPE, FAITH and LOVE… If you recall your history, people throughout the ages have had setbacks. As a Marine, one of my favorite stories is one from WWI when Hitler was marching on Paris. His forces had unparalleled successes throughout Europe; everyone had fallen before them. Similar to what is happening to Chronic Pain Patients today; our casualties are mounting, our losses staggering…. In 1918 the 5th & 6th Marines Regiments were held in reserve as the Germans marched on Paris… Finally we were given the order to advance… as we did a French officer told a young Marine Lieutenant to retreat… The LT responded “Retreat hell, WE just got here!” As the battle for Belleau Wood progressed, the Marines were able to force the Germans to retreat for the first time… in a dispatch back to Germany, one of their commanders referred to the Marines as Teufelshunde and the name stuck and a legend was born… Teufelshunde - Devil Dogs. If we forget our history we are doomed to repeat it. The VA apparently does not remember the history of the veterans they are supposed to be serving and so they will learn as did the Germans… As a group, Chronic Pain Patients must also unite and stand united as did the Marines of Belleau Wood. We will face setbacks, sometimes our path will seem unsurmountable but all is not loss. In our training, the most dangerous part of the battlefield is the six inches between the ears. We need to use those six inches to work together – When we meet a setback as you have, we need to turn to our friends facing the same demons we are – PAIN 24/7 – governmental agencies and elected idiots who continue to buy into the lies or more than likely stuffing their own pockets off our suffering. For the veterans, we must use our military training, BAMCIS, to organize, plan and act. What are those actions? First, we get the VFW, AMVETs, Veterans of Foreign Wars, etc. involved… We come together under one umbrella such as my page Vets Fight Back; not because it is my page but because it is inclusive of veterans, active duty military and CIVILIANS. For civilians, they also need to come under the same umbrella – Vets Fight Back. What better way to defend this great nation than at the side of one our nation’s greatest assets – the men and women who willingly act as bullet sponges? Our civilian counterparts need to get in contact with their churches, the Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, League of Women voters, etc. We need these alliances because otherwise we are playing into… Read more »

Kathy C

This has nothing to do with facts, Science or Reason. The Industry used the Corporate Media to ensure their Profitability, and lack of accountability. The U.S is being run by the Corporations, and this well help with their bottom line. The American Public is very gullible, and easily manipulated. They were able to get the DSMV which is the Billing Bible, to rearrange a few definitions. This decision was not based on Science or observation. It was easy to re-arrange a few phrases, which helped helped with Billing and profitability.
The Corporate Media does not exist to “Inform Us” there is no real Journalism anymore. We are all being misled, and lied to. Healthcare is a huge well funded industry, they found that Pain had to be re-described. They disparaged and undermined the credibility of people with pain. The DSMV now described them as “Addicted” or “Mentally Ill.” That was enough to help the Industry avoid any kind of scrutiny, when they failed to treat or cure a Patient. This also allows the Insurers to discredit injured workers, and postpone diagnosis or treatment until they either die or go on Public Assistance, if it is available.
The Corporate Media has been running a narrative to explain away nearly everything we see daily. Every story about the “Homeless’ Starts with the terminology Drugs or “Mental Health” That way we can blame them for being in that situation. Articles about “Faith” and “Positive thinking” are featured prominently in “News.” People get “Sick” because they are not “positive.” They even targeted kids from impoverished backgrounds, they were unable to function in school, not because they were Homeless or living in Poverty, but they didn’t have “Grit.” Those kids were also targeted with a Pharma Product. They did not need a decent environment, their parents don’t need a living wage, all they need is a Pharma Product.
This is the end of Science in the U.S. The Corporations have won.

Ben Aiken Longfellow

It is truly sad and unconstitutional when our elected officials will NOT even lend an ear to the non cancer chronic pain community outcry or ANY other group of people unjustly persecuted. It seems this is the case for many groups of folks in America today. If an individual, be it a “law maker” doesn’t have a health condition such as chronic pain then, the condition must not truly, exist. Either that is the thought or they are just not open to the many different paths a human life can take, purposely or by accident. Or, these “chronic pain folks” are using opioid medication as a crutch. I’ll say it again, people in chronic pain are some of the strongest minded people I have ever met. We keep going even with a serious obstacle such as mentally fatiguing, crippling, severe, continuous pain.affecting our lives. Opioid medication has enabled me to keep earning a living for over 20 years. I was well aware of my decision to be prescribed and treated with opioid medication and the effects, the stigma, and the personal humiliations that I would incurr with opioid prescribed treatment. What I did not see coming in life with the established treatment and prescribing of opioid medication for chronic pain was the limitation, and the almost absolved by “law” sufficient prescribing of an established treatment for chronic pain. Good peoples’ individual record with their chronic pain treatment and use of prescribed opioid medication is being TOTALLY disregarded. ??? The chronic pain afflicted are forced to turn to Kratom, not approved for human consumption and or CBD oil, again not approved and with both they do not ease pain very much, at least for me. I hope a medication is produced to help with chronic pain ,soon. I personally DID what the physicians advised me to do when my lower back began giving me pain so bad that I could not function. I am sure others afflicted with chronic pain also did what their doctors advised them to do to curb their pain. Whether it was surgery, a blitzkrieg of medications to “cure” or help and finally chronic pain medication. Same story because the only medication that curbs pain when the level becomes severe, is opioid medication . I am happy for people like Gov. Christy that do not have to endure severe, continuous pain……..forever. They do not know how blessed they are. Yet, they may find themselves in a chronic pain state at the blink of an eye. They could have the genetics that may cause hi a very painful disease. Worse yet, a loved one, a family member, may find themselves in need of opioid medication for severe, continuous pain. Would a parent DENY their child some easing of chronic pain? I think not! The medication would become a blessing to the parent or a person watching a loved one suffer. However until chronic pain was to overcome people l, they can have NO empathy on the 100 million… Read more »

Sandy Auriene Sullivan

I truly understand your frustration, it is warranted and the same in every state. Florida was one of the worst to be in for the longest time because of 2 brothers and one county! Broward.

The infamous pill mills were predominantly in Broward. Now, I consider myself politically left leaning/Progressive but my county is deep red/NE Florida. The CDC Guidelines were rubber stamped and not one of the Democratic primary contenders spoke up despite numerous letters [I worked on other campaigns, was a delegate before - so asking within ‘my’ party by putting a face on it? Did little]. Ironically, I get more traction from the more civil libertarians of which we tend to agree on many important issues; despite that they are far more ‘right’ leaning.

Yesterday, I told my doctor to please, please put his voice to our state senator who is working on MMJ legislation in the state. Why? Because while looking for concentrates for my brother’s cancer I discovered that the indica/RSO vape or concentrate in coconut oil to be superior to opiates on how I felt the next morning. That means we need to keep trying to broaden our approach to pain treatment.

Go to local delegations. Talk to the reps face to face. Shoot, my senator sent me a friend request on Facebook after I spoke to a delegation back in 2013. Same senator who is working on MMJ legislation in the state. It really helps.

scott michaels

POLITICIANS NEVER NEVER FIGHT THE PEOPLE WHEN IN MASS QUANTITIES. THE CDC THE GOVERNORS PROP FOR MISLEADING THE CDC AND politicians. kaiser along with blue cross and other insurance companies need to be fought as well. I can’t believe perdue Watson and other pharm companies wouldn’t fund this action.

Mark Ibsen

We can wait until the pendulum swings again,
Keep speaking out.
Thanks for staying in integrity.


A m e n!! Thank you for fighting for all of us despite your pain..i know the toll is great. I keep scratching my head anout how to help the people in positions of power ‘get it’ since they clearly dont. All i keep coming back to is that it will have to be personal for them to understand… so sad, and at such a high cost to us in the meantime.

Basically, politicians only care about two things…votes and $$$ in their election campaign fund.
At the Federal level lobbyists spend NINE MILLION +/day on the 535 members of Congress.. that is abt $16,000 per member of Congress PER DAY - 7/365 to influence Congress.

There is nothing that prohibits legislators to pass/enact unconstitutional laws and unless some entity challenges the constitutionality of the law in our court system… the law will be enacted and enforced until someone does.

Generally, in most states… practicing medicine without a license is a FELONY and it is also ILLEGAL for a prescriber to prescribe medication to a person that they have not done a in-person physical exam.

One of the core functions of the practice of medicine is to diagnose the pt’s disease, and prescribe a plan of treatment that will cure, treat or maintain.

A second core function of the practice of medicine is to start, change, stop prescribed therapy.
Historically, the patient/physician relationship has been sacrosanct. Over the last decade, we have seen a large number of “outside entities” attempting to intrude in the patient/physician relationship and establish “cookie cutter” medical care policies and procedures.

It is highly unlikely that any of the DEA licensees (manufacturers, doctors, pharmacies, wholesalers) are going to take a stand against what is happening. They don’t want to “piss-off” the DEA and see the DEA retaliate against a licensee and the licensee’s revenue by fines, and other means of adversely impacting their ability to do business.

There is an estimated 100 million chronic pain pts.. this group each contributing $15/quarter - about ONE DOLLAR A WEEK… represents a annual legal war chest in the SIX BILLION DOLLAR range.
That is TEN TIMES larger than the LARGEST PAC in the 2014-2015 election cycle. https://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/toppacs.php?cycle=2016&Type=R&filter=P

Law firms and lobbyist firms will be beating a path to the door … if the chronic pain community could “get it together”.

Sue Donas

I’m in NJ also- I’m game to help in any way I can. I just don’t know wheree to go or who to speak w.

As a chronic pain patient, I have to say that I have fought the law and lost also so to speak. I achieved my law enforcement associate’s degree in 1994. Worked as Dispatcher for years, in CSEA, Corrections Officer for juveniles and Adult men. Prior to that I was a general laborer in factory work with long 12 hour days picking up things weighing as much as myself most of the day. I had been in two horrible car wrecks w/in years apart. All this with age turned my back into PAIN leading to both my knees. Finally I was prescribed Darvocet. Took for many years then to vicoprofen after Darvocet was dc’d. Again, I never abused any of my pain meds. Took them for extreme pain when nothing else would help. My meds of 60 tablets would last 6 to 9 months. But the day came without any warning that I no would receive any more because …i wasn’t given a real reason. That is when I jumped sides and began getting/buying “street drugs”. Needless to say this ended very badly and my whole family suffered the humiliation, degradation, financial devastation. I am now a felony 5 possession of heroin offender. Do I blame the doctors…NO, I blame me first for being stupid, the Government 2nd for taking the rights from our doctors to prescribe in the first place. I was monitored, prescribed many many years pain pills. Never a problem until 2014 my doc said no more. I eventually got myself into an orthopaedic surgeon who is Great. I do physical therapy, cortisone injections, and now tramadol and Baclofen to ease days that nothing else will. I feel like my LIFE and the ones who live with me and love me have been cheated by these laws created for Drug wars of different kind. After all, pain is REAL…

M. Hollen

These “powers that be” Don’t care…they lump chronic pain users in with addicts, even though there is tons of real research out delineating the difference between addiction, tolerance, and dependency. They are using articles based on emotions and opinions to fight the legal system. I don’t know what it will take but things are getting worse all the time. This article speaks on limiting meds to 5 days for acute pain, atm I have to get my chronic pain meds every week. Tell that to someone with diabetes or high cholesterol. They would freak out right? Why should it be any different for people with established pain? It is in the books as being a dx. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket.