If the flight has an empty leg - think air charter

If the flight has an empty leg - think air charter

If the flight has an empty leg - think air charter.

Chartering ”empty legs” is popular with the air charter industry because its a quick and easy way to fly at a fraction of the original cost.

By offering ”empty legs”, aircraft operators create an effective way to increase their profit margins as they optimize an available sector on a flight that has already been commissioned for another client.

“Empty Leg” is essentially a term used to describe a flight made by a commercial aircraft without any cargo or paying passengers on board. Companies like Air Charter International that specialize in commercial aviation realize the significance of ”empty legs” in the freight and air travel market.

They know its important role in the private jet world too, since many executive travelers take advantage of flying at a rate that is up to 40 percent less than the actual cost.

“We do our best to supply our clients with empty legs so that they can benefit from the price as well as travel in luxury and comfort”, said Claire Brugirard, Manager of the Charter Sales team at Air Charter International.

The problem with ”empty legs” on aircraft has been for aircraft operators to find clients who can use that available space on the aircraft, and for clients to find the aircraft operators… because it has to be done quickly.

Air Charter International has invested in this Empty Leg charter market by making the empty legs accessible to their clients online.

“We now give clients direct access to worldwide Empty Legs”, confirmed Ms Brugirard. “The empty legs we show on our site are live and are instantly updated directly via the operator’s scheduling system”.

Air Charter has capitalized in this recent market interest in Empty Legs by chartering a host of Empty Leg flights themselves. One particular flight was a cargo charter to Dushanbe, which is the capital city of Tajikistan. Air Charter managed to find cargo on the way back to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the return flight, thus providing the client with a much lower rate than they would have had to pay for a full charter flight.

“The great thing about the Empty Leg concept is that both client and operator stand to benefit from it”, said Ms. Brugirard, “Operators have a chance to increase their revenue whereas clients are able to fly at a much lower cost”.

With this in mind, the company concentrates on providing clients an excellent standard of service and the most competitive rates for all empty leg flights.

For more info, visit www.aircharter-international.com/empty-legs

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