Indonesian volcano claims more lives and homes (VIDEO)

Indonesian volcano claims more lives and homes

Indonesian volcano claims more lives and homes.

Mount Merapi, the erupting Indonesian volcano in Klaten, Indonesia, has spread clouds of ash and superheated gases out even further today, forcing more people to flee in terror as the death toll moves closer to the 100 mark.

Terrified people, many of them wearing face masks as protection from the volcanic ash, fled on foot or in cars and trucks or on small motorcycles. Some did not make it out fast enough, their bodies might never be found under all the mounds of hardening ash.

The Indonesian military has been sent in to help evacuate the villagers from the immediate danger area. Soldiers pulled charred corpses from smoldering homes in Bronggang, nine miles (15 kilometers) from the crater of the volcano. The injured were taken in trucks to the Sardjito hospital, where doctors and nurses worked frantically to cope with the sudden influx of burns patients.

A spokesman at the Sardjito hospital, Heru Nogroho, said the facility was completely overwhelmed with the numbers — with around 70 seriously-injured patients and more than 50 corpses now at the mortuary.

The the village of Bronggang is normally home to about 80 families. Up until today, authorities had believed they were far enough away from the volcano to be safe.

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