It’s back-to-school time. What’s in your locker?

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With the count down to the start of school beginning, it is time to start shopping for back to school items. Whether it is the basics or essentials of what your child needs, or something extra they want, here is a peek at what is the hot items for this year’s school season.

Sneakers are in style if they are white or black. They are durable, comfortable, and make a fashion statement. Sneakers always completes a child’s outfit for school. A child can go straight to the playground without changing their shoes and will be fashionably be in style. A pair of Nike Wavy, for example, supports your child when running or kicking a ball around.

A polo shirt is an American standard in the classroom. With most schools requiring a school uniform now, polo’s will match with the child’s pants and shoes with no problem. They are very comfortable to wear and usually are solid in color to match the school’s dress code.

Most backpacks now are required to be clear, so a school official can see what is being carried in the backpack. But, manufactures are making them as stylish as they can be. With them needing to be strong holding books and other items, they also need to be comfortable for a child to wear on their shoulder or their back.

JanSport Superbreak have shoulder straps that are doubled to evenly distribute the weight, but is light weight so the child is comfortable. If you are still allowed to have a regular backpack for school, the YakPak Splash Backpack has bursts of color that will grab a child’s attention and make it fun to wear.

The last item is socks. Socks are all the rage now as they have to be cool and in style. Socks are going back to old style, pulled up to the knees or back down around the ankles fifty’s style. There is a lot of vibrant color and prints. Even wearing mismatched socks are cool. Little Missmatched socks has three designs in a package. So, a child can mix and match what they want to wear.

Authored by: Cheri Youmans

Cheri Youmans writes for us. We wish her well.