Lap band surgery can help obese women conceive

Lap band surgery can help obese women conceive

Lap band surgery can help obese women conceive.

Obesity is a big factor in the increase of infertility in women in the United States, and this is due to a direct link between obesity and hormone levels. So if an overweight woman can cut her weight dramatically, not only will her health improve but her chances of having a baby increase as well.

A Beverly Hills bariatric surgeon, Dr Michael Feiz, specializes in minimally-invasive lap band, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgeries that help women lose weight so they can have children and improve their health significantly as well.

It is now known that achieving normal weight through weight loss surgery or intense diet and exercise can significantly boost fertility levels in women, he explained.

Fat cells in the body of obese people produce excess estrogen. This in turn causes a reaction from the body in which androgen (usually testosterone) is created to balance out the high estrogen levels. This results in irregular menstrual periods in women, with prolonged menstrual bleeding and a body with the wrong hormone balance for pregnancy.

Women who are obese and are experiencing difficulty in becoming pregnant can undergo minimally-invasive weight loss surgery such as the Lap Band, in Los Angeles. This helps them shed dangerous excess weight quickly and restore a more normal hormonal balance in their bodies.

Dr Feiz’s gastric surgery also restores normal menstrual cycles, making them more regular in length and prediction. He performs the Lap Band laparoscopically, which means no large incisions, minimal to no scarring, quicker recovery time and a minimal chance of infection.

Aside from enhancing fertility and regulating menstrual cycles in women, the Lap Band procedure and the subsequent rapid weight loss it causes can relieve diabetes, decrease cholesterol levels, decrease blood pressure and lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.

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