Last Day to Sign the National Pain Strategy Petition

Last Day to Sign the National Pain Strategy Petition

By Ed Coghlan

Friday August 12 is the deadline to sign a petition that urges the White House to direct the Department of Health and Human Services to fund the National Pain Strategy.

(To Sign The Petition Click Here)

The U.S. Pain Foundation emailed its thousands of members urging them to sign it because “we know that today’s research, treatment, funding and educational efforts fall short to address the epidemic of chronic pain”.

The email stated that the National Pain Strategy (NPS) is the country’s first strategic plan to achieve a system of safe, effective and high-quality pain care informed by scientific evidence.

We at the National Pain Report urged people to sign it in an opinion piece earlier this week. There was quite a bit of commentary from readers who said they weren’t going to sign it. A recurring theme seemed to be a distrust of the federal government.

For chronic pain advocate Dr. Terri Lewis, who is a consistent critic about the government’s efforts for pain patients, this is an opportunity for pain patients to come together. She makes the case succinctly.

“We have to put our shoulders to the yoke and find a way to work together to perfect a decidedly imperfect document. It will not happen if we don’t start acting like a team of rivals joined together in the task of finding common ground.

As persons with pain, as care partners to persons with chronic pain, we cannot continue to operate from a position of seeking to satisfy our own personal needs before we are concerned for the process of building consensus.

Lawmaking is messy.  At times it is ugly. It is often incomplete.  But it is heroes work.

From law comes regulations - a process which relies on continuous improvements solicited from stakeholders.

From regulations comes research, programs, and funding.

If we want to be heard, if we want a stake in our personal outcomes, We absolutely must join around the task of building a structure to conceptualize the care of persons with pain in this country. 

We’re the experts. Let’s take up this task.

US Pain Foundation Founder and CEO Paul Gileno, who supports the NPS, also understands the skepticism.

“I think people with pain may be skeptical because it came out at the same time as the CDC Guideline for Opioid Prescribing,” he told the National Pain Report.

“I don’t think people with pain have seen anything positive from our government when it comes to living with pain. People with pain are used to being stigmatized and judged because of the medicines some have to take. I also believe we need to educate and explain more why the NPS is so important and needed.

It costs about $635 billion dollars annually to treat chronic pain. Over 100-million Americans and 80% of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from chronic pain.

The NPS will promote research, healthcare provider training, insurance coverage for individualized pain care and public awareness of pain. Specific ways to achieve such goals are outlined within the NPS.”

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Hi my name is Barbara & I do not get enough pain meds to completely keep me out.of pain the way I used to.Very debilitating! I have studied this war all the way back to to 2002. Bottom line is there is a Law firm in LA , CAN that said 1 patient & 1 doctor that will go to court with them stating the DEA limits the amount of Narcotics that patient may have. Against our Civil rights they will fight it & all pain patients can join in as a class action lawsuit. This firm has overturned the constitution of the United States. I have pages & pages on the subject I will go back into my notes & put there name on this site. My doctors r scared of the DEA so will not do it! But r very truthful & angry about all of this! Also go on LEAP (law enforcement against probition) u can get speakers to go to events that will tell the general public that politicians do not belong in the pain patients doctors office! They want to leagalize all drugs as the 40 year war is a complete failure they have the real proof not all the lies the media is saying U will be shocked when u pull up there site.TRUTH. .LEAP. 100,000 members Lawyers judges DA’s X DEA agents policeman etc!

You’ve got that right Dave…I knew nothing about it until I just stumbled upon it. Anyway The voices of those of us in chronic pain need to be included.

Jean Price

Even with all the comments NOT supporting this strategy…NPR is still pushing the petition?! Begs the question WHY! I hope they have no financial incentive in this, that would make me really sad!! And angry! I don’t understand why there isn’t a substantial amount of support for us to create the flack needed to throw the old one out and start over…WITH (MORE, at least SOME!!) INPUT FROM PEOPLE WITH LIFE LIMITING PAIN!! But then, I don’t understand a lot of things these days! Like why so many are needlessly suffering when our doctors have the means to help, why our agencies aren’t overseen and stopped when they are promoting lies, why our media is no longer real news but rather opinions and misleading information that promotes deceit, and why we could get pain medication for a pet dog easier than for ourselves!! I’m praying for a return to sanity in our health care and governing bodies…anyone want to join me, please do!! I’m still working, albeit sporadically and slowing, to find someone nationally known to work with us to champion our cause…any suggestions, email or message me! Or anything you’re working on that I might help with, please do the same. Like Dave said…we have right on our side!! And I have heard it said…..right makes might!! (


The strong are helping the fight. Alll must make a contribution in time and or money so we can win back our rights. We have powerful opponents but they do not have right on their side we willchallenge them on their motives and abilities and they will lose

Christine jacoby

PLEASE help us to know a bout these petitions so we can sign them.
With over 103,000 chronic pain patients there are more than enough. We are too weak, sick to find them however.
The strong need to help us fight.

It’s closed now. I may have already signed, but it doesn’t matter, as it didn’t reach the goal. 🙁 Better luck next time…

Barbara Mills

Sadly, when I went to sign the petition today, August 12, it was closed for further signatures and I was prevented from signing it even though your article which I received today said today was the last day anyone could sign…I didn’t even know about this or I would have signed it much earlier and shared it with my pain group and gotten a few more signatures from some of the members. I do believe that the National Pain Strategy really does matter and its a shame that the CDC’s recommendations are taking higher priority than the National Pain Strategy because they jumped the gun and were published first so got more press - or so it seems.

Terri Lewis

At times I feel like we need an Abby Hoffman to write a ‘steal this book.’
And then I come down on the side of - this is not somebody else’s job.
We must take up the role of ‘stealing this conversation and writing the book we want to read.’
We are our own Abby Hoffmans.
It’s time to suck it up, hitch up our big girl panties, and sit our a**es at the table,
Nothing and I mean nothing changes until we are speaking together and owning our place in this conversation, like effective representatives for our cause.
We can push this door open and keep it open. This is how this work gets done.
If we choose not to do so, then we need to place our names on our own worst enemies list and continue to read the book we are issued by those who do not have our best interest at heart.
Our choice.


So far you have around 12,000 signatures for the NPS- fare from what you had hoped for. So there wasnt enough buy in and or awareness of the NPS. And the take away for governemnt might be that not many are unhappy with their pain care r believe the NPS matters.
Undoubtedly there are many reasons why people didnt sign the NPS. THe NPS was develped by a process that excluded the voice of people in pain as it was created by and for a small cadre of groups interested in pain care. The government failed to make the NPS widely known and the NPS itself had numerous shortcomings.
In any event i imagine the NPS will be resurected in some form. More importantly its not too late for new initiatives to improve pain care.