Let’s Talk About Chronic Pain

Let’s Talk About Chronic Pain

By Ed Coghlan

I’m more than willing to admit that I’m looking forward to meeting many of our readers online tonight. I have been invited to join the Livesupportgroup.com Wednesday night meeting on chronic pain. It airs at 9pm EDT / 6pm PDT.

I’m looking forward to it because it’s in my blood to learn.

As the founder of the National Pain Report, we are proud how it has grown to become the largest online news site devoted to chronic pain. When we check the analytics each day to see how many people visited the site, we are awed and humbled that thousands of people are coming each day.

There are an estimated 100 million persons who suffer from chronic pain, a number that many believe is conservative.

And chronic pain patients are under siege, a government that is skeptical, co-workers and family members who sometimes wonder what’s really the matter with you, and a mass media that doesn’t seem interested in the plight of the chronic pain patient, but is fascinated—and some might say even manipulated-by those who have targeted one of the ways that people manage their pain.

As for tonight’s meeting, I’ve asked the folks at LiveSupportGroup.com to make sure that we can cover questions that chronic pain sufferers and their families want to ask. The reason is that as we expand the already considerable reach of the National Pain Report, we want to make sure that we are covering “the right things”.

Live Support GroupWe have over a dozen contributors to the site and they have provided me some ideas about things they think we should discuss: the opioid controversy, of course, medical marijuana, the role that alternative therapies play in managing pain, how families and friends can help or hurt and many, many other things.

We urge you to sign up, listen in and mostly, participate. The Livesupportgroup.com is a great spot where real people can share ideas, stories and feelings in a way that is safe, and, from what I’ve heard in past sessions, productive.

I look forward to our “chat”. If you can’t join and would like to ask a question, let us know by emailing me: editor@nationalpainreport.com.

“See” you tonight.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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There are intractable pain laws in most every state. The link below is the act in Texas. Look closely at the definition of Intractable Pain and the patient’s right to choose medication over other invasive and failed treatments. Pain patients are being forced to have the same treatments that failed before they were discharged to pain meds as a last resort. We need to interview some attorneys on these laws. Why is everyone in the press and legal field so quiet about the pain patient side of things? That is easy. Look at the economy, unemploymnt, and how many people are on disability and pain meds. It’s a mob mentality for everything from immigration to the privacy of one’s own healthcare. If you did a drug screen today on every working person in America we would probably see thousands if not hundreds of thousands are working at a functional level on some dose of pain meds just to maintain their families and lives. Now they will lose their jobs because their employers healthcare risk management department is looking at the company prescription costs. HIPPA is a joke. Employers know who takes what and how much money the employee or his/her family cost the company. This is easy. Follow the money. Human pain and suffering did not just vanish. Hitler is marching us to the chamber and getting away with it.


Barb E.

Thank you Ed Coghlan for selflessly giving your time & effort for the chronic pain community. From listening to the interview it is apparent many are in search of an honest advocate for our personal pain. It made me realize how precious my advice in heaven is (Jesus) and how important our advocates like yourself are here on earth! Pain has a purpose and one of the purposes is to draw us together to help each other.

Debbie Oliver

Ed thank you so much for speaking at Live Support and also choosing our group to dpeak at. Ive been in chronic pain for over 20 years. Im now 61 and my health is at its worst. I suffer from degenerative disc disease, severe osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and neuropathy. Before finding Live Support. I felt like I was dealing with this all by myself. The treatment that I have been receiving and the attitude from the medical community has been appalling and humiliating. Doctors and hospitals don’t seem to care about the patients anymore. They now turn us away from emergency rooms and doctors are refusing to treat our pain with opiods and telling us “sorry, your on your own!” This is barbaric! . After hearing your interview on Live Support, I feel hopeful that our voices may finally be heard through National Pain Report and that most importantly to the public. I gained so much knowledge, information and hope from your interview. I do hope that you will come back in the near future, speak with us again and let us know what progress you’ve made in getting the word out that chronic pain is the epidemic, not opioids, in my opinion. Thank you once again for enlightening us and giving us the opportunity to be heard and helping us to create change in the chronic pain community.

ed coghlan

Thanks very much to all who listened. It was a great experience for me and for the National Pain Report. Please give us ideas for stories.
Email me at editor@nationalpainreport.com

Ed, thankyou for coming to live support group! I, hope you can add to the problems, as people in chronic pain and what we go thru. I hope, in the future, you can come again to see what may or may not have improved. I understand both sides need to be told or people feel your nationalpainreport is smeared.


Ed, I want to thankyou,for taking time to hear stories, of people from life support group. I have been, totally affected, everytime new guidelines come out, my pain specialist, says it’s the law, and has to follow, or get in trouble. If, I dare to object, then I would be let go. I, hope the founding of the National pain Report, will not be biased, but tell both sides. I, have noted, in my county, they only say, to many perscriptions are written, nothing is said that the county is a senior living area to retire. Thankyou again!!

David Crawford

Its not to often that I see win/win situations but last night I was able to see one happening , I know for me I belive that knowledge is power and I appreciate hearing your background Ed and your plans for the future of National Pain Report .
We are all living through such a very scary time for a lot of us chronic pain patients none of us are really sure from day to day how the current atmosphere is going to affect us and our doctors , so hearing you and knowing we will recive unbias reports is comforting .
When you spoke of the person that called you yesterday just before the meeting that was so worried and scared for her son , these stories are just gut wrenching and there are times I just feel I’m not strong enough to even continue to read a story much less be of any help ? And that’s when I know I need Live Support Group and how important it is in my life and how much the knowledge from You , Kurt and Steve A.is to my being able to help and some what understand what is going on around us… All of us want this current situation to end and I think we are all looking for a way to make it end but untill we unite and are able to make that change a reality , I personally need to learn all I can so I can make informed decisions . Thanks to all at National Pain Report

Stephen Rodrigues, MD

“I’m looking forward to it because it’s in my blood to learn.”
Hey - Me too!! I missed the discussion.

I have discovered, in my 33 yrs on the frontlines of medicine, that some people are so certain that they “know it all” that they cannot allow their minds to open up to what is valid and correct. I must admit for me UNlearning all the flaws, miseducation and fictions was the most difficult thing I have ever done. Unlearning seem to be 10X more difficult than learning.

Some people cannot or do not want to believe that our scientific community have already solved the mystery of long-term pain treatments. It as true as penicillin for infections. Insulin for diabetes.

Pain is a natural part of life and living.
This pain can only be located in the muscular system.
This pain will only respond to hand-on physical therapy with and without intramuscular stimulative needling.
The tragic part is that many on Wall Street do not want the millions of Americans to know this fact.

Profits, confusion, biases, bigotry, resentment, retaliation, arrogance, stubbornness, ignorance, misinformation, distorted information and agendas are all keep you all imprisoned in pain and misery. This all related to human natures. This is just the way it is.

This is the unfortunate and tragic part that you all have to live with:
If you cannot receive any masterful HonPT, it will be like getting nothing at all.

How do I know? I was a “novice” way back about 15 years ago and I must admit I only saw blips of successes. Only until I found-rediscovered, Travell, Hackett, Simons, Rachlin, Gunn; the master’s teachings from the 60s was I able to really and truely help more patients out of pain hell. It is “perfect medicine” and the barriers are many so option results take much longer.

If you body does not receive the proper doses of HonPT - nothing may not happen in your benefit. Nothing at all for the rest of your life due to the laws of biology and muscle pain and dysfunction diseases.

Help yourself out of your pain jail with the application of the full forces and spectrums of HonPT.


Barb G

Ed, I enjoyed your interview so much, I look forward to reading your post and thank you for coming to live support group. It was truly informational and a pleasure to know you, and The National,Pain Report Objectives…. Looking forward to more of your stories. Thank you, Ed…. Barb. PS: Can you please post on OsteoArthritis.


For taking the time and having the desire to listen and learn from people with chronic pain, was more than a refreshing, breeze and change. When people want to listen that is nice. When those people have a voice and a desire to listen, is encouraging and inspires the chance for hope. For someone like you, w/ this site some may think what could they learn from me? Ed, you showed yourself teachable, that allows a (chance) of hope, real Hope.
Thank you

Susie D.

I’m a long time member of LiveSupportGroup.com and am an active participate with the group. My family and I want to personally thank Ed for joining our group last night and his participation in the Q and A session that followed the interview. He was informative and provided a new viewpoint for all of our members to consider. Many of us are well aware that the media hasn’t been kind to us in recent days. My participation in Live Support Group has led me to the National Pain Report, where the articles and opinions are very informative and don’t have the slanted view of the other media outlets. It’s very refreshing and creates hope in our heart, when we are able to read the facts without the negative slant on the chronic pain patient. We didn’t pick our lot in life, it was handed to us, and that doesn’t make us less intelligent than we were before we became ill. The reporting done by the National Pain Report is helpful to many of us, not just by presenting the facts, but by doing so in a manner that shows we still do matter, even though we are ill.

Gary Steinberg

Ed thanks so much for all your hard work, and finding the time to be interviewed at LSG.Your talk and follow up questions were informative and entertaining and I hope we can be of help to each other in the future.

Adam Pfeffer

The members and Board of Directors of LiveSupportGroup.com would like to thank the National Pain Report, the staff and writers and speficially Ed Coghlan for appearing in a live intervew on LiveSupportGroup.com. The interview platform that we employ allows members to join in a peer to peer discussion from the comfort of their home or wherever they are to share experiences, learn and to heal.

Our members got the opportunity to learn and ask questions in real time that not only helped them to understand the common issues that plague the chronic pain community, but to also learn about the National Pain Report and Ed Coghlan’s vast experience in journalism. Ed is a class act, the real deal and explained how the National Pain Report is dedicated to real reporting. Most of the mass media is pushing editorial bias, but not the National Pain Report. Finally, the Chronic Pain Community has a trusted outlet for unbiased news and information in an era of witch hunts and jaded reporting. It is refreshing and so much appreciated to get some truth. Intelligent people can make observations and opinions, on their own, without the story being pushed by an agenda.

The despair and hopelessness that permeates the Chronic Pain Community can turn to optimism as we all learn through honest reporting and peer to peer sharing. LiveSupportGroup.com would like to welcome all readers of the National Pain Report to visit us, share with us, heal with us and help to change people lives one soul at a time!

Thank you Ed Coghlan and the National Pain Report for your honesty, generosity and graciousness! Good health to you and all!

Adam Pfeffer, President/CEO


I’m sorry I missed it, I’ve been in and out of airports for the past 2 days experiencing possibly the worst travel experience of my life. After being delayed on take off out of New Orleans, LA, I missed my connecting flight in San Francisco and had to spend the night. Up early this morning and back early to airport. Landed and had to drive 2 hours so I’ve had 2 full days of painful and aggravating travel. The only thing that made it worth while is that I am finally made it to my sisters house who I haven’t seen in 4 years.
Enough about me, I hope that the live support broadcast went really good.

Jean Price

Ed…this is a site for information on pain, and allows us to see differing opinions. I just wish there was some way to facilitate all this interest you speak of and all these stories and comments to reach those who need to be educated and those who need to be held accountable for what they are doing and have done that is so damaging to those in pain!! Your readers are largely the people in pain, and although this is a service…a bigger service would be to help us get our message to the public and to all others who don’t subscribe to your site. With your current work in and your extensive background with the news reporting arena…can you facilitate this? Thus would add advocacy to your reporting, and possibly be just as important as educating us…in fact it could be the best thing you ever do!! Certainly the best thing for those with life limiting pain who are often unable to do much outreach the self, especially on a consistent basis with follow through. We need your help,,,we need your expertise. We can’t do this alone.


Thank you for listening and knowing that chronic pain is wide spread epidemic and people need help now! If I believe that we can make a difference now and we need to start listening and not accusing people of being a addict and see the real problem…..chronic pain!