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By Ed Coghlan

One of the country’s leading experts on fibromyalgia is going to join a live international online discussion on Wednesday night (June 15) at 9 pm EDT.

Ginevra Liptan, MD

Author, Ginevra Liptan, MD

Dr. Ginevra Liptan, whose recently released book The Fibro Manual-A Complete Fibromyalgia Treatment Guide for You and your Doctor is doing quite well, will talk with host Robin Viola-Pfeffer about a number issue important to fibromyalgia and chronic pain patients. She will also take questions from persons who are signed up for the chat.

If you’re interested, you can join for free.

“We are thrilled that Dr. Liptan is joining us. Her experiences in treating fibromyalgia will give our audience important information that can impact their lives positively,” said Viola-Pfeffer.

Dr. Liptan opened the first practice devoted to fibromyalgia six years ago outside of Portland, Oregon. She developed fibromyalgia as a medical student and in fact had to leave school for a year to research the disease.

In an interview with National Pain Report earlier this year, she said she wrote the book for both the patient and the physician.

She believes, as do many in the fibromyalgia community, that too many physicians don’t understand fibromyalgia and often it takes many visits before a diagnosis is made.

To underscore that concern, in a recent survey of fibromyalgia patients by the National Pain Report, 68% reported they had to see 3 or more doctors before their diagnosis was made.

(To see the entire survey results, click here)

Viola-Pfeffer plans to cover many of the issues that Dr. Liptan covers in her book including other diseases that are associated with fibromyalgia, how diet, exercise and meditation can help and importantly, how patients can work with their doctors to get the best possible treatment?

Dr. Liptan opened the Frida Center for Fibromyalgia which is an integrative medical clinic devoted to the study of fibro. The Frida Center uses use the most effective and well-researched therapies from both conventional and alternative medicine in a new model called functional medicine. provides  those with chronic disease and conditions an anonymous on-line support community, where they can  find support, answers and available resources to help them deal/cope with their disease/conditions that impact their lives and relationships.

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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S. Dixon

You make some very valid points. If you figure out what it takes to get the chronic pain patient to vote, please let me know. There is the mail-in ballot available, but most don’t bother. The whole situation is very frustrating to me. It doesn’t matter who is in each political office at the moment, this year we have the opportunity to vote and replace over 400 of these elected officials. If each of us were to vote the incumbent out, replace them, the message of what happens when you ignore us would be loud and clear. Any ideas on how to get the chronic pain patient to vote?
I do hope you are going to “join us” at for the interesting interview that will be happening tonight with Dr Liptan.


This is a CALL to action for all pain sufferers! It’s time to speak out against the oppression and discrimination that we have all endoured at one time or another. Myself and my fellow members of the Chronic Pain Rights Support Group are calling on our fellow pain suffers to call and email your Senators about all our concerns and issues with the way that several of the Senate Bills regarding opioid medications and addiction treatment and the way they will negatively impact the Chronic Pain Community. Our concerns should be that these Bills spacifically allocate funding for the treatment of addiction with complete and total disregard to the pain community. We should demand that our rights to proper pain relief be guaranteed whether it be from opiod medications, or from natural means such as marijuana. We also need to extremely express our concerns about funding. Research on efficient and safer therapies for treating chronic pain sould be the first concern before prohibiting the use of opiates. The fact that our government is spending more on the treament of those addicted, 28 million people, than they do on finding better treatment, safer and less addictive treatments for chronic pain suffers, over 116 million people is unforgivable. So on Tuesday, June 21st at 3pm eastern standerd time we are asking all those who suffer from pain 24/7, 365 days a year to call and email your US Senators office and demand to be heard. Our goal of course is to make our calls the only ones heard in Washington DC that whole day.
Please be calm, polite and to the point when you call so we do not fuel the addiction fire any further. If we call and leave angry comments, or just totally be irate and unapproachable, we will appear as we simply want our opiates or Marijuana and are not concerned about anything or anyone else. But if we speak polite and professional, people will listen. Thank you all and we truly hope you can join in.


This is a wonderful opportunity and a great service given to pain patients and healthcare pros. Thanks to LiveSupportGroup for your generosity.

Debbie Oliver

Thank you so very much for letting all your readers know about LiveSupportgroup & Dr. Liptan! Live Support has been such a blessing in my personal life because of the selflessness & love of Robin & Adam Pfeffer and all the members of this amazing group! Im so very excited for Dr. Liptan’s insight & knowledge on how we can manage Fibromyalgia in our everyday lives. We are all looking for quality of life with this disease & dealing with chronic pain. Having you in our court too can only have a positive effect for achieving those goals!

It is a shame that some people can’t tell the difference between a PRODUCT and a FREE SERVICE provided by a non-profit organization. I don’t think that it is possible for a non-profit corporation to experience pain.. but I am confident that the vast majority - if not all - of the participants are chronic pain suffers. Many claim that they find the peer-to-peer support personally beneficial.


I am very excited to tune into this event and thank National Pain Report for connecting me with Livesupportgroup and great info on fibromyalgia. It is so nice to have a group to connect with others who understand the nightmare that is fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Jeanne Formanski

I would like to mention how helpful and supportive the Life Support Group has been to me. It has helped me learn a lot about various chronic pain issues that I share with a number of other people and what types of treatments the members have found to be beneficial. I feel very comfortable talking with the members of the group and find everyone to be very supportive of each other, non judgmental and very friendly. I would recommend the group to anyone that is suffering from the specified chronic pain and diseases that are posted on the website.


I want to Thank National Pain Report, for spreading the information about Dr. Liptan. And, for Live Support Group for providing once again, a platform in which we are given the opportunity, to hear another interview. This time from Dr. Liptan, who has studied about Chronic Pain, w/ a focus on fibro.. To hear from a Doctor who, not only believes us, but has spent time and money to learn as much as she can, to help her and us while more importantly, teaching those who do not have chronic pain, about pain. Much like Live Support Group, which I am a member, but to have a place to share, which they themselves pay the bills and we are given a place to share, learn, and lean on others at no cost.
So on 6/15/16 I have offered questions which may be asked in the interview, yet if not I am still glad to attend, while expecting; to learn, to gain information, to know that I am not alone.

Hi Sandra,

If you’re commenting to LiveSupportGroup and/or Ginevra Liptan, MD, National Pain Report is happy to spread the word about this event as they are both providing a free forum in which people with Fibromyalgia can access a respected author/physician that they may not otherwise have access to. Again, it is free to sign up, and they actually make it easy to opt out afterward, if you wish. We appreciate that.
I apologize if your comment was in reference to something else.




I am extremely excited to ask Dr. Liptan questions, about fibromyalgia. I got diagonised last August, and am still confused about symptoms that i have. I cant wait to ask her my questions….

S. Dixon

Looking forward to the interview and Thank you for keeping us in the know of what’s happening in the pain community.


Your using this site to promote your product. People have used people in pain way to much. Do you have pain ? If not pay for your own advertising don,t use us. Please stop this.