Looking Forward to Talking About Pain on Thursday

Personally, I’m very much looking forward to a discussion with the pain community this Thursday.

The U.S. Pain Foundation has asked me, as editor of the National Pain Report, to participate in a webinar on Thursday at 1 p.m. EDT.

If you’d like to register and listen and, perhaps, participate in the discussion, click here. It will be in “Question and Answer” Format. The subject is “talking publicly about pain” and obviously, there’s plenty to discuss.

We plan to discuss our efforts here at the National Pain Report to educate and inform and, of course, will discuss contemporary issues facing chronic pain patients, families and providers including the opioid controversy, the importance of advocacy, how social media can help you connect and how to submit articles/commentaries and others to name a few optics.

We would guess some of our recent articles might be interesting, including the piece critical of NBC News that prompted this commentary and dozens of responses from chronic pain patients and friends.

But this conversation is about the chronic pain community. What do you want to know? I’ve been receiving emails and texts from folks suggesting topics and I’ve asked a few of our columnists to give me some topic areas as well.

It should be great.

We look forward to the discussion.

September is Pain Awareness Month—and we are honored to be kicking it off.

I read a tweet from Dr. Sean Mackey of Stanford University that caught my attention and could be a promotion for what I hope we can discuss on Thursday:

“People with pain are too often stigmatized in the health care system and in society, which can lead to delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis, bias in treatment, and decreased effectiveness of care.”

Let’s talk about how we can advocate so that things can improve.

Talk to you Thursday.

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