Low Vitamin D Can Increase Fibromyalgia Pain and Balance Problems

Low Vitamin D Can Increase Fibromyalgia Pain and Balance Problems

By Staff

If you have fibromyalgia (FM), you might want to make sure you get ample amounts of vitamin D. Why? A newly published study shows that people with fibromyalgia and low levels of vitamin D have significantly more balance problems and pain.

Turkish researchers published a study titled, “The Relationship Between Balance And Vitamin 25(OH)D In Fibromyalgia Patients” in the journal Modern Rheumatology, which endeavored to investigate the relationship between vitamin 25(OH)D levels and pain, balance and daily activities in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome.

The study included people aged 35 to 65 years of age who had been diagnosed with FM (N=70) and a healthy control group (N=60) that was matched by age and gender. They used the fibromyalgia impact scale (FIQ), Berg Balance Scale (BBS), the Nottingham Health Profile (NHP), and visual analog scale (VAS) to measure their findings. The participants were divided into two groups by vitamin D level being above or below 30 ng/ml.

A statistically significant difference was shown between VAS, BBS value, as well as all NHP subscale and NHP total values of FMS patients and those of healthy control group. The relationship between BBS and the level of vitamin 25(OH)D of all participants was investigated, a positive statistically significant relationship was found with Vit-D at r = 0.481 level (p < 0.05).

“The results indicated that there was a statistically significant difference between FMS patients with low and those with normal levels by pain and balance tested with BBS,” the authors wrote. A positive significant correlation was established between balance and [vitamin D],” the authors wrote.

The study concluded, “It was observed that low vitamin D levels affected balance in both FMS group and healthy control group. It should be kept in mind that vitamin D level is likely to negatively affect balance and VAS values in FMS.”

Fibromyalgia is a complex chronic pain disorder that can cause widespread musculoskeletal pain along with fatigue, sleep, memory and mood problems. It is believed that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way the brain processes pain signals.

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Jean Price

Amber Tovey…This information sounds very hopeful…and I hope it is given to doctors and patients as a potentional therapy to try for alleviating pain and increasing quality of life. I have a low level of Vitamin D, and intend to discuss upping my daily dose with my doctor, based on the study you referenced! Thanks so much! Every little bit helps. We can be empowered with information and have more hope in knowing this worked well for some people!

Tariq nawaz

Great to know about this. Sir, can any body help my wife. His vitam D is 12.5 ng/.. SHe can not stand up herself, even she can not eat any thing with her hands, she is helpless. Plz plz tell me about the medicine and diet for her. Plz plz, i will be very thankful for this fevour.

Jennifer Gross

Vitamin D blood levels can be done to see if you are with in normal limits of therapeutic range. I take D because I became deficient living in the northern part of the country. You can absorb vitamin D by sun exposure.

Tina Mccloskey

I know my Vitamin D level has been low for years.
I am trying sublingual.


Allison did u feel better?


What does the the ‘3’ mean after the D?


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 12. I started seeing a natural medicine doctor this past summer who suggested some blood tests along with genetic testing. I first received the results from my blood tests which discovered that my vitamin D levels were severely low (even though I was taking 2,000 iu of vitamin D daily). The doctor advised me to take 30,000 iu until my levels were normal and then slowly lower the dosage. Later I received the results back from my genetic testing which showed that my vitamin D receptors are genetically impaired. I will never be able to receive enough vitamin D from the sun, so my doctor suggested that I always take between 10,000 iu and 12,000 iu of Vitamin D daily. The tests also showed that I was allergic to wheat and dairy. Along with the high dosage of vitamin D, multi-vitamin, and paleo diet, I feel cured! The best thing is that I am no longer on any kind of medication yet I feel stronger than I ever have, I no longer experience balance issues, and I can also think more clearly. No more brain fog! I wish that I would have seen a natural medicine doctor 15 years ago! I highly recommend to anyone who suffers from FMS to try taking high dosages of vitamin D along with a paleo diet.


I am 71 and I also have Fibro, DDD, osteoarthritis and Osteopenia and I have been taking 5000 U of Vit D for several years. I was advised to take it not for Fibro but to enhance the absorption of calcium and protect the bones. My internist and my rheumatologist both recommend the 5000 U. My husband (74 years old) takes the same amount of Vit D as recommend by his physician. Among the doctors in our area (TN) the seems to be standard practice. I cannot say it decreases my pain, which is moderately severe) but it is certainly worth keeping as a part of my comprehensive regimen to manage the various physical problems I have to deal with.


I used to take Vitamin D supplements for over 4 years without significant difference in my fibro pain or balance issues. But it did cause me to start having increased issues with kidney stones again so I have had to quit taking it.

Cherie Dempsey

Thanks for sharing the artical. I’VE SUFFERED with FM since early 90’s along with back,siatica, nerve damage and arthritis. I’ve recently had to move from my doctor of 35 yr. I recently started this vitamin along with 9 others, which I’ve read on for help with pain,depression, sleep and energy! I’m on second bottle.So I can say I feel some difference. My goal is to Not go on a doctor hunt, and try natural ways to deal with pain and depression. It’s to big of hassle and costly, even having 2 great ins. they’re mak8ng it to hard for old folks! I also have copd, blessed no meds for that, I am only taking 1000iu sounds like I could take another, be nice to know the maximum V-D I can take. ALSO I’d like to know more about this information. And any other advice dealing with pain.Thanks


I am the Program Manager for a public health non-profit, Vitamin D Council. We recommend most adults, including those with fibromyalgia take 5000 IU of vitamin D3 daily.

If you are affected by fibromyalgia, you may also be interested in a recent article that I wrote: https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/new-research-finds-achieving-healthy-vitamin-d-levels-helps-relieve-symptoms-of-chronic-widespread-pain/

In this randomized controlled trial, the gold standard of research, they found that vitamin D supplementation caused a significant improvement in pain, physical weakness, depression and energy. Furthermore, they discovered that 10 out of 30 patients with fibromyalgia were able to improve so much from vitamin D that they reversed the diagnosis.

Barbara Turpel

I would like information updates as a long time sufferer of Fibromyalgia.I would love my life back.


I’m a 65 yr old woman with Fibro & have been taking 1000iu of Vitamin D per day. Should I be taking more? What would daily amount be?


So what is the appropriate amount of Vit D to take? I already take 2000+ IU. Dr said it should help. Do I just not remember what less feels like?

So how much vitamin D should a fibromyalgia person take? I was taking 50,000 mg a month twice a month. I read this might be too much. I never went back to gwt a refill.