Mainstream Media is Beginning to Tell the “Other Side” of the Opioid Crisis – Help Spread the Word

Mainstream Media is Beginning to Tell the “Other Side” of the Opioid Crisis - Help Spread the Word

By Staff.

Today, Fox News ran their third article in a “three-part series on the nation’s struggle to address its crippling opioid crisis, and the unintended victims left in its wake.”Health Experts Offer Solutions For Unintended Victims of Opioid Crackdown

In case you missed it you can find part 1 here and part 2 here.,

In part 3, the focus was on understanding the cause-and-effect relationship between the “opioid crisis” and CDC guidelines for prescribing opioid medication, and the healthcare providers and their patients.

Finally, the importance of balance is becoming apparent, with Fox News reporting, “Striking the right balance between getting control of the overdose epidemic and protecting access to treatment that brings relief to pain sufferers is a public health imperative…The failure to do so threatens to exact a heavy price on the tens of millions of Americans whose pain is severe and disabling, and who are not driving the drug overdose epidemic.”

The articles cites both “Clinicians and health experts as saying that the CDC “needs to make clear, in a high-profile way, what the guidelines were - and were not - meant to address”, and quotes Dr. Richard “Red” Lawhern as stating, “The resulting document is fatally flawed and needs to be withdrawn for a major revision in an open public process by qualified experts in community practice for chronic pain treatment, assisted by representatives or advocates from chronic pain communities.”

The article also comes to a universal conclusion that we’ve heard from chronic pain patients and healthcare professionals alike - “that regulators and law enforcement authorities must stay in their lane, so to speak, and not interfere in the doctor-patient relationship in an effort to address the largely illegal opioid crisis.”

So, why is this all so important, if chronic pain patients have been saying this since the guidelines were published?

As we have stated before - this news adds a new voice to the “opioid crisis” narrative that has been told by mainstream media over the last few years - an we applaud Fox News for this reporting.

Over the years, National Pain Report has received thousands of comments and emails, pleading the (valid) question of, “why is the story of the chronic pain patient left out of the “opioid crisis?”

Well…here we are - the “other side” of the story is now starting to get some traction.

Still, we receive comments and emails saying, “these stories aren’t enough…”

You’re right. They are not enough. But they’re the next step. And unless embraced and supported, this moment may come and go.

However, this is an opportunity to embrace and share the coverage. A moment to support the journalism that exposes the inequities and unintended victims and shortcomings of the opioid crisis and the CDC’s guidelines for prescribing opioids.

As you know, there IS a story here, and journalists are beginning to understand that. So help them tell that story. Help them spread this story. Assist in the distribution and education of those who have had no exposure to the fact that their is an immense population of responsible people who rely on their doctors ability to prescribe the very medicine created to treat their pain.

We may sound like a broken record - but let’s not squander this moment, let’s magnify it.

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Authored by: Staff

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Thank you for helping bring awareness to the nation concerning people with chronic non-cureable diseases into the opioid discussions. I am one of them. I have a disease that has no cure. I will die with this disease, only hope for a cure is future generations, not me, not ever. I have had surgery and had no resolution to the pain and other related symptoms. I was hopeful that the surgery would cure me or at least make life less painful. My surgery was not a success; therefore I rely on pain medication to make my life better than laying in bed wasting away and sinking further into depression. I have been to pain clinics which in my opinion are horrible at this time. I now have a primary care physician who knows my disease and is willing to treat my pain. I follow a pain contract and give urine samples and pill counts and follow all the rules and have never misused my medication. However I still live in fear the DEA pharmacists and government will punish my physician and make it so she can no longer help control my pain.
There are 2 sides to every story. The chronically ill and those who rely on pain medication to have a better quality of life and those who abuse medications, buy it illegally or use other forms of illegal medication to get high.
This other side needs to be brought to the discussion as well. Physicians should not be punished for following the oath they took when becoming a physician. The pressure must stop on the prescribing physicians and pharmacies
The judgement also needs to stop against people who rely on the medication.
This discussion must broaden and include all, not just the abusers of opioids and overdoses of heroin and opioids.
Thanks for listening…


Thank you NPR, FOX and Red Lawhern.
This is a good start in helping the public be aware of how serious this is.
Too many chronic and intractable pain patients are suffering.


ANY national exposure we get is better than all of the negative lies that have been put out since we all started to suffer IMHO. Healthy people are the new and waiting CPPs and as bad as that sounds those of us that have suffered since the beginning are no different than those who have recently joined us. CP has started to bypass the govt and MSM to get the truth out to those who usually only hear one side of this story and as far as truth be told it’s never too late for an education. There’s still plenty to do, but who would have thought several years ago that an article like this would appear? The struggle to gain sanity in healthcare is not over by any means, but holes are beginning to show. Now is no time for pessimism.


Opioids: ‘A National Crisis:’ Hosted by Eric Bolling, is a roundtable event on Tuesday, December 18th at 7pm/4pm. Panel will feature President Donald Trump’s advisor, Kellyanne Conway; Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Robert Wilkie; former Major of the Maryland State Police, Jim Pyles; veteran, Norman Hooten; former Prosecutor Kendel Ehrlich; and Kimberly Lohman Clapp. will be streaming the event LIVE, and by all Sinclair Broadcasting sites. I’m not sure that their panel has any representation from the Chronic pain Community.

Eric Bolling lost his son to an overdose, which is so very heartbreaking? But no worse than those committing suicide, because their pain meds have been stripped from them so violently. Who knows which direction this panel will go in their discussions.

Mavis Johnson

It looks like too little too late. The mass media made a lot of money demonizing pain patients and blaming them for the criminal activities of big pharma, and our FDA. In a nation of alternate facts and fake news, it is unlikely that this will do mush at all. The so called opiate epidemic was helped along by the failure of regulators to regulate, while mass media misreported the facts. All of these years later, and another CDC report on the increasing death rates, has not improved the reaction. The so called news, failed to keep us informed, demonized both pain patients and the addicted, even infant were not spared. they were portrayed as “addicted” by nasty newscasters seeking attention, or ratings points.

they turned the deaths into reality show fodder over a decade ago, and we are no closer to any fact based discussion. A few of those reality show addicted, are dead now, used to promote expensive treatment centers, with no information on outcomes. They chose to ignore the facts, and ignore their deaths. They ignored the people who in the last few years died, suffering agonizing pain, denied pain medication on their deathbeds. American healthcare is a criminal enterprise, as long as there was money to be made, that they ignored the deaths. They failed to act 2 decades ago, and at each step along the way. They misinformed the public, allowing this epidemic of despair to fester and grow.

FACT - until pain patients make it uncomfortable for politicians & healthcare providers like families of drug addicts do we will not get the attention we need. Medicare had pain control a factor as to if a hospital received payment if pain was not managed adequately the patient could file a complaint. We must fight to get this practice resumed. Pain patients need to record & document when pharmacists, doctors & hospitals refuse pain medication.. We need to work together & with providers that support pain care & consider taking action against those who caused this nightmare: Dr. Kolodny, PROP, CDC, CVS pharmacies, individual pharmacists & doctors that abruptly refused to provide or honor prescriptions. Family & care takers of pain patients need to do what families of addicts do - fight back & get the attention of state, county, federal politicians, We must utilize laws: American Disabilities Act & appeal to physician’s code of ethics. We must challenge those that use the CDC, DOJ, AMA or state as excuses for not prescribing or forced tapering. Patients that fight back are not popular which is why patients & caretakers must work together; support NPR & those providers that do care. We must learn how to use every law, bill & statute to get attention in the right way.. We must counter Media reports that promote false data: ‘ 2/3rd of all deaths are caused by prescriptions’ Bottom line is politicians, insurance companies & healthcare providers need to be reminded that pain patients have rights too. .


My husband has been on opioids for over 20 years. I was his caregiver until 7 years ago due to a car accident. We were rearended and I became disabled. Stinosis in neck and back. And the holes for my nerve roots in my back is closing around my nerves. My legs bounce and become weak. I stay in pain in my neck constantly. At the base if my skull and in my face , shoulders,and elbows. My left arm hurts to move. I was on strong enough spray opioid with my 12 hour opioid. I had started moving around again. I wanted to walk outside. I wanted to laugh with my grown daughter and my gkids. I was living again. I’m only 52. Now my meds have been lowered because of cac. I now am in my chair or bed. My back hurts so very bad. I have lost the ability to laugh due to pain. My daughter said” Mom I wish we could shop when you’re not hurting so you could be fun like you use to be.” I wish that chronic and severe pain sufferers would not have to suffer because of addicts. I don’t want any deaths from any drug. But my pain mgmt doctor needs to be able to do his or her job. And manage my pain so I can get mobile and laugh again. I am glad that others are speaking up. Pain addicts and chronic pain suffers are not the same. Let our doctors do their job. Give me a decent quality of life…I’m only 52.

Jennifer Reed

Sharon W, we need to talk because I had a aneurysm form inside of my brain stem, while fighting sepsis, because I was a long term CPP who’d worked so hard to get off the morphine I’d been on for years, but was suddenly decided my dose was too high, & my “family practice” put me into forced withdrawal every month for 6 months until I agreed to my “desire to taper down”, which was the game I had no choice but to play. I fought for my pain relief while hospitalized many times for sepsis, which never should have happened from the lack of following procedures & “losing” my urine samples more than once, one false positive UDS for a drug I didn’t take, all to force me out of the practice. My aneurysm is so rare, with my having none of the factors for this type, the highest cause is “uncontrolled high blood pressure”, which I had the entire time I was septic for 4 months WITH an unruptured aneurysm that could have ruptured at any time & killed me instantly..& I fully believe that’s exactly what this hospital’s lawyers was banking on happening. I was put in their palliative care program for pain management before going out of state for the surgery to make sure my pain was being treated in our state, so it wouldn’t be on their hands when I died in another state. I’m suffering on a level I didn’t know existed, & that’s saying a lot since I’ve been fighting RA, SLE, Raynauds & everything else, for the previous 28 years. I’m so traumatized by the verbal abuse by 2 hospitalists I received, who actually taunted me, mimicked me “Oh Dr I’m in so much pain I’m crying REAL tears!”, called me a drug addict & refused my nurses BEGGING them to be able to give me Dilaudid I.V. because I was vomiting from the pain & my BP was dangerously high. I’m rambling (result of brain surgery), but I’ve fought with everything I am for years to tell my truth about what really happens to chronic pain patients & their families. Still am.

Rebecca Gelineau

Fighting cancer I am weary I am tired. I have no pain control. I write not only for myself but for other millions of chronic pain patients who have lost quality of life. Those who feel thrown away and abandoned. For the pharmacies that make us feel useless, and judgmental. I write for the laws that should protect the chronically ill, I write for those who have lost the fight, suicide due to pain. This is wrong, and inhumane. Thank you for bringing awareness. Thank you for advocating. I am sad, and losing strength. Thank you for a ray of hope.

Stephanie M

Excellent article! We need to spread the message to as many people as possible. There are way too many people who are suffering from severe, debilitating pain. These people have had their pain medication reduced to the extent that it has taken away their ability to function through their daily lives and even more alarming are the people whose pain medication has been cut off entirely and they can no longer stand the pain, they are driven to suicide. This shouldn’t be happening! Changes need to happen, so those who are being forced to live a life in constant pain can regain their ability to function. It is appalling to hear of people’s needless suffering, it’s enough to make one nauseous.

jennie kuznicki

failed back surgery … bad knees …arthritis… and since they weined me down no life.. Im not asking to go back to what I was on but find a middle ground everyone is different .. go after the people in the streets not the people who obey the law .. and they need to stop these doctors that do this failed back surgery too enough is enough ..

Suzanne V

Words cannot describe the joy I feel with somebody on our side. As a chronic pain sufferer for over 10+ years it is getting harder for me to get the meds that I need. Thank you fox news for sharing the other side of the opiate crisis.


Thank you! The other side, of the story MUST be told and remedied!!
People are suffering, and dying because of this insanity!!!!
I’ve tried EVERYTHING my pain doc offered, from injections, to acupuncture.

If there were an alternative to provide pain relief, I would try it in a hearbeat!! I’ve exhausted all possibilities!

BJ Sanders

That’s a start BUT…………What about investigative reporting. I believe its time someone in the news finds out about all the Politicians, President and white house staff, DEA, FDA, CDC all policy makers and rules and regulations OHA? Them & their immediate family and extended family. Of all these people, you cant possibly say not one of them have chronic pain, cancer or life long debilitating incurable painful disease? There are thousands of people this has affected if not millions. Someone in all these positions this has to have had an impact on. Or are all these people perfectly healthy ? Somehow, I doubt that. So what …………does all those mentioned above have for health care? Some private Doctor(s), hospitals, and pharmacy that is making sure none of these people in the white house, DEA, FDA , CDC etc etc nor families of are suffering the effects of all the new guidelines, opioid crackdown on pain meds , force tapers, or completely cut off. Have there Doctors been raided and records pulled office closed. So with that, is their care being hidden, under cover, privately treated & hush hush.
Why has no one looked into this and reported it. ???????????
This country is sick , we have NO HEALTH CARE IN THIS COUNTRY. We are no better than 3rd world. When we are letting people suffer horrific pain, loss of quality of life, sick from meds taken away and in severe pain as well. Commiting suicide? Really , what is wrong with this world. False statistic, blatant lies, rules made by 6 people in a back room with no qualifications in medicine at all, can pass a regulation that has made so many suffer. No proper channels no qualified people?
Why hasn’t an Attorney sued these 6 people? Wrongful deaths, causing so much harm to so many 1,000’s of people?

We the people of United States have the right to know who in government etc has this impacted? Do they have family commiting suicide? id bet not.

Response to Linda Baley, things Ive heard that you can do. Write to your senators and representatives in your state. File medical board complaints against your doctors (I read it doesnt do much good but the more people who start doing it, the harder it will be to continue to ignore) the forms for state medical board complaints can be printed online. I also spoke to a lawyer who said if you have a law school in your state, they might take on this issue being that it is a crisis it could get the schools media attention.

Ed and staff,

Thanks for the acknowledgment of my small role among others interviewed by Elizabeth Llorente. She spent months with the research on this project, and I don’t think she’s quite done yet. The four Fox News pieces got thousands of comments, and were read by an estimated two million people. Especially important, the average “dwell time” of her readers was three times as long as most online Fox News segments receive. Her readership is engaging much more deeply than is common.

That said, we are obviously not done. Another Fox News segment on December 15th portrays a vastly ignorant and politically motivated Secretary of HHS (Alex Azar) spouting the usual nonsense that our opioid crisis was supposedly started by kids taking home a prescription of Percocet after a dentist appointment and getting addicted on a bottle of pain pills. Such false statements are beneath contempt!

So we’ll have to keep pushing our legislators to do the right thing. I urge NPR readers to track down all four articles and call your Senators and Representative, your State Assemblymen, your Governor’s office, in the New Year. Demand that restrictive legislation and regulations be repealed. It is time to stop the war against pain patients. Llorente’s work offers much to guide constructive change.


Thank you Fox news for this article wish it turned up in more searches like opioids. To all those suffering hang in there and don’t lie down without a fight, I know I sure have a story to tell about this war I’ve been thrown into. Speak up and be careful what you share, God willing we may need it for litigation…


I was damaged by a pharmaceutical and then developed CRPS post-surgery. If my medication were ever taken away I could not tolerate the pain and have already researched it and have a suicide plan in place should that happen.

I’ve been researching Nazi Germany for a writing project and am appalled at the likeness to modern America. We have a militarized police force that have been given tanks and army equipment. Police are beating, sexually assaulting, and killing people and aren’t held accountable.

In Nazi Germany the weak and sick were gotten rid of. I urge everyone to get involved and contact legislators - we have gotten where we’re at by rolling over and letting psychopathic legislators determine the future of America. It’s long past time to assert ourselves.

Alex Azar was talking to Judge Jeanine on Fox News on Dec 16, 2018 about the opiate crisis. Judge Jeanine was saying how devastating this crisis has been and killed so many. Alex Azar was talking about what a great job President Trump has done by cutting opiates down to 28%. Not once did they talk about how it affects chronic pain people to not be treated with opiates or the suicide from no pain treatment or undertreated pain. Judge Jeanine and Alex Azar have done a disservice to those that suffer from chronic pain. It’s great that Fox News at least did a three-part series but this continual bashing one-sided about a made-up crisis that puts chronic pain people as addicts and not telling the whole truth these people just keep talkin this rhetoric. I will no longer watch Judge Jeanine. I loved one American News. They have more of a widespread of different topics instead of the constant opiate rhetoric brainwashes people that do not suffer in pain and puts chronic pain people in a bad situation. I’ve heard non pain people speak about opiates as if it was worse evil on Earth and people that uses it. I speak up and say what would you do if you suffered everyday and that was your only option. They can’t comprehend the suffering because they’re not suffering. Might as well be talking to a wall. Shame on Judge Jeanine and Alex Azar. Intelligent people that are narrow-minded.

Here is publicly posted email address for the main reporter of the Fox’s posted at the end of the first article…

Right on! I’ve been posting the Fox series links and writing letters for two days…I’m exhausted. …did u see HHS sec. Alex azar on judge jeanine tonight? He repeated the outrageous lies they’ve been telling for 4-5 years. And bragged about how they are well on their way to eliminating 30% of opioids, nationwide. His performance was a sick charade. He’s a former pharmaceutical CEO. Maybe he will make some money on new meds that will come out???? Many insiders will! They make me sick. All the suffering the govt has caused. And what about the huge Harvard study last January that Pat Anson posted? It clearly showed what they r lying about. ..btw, no way I’m having any elective surgery …they are operating on people now without pain meds during or after….just Tylenol,!! Omg.

sharon W

Thankyou for helping millions get the word out that leaving people to deal with pain is torture. There is no quality of life. I have no life. I was diagnosed with Tethered Spinal cord Syndrome. Chronic Pain Syndrome . Osteoarthritis of the spine. Scoliosis, I have bone one bone Osteoarthritis in both knees. I am not a surgical candidate due to being diagnosed with 5 brain aneurysms Feb2017, I had a Craniotomy and 3 of the aneurysms clipped. 2 of the aneurysms were left as is due to fragility caused by calcification.I had a stroke during the surgery as well as seizures. I was recently diagnosed with a right sided Subdural Hematoma which is being monitored closely. I came through all of this only to have my quality of life ripped away from me ,destroyed by constant pain. I am a #PatientsNOTaddicts .


SO grateful that myself and other chronic pain patients are no longer being ignored. We have been suffering, and will continue until the cdc changes it’s guidlines and gives power back to the doctors to manage their patients care. Thanks for sharing our side!

Marjorie Booker

The first 2 articles were very good. The third was okay but it is at least a start. I am trying to figure out what are the next steps. I have doctor appointment Monday as after 4 back surgeries in 3 years my back is stable but the nerve damage looks to be permanent. So how will the conversation go. I take a measley 40 mg of percoset in 24 hours but they are threatening to reduce to 30. Hmmm just had another round of epidurals that help a little so how do I say to doctor that the CDC Guidelines are just that. He is a certified pain doctor I don’t want to insult him but 4 a day let me go to work. Oh yeah also caregiver for husband who had stroke and left with Thalamic Pain Syndrome. Entire left side pain 24/7 and they want to reduve his meds too. This has got to stop. We need sanity to return and let doctors do their jobs.

Linda Baley

How can I help? I want to help and willing to do anything within reason, on behalf of myself and all others who suffer everyday with cronic pain. I have suffered with cronic pain for the better part of 20 years and have taken prescribed opioids for over half that time. I take them as prescribed and never take anymore than i am supposed to. I dont drink because i know it can be dangerous and dont take street drugs and never have. I have been read and followed all the talk about the push to end the opioid crisis by getting all of us off any opioids! I also know I could not live a quality of life without them as I know most of us who suffer from debilitating, cronic pain couldnt. I am appauled that the push to end this crisis doesnt even consider what it would do to those of us who suffer everyday with cronic pain, if our medication was taken away! The suicide rate has already skyrocketed from people being cut of their medication while at the same time, the druggies continue to get their drugs to get high! Our medication doesnt get us high, it helps us to stay mobil and have a little bit of a quality of life! Im sure i speak for most people when i say that we, the ones who suffer with cronic pain, dont want to take pills but its the only way to help with the pain. In the article above, it says for us to help them tell the story. What do we do and how can we help get our stories out there so our Government or whoever it is, will leave us who suffer alone? We are responsible adults who could care less about it being an opioid we take, we just want what is going to work and help us live a quality of life! Its not our fault we have the physical problems we do! I will fight on behalf of all who suffer but i dont know where to gi or what to do. Any info you may have would be highly apreciated! I also was to thank Fox news for doing this series, I hope it helps all of us!!


Just got back from the er. I only go there when my cervical arthritis, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome and/or blown lower back pain gets to be too much to be dimmed by gabapentin and antidepressants and the couple Vicodin I’m allowed each day. Doctor at first said “there are new laws and regulations that do not allow him to prescribe or administer on site narcotic painkillers. He offered me some 10mg Valium and 800mg ibuprofen. As he walked out of the room I called after him and said “I know you were lying.” He came back in and asked what did I mean. even though it feels like gravel in my neck and it hurt enough to cause stars in my vision I looked him dead in the eye and let him know that I knew he was lying about there being laws preventing him treating me with narcotics but I told him I was enough pain that I was willing to accept whatever help he was willing to provide. He started to sputter about there being guidelines and I cut him off and excused him from the room. He came back in a while later and held out some sheets towards saying that he printed out those guidelines for me. I pointed at the trashbin and told him to put them there. Then I excused him from the room again. After the nurse came in and gave me the Valium and ibuprofen I decided to leave AMA because I was already leaving in just as bad a situation as I went in and waiting another 20-30 min. for discharge paperwork was too much. I could have been wrong in this situation but I no longer care.

Jody Hoffman

The CDC guidelines were never meant to be used for chronic pain patients or terminal patients. It states that in the guidelines very clearly! For that doctor to say that the CDC needs to make the guidelines clear is just another way to pass the buck & to continue to deny chronic pain patients the drugs they need. I’m a terminal lung patient and my doctor refused to increase my dosage despite the fact that I am in increasing pain. She has to follow the guidelines laid down by the clinic she works in as well. Until a law is passed that increases the opiate dosages to pre-epidemic levels ( Vermont already has done this) we are going to continue to suffer

DAWN no last name

It’s just not enough it needs more in not giving fox a thank you until I’m told heres your medications back 30 yrs on them never ever an issue I’m ready to end this horrible struggle yes suscide but how do I do that without hurtn anyone else jump in front of a bus they live with it just shoot me please end this I’m giving up cant deal with it no longer insurance dont care surgeries I need I cant do it I’m to heal on no medication ohh I’m sorry surgry isnt my answer either run this and a million others who suffer I’m visiting my parents and I cant believe when I leave will be lk ast the yh see me this is what the CDC has done along with the dr in ny state long island I just want to end ill leave my fiance to pick up the pieces I’ve been home 2 n half weeks and he no good together 31 yrs in may n I’m tryj g to die I dont goto bed thanking the lord for another day done I pray not to wake up how many of u do that no hasnt been answered but I’m lost worthless useless pathetic existence n I just want to end it all this suffering for a f@$%%kn losey darn pill that makes it all go away enough to live to do my chores n at the end of day say ok the pain I’m in is worth it in two weeks I’m 49 no kids no marriage just horrible horrible pain that’s twisting my beliefs in God humanity empathy and well my trust is completely gone I’m not a drug addict an I’ve been cleared by biggest pain managements in ny an I was still ripped apart from dr who sent me so she can prescribe So apon my demise promise all of us suffering it will be public Do more then this Do more to protect us the innocent people and lives before we do horrible things to ourselves !!!! I’m trying to hold on but I’m failing every day this issue is more then losing medication it’s got to do with NOT TRUSTING DR WHO SAY HOW HORRIBLE I AM BUT CDC SAZ HOW NANY OF THESE PEOPLE HAD HAVE OR EVEN KNOW WHAT PAIN IS ID ANSWER AN 8 NOW I SAY OFF THE CHART HOW MANY OF US NEED TO FEEL THIS WAY HOW MANY DR TURNED AWAY SAD !!!SAD


Finally some the truth (minus Andrew Kolodny)
I suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.
It’s extremely painful and there is no cure.
I’ve tried alternatives (spinal nerve stimulator implant- pain pump implant , etc..
Chronic and Intractable pain patients are suffering in agony.
The CDC guidelines (2016) are literally killing people.
Heart attacks, stress, suicide…..
This is a major health catastrophe.
Pain patients should not be denied opioid pain medications.
Not only by doctors, but pharmacies and health insurers.
Trained skilled doctors make the diagnosis.
They should be allowed to do their jobs and not feel threatened by the DEA thinking their licences will be taken away.
This is SO wrong.
These patients need help now !
Too many law abiding responsible lives are being destroyed.

Katherine Kremm

Finally, the other side of this story is being heard. Chronic pain patients must be given a voice! No more suffering in silence. Speak up!!


I’m being forced tapered after 6 years of successful management. I have to say that suicide did enter my mind. This is a travesty now what? Nothing for us but Pot I don’t want pot I want my meds that work! Just trade one legal drug for a murky State legal Federal Illegal drug! My active life is back where I started using a walker and sleeping 15 hour days!

Alan Edwards

Greg Gutfeld of Fox News, wrote an excellent article about “the other side” or the “accurate account” of the epidemic that does not exist amongst pain patients. I saved it to my browser. It is contrary to what was first reported by Fox and the infamous comparison to the World Trade Center disaster by Tucker Carlson the fateful night after the March 2016 illegal cdc, kolodny, ballantyne,fallacious debacle. Kolodny still has his Suboxone profits coming in and Suboxone addicts have found it more deadly and addictive than the deadly, addictive heroin pills. Gutfeld’s article is still on the net- on the Fox website. Gutfeld has guts and he caught on to the faux epidemic almost as fast as we intractable pain patients did… Tucker may eventually see the truth.
Again, this remains biggest
FALSE medical crisis in U.S. History. And the media caused so much pain. Suicides and death caused by intractable pain must replace the local paper propaganda I see twice weekly about lawsuits against drug companies seeking money for damages. I side firmly with the drug companies and against my greedy county.

Severe pain absolutely causes suicide or constant ideation of death. Opioids have to be acknowledged and reinstated as a preventative and treatment for intractable pain. It’s not politically correct but it is necessary now before more pain patients die unnecessarily.

Amber Tuten

My quality of life has changed dramatically since the rulings have deemed that I am a criminal for needing pain medication to function on a daily basis. I have a chronic condition that is progressive and leaves me in constant nerve pain that was being addressed with pain medication to a point that I was able to perform usual things like housework, shop for groceries, walk around the block. Now that I am no longer allowed to have a full prescription, I cannot do any of those things. I rarely go anywhere anymore. I never get a full nights sleep. What I will do in the future as my condition deteriorates, with age I do not know. Heaven help us!!!

Katie Olmstead

I have posted this on FB. I hope this series gets seen far and wide, including legislators and physicians, medical schools. It’s cracking the nut of our silent screaming. I went to fill my monthly pain meds this week and was only given one week’s worth. I have new health insurance so apparently they automatically IGNORE my physician’s scrip and only fill for one week. Now I have to jump through hoops in order to not end up going cold turkey and ending up in the hospital. I called my insurance customer rep. The first thing I said was that I was furious but not angry with her, and we could laugh about it. But i wasn’t laughing. I wasn’t laughing when I said what cold turkey would mean, and she said, “oh, we wouldn’t want that,” meaning, they wouldn’t want to have to cover my hospitalization, right? I love how all these opioid-deniers say that we should all be seeking alternative therapies. Okay, is insurance going to pay for that? Of course not. I am exhausted from pain and frustration.


Thank u Fox News!! I wish now more MDs join us in the fight. I feel most pain specialists r not suffering they r moving on by getting $$ for prescribing medicine like Belbuca instead of Fentayl patches & others r pushing nerve stimulators & getting paid big $$ from the medical device companies. I wonder who these MDs r really working 4? Not the pain patients! It’s easier for the pain MDs not 2 fight & back their pain plans they recommend because they r not losing $$ or suffering! So sad. Thx to the MDs who have spoken out 4 their patients!


I’m glad Fox is doing this but I’m sorry the fact is that it will take forever for the CDC to compley with what hey should do about the havoc they have caused. I have a son that is 28 years old with a very rare kidney disease called Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome and the only thing that can help get through a day is pain medication because doctors have no idea what this kidney disease is or how to treat it except with pain meds ( Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome is like passing a kidney stone 24/7 He is about at the end of his rope trying all sorts of things with no success and if he ends up on the street for street drugs and dies because of it all I have to say is. IT WON’T BE PRETTY. Someone has to do something like yesterday


The torture needs to STOP NOW!!!

William Dorn

Everyone must keep contacting the major news networks and your local media. This is our chance to get this unjust war on chronic pain patients ended. If we let up they will sweep it under the rug. Also burn up your state reps phone lines and e mails. Lets get our lives back. Be strong and GOD BLESS you all.


I am fighting for my life everyday since my Dr abandoned me because he was afraid his license would be taken away. Was sent home to Force Taper against my will and was also told by my now ex Dr. that “No Dr will want you for a patient, not any Dr.” It’s because of the threats that Drs are facing for helping patients with chronic health conditions.
Shortly after this horrible delima happens to me, I find out that my brother that was sent to Pain Management- was told he would be Tapered off his medicines because he was taking to much, and that it could kill him. My brother came to me and told me they were going to kill him because they didn’t seem to realize what they were doing! Well not long after this, he was Tapered again and was found DEAD in his bed! These Drs killed my brother by taking him off his medicines after telling him it would kill him to stayed on his medicines!
There’s something terribly terribly wrong here!
Both of us were under Specialists guidance and Drs care along with being monitored for Chronic Health conditions for years and were able to control our pain and function half way decent until this hysterical frenzy about Opioids.
PROP, CDC, and all the others involved in the distorted facts of Opioids are responsible for the deaths of thousands because they
“used” innocent people with Chronic health conditions that are
NOT street addicts and lumped them all together as abusers when that is further from the truth!
Opioids are GOOD for treating patients that are suffering and HELP these people function and to live a better life.
They have misled the American people. The “Crisis” is about street addicts using Fentenol and or heroine and it’s NOT suppose to include innocent people with chronic health conditions that are NOT abusing anything!
It’s criminal to continue killing innocent people that were being treated in a responsible way! What’s so sad about’s really about Politics/ money and nobody CARES to stop what’s happening


Slowly but surely the voice of the chronic pain patients are being heard. I am so thankful that Fox decided to acknowledge this. We still have a lot of work to do to clean up this misguided CDC “ recommendation “. This is an illicit drug problem not a pain management problem. Unfortunately the Chronic pain patients have taken the brunt of these recommendations while opioid (fentanyl and heroine) deaths continue to rise.

chuck darrah

Finally a ray of hope for those of us who suffer needlessly ! Thank you Fox News !!

Debbie Gray

I have written directly to FOX months ago! I was very specific & requested to be interviewed … As my journey is real. … . The horrific & devastation in the
Lives of substantiated chronic pain
Patients. I shared my nightmare in
Seeking care. I sent pictures showing the places I was referred to! A traumatic experience & nearly fatal. Please keep contacting Fox and sharing !!!!
Grab this media opportunity to share your personal journey & grief !!!!!!!!! Share!!!! Speak up!!!!
I pray that all share!!!! Help us to help you & your loved ones , suffering with chronic pain !

Barbara Rezabeck

I’m so happy to hear that “THEY” are hearing the patient and Doctors who know it isn’t right to put all Chronic Pain patients in “One Box”. The new Law for all Chronic Pain Patients to reduce down to 90 mg is so Wrong. My quality of life has gone completely Downhill. I wish I could fight against this but my motivation is plain Gone due to my pain. Thank You all who fight with Words.

Eric F Powers

My wife moved from Tennessee to be with me in Florida. At that time she was on, 40mg a day, plus 75mg MCG/HR Fentanyl patch ever 48 hours. She’s been on that script for 10 years before the move. Just coming here cost her. The law in Florida for Transdermal patches is ever 72 hours. 1/3 cut right off the bat. She’s been to no less then half a dozen Neurosurgeons. Had a botched surgery up in Massachusetts and can’t be fixed now. Best Neurosurgeon in Tenn. Told her that she’d be on the drugs for the rest of her life. Fast forward now to today. New Neurosurgeon says your due for and upgrade. She needed that before she left. (Two years ago)
She asked her PA at her pain clinic, which turn around and straight lie to your face and say the LAW prevents her for any upgrade at all. PA is to scared of the DEA. Wife’s to scared to rock the boat in fear of losing what she gets. Even though she’s bedridden all day every day. She has other complications to. Removal of 3 feet of lower intestines, Gual blatter removed. Cutting ito the stomach muscle is no joke. Takes months to painfully heal. And me. Well, I just got the news that I got Cauda Equina Syndrome. Can’t fix that unless I have surgery. No such thing as a Neurosurgeon that takes Medicaid. And do I really want one who does? I’m in a lot of pain. Had fracture in my C5. That causing major problems. I am on no meds. Finalizing my last report from my Neurologist. Will I be able to go to a clinic. Probably not. Medicaid Doctors are the most on the hot seat. My MRI, Cat Scans, EEG, and all other tests now are not good enough. You MUST try all the alternatives before they will even think about giving you anything. I’m poor! Can’t run all over town to swim therapy, or physical therapy, or any other therapy that will not work anyway. A Very Educated Neurosurgeon tells you your only hope is surgery and some PA wants you to go swimming. I’m sorry, that’s [edit]. They need new Guidelines one’s for PATIENTS. Not Junkies!

Miranda Detweiler

Me a US Veteran, experienced this first hand. I have moderate to severe Crohn’s disease, I’m hospitalized about twice a year for abdominal pain and other related Crohn’s issues, every time I leave the hospital I get pain meds, no big deal, I don’t abuse them, I need them. Last time I was getting discharged from the hospital they said they “don’t give pain medication for home” so I said I was in to much pain and wanted to stay in the hospital because of this reason. THEY SENT 3 HOMELAND SECURITY GUARDS TO EXCORT ME OUT OF THE VA. I left in pain and was unable to eat still 5 days after I got escorted from the VA. I tried calling everyone I could think of at the VA, Patient advocate and such, I ended up getting a call back from the substance abuse department at the VA! Are you [edit] kidding. I seriously thought I was dying and they were treating me like a drug addict!

I’m a special forces veteran and I would like to give an in depth look at how the opioid epidemic has affected the veterans and the public individual. I have a multiple perspective from being a first hand consumer whose had to go through recovery and is now a successful entrepreneur. Contact me via email for further discussion.


What about also keeping a honest tab on the pain patients lost to the other side of this issue, it could very well rival that of the numbers we’ve lost and kept track of to get to this point!


I’ve already read all 3 parts and as a chronic pain patient and also someone who is being forced to reduce my pain medications by going down 5 pills a month, I was shocked to learn that the CDC guidelines were only meant for Primary care doctors and for patients NEW to pain. I have decided to send all three articles to my doctor because if this is true, then he is also very confused or he’s lieing and knew this all along that a reduction never had to happen but out of fear he did it anyway.. my doctor belongs to a National pain center and offices all iver the State’s. The videos are good, but the articles provide triple the information. What I’ve learned out of this is truly eye opening and makes me very angry. I’m sure many feel the same way.


I have shared my story with several news stations in my area. all my reps telling them that and other Doctor shows,THe CDC guideline being made law is illegal to my Rep. we are a Republic not a Democracy .It is suppose to be voted by the People for the People Law makers and Gov offices have way over stepped the Law they are breaking law.Then they get the Fake News of Opioid Crisis so the People will believe their lies making their new guidelines the new Law .Why Because people believe what they are told on the News.
Does anyone else see CBS,ABC,NBS all these news sites at 4am spew the same exact news stories everyday…..
My state many republicans voted out Walker so we can see a future of medical MMJ ,many of my friends did. We are tried of suffering many have committed suicide.
Walker refused to see pain patients as valueable voters The Counties in WI all voted 68% and above for MMJ .
Some how it never went through because the Governor had power to strike down any bill that included that .Now lawakers in my state want to take away the Governors power Watch WI

Sorry if I rambled I tried to make what I wanted to say clear but it is a horrible pain day for me cold weather geeezzzzz