Major CRPS Conference Coming to San Jose in March

Major CRPS Conference Coming to San Jose in March

By Ed Coghlan.

Those who have or treat CRPS and who live on the West Coast may want to find their way to San Jose, California for a Saturday March 24th event.

The RSDSA—the non-profit that has been helping people with CRPS for over three decades—is partnering with the Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center (BAPWC) for an all-day conference to discuss the latest research and state-of-the-art treatments for CRPS.

The conference, titled “Treating the Whole Person—Optimizing Wellness for People Who Have CRPS”, will attract physicians, nurses, physical therapists, patients and caregivers.

“We are very excited to be partnering with the Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center as they are treating people with CRPS utilizing an interdisciplinary model. We want to showcase their model as most individuals with CRPS are receiving fragmented, uncoordinated ineffectual care,” said Jim Broatch, Executive Vice President of the RSDSA.

Dr. Peter Obaci, runs the BAPWC and is an internationally-known pain specialist, and is a strong advocate of a comprehensive, inter-disciplinary approach to treating Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

“Treating CRPS is learning how to put the pieces together,” he said. “Everything from how to refer the patient, what to recommend in rehabilitation, the importance of behavioral health and alternative therapies have to be part of how help our patients.”

Dr. Abaci has written a book “Conquer Your Chronic Pain” and has a self-described “passion for helping patients.”

The presenters are experts at the forefront of the latest research and state-of-the-art treatments. Our presenters will discuss a variety of topics including: brain neuroplasticity and brain-based treatment modalities, navigating the health system, complimentary therapies, interdisciplinary treatments and incorporating psychological care into treatment, medical cannabis, and the latest in movement-based therapies.

The event will be held at the San Jose Country Club beginning at 8:30 am and will run until 4:00 pm. Registration Fees:  $25 for people with CRPS/RSD, $25 for Caregivers, $50 for Healthcare Providers. If you want to register, click here.

“There will be a question and answer period at the end of the day,” said RSDSA’s Broatch.  “This day is a day of hope and education with professionals who understand what you are going through and who are leading the way in making a difference for those who struggle with CRPS.”

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Authored by: Ed Coghlan

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Diane Sullivan

in the above letter that I wrote please apologize to all and I had a time I speak my emails and sometimes they don’t come out sensible. The gist of what’s going on my life is very obvious. There’s no way I could ever get to this I have I can’t even get a mile to my daughter school in the morning my pajamas. I live in New Jersey is there anyone in New Jersey to contact that could help somebody already disabled that’s been discriminated against because the doctor did something wrong and then all of a sudden after he couldn’t prescribe medications his office one on fire and so did all the records. I still have the pharmacy I still have my physicians that I’ve never written me any prescriptions and I still have that picture of what’s going on my arm I didn’t even mention that my back was broken and all of the relieve the nerve it was all gravel. I have private insurance I want a doctor to prescribe my medication not leave me in pain like an animal. Please advise if you know anyone that could be a voice piece getting It to the media because I’m sure everybody knows somebody that’s going through something like this we stand strong in numbers. Thank you Diane Sullivan


Too many people are being dropped by their doctors and left to suffer in pain. There is a woman named Mindy Robinson who said she would use her platform to help those in need speak out. Greg Gutfeld is also starting to speak up for the CPP community. Try writing/emailing these two people. Maybe one of them will help us get our stories out!

Maureen M.

Bravo! I wish the best for you all involved in this Rally. I have RSD in my lower extremities and I so wish I could be there. I will be sending prayers for success and to be heard loud and clear!

Azra Tucic

Which doctors will be presenting?

Christina Claycomb

I have had RSD for 25+ yrs. I would love to attend this seminar…Hmmmm, the knowledge that 1 could possibly obtain from said “meetings of the mind” could potentially be astounding! Back in the day when the diagnosis was given, your first thoughts were denial. It was unheard of to start with. So I injured myself…it has to eventually heal….right??
Ha, who was I kidding…
How many yrs later, therapy, injections, meds, surgeries, implants, laminotimies, laminectimies, scs, exterior drains, vp shunt, revisions, ketamine etc. Here i sit waiting for it to get better. Now Im in a chair, rarely sleep, all bc of RSD/CRPS!
I wish the conference was on video so that everyone with our illness could partake in viewing it. Wishful thinking, one can hope….

Denise Vik

I agree such short notice, & traveling is so difficult when you have CRPS. I wish there was a way to receive this information via internet. I live in Victor, ID & was diagnosed with CRPS, over 3 yrs ago & most recently had a DRG implanted on 8/1. My CRPS has spread & I’m now waiting for SCS Trial to cover upper right side. It is a WY Workers Comp case & I have been bounced around & dropped through the cracks of our health care system. I would love to know more about the cutting edge treatment regarding this heinous beast called CRPS. I often get discouraged at the lack of
knowledge in this area, w those who are supposed to be treating me.


Alice, I have been trying to find an attorney that is willing to join our fight but haven’t had any luck! Because the CDC used the term “guidelines” instead of laws or rules or required, we ran into problems. Of course, the DEA came behind them and used scare tactics on the doctors, threatening to pull license if the doctors didn’t comply with the “guidelines” and started pulling every patient file that was prescribed pain medication and required the doctor to justify every prescription written which didn’t fall within the “guidelines” for each patient thus creating mounds of paper work to educate non medical personnel at the DEA, CDC and FDA and back/forth communication, etc. Finally, many of our doctors threw up the hands and decided it wasn’t worth it to treat this type of patient. So…….who do you sue?
I will never give up the fight but I’m hitting a lot of brick walls. I’ve written to my representative, the White House and anyone I think may be in a position to help but I am discouraged….. I welcome any ideas or suggestions on things I can do that may help.


I hope they’re going to concentrate on the fact that a government experiment reminiscent of Nazi Germany is being perpetrated on a group of populace considered less than whole! The American government is also guilty of horrendous medical experiments in the past. There were other experiments where ppl with injuries or illnesses had the necessary medication to alleviate their suffering withheld!! Most recently AIDS patients. Syphilis victims. Now THIS!! Hundreds of thousands of citizens are blatantly being forced to endure severe pain… And considering suicide. The Opioid crisis involving medication prescribed to chronic pain patients is already almost completely curbed with the DEA monitoring system put in place which connects the doctors with the pharmacies. Our doctors print out a list of all the prescriptions we’ve received since our last visit. The overdose deaths are mostly due to street drugs. If some of them became addicted bc of legal prescriptions well there can’t be much of that happening anymore. But legitimately sick and injured citizens must not be forced to endure debilitating pain bc of a group of drug seekers. These drug seekers are not going through legal channels anymore, or at least very few of them are. People will, read about this inhumane treatment of I’ll and injured citizens fifty years from now, and of the tragic consequences. Unless we organize and demand a halt to it. There must be attorneys willing to take this as a class action suit. Chronic pain is a protected condition under the ADA. We need help our government is trying to destroy us!

Kelly Richard Taos

Is this an event that will be available online for those of us who can not be in San Jose? I’d gladly register and pay the twenty five to view the events, or submit questions to speakers via my computer.


I hope that at all of these types of conferences the discussion of the government’s crackdown on prescribing pain medication is discussed. Seems every week there is a new regulation or revision to what a doctor can prescribe, how much, and how often. We, the pain patients, are beginning to suffer as a result of these actions and they are not helping the “epidemic” of abuse.