Make your Christmas party a memorable one with a themed gift exchange

Make your Christmas party a memorable one with a themed gift exchange

Make your Christmas party a memorable one with a themed gift exchange.

It’s that time of year when the final details are being made for the Christmas Party Gift Exchange, but how can you make this year’s Gift Exchange different.

Sarah Partigi of, notes that one of the ways large groups can change their white elephant gift exchange is to add a theme like re-gifting, make me laugh, food & drink or games just to name a few.

These themes add fun and suspense to the event and often make it a memorable as guests open very unexpected gifts.

For groups of friends consider weaving in an activity that you all enjoy with your gift exchange. Consider a Holiday Trivia, Billiards or Texas Hold’em Gift Exchange party as a way create a very unique event. Party Game Ideas has directions on how to take these activities and turn them into a gift exchange party at

These are gift exchanges that you can use or you to create your own unique gift exchange using our ideas. One thing to note is that these novelty gift exchanges add to the length of the exchange, so plan accordingly.

Another gift exchange option is the Yankee Swap that involves swapping gifts rather than steal, but even this game can be spiced up with a twist. Consider going through the process of selecting and swapping gifts and once you are done, let everyone know you are now going to play the Left / Right gift passing game where your gift may now be your neighbors or if you are lucky come back to you.

Making this year’s gift exchange different is easy when you add a theme, twist or fun activity to the mix. So plan ahead and make your gift exchange unique and memorable. For information on hosting a Christmas gift exchange visit features over 400 do it yourself games and more than 50 Christmas party games and activities for all ages.

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