Midwest Pain Expo Registration Opens

Midwest Pain Expo Registration Opens

By Staff.

One of the country’s best patient-centered free pain expositions will be held in Northbrook, Illinois on August 13.

The 4th annual Midwest Pain Treatment Education Expo is the brainchild of Gracie Bagosy-Young, a nationally-known Chronic Pain Patient Advocate. It is designed to allow doctors and patien

Gracie Bagosy-Young

ts to discuss the latest advances in pain management and complementary therapies. Local groups working to help the pain community will also be in attendance

“It gives patients the chance to talk to top pain physicians for free, try some new techniques and learn about medical cannabis among many other things,” Bagosy-Young said.

The all day event-which is being presented by Oska Wellness- will be held at the Hilton Chicago/Northbrook in Northbrook, Illinois. Doors open at 8 am. A free lunch will be provided.

If you don’t live in the Midwest, or can’t make it to the event, you register for the free online live stream. (Click here)

Among those expected to speak at the Expo and their topics include:


Gracie Bagosy-Young, Chronic Pain Patient Advocate Gracie Gean Chronic Pain Advocacy & Consulting
Dr. Adam Young, Pain Management & Anesthesiology, RUSH University Pain Clinic
Dr. Jay Joshi, Interventional Pain & Spine Physician 

Dr.Tursha Hamilton & Dr. Fraser Smith, Naturopathic Clinicians National University of Health Sciences Whole Health Centers
“Naturopathic Approaches to Good Health and Reduction in Pain”
Dr. James Atchison, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab- formerly called 
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
“Taking Charge of your Pain: The Interdisciplinary Approach to Better Management and Function!”
itch Meyers, IL Medical Cannabis Program, Nature’s Care
“Implementing Medical Cannabis for Chronic Pain”
Dr. Leython Williams PT, ATHLETICO
“The Role of Physical Therapy in Chronic Pain”


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Authored by: Staff

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Naturally my initial thought is ‘I sure hope they address the issues of us in pain who need meds!’ We get it…but, other modalities don’t/won’t help us true blue chronic pain folks. We are too broken for them.
Best of all to Gracie and thank you for advocating on our behalf. I’m happy to see that Dr. Joshi will be speaking and so I will be praying he brings to light our plight.


This event in Norhtbrook, Illinois, is a continuing good step in the right direction to help the pain patient, in America. A health condition that has been with humanity since “day one” of human history.. A recognized, health condition, that has been successfully treated with medication, physical conditioning if warranted, and many other means of effective treatment for a long time. However, it IS a shameful situation that ALL pain patients without regard to the individual pain generating condition, if medication is warranted, successfully used, to have have been placed under a “policy” that governs “one and all” to a maximum set dosage, per day and, is expected to be sufficient for ALL patients. Asinine thinking, willful neglect, or governing for others without “experiencing” the condition. Call it what you will. It is “asinine” thinking to place ALL people in ANY one category, with a unique “disability” by the elected, appointed by the elected, and charged with making law and policy that is “supposed”, to cause no one, more distress, or pain in life. That is what makes Americas’, individualism, self reliance, and sovereignty with ‘social” and monetary security…….great. Those of us that can not, improve upon our lives, or even maintain what we had, and depend upon our “government”, whether local, federal, or in between, are dependent upon logical, bilateral, and rational law making and policy that will meet the needs of “all” people. Policy, is indicative, of a “general” guideline for people but, a general guideline that will need amendments, alternative options, needed for individual people. A different option from the “general” law, policy, or thinking, inclusive, beneficial, to meet the need of one and all. It is shameful, to place a mandatory “policy,” the CDC mis-guided-line into effect, law, and even call it “just a policy”. Policy that does have repercussions, harsh repercussions, to our providers BEFORE all, or any other form of effective treatment, for the pain patient, has been considered, discussed, and written into said “policy”. Distress, “pain and suffering”, worsened, that was known before the “guideline” was enforced, would occur.. The. WILLFUL NEGLECT of millions of people, in lifetime, continuous, severe, unmanageable pain. Pain of the patient, that was being successfully managed through medication, accompanied with other forms of treatment, such as the use of an “ice pack” for localized extreme pain, exercise if possible, just for examples. However to reduce effective medication, even though a “controlled substance”, a scheduled substance, that was prescribed through educated providers using ALL means of “justification” through due diligence, HAS been reduced, unilaterally, by as much as 80 percent and to many patients, now, non existent provider facilities because of the absolute penalty of exceeding a “set” dosage of medication will, will cost the provider, their license to practice. VERY effective reduction through “black mail”. This is NOT a policy, as my state medical board suggests. The fight for sufficient treatment for a serious pain generating health condition, use of responsibility, documented responsibility by the patient, documented benefit… Read more »


I’ve done physical therapy, aqua therapy to be exact, 3x a week and was able to do the therapy because my pain was treated enough to help me get up and go.
I’ve done naturopath and the interdisciplinary… Well I don’t have that control or I wouldn’t be asking for help to begin with.
Marijuana… Yep…extremely bad reaction and it didn’t do anything for my bone pain except cause more pain after I finally settled down enough to realize it was finally wearing off.
To be told by one doctor to sue my doctor of 10+years and to be told by another that overnight, Long acting pain meds are not necessary… He would just replace the long acting with 5 different types of anti depressants and muscle relaxers…
Even if help came within the next month its too late for me.
I do not deserve to exist in my bed, wasting oxygen, crying and hyperventilating until I finally pass out.
I’m not a criminal, I won’t be punished for my genetics and injury.

I live with chronic pain 24/7 I’m on 30mg of morphine 2 times a day and percocet 10 325 2 times a day. let me see where I start . I walk around with an Un fused ankle swollen and hurts as hell, 4 herniated cervical disc and 4 herniated lumber disc degenerative disc and bulging scoliosis, and in the whole back , two knee rubbing bone on bone no cartilage shoulder same, degeneration in every joint in my body . Doctor told me at 28 I would be cripple at 50 he said he could not explain why I was so advanced in the degeneration, another words I live in constant pain. God knows I cry myself to sleep, I was on morphine 60 mg 2 times a day and 4 percocet a day I took care of my grand baby while my daughter went to Valdosta state for 4 years, Took care of the church I was over , cooked cleaned , and had a life now I have none I never ever took a pill to feel emotionally fufilled for that, I have family, my church and especially God, put the pain I am experiencing I believe would lead me to suicide if it were not for having God in my life I cry myself to sleep every day , my Doctor retired I never been to pain management, now I have to go there. there liers I’ve had to accidents back to back horrible inflammation in my back and the doctor refused to treat me or allow me to take robaixen for spasms because he does not want to get involved in a court case
what happen to the oath you took at the end of the day It is about him and him making his money no compassion at all. lying to the people since they feel that they can’t medicate you so now they give you epidurals shots that they know can not work for herniations, or degeneration, put how are they going to keep there business open I’m in Atlanta to many so call pain clinics . they must have gave out pills like candy now there panicking . so now there under medicating . please stop the madness it’s a mess those with real chronic pain arelief caught in the middle this government should be ashame of themselves. no one cares until it hits home.


I am not enamored of pain professionals as they have failed for so long to have enough caritas to have a vision for pain care and have failed to work together and with people in pain. They set themselves apart as over and above the rest of society and beyond being responsive to the voice of people in pain. They accept no responsibility for the sorry state of affairs in pain care and act as if they are beyond criticism by individuals in pain.
We should take all their licenses and force them to be reeducated and resocialized by people in pain before they can practice pain care again. Theyre learning that this American and others no longer accept their immunitas lack of caritas selfish ambition pain managerialism discursive imperialism and total lack of humilitas as legitimate
The time is ripe for a real pain care revolution where professionals serve society rather than vice versa

Tracy Lacy

Stop saveing people that won’t to get high there takeing pain medication from people that need it my friend has rods from her ass to her neck looks like something i welded up in her back 7 pain clinic an no doc has the balls to write a oxycontin fast action or they write meds for half a month of pain pills knowing Medicaid and Medicare only pays for one month prescription so you got to come up with $900 for the rest of the prescription this is b******* the people they tried this with prohibition that worked out real well all it did was create an NASCAR