Midwest Pain Treatment Education Expo – Big Dreams Come to Life

Midwest Pain Treatment Education Expo - Big Dreams Come to Life

By Gracie Bagosy-Young

Editor’s Note- Saturday August 13, the Midwest Pain Treatment Education Expo was held near Chicago. It started three years ago as an idea by chronic pain activist Gracie Bagosy-Young. Here’s how she summarized this year’s event.

Gracie Bagosy-Young

Gracie Bagosy-Young

This annual event was conceived from my irritation with the fact that there were no pain patient events in the Midwest. Did I complain? Nope! Instead, I created a survey on Survey Monkey and sent it out to the pain patients in the Midwest and asked them what they would like to see in a conference. What do they like about other conferences? What do they hate? I used that info and combined it with my knowledge from the corporate world to take action. I hate that pain patients feel victim to their insurance companies. There are so many treatment options available to us that insurance doesn’t cover, and we are not always being informed of those options. I aim to house as many different treatment options under one roof at this conference.

When I first started on this mission, MANY told me no. The roadblocks were huge. I was a single mother of two beautiful daughters living in a tiny apartment in Iowa. I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD/CRPS) and Lyme Disease. My personal challenges are big without this! Those that told me no only made me want it more! I run quite a few virtual support groups and I know that the need for more information exists. I actually cried as I drove from hotel to hotel that first year, rejection after rejection, one gigantic price tag after another, until I finally found one that would work for us. My determination has never dwindled.

Here we are, 4 years later. We have just completed our 3rd annual Expo. This year, we partnered with the U.S. Pain Foundation. For the third year in a row, this event has exceeded expectations. We had 227 people come out to join us and we streamed it online to 2,123 people around the world. Our attendees had an awesome problem this year: they couldn’t decide if our speakers or our exhibitors were better! We had an extremely diverse group of exhibitors, with AVACEN, Team HOPE doTERRA Advocates, InterX Therapy, TELA Medical, and Lights & Health Wellness offering FREE treatments right on the spot! Our speakers were some of the most well-respected in the Midwest!

I am so proud! I am proud of the pain patients that braved their way to the Expo despite their pain. I am proud of the “rockstar” caretakers that stand by their side to get them there! I am proud of our amazing speakers! I am proud of the 21 diverse exhibitors that we drew in! I am proud of the unbelievable number of donors and financial sponsors! I am proud of the army of volunteers that I have helping me! I am proud of the number of doctors and nurses that our patient education event is attracting-wow!! I am proud of the number of viewers streaming the event from home!

Our 4th Annual Midwest Pain Treatment Expo will be on August 12th, 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in Northbrook, IL.  (Sponsors-you can contact me now!)

Never doubt that you have power, disabled or not. You can still make big dreams come to life!

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I am in Ohio around 30 miles away from Cleveland & for 17 years I’ve been through it all & I’m happy to hear someone is fighting for us. I am 39 started with me at 16 bones in my back were cracking & my father had 21 operations mostly b/c of his discs in neck & back. So, at 25 I was thrown into the hospital for surgery after my dr looked at my mri & I was so stupid he admitted me & sent a surgeon in I never met. He promised an invasive surgery on the L5_S1 area with a micro-decectomy with promises of no pain & if he does this right away he can get out the small part of my disc that was ruptured. HA! At 32 I had lost mobility in my legs my back was always stiff like a brick & I went to another dr & after the mri he sent me to a really good surgeon & I considered the fusion to my L4 & L5 . Explained he would lift up the upper discs to put rods & screws to take pressure off of the lower discs but because I had so much scar tissue & when he went in I guess he couldn’t believe how bad it was. So, years of pain management with cortizone shots & steroids left me with bone growing out of my lower jaw after a procedure on my upper jaw at the dentist. It took over a year to have a biopsy & be told I have necrosis of the jaw or bone death. I can’t go back to my pain dr because I can never have shots again.. 2 Years & I am still struggling w/o much relief. Ohio is so messed up & do you know how many times I’ve been told I have too many issues & the dr doesn’t have the time? On ssi & medicare for 7 years now with my first application it took 4 months & my mri looks like a road map & I’ve got bone spurs growing off my spine. I can not find a dr to take medicare that will give methadone . Hopefully my 2 cents will matter to someone. Diagnosed failed back syndrome,degenerative disc disease & nerve damage

We have several crews that come in from MI. I’ll bet I could find a carpool for you! I would love to get to meet you next user! Email me or find me on social media and I will network you in! My contact info is in this article.

Thank you Maureen! I think in terms of team. I really just feel like another pain patient, and I desperately needed a support Community. I did this for myself as much as I did it for everyone else. It helps me to help others. We are ALL leaning on each other, holding each other up on those weak days!


And I’m PROUD of wonderful YOU Gracie! What an inspiration you are!
Thank you and God Bless you!


Wish I could have been there! Maybe next year! I’m in SW Michigan, so not too far. I sure admire your perseverance and dedication to helping us with our pain journeys. I have Psoriatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis (I know, I think I deserve a tiara for that! Lol!), osteoarthritis through my spine, severe fibro, along with spinal stenosis, DDD, Facet’s disease and more. Any bit of relief is more than welcome, and am ever hopeful to find the key!!