Missouri Wants Your Pain Story

Missouri Wants Your Pain Story

By Mary Cramer.

Missouri resident, Mary Cremer, is requesting pain patients from Missouri email their pain stories to…


Missouri is at a pivotal time. We are the only state in the US that does not have a statewide PDMP (Prescription Drug Monitoring Program) . On July 17, 2017, former Governor Eric Greitens passed Executive Order 17-18. The former governor passed this order due to the 99th General Assembly failing to pass legislation instituting a PDMP.(1)

In May 2018, Eric Greitens resigned as governor of Missouri. The lieutenant governor, Mike Parson, is the new governor.

Some counties have implemented PDMP’s on their own. We have found that the PDMP system is flawed. Pain patients are being flagged as doctor shoppers. This flagging happens to patients without notification. Once flagged, unknowing patients now have problems getting into new doctors and other problems. The counties admit the system is flawed and if a flag is found to be in error, it can not be removed and stays in place for six months.

Pain patients need to have their voices heard by elected officials. What I would like is for Missouri Pain Patients, loved ones and medical professionals to email their stories. Ideas for content in your email would be…

• Are you still receiving pain meds?
• Have your pain meds been cut or threatened? If so, why?
• Has your original doctor retired, quit prescribing, referred you to pain management or expressed concern or fear from government and/or employers?
• Did you sign a Pain contract?
• Are you periodically drug tested? Any problems with this?
• Has your insurance or pharmacy given you problems?
• Have you lost quality of your life?
• Have you contacted your elected officials?
• Do you have a loved one that also has problems with pain control?
• Have you had problems post surgery or injury?
• Have you been flagged as a doctor shopper? Has this caused you problems?
• Has anyone you know taken their life, or have you thought about it? And why?
• Describe your pain and what pain control does for you?
• Include any additional information.

Please include your name, address and phone number.

If you want to remain anonymous, you may, just please provide what district in MO you reside (and the email should state that you want to remain anonymous). You can look up your district and state Representative and state Senator at the bottom of the page. Please try NOT to be anonymous, if possible. Elected officials need to understand we are REAL and problems are happening in Missouri.

Please share this with other people from Missouri.

Here is the link to locate your representative or district.


(1) https://www.sos.mo.gov/library/reference/orders/2017/eo18

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Authored by: Mary Cremer

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Found out first hand how doctors treat patients In Missouri
Went to get rotator cuff looked at by my orthopedic surgeon but also complained of neck and back pain and numbness in pectoral and arm area. He set up MRI,s and found 3 herniated discs c7 thru c4 with some stenosis.
Went to spinal orthopedic surgeon to get it checked out said there was nothing wrong. I returned after 2 weeks saying pain was worse and was there something he could do. He asked if I was interveneous drug user and pushed sleeves up to see. Next went to pain management doctor and got sedation steroid shot in c6 or c7 it did nothing and I was still in a lot of pain. He sent me a list outlining all alcoholics anomynous locations near my house. Still no relief for pain after 4 months.
Went to neurosurgeon next who set up more mri’s of brain and spinal column. After review of mri’s said he could not figure out what was happening even though he could tell I was in pain. He also said the state of Missouri would not allow him to give me any medication although he felt like it was needed and would have done so in the past until my problem was diagnosed.
After 5 months of constant pain I saw a neurologist who almost diagnosed my problem in one day. The next week, after muscle biopsies, I was put in hospital for iv’s of methyprednisone for 3 days and daily dosage afterwards.
I have been diagnosed with some form of idiopathic inflammatory myopathy possibly brachio cervical inflammatory myopathy not sure which type of myositis it is. However the muscles in my back and neck have deterioated to where I cannot stand up straight ( camptocormia )
All I ever wanted was to get something done to stop the pain or at least get some relief until a fix was found. I was treated like a drug seeker not to to be trusted or believed. The state needs to let Doctors treat their patients.


Wilma Eskridge, I know how you feel. I have spinal stenosis & fibromyalgia. All I did was give birth via C-section & while still on the operating time, I felt a shooting pain travel right up to the right side of my neck. For the entire hospital stay, I couldn’t turn my neck properly without having to turn my whole body. The pain was immense. I couldn’t pick up my newborn. I couldn’t get out of bed without rolling entirely to one side & having my spouse & my teenage son help me to a sitting position. I was diagnosed with “high-grade, severe, central spinal stenosis & moderate to severe lumbar stenosis with total cord displacement”. I had emergency surgery to fuse C5-C6.
It’s been 9 long years & I still have limited range in my neck. My legs are in constant pain. I suffer from sciatica, which can be absolutely brutal. My arms/hands go numb on a regular basis. I get this pain in my hand that I can’t really describe other than to say it is similar to leg cramps. I can’t lift so much as a coffee mug when I get that pain. The pain around my neck is similar to someone hanging their arms around my neck & pulling. Constant, nagging pressure. Leg pain, numb arms & legs & that’s just from the spinal stenosis. The fibro is the contributor of burning skin-elbows & heels, noises that feel magnified to the point where I find myself avoiding loud situations. Constant sweating that renders my undershirt damp & causes my nose to drip as if I just ate a steaming bowl of hot soup in the middle of the summer….in the tropics! I think stress contributes to the sweating. It’s a trigger. Insomnia is another culprit. If it isn’t pain affecting my sleep, it’s anxiety that creeps up & makes me feel like I can’t catch my breath. There’s debilitating fatigue. Exhaustion…from nothing! Aches all over. We shrivel from the public, like shells of our former selves


I hope CPP’s in your state respond to this request and a good outcome prevails. It is so wrong the government on any level is interfering with personal health decisions. Best of luck and God bless!

Wilma eskridge

A few months back my pain medication was cut from 6 a day to 4 a day. I suffer endless pain, due to 2 car wrecks as well as other injuries. My pain started in 1981 and I used home remedies to control pain. That consisted of hot and cold compressions, various rubs all of which did little good. I went regular to a chiropractor which helped. Eventually I became disabled. I developed fibromyalgia to add to the pain I already had. In the early 1990’s a doctor performed surgery on my neck to release a pinched nerve that was causing me to lose the use of my arms. I was told I would lose all use if I did not have surgery. The surgery relieved the pain for a few years. Meanwhile my low back was injured in a car wreck. Eventually my doctor prescribed hydrocodone. At times the pain, even with medication would not allow me to sleep and I would be in bed in a fetal position to try to relieve pain. I can no longer afford a chiropractor so I have relied on pain killers along with cold packs to help with pain management. Since my medication was cut from 6 to 4 a day I have suffered endlessly. Most days I don’t eat, the pain affects my appetite, I am losing weight. I have depression a lot of the time during high pain cycles. I was told my medication was cut back because of new laws enacted. I am irritable and it is difficult for family members so I isolate myself in my room most of the time. The lorazepam I used to help me sleep has been cut back with the intention of taking me off that medication completely. I am lucky to get 3 hours of sleep a night. I try to nap during the day with only partial success. At most I get 6 hours of sleep usually. Because of the fibromyalgia the pain increases with lack of proper sleep. I have pain in the entire right side of my body and was told I had likely had a mild stroke. Muscles cramp and ache and my arms and hands go numb fairly often. I have reached a point of hopelessness and death is sure due to no hope.

Please Missouri cpp patients let your voices be heard every voice mattersake a statemeamt


Thank you so much!!! We needed this especilly now for those who are still with us.I have to travel to CA from OR after a move. No one here taking people who desparately need opitaes.

According to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Cook County Hospital fraud case, a County is a corporation and has the same liabilities that a business corporation has.

Patients can sue their Missouri county for money damages if they choose.

This would make Missouri a great place to litigate against county governments for illegal discrimination against people disabled by pain.