My Story: Alternative Therapy – Magnetic Therapy

By Kerry Smith.

Kerry Smith is a frequent contributor the National Pain Report. The Tennessee artist has often shared his experiences in dealing his chronic pain and recently diagnosed Adhesive Arachnoiditis.

A friend had given my wife Karen some article 3 or 4 months earlier and it sat on our kitchen counter in between two books gathering dust.  She came home and read me the article describing a new kind of pain treatment, but I was dealing with a failing Spinal Cord Stimulator and had little interest in trying anything new. As my wife continued to read, I learned the focus on the article was on magnetic therapy using the strongest magnets on the market for managing pain. The product was called Quadrabloc Magnetic Therapy.  Ultimately, after stumbling on the article again later, I called the owner to see if it was something that would work for me.

Kerry Smith

It wasn’t long after talking with him that my Spinal Cord Stimulator failed, and after having to consistently tell a myriad of Stimulator Sales people that I was not interested in having another one implanted, it was removed. After I had healed, I visited with a doctor who worked with the company and we began a trial to see if magnetic therapy would work for me. The trial had helped with my pain pretty well, but the damage had already been done from injury and previous surgeries on my lumbar region and I proceeded with a lumbar fusion surgery to hopefully fix the mess I was in.

During the next three years, I put the magnets aside while I was dealing with a fusion that was just not healing correctly. The Dura covering to my spinal cord had also been cut during my fusion surgery and after 2 years, CT Scans indicated my fusion was incomplete. I had developed a new kind of intense pain and when I asked my friend Dr. Terri Lewis what this could be, she suggested sending my spine studies to Dr. Forrest Tennant where he diagnosed me with Adhesive Arachnoiditis. It was only by reading Dr. Tennant’s Patient Protocol that I discovered his recommendation for using magnets so I gave them  another try. The results were quite different this time and the pain sensation was lowered significantly. That was 9 months ago and the response has been the same each time I put them on. Walking in places such as department stores or climbing steps or doing yard work, situations that have traditionally caused me pain, I receive some relief.

I know that if I do not wear the magnets while being active, my pain is off the charts until I put the magnets on.  I’ve reduced the amount of pain meds I take each day which have created digestive issues for me over the course of my 16 years of suffering with chronic pain.

I look forward to sharing some other things I’ve been doing to battle my chronic pain in a future contribution.

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