My Story: Alternative Therapy – Magnetic Therapy

My Story: Alternative Therapy - Magnetic Therapy

By Kerry Smith.

Kerry Smith is a frequent contributor the National Pain Report. The Tennessee artist has often shared his experiences in dealing his chronic pain and recently diagnosed Adhesive Arachnoiditis.

A friend had given my wife Karen some article 3 or 4 months earlier and it sat on our kitchen counter in between two books gathering dust.  She came home and read me the article describing a new kind of pain treatment, but I was dealing with a failing Spinal Cord Stimulator and had little interest in trying anything new. As my wife continued to read, I learned the focus on the article was on magnetic therapy using the strongest magnets on the market for managing pain. The product was called Quadrabloc Magnetic Therapy.  Ultimately, after stumbling on the article again later, I called the owner to see if it was something that would work for me.

Kerry Smith

It wasn’t long after talking with him that my Spinal Cord Stimulator failed, and after having to consistently tell a myriad of Stimulator Sales people that I was not interested in having another one implanted, it was removed. After I had healed, I visited with a doctor who worked with the company and we began a trial to see if magnetic therapy would work for me. The trial had helped with my pain pretty well, but the damage had already been done from injury and previous surgeries on my lumbar region and I proceeded with a lumbar fusion surgery to hopefully fix the mess I was in.

During the next three years, I put the magnets aside while I was dealing with a fusion that was just not healing correctly. The Dura covering to my spinal cord had also been cut during my fusion surgery and after 2 years, CT Scans indicated my fusion was incomplete. I had developed a new kind of intense pain and when I asked my friend Dr. Terri Lewis what this could be, she suggested sending my spine studies to Dr. Forrest Tennant where he diagnosed me with Adhesive Arachnoiditis. It was only by reading Dr. Tennant’s Patient Protocol that I discovered his recommendation for using magnets so I gave them  another try. The results were quite different this time and the pain sensation was lowered significantly. That was 9 months ago and the response has been the same each time I put them on. Walking in places such as department stores or climbing steps or doing yard work, situations that have traditionally caused me pain, I receive some relief.

I know that if I do not wear the magnets while being active, my pain is off the charts until I put the magnets on.  I’ve reduced the amount of pain meds I take each day which have created digestive issues for me over the course of my 16 years of suffering with chronic pain.

I look forward to sharing some other things I’ve been doing to battle my chronic pain in a future contribution.

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Authored by: Kerry Smith

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The problem with your post, with respect, is that the history and philosophy of science shows no scientific position is ever going to be definitive. As more research is done, maybe with newly invented tools, the science changes. 150 years ago they thought bleeding people was a definitive cure; Parkinson’s and diabetes were once thought to be all in the mind; until recently the belief was that babies don’t feel pain! The pain research that would be a cure if they pull it off is current work on sodium channel blockers (?) if I remember correctly. The article is in June 17’s Wired Magazine. Companies like Amgen doing it. My pain consultant said that it will be a CURE FOR CHRONIC PAIN if they can bring it off. Otherwise a good pain dr will say do whatever works so magnets clearly worked for these people.

Jill Percer

Well said my AA sister! Dr. Tennant gave me my magnet and it helps damaged nerves to release the electricity.

Acker Beth

Kathy C. I have no idea what type of pain, if any, you have but I sincerely doubt from your comments that you suffer from any truly debilitating pain like those of us searching out effective pain relief. I’ve experienced severe pain the majority of the last 29 years, between a spinal cord tumor, a dozen surgeries, fusions, horrible neuralgia and extremely intense arachnoiditis. People like me, with severe pain will try anything for relief, and if it works then we are extremely thankful. Traditional medicine, supposedly backed by science, has let most of us down in obtaining relief so finding anything that offers a release from an excruciating life is a godsend. If Kerry, or anyone else for that matter, gets relief then who the heck are you to say we need to demand more explanation of science??! If it works, it works!! That’s music to a pain patients ears. I would much rather spend a couple hundred on magnets than thousands on a failed electrostim, of which I know no one personally that had success with and even if it’s science based it doesn’t work for a very high percentage. Don’t even get us started on how many science based meds or treatments are pushed on patients for profit (like Neurontin, Google the lawsuits from years ago that doctors were paid to push) only to benefit a pharmaceutical industry at the expense of a patients quality of life??!!! So screw demanding science when you have extreme pain, if you find something that works (even if it’s standing on your head). And if you don’t have the kind of pain that we’re talking about here than refrain from commenting on something you obviously have no idea about.

Kathy C

I just did an Internet Search on the effectiveness of magnets. There is no Scientific evidence that they work or do anything other than enrich a few quacks. There might be some perceived benefit, due to expectation or other factors. These “Alternative Therapies” are being promoted because no Scientists are standing up.
we need to question the motives of any group selling Pseudo Science. Pain people should be demanding a Scientific approach to this subject rather than Media and Marking tricks, that give the appearance of credibility. If these things worked we would not be here.
We are being deceived, and it is very deliberate. Just because something is on the Dr OZ Show, does not make it a fact. Numerous old biased and unscientific “Studies” are meaningless. Just because they did a “Study” does not make it factual. The continuing misrepresentation of Science is literally killing us.

Taryn J

My employer has an electro-magnectic therapeutic device called the BEMER. It has helped immensely for my chronic neck and back pain. I still take medications for the pain but I notice a difference from when I use the BEMER from when I don’t. It’s another layer to my pain care. I’m grateful she has it.
I would guess where you live there would be people that have them to try.

Kathy C

If these devices worked then why would someone “Put them aside.” I used to keep a fairly open mind on these subjects, but all we have to go on here is some slick marketing and anecdotal evidence. It looks like they are merely recycling pseudo science for a new gullible and desperate generation.


@Pauline. Thank you very for much for your note to me! I will surely look them up.
Be well. Maureen

Pauline Lars

@Maureen, I think you’ll find 9 years ago these magnets were called Magna Bloc and back then were sold through Amway. I found them fantastic for my back pain.

When I needed to purchase more, I found a company in Australia who had improved on the design and has them in all different sizes. I found them even better than Magna Bloc. They are called Q magnets if you wanted to look them up

Jill Percer

Research Dr. Forest Tennant, he recommends using the magnets. You can purchase on Amazon. Damaged nerves retain electricity and the magnets help release it. It’s made a huge difference with my burning pain in legs and feet.


One of the first things my pain doctor made me aware of when I was first diagnosed is that he gets most of his patients from them having had failed surgery. He explained how surgery can often create Pain States, especially back surgery. Since my own pain got much worse from the stress severe primary care physician abuse I have been told I must never have any surgery again in my life, under any circumstances, whatever happens to me. My pain will go up too much.


Kerry, I just went to the company’s website and came across your you tube video re: these magnets. Now, I’m confused since your testament on these magnets is from 2012. Your article professes that you began using these 9 mths ago.
You often enough post re: your ongoing pain issues so do these really help you?
Thank you, Maureen


Hi Kerri, thank you for this writing. I will look into it for sure. I always find such likeness in your spine history, lumbar pain issues and track record for trying new things.
If anything, it always helps me know that someone else suffers as I do.
I purchased your book when you first wrote about it and can relate to so much in it. You do make me cry at times. I’ve yet to finish it because the chronic fatigue that has hit me hard these summer months also brings on blurred vision and headaches. Never give up fellow warrior and please keep us posted.

Marci Jill Percer

Kerry, thank you for the article. I’ve also been diagnosed with AA by Dr. Tennant. I use the magnet that he gave me to help with the burning in my legs and feet and also for the headache pain. I live in Hendersonville and would love to be able exchange information on this dreaded disease. I’m having complications and in need of a local doctor.

Terri Lewis

Our bodies are composed of minerals, protons, neutrons, and so forth. A growing body of evidence indicates that magnets with specific characteristics assist the body with the distribution of its own resources.

I am so pleased that Kerry is getting some benefit from this very simple recommendation - far more intelligent people than I noticed the therapeutic benefit of magnetics. Hey, if it works for the gravitational pull of the moon on the ocean waves, one can assume that the human body is also affected by simple forces that orient our body functions to our environment.

Darwin called it adaptation.

Sharon Dobie

I have severe injuries to my back and would like to know how I can get these magnets,I see a pain management doctor can he order them?

Acker Beth

I also have arachnoiditis, would like to know more about what the magnets do to alleviate/reduce pain and what doctors offer this. Thank you for sharing!

Ibin Aiken

Encouraging,however, all patients with pain, disease injury and failed corrective surgery “may” require different approaches to pain relief. For many patients, some treated for decades, successfully, managed by a provider, after treated with alternate methodology rather than opiate medication (as it should be) can found a regiment of therapy, PT, exercise, and medication. Sufficient enough to continue to earn their way through life. Many patients do not automatically rely on disability payments and a high dose of pain medication.

At this point in time, patients that have been reduced on a stable dosage of medication that has been successfully prescribed and used, are in serious situations. The fact that any one alternate method of pain relief may work for one patient is great. Many patients have already tried many other forms of pain relief and I hope each and EVERY patient with incurable pain finds a treatment that aids in pain reduction.Millions of patients don’t have much more to lose. The “hippa” law protects the doctor/patient relationship and this is for a reason. Each and every patient has different needs, even those diagnosed with the same underlying negative health condition. The patients right… be treated as an individual with specific needs has been violated by an act placing all patients into the group designated as the core of the “opioid crisis” in America. Placed into this group without substantiation.

I have worn a magnetized waist belt for many years to help alleviate lower back pain from a fusion surgery however after an 80% reduction in my medication, stable on the same dosage for over 15 years, I have been unable to work since March of 2017. Perhaps some patients can “continue” on with less than 90 mme but many can not. Magnets, kratom, cbd oil (no thc as it is illegal in my state), vitamin D, marijuana and cannabis products all are”alternatives”. My basic thought is that the physicians integrity, education, and “on the job training” has been eliminated by those without continuous pain or a level of pain that can be managed with otc medications. It can’t hurt to try different approaches but again, some patents with decades of trial and error until the “right” method of treatment practice has been discontinued.

Kristie Walters

Kerry I’m so glad that Dr. Lewis steered you to Dr. Tennant. I’ve found help for my adhesive arachnoiditis with him and for the first time in many years I’m hopeful. I wish the same success for you! I use the magnet on my back daily and it does give me relief. Would you please elaborate about the type of magnets you’ve found success with? Thank you!


Can you explain briefly and in layman’s terms the theory under which this device operates?