My Story: Chronic Pain and the Holidays – Yikes

My Story: Chronic Pain and the Holidays - Yikes

It’s that time of year.
Holidays and parties.
And you are just exhausted.
More than exhausted.

I read somewhere that it’s a good idea when you have a chronic illness to lower your standards for holiday shopping and baking. Lower my standards? How much lower can they go before I just put the covers over my head? It’s bad enough that I feel pain on a daily basis, I really don’t want to inflict anyone else with that on the holidays.

Rosemary Lee

Rosemary Lee

Then again, I don’t think anyone holds the standard that I hold to myself.

When my daughter was little we had to run from home to home to celebrate. By the time the year was over I was glad that it would be a whole year before I had to do THAT again. Then as time went on and pain entered my life I began to resent it even more. I had to stop and remember, that for me, the reason of the season was not rushing around for the perfect gift and baking until I dropped. I had to remember that I had the perfect gift and I had a wonderful family that it was a joy to be around.

So, how do I get through the holidays?

All I can say is thank goodness for Amazon. Well, I’m going to expand that to the whole internet. What was it like before? It’s hard to remember life before one-click buying. I just don’t have it in me to brave the crowds anymore.  What would I want for myself and others that have illness as a part of their lives?  I would want a magic wand to conjure up a cure for myself and others.

So, now the craziness of Christmas is over and in just a few days it’s the New Year. I’ve never liked going out New Years Eve. It’s just not something I like to do. We usually go to dinner early and we’re home before nine. Let everyone else party in the new year. I will watch the ball drop from my nice warm bed.

I really need to start thinking about my resolutions….

That I never keep……..

But, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

Now, we’re on to 2016……

Oh my gosh………



Where did this year go???

Editor’s Note: Rosemary Lee is a writer who lives in Las Vegas and suffers from fibromyalgia. She writes for the National Pain Report. To see more of her work visit her blog (here).

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Authored by: Rosemary Lee

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Barry Buckowitsky

To whom it may concern. I am the spouse of a person who suffers from CRPS AS well as FIBROMYALGA. Pain is constant. The only thing that alleviates are some pain meds. There is no cure or trials. Her daily functions have almost come to a halt. How can one even think to remove the one lifeline that gets her through the day. Thank you for hearing my plea.


I am So Sad to read the traumatic real painful life of RK:(…As a Acute & Chronic Pain sufferer for over 30 yrs. In conjunction with a Mentally I’ll Mother, I can Identify with RK. I am going to Keep you in White Light for Protection


Least you got a fAmily and a WARM plACE TO LIVE. My family disowned me because im an embarassment because they always seem to forget i hace chronic pain and i was tricked into movinf to the worst place and am now trapped here in hell thanks to my sick mother who lives in wisconsin where theres never sunlight or warmth when thats the only thing that ever helped my pain.oh and the drs here cut all my meds so what im on now does nothing at all. Im wasting away in ny mothers basement at age 41 in the noddle of nowhere isolated and full of hate . i didnt know how evil my own mothet was or id never of came here,now unable to even work at all since she caused me to use all my trial work periods for ssdi, and ill never be able to get out of hetr on ssdi alone o cant even afford to live on my own on ssdi.