“My Story” Series from 2015: Sufferers Chronicle Life in Chronic Pain

“My Story” Series from 2015: Sufferers Chronicle Life in Chronic Pain

National Pain Report has been running its “My Story” series for years. In 2015, we learned many lessons from chronic pain sufferers in their own words. Here are a few highlights from the year:

My Story: Chronic Pain Changes a Life but Not the Person

I have been living with Chronic Pain since late 2009 after I was given an Epidural Steroid Injection to treat sciatica pain. Unfortunately for me the doctor who administered the injection pushed the needle too far resulting in the needle puncturing the spinal cord…  Read More.

My Story: Accept My Chronic Pain? Really?

Accept chronic pain? Really? I mean, accept this nagging pain that has robbed me of so much of my life? My first reaction is no way! I want to fight it with every ounce of energy in my body which today, just is not a whole lot thanks to the side effects of a lumbar fusion that will not let me sleep… Read More.

My Story: Resilience. Yes it Works, but Sometimes Not Enough

A little over a year ago, I was finally diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder. I had been diagnosed (or misdiagnosed depending on which of my specialists you speak to, but my geneticist said … Read More.

My Story: Crying About Chronic Pain Is a Good Thing

When I broke up with my boyfriend in my early 20’s (approximately a thousand years ago), I laid down on my bed and sobbed so hard that my comforter was soaked. I remember it like it was yesterday… Read More.

My Story: Trigeminal Neuralgia – My Dads Discovery

My Dad has what? The Suicide Disease? In the eyes of a teenager living with a Dad with Trigeminal Neuralgia (“TN”), life can be difficult. “You feel unsure of yourself, never knowing when it will happen again” as stated by my Dad. Executing daily tasks such as driving to work, brushing his teeth … Read More.

My Story: The Power of Acceptance

For a long time, I looked at my pain as the enemy.  Pain had stolen from me.  It had robbed me of immeasurable amounts of time, money, and energy.  My pain had only resulted in losses:  lost hobbies, lost friends… Read More.

My Story: The Pain of Vulvodynia

I am 75 years old–I live in the Midwest and have led a very active life: exercising five times a week, golfing, volunteering, reading, and gardening. I have had lichen planus for several years, a disease that can cause pain while sitting, but it has not… Read More.

My Story: HYPERALGESIA Is Real and More Common Than You Think

Let me start with this. We need to be responsible patients and discuss any plans to come off medications with medical professionals first. For the past three months I have been weaning off of every single medication I’ve been on since needing to manage chronic pain. I came to a point where I had… Read More.

My Story: Arachnoiditis – My New Normal

Even as I write my story about how an Epidural Steroid Injection (ESI) changed my life, I do so with great difficulty. It is one thing to talk about it but quite another to actually write it down. Reliving the events of the day that took my life down an entirely different path… Read More.

Chronic Pain Warrior Wounded – A Personal Story

I made my first trip to the ER for relentlessness, unbearable pain. In almost 7 years, I have managed to avoid this. It was in my sciatic nerve. No one has done any scans yet, so we really don’t know the source of the pain…  Read More.

My Story: Can This Much Happen To One Person

I’m 45 years old and live in Minnesota. I’ve had a lot of surgeries. But I’m writing this today because of Fibromyalgia.  Let me say a couple of things first… Read More.

My Story: Stress and Chronic Pain

Scientists are finding out that exposure to chronic stress affects, and causes damage, to the hippocampus region of the brain. The researchers are also exploring the role of the hippocampus in regards to pain perception in people that have Fibromyalgia… Read More.

My Story: Tackling the Stigma of Low Back Pain

As a registered nurse who had overcome several injuries and fractured bones, I arrogantly believed I knew everything about pain and assumed my back pain would be a quick fix. I was dead wrong!  Read More.

My Story: Irritating and Insipid Inspirational Instructions

If you can dream it you can do it! “If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!” “Never give up!” These common sayings irritate me every time I hear them. They imply that accomplishments are a matter of will, that mental desire and determination translates into achievements… Read More.

My Story: President Obama – Please Talk About Chronic Pain

Let me start by saying that as a chronic pain sufferer I am very lucky and grateful. Like many who suffer from pain, I have had a tumultuous and painful journey but I’m at a place where things are about as good as they can be… Read More.

My Story: If I knew then what I know now, would I……

At the time of the writing of this article, I am up in the middle of the night trying to get a grip on my latest upheaval of pain. Yesterday I celebrated my 2 year anniversary from a … Read More.

My Story: Fighting Through Pain with God and Family

I joined the U.S. Army to serve my country after 9/11. I was healthy and ready to fight when I enlisted in September 2002. But fate intervened.  During my training I was injured.  And as soldiers do and, are often taught, I pushed through…  Read More.

My Story: Medical Marijuana – Even When It’s Legal, It Isn’t.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Nevada since 2000. It is especially helpful in treating chronic illnesses including pain, nausea, seizures, hot/cold sweats, withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, and migraines, among others. For me, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages… Read More.

To see more from National Pain Report’s My Story series, click here.  And, if you have a story to tell, we’d love to hear it.  Simply email us at Editor@NationalPainReport.com.

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Catherine Pento

Last I knew it’s the Law !! To keep people in pain isn’t it our right , to have the proper treatment and medicine when we are suffering?? I’m going to try to reach out to my lawyer to make sure I have the right to be treated with dignity and respect with any and all illness I know several years ago I sent / faxed letters to Physicans offices stating just that … Anyone else agree with me ? I can honestly say with out my treatments and medications I wouldn’t be an asset to society, I’m highly educated, love life love being married and being a grandmother, however with out the proper treatment I would be confined to bed and a wheelchair, I wish to continue the life I’m living now ( though) still in pain , couldn’t imagine what I would be like with out my medicine, I don’t consider myself a drug addict at all !! These meds were made to help us chronic ill patients, I’m saddened by the drug abusers in this world HOWEVER you can not pain everyone with the same brush !! If I could live without any meds I sure would !! But I can’t with out being incapacitated!!! Thank goddess for my professional doctors whom understand

Kassie Lee

Some days are better than others, but it isn’t often at all that those good days outweigh the bad. But that doesn’t mean I won’t stop fighting for those good days!

This is a great review. However, I much prefer to be called a SURVIVOR rather than a sufferer. #warriors